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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Usain Bolt...the fastest man alive

Following on from the earlier video about the history of the 100m, this one looks at Usain Bolt who is the current Olympic 100m and 200m champion and holds the world record in both events.

Programme description......'An intimate portrait of athlete Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world. In the London 2012 Olympics, Bolt will try to retain his three Olympic titles and his three world records. On the night of the 100m final, over four billion viewers will watch him as he attempts to enter the history books by becoming the first man ever to retain the 100m gold medal.

French producer/director Gael Leiblang secured exclusive access to Usain Bolt, and has been filming up close and personal with him over the last 12 months as he prepares for the biggest race of his life. Made with his complete co-operation, it features Bolt in his home environment away from the cameras. It also features all the people who have helped get Bolt to the top of his profession - his relatives, his best friends and the Jamaican national coach.'

Well worth watching........(Approx 58 mins long)

Update......Sorry, it seems as if the person that put up the video was forced to take it down again. Pity because it was really good! Here is a promo instead...

However ;o) my search for another copy of this documentary, I came across this one presented by Michael Johnson.......worth watching...

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