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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Results and Review of the Cork BHAA 'Cork to Cobh' 15 mile Road Race - Sun 30th Sept (Updated Thurs 4th Oct 11:30 am)

Results - Looks like they got about 600 finishers his year which is up by about 100 on last year.
You can see the results by clicking HERE.
Photos -
1) There are a few photos up on the Eagle AC website. Here is the LINK.
2) Richard Cuddy was near Glounthaune on Sunday with his 4 year old daughter taking some shots. He put 54 of them up on a photo web site. The link is HERE. Some of the shots were taken by Ms. Cuddy so they are from a lower perspective ;o) Thanks to Richard for the info on these.
3) There are some photos now on the Cork BHAA website as well. The link is HERE.
Reviews -
My own review...
Weather...Well the weather conditions were very good. Nice and mild and the headwind was not too strong. In fairness, it could have been an awful lot worse. So, 10 out of 10 for the weather.
Organization...Full credit to the Cork BHAA for putting on a great race. I heard that they got about 600 entries which is huge when you consider that last year, they got 497 and the year before, it was 418. I could see from the level of traffic coming to this blog over the last 2 weeks that there was a lot of interest in this race with people looking for info on entries and for details of the course.
The BHAA did a great job in dealing with the huge numbers...bag service was very swift, plenty of stewards, plenty of water stops and very good refreshments at the scout hall. Plus the T-shirt and all for €15!
Course...As expected, pretty flat with a few small drags. The term 'safety in numbers' really applies here as there so many of us, the traffic had to slow down. I'm not so sure I'd fancy running at the back of the race though with all that traffic. The only slight critism I would have though would be the mile markers or lack of them. They were painted on the road but they were pretty easy to miss. It wasn't too bad later on when the crowd had thinned out but they were easy to miss early on. The 4 mile mark was the first one that I saw.
My own race...I had very little training done for this. The longest run I had done since the Cork Marathon was 8.3 miles although I had done a lot of hillwalking in September so I thought this would help me which it turns out, it did. My original plan was to treat it as a 5 mile road race with a 10 mile warm-up! In the end, that plan went out the window. I found myself running comfortably through the 4 mile mark at 28:47 (7' 12" per mile). I kept with a group until the 8 mile mark (about 56:56.....7' 07" per mile). At that stage, I felt very good so I knew that I could do the full 15 miles ok. I picked up the pace then to try and break the 7 min per mile barrier and the rest of the race went fine. Crossed the line in 1 hr 42m and 47 seconds. I did the first half of the race in about 53' 22" (7'07"/mile) and the 2nd half in 49' 25" (6' 32"/mile). Looking back on it, I probably should have gone off a bit faster but to be honest, I was just glad to be part of the race.
By the way, I'm pretty sure that the last time I did this race was way back in 1996! I have no doubt that if it wasn't for the Cork Marathon last June, I probably would not have done the Cork to Cobh race this year. The Cork Marathon and Relay has really put new life into the local running scene.

And finally...After the race, I went up to the scout hall, got changed, had a cuppa and some goodies, talked to a few lads and then went back down into the town. To get home, I walked back towards the car ferry and people were still coming in! I have to say, full credit to them. They had been running for an awful lot longer than I had and just goes to show the committment and effort they had put in. Well done!

(...thanks to Derek O'Keeffe for all of the photos)
Your opinion...So, how did your own race go? What did you think of the race? Organization? Course? Leave a comment or e-mail me (my address is shown on the right) and I'll post the comments here.

Your Comments...

"Hi john, just read your piece, well done to you, that was a very good time,also just to say well done for the info on the blog for this race it was great to have the updates on the weather which i agree was excellent on the day really enjoyed the run 1.57.44 my time not bad for me considering the recent half marathon took me 1.54.04 again well done to the bhaa very well organised but the need for the mile marker's need to be addressed the first one i saw was the 7 mile one. Next stop for me is Galway next saturday for the Galway Bay 10 after that i need time out. this was my 18th race since june keep up the good work on the blog, the best site for race info. Regards John Dunphy "
"Fantastic day. You have to hand it to the BHAA. I have raced many races this year and the BHAA are the best organised of the lot. Better organised than the Cork half marathon despite the bigger crowds. No problem in seeing the finish line here!!Did it in 1.35 and reasonably happy with that."...Anyonymous
"Well done to all could not have been organised better.The start went off very smoothly and even though there was traffic on the road i hardly noticed it because of the stewarding.The goody bag,sandwiches and craic afterwards were great and the weather was ideal.As for my run 1hr 59mins,which was very pleasing as it was only my second race after a 6month injury lay off. Pity there is no run (other than marathon) in October.Does anyone know of a run in october locally??Anyway well done again to all the volunteers on the day who made it such a success."...Terry H. (Terry..there is a 3km night race series starting soon. Hope to post details about it here next week...John D.)
"I hava a blister the size of a tomato on the ball of my foot and another the size and shape of a baked bean on the tip of my big toe....I cant walk on it. But it was good fun. Well organised and I'll do it again!!! "...Anyonymous.
" I'd just like to echo the above comments and the original blog in congratulating the Cork BHAA on a superbly-organised event, the whole thing seemed to go very smoothly. I did it in 1hr 53 mins 30ish secs. I was happy enough, but I fell into my usual trap of starting too quickly, the last two and a half miles were agony! Lovely weather conditions, and a nice, scenic route (relatively flat with a great downhill finish!). All in all, a good day, well done to all involved and hopefully I'll be back for it in 2008"... (Ronan H)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Weather Forecast for the Cork BHAA 'Cork to Cobh' 15 Mile Road Race - Sun 30th Sept 2007 (Updated Sat 29th 5:30pm)

Only 18 hours to go now and the forecast becomes a lot more accurate. First of all, the chart above looks a bit worse than what was predicted a few days ago. What it shows is that they are predicting some light scattered showers. There seems to be some heavier rain off the South coast which is a bit close but should not reach the South coast until the late afternoon. At my best guess, I'd say that it might be overcast but bright in the morning. We might get a very light shower but we would be really unlucky if we do. I think it will be dry.
It looks now as if the low pressure system will be to the South of Ireland and won't hit the South coast until later in the day.

The chart above shows the predicted wind for Sunday. It looks like it will be a very light Easterly wind. This will probably mean that we will be running into it for the first 8 miles and for the last mile. It looks very light though so it probably won't be an issue.
One thing is for sure, this isn't going to be hot day like the Cork Half-Marathon. A few days ago, it looked as if it might be chilly on Sunday morning. Now, the forecast is that Saturday night will be cloudy so Sunday morning should start off mild. For the start of the race, the temperature should be in the low teens...10 to 12 deg C ?
Looking at the forecast overall, the conditions will probably be ideal for getting good times...mild but not too warm, very light winds and dry.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Preview of the Cork BHAA 'Cork to Cobh' 15 mile Road Race - Sunday 30th Sept (9:30am) (Updated Wed 26th 9am)

As far as I know, outside of the Marathon, this is one of the longest road races in the country. At 15 miles (24 kms), this is a tough race and a good challenge for many runners. It is often used by people in Cork and Munster as preparation for the Dublin City Marathon at the end of October.

Course - The start is close to St.Patrick's church near the railway station in Cork city. The course then follows the river, going down the lower road and towards the Dunkettle roundabout. After that, you go down the offramp by the flyover and make your way onto the old road which goes past Glounthaune. Down past the old Youghal Carpet plant and then take the bridge over the main road and head towards Fota, Belvelly bridge and on into Cobh. The finish is close to the main square in the centre of Cobh.
Overall, there are a few small hills but nothing major. A big factor on this course can be the wind. You are basically running East for 8 miles and then South for another 6 miles before turning East again for the last mile.
I remember running this many years ago when it was wet and there was a very strong Southerly wind. Miles 1 to 8 were fine but as soon as we turned South, the very wet t-shirt that I was wearing was pressed against my chest and I could really begin to feel the body temperature dropping ( the way, you should never wear a cotton t-shirt in a race! Wear a singlet and/or a thermal vest).
So, watch the weather forecast closer to next weekend and keep an eye on the wind direction.

Entries - You can still enter this race on the day near the start line. Cost is €20 and there is a free t-shirt included in this price. Note the start time is 9:30am so get there early! They will start taking entries from 8:00am onwards. I reckon that there will be around 500 to 600 runners taking part so it's going to be very busy.

Gear - The BHAA will provide tags in the hall near the start for your bag and then transport your gear down to Cobh. You can re-collect it in Cobh in the scout hall which is up behind the car park behind St.Coleman's Catheral. This is also where the refreshments and prizegiving will be.

Transport Options - You probably have a few options in terms of transport...
1) Two cars...take 2 cars to Cobh, leave one in Cobh and drive up to Cork
2) Train...There is an excellent train service between Cork and Cobh. You can park your car in Cork and get the train back after the race. The relevant trains from Cobh to Cork on a Sunday are at 12:25 , 13:35, 14:50, 16:25 and 17:30 depending on long you want to stay around after the race. The train stations are very close to the start and finish of the race so this might be a good option. I think the cost of the ticket is €3.55.
By the way, the first train from Cobh to Cork is at 9:15 so leaving your car in Cobh and getting the train up to Cork is not an option.

Distance - If this is your first time trying 15 miles, then be careful to pace it properly. It's very easy to go off too fast and get to the 10 mile mark near Belvelly bridge / Fota and find that you have run out of steam. Keep something in reserve until you hit the bridge. If you feel fine, then push on. If you are tired, then at least you have kept something to get you through the last 5 miles.

Water Stations - There will be 4 water stations out along the course. The approx locations are at 4.0 miles, 8.0 miles, 10.3 miles and 12.8 miles. (Thanks to Kevin Cummins for the update on these)

...and finally - If you want to have a closer look at the course, click on this LINK
At last....Cork win something!! The Cork 'Rebelettes' beat Mayo in the Women's All-Ireland Football final for a famous '3 in a row' titles.

Cork Womens Mini Marathon...(Updated Sun 7th Oct)

Looks like the weather was pretty good for this one. It was certainly better than what had been forecast.

So, did you do it? What did you think of it? The weather? Wind? Hills? Well run? Let others know by using the Comment link below and I'll post the comments here.

Results...By the way, if you are looking for the results, they were in last Saturday's Evening Echo as a pull-out supplement. They were pretty disappointing in that they only gave the finishing times for the first 10. What about everyone else?!?!? Click on the image up top to see the finishing places for the top 100 women. They only gave times for the top 10.
Top 20...
N O’Sullivan (Riocht, F45) 21:52; 2 K Harty (Newcastle) 22:11; 3 B Dennehy-Willis (Bandon, F35) 22:23;
4 C McCarthy-Crowley (Bandon, F35) 22:50; 5 C McCarthy (Leevale) 22:52; 6 C Parnell (Leevale, F50) 23:26;
7 MM Meade (North Belfast) 23:33; 8 A Donnelly (St Finbarrs, F45) 24:12; 9 M Sweeney (St Finbarrs, F45) 24:29;
10 AM Healy (Eagle, F35) 25:02; 11 J Killeen (Kilmurry-Ibrick NC, F40 25:13); 12 M Crowley (Bandon) 25:17;
13 S Kennedy (UCC) 25:27; 14 N Hunter (Leevale, F35) 25:36; 15 J Hough (Midleton, F45) 25:40;
16 M Sheehan (Grange-Fermoy, F50) 25:44; 17 F Hickey (Youghal) 25:54; 18 S Drennan (Mideton, F40) 26:02;
19 S McGarry-Leahy (St Finbarrs) 26:16; 20 E Mellamphy (unatt) 26:17.

Photos...The are now about 150 photos up on the Eagle AC website. To view them, click on this LINK

Another set of 18 photos at this LINK

Race Report in the Irish Examiner...
"Almost 10,000 women take part in charity mini-marathon... By Eoin English

THEY had lithe aching limbs, sweaty brows and were panting to catch their breath after one of the country’s biggest road races yesterday. And the almost 10,000 women who took part in the Evening Echo Cork Women’s Mini Marathon found the going tough too. For some it was a serious race but for the handful or so who brought their pet dogs along, Munster’s biggest charity fundraiser was a just a bit of fun.

In a refreshing change from the regular drag and fancy dress runners, one woman was seen striding down Centre Park Road with three greyhounds in tow. “Barking mad, boy. They’re all barking,” quipped one wit on the safe side of the barrier as the Vhi Healthcare supported race streamed down the Marina towards Blackrock Village. Marathon runner Bernice Glavin, who earlier this year wrote an inspiring book on her successful battle with breast cancer, crossed the finishing line close to Kennedy Park under the three-quarters of an hour mark. And Labour TD Kathleen Lynch, who ran a successful election campaign earlier this year, opted to walk this one. It is estimated that up to €2 million was raised for local charities and hospitals by runners who completed the four-mile run through the city’s docklands region. And while the serious runners were crossing the finishing line in just over 20 minutes, most competitors were just happy it didn’t rain.
The race was won by Niamh O’Sullivan of An Riocht Athletics Club in Castleisland, Co Kerry, in a time of 21 minutes 52 seconds. Kaly Harty, from Co Down, crossed the line in second place with Breda Dennehy, who flew in from the US to take part, coming in third. Noreen Murphy, the chairwoman of the Cork branch of the Athletics Association of Ireland, said things had come a long way since the 1980s. “I remember running down the street for the race in 1985 just grabbing people to try and make up the 300 runner mark. And to see the crowds here today is just wonderful,” she said."...Source (Irish Examiner Website 24th Sept 2007)

"What a brilliant race. I did it in 38 minutes so i'm well trilled with that.The atmosphere was amazing. It felt so good to be part of all those people who raised money for all the charities."...Sandy

"Brilliant race, great to see so many charities having their names on display, I did it on 49 minutes, I was well pleased with that looking forward to next year"...Anne

(...with thanks to John Quigley of Eagle AC for the photo above)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Weather Forecast for the Ladies Mini Marathon on Sunday 23rd Sept...(Updated Sun 23rd 8am)

The current forecast is that the rain will clear in the morning with scattered showers in the afternoon. So, typical Irish might be bone dry or you might get soaked. Looks like there will be a moderate wind from the South West but this probably won't be strong enough to be an issue.

There is a band of light rain forecast but it probably won't hit Cork until about 4pm. The heavier rain is expected later at about 10pm.

Forecast from Met Eireann..."Bright or sunny periods and scattered showers this morning. Showers becoming more widespread this afternoon, with more persistent heavy rain developing this evening. Breezy, but mild with temperatures between 15 and 18 degrees."

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Results of the Cork BHAA 'PTAA' 5 km Race in Togher - 5th Sept 2007

There was a bit of a delay with these ones. Looks like they got a big crowd for this one with 241 runners. Last year, they only got 152.

For the results, click HERE

Monday, September 17, 2007

Preview of the 'Evening Echo Ladies Mini Marathon' 4 mile road race...Sun 23rd Sept 2007 (1pm)

Course...The start of this race is on the Centre Park Road.
Mile 0-1. The first mile or so is very flat with only a slight uphill around the 0.8 mile mark as the road joins the Marina.
Mile 1-2. Dead flat along the Marina. Probably the most scenic part of the run.
Mile 2-3. This section includes the only real hill. There is a nasty pull from the 2 mile mark up to St.Michael's church, a distance of about 300 metres. After that, it's reasonably flat with a slight fall downhill into Beaumount about the 2.7 mile mark. Then past the AIB bank and Post office and take a sharp right down Maryville Road. Around the 3 mile mark, there is a very steep downhill section.
Mile 3-4. After the initial downhill section, the remainder of the mile is flat with the finish coming on Monaghan Road, near Kennedy Park.

Click on the map above for a closer look.

If you are not sure what part of the city the map shows above, click on this LINK

Entries...You can still enter up to and including Saturday, the 22nd of Sept. Just call into the race office which is located upstairs in Debenhams beside The Gallery restaurant (Debenhams, Patrick Street).
The opening hours for the next week are...
Monday Sept 17 to Wednesday Sept 19...10am to 4pm
Thursday Sept 20 & Friday Sept 21...10am to 8pm
Saturday Sept 22...10am to 4pm

Results...The results will appear in a special supplement with the Evening Echo on the following Saturday, the 29th of September.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Last Call for the Cork BHAA 'Cork to Cobh' 15 mile Road Race....Here goes with the last and final reminder (I promise!) about early entries for the Cork BHAA Cork to Cobh 15 mile road race. If you pre-enter, the cost is only €15. Click on the link below and get your entries off to Kevin Cummins. The closing date for early entries is Friday, the 21st of September.Entry details are available at this link....
If you're not sure if you are going, you can always enter on the day for €20.
I'll post some details here about this race on the Monday before the race, i.e. the 24th of September.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Charity Event in aid of the Cork Children’s Leukaemia Association - Doneraile Forest Park - Sunday 16th Sept (10am to 3pm)

One of the sports that I do from time to time is orienteering and the club that I am joined are holding a special charity event in Doneraile Forest Park next Sunday morning. I know that it is not running related but seeing as how it is for a good cause and it is a nice area for running, I decided to post the details here.

It is called the Cliona Callanan memorial event. Cliona was a member of Bishopstown Orienteering Club and sadly passed away about 2 years ago. The aim is to raise funds for the Cork Childrens Leukaemia Association.

You can see a poster for this event at this LINK

Doneraile Forest Park is a really nice area and a great place for running. There are plenty of paths on this old estate. If you have never tried orienteering before, you might try one of the easier courses (White or Yellow or Red if you are feeling brave!) and then go for a run around the grounds after the event. Don't worry, you won't need a compass!! Just follow the paths on the map and you can't go wrong ;o)

Directions for Doneraile....From Cork City, take the N20 North for Mallow and Limerick. 5 kms North of Mallow you will come to the small village of New Twopothouse. Take the right here (R581) for Doneraile. The Forest Park is located in Doneraile. Look for Red & White direction markers on the day.
See this LINK

There is a minimum entry fee but if you can give something extra on the day, that would be great.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Closing dates for the Cork Womens Mini Marathon & Cork to Cobh races - (Updated Fri 14th Sep)

Just a reminder that some of the closing dates for these races are approaching...

Cork Womens Mini Marathon.
This is a 4 mile race which take place on Sunday, the 23rd of September. The closing date for Internet entries for this race is Sunday, the 16th of September.
The link for entries is

In addition, the Cork City Marathon office and Cork AAI have just released the following (Tues 11th Sep)...

" The 2008 Cork Women’s Mini Marathon takes place in just under two weeks – on Sunday 23rd. Over 10,000 are expected to take part in this year’s event and the event is expected to raise over €2 million for charity. The race office, which is located upstairs in Debenhams, Patrick Street, opens today and will be open for the next two weeks.
This year for the first time online entries are being accepted on
With a prize fund of nearly €5000, the race is expected to attract a number of the country's top athletes and overseas athletes.
Further details are available on the Evening Echo.

Cork BHAA 'Cork to Cobh' 15 mile Road Race.
With this one, you can enter on the day for €20. However, if you pre-enter, the cost is only €15. The closing date for early entries is Friday, the 21st of September.
Entry details are available at this link....

As both races get closer, I'll put up some additional info about the routes here on this blog.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Results of the Cork Half Marathon - 9th Sept 2007 (Updated Sun 23:15)

Looks like nearly 450 turned out for this years Cork Half Marathon in what were very warm conditions.
So what did you think of it? Too hot? Just right? What was the course like? Hilly? Flat enough? Leave a comment by using the Comment link at the bottom of this post and let others know what you thought of the Cork Half marathon.

In the meantime, see the results below

St Finbarr's Athletic Club, MIZUNO/CORK HALF-MARATHON, Sunday 9 September 2007. 11:00am

Place Time Name Team Race Age Category min/mile
1 1:11:32 SOSNOWSKI, Wieslaw Eagle AC M 05:27.5
2 1:12:06 ZAKIS, Raivis West Waterford AC M 05:30.1
3 1:12:52 MERRITT, Colin Togher AC M35 05:33.6
4 1:14:01 O'LEARY, Derek St. Finbarrs AC M 05:38.9
5 1:14:50 MCINTYRE, James Tulla AC M 05:42.6
6 1:15:17 O'CALLAGHAN, Donal Riocht AC M 05:44.7
7 1:15:37 LYONS, Michael Grange-Fermoy AC M 05:46.2
8 1:16:28 LIDDANE, James Tulla AC M 05:50.1
9 1:16:43 LENISTON, Jonathan Gneeveguilla AC M 05:51.3
10 1:16:57 SMITH, Danny Ballynonty AC M 05:52.3
11 1:17:34 NEUMERZHITSKIY, Vasiliy Clonmel AC M40 05:55.2
12 1:17:56 RYAN, Keith Limerick AC M40 05:56.8
13 1:18:05 KING, Brendan Iveragh AC M40 05:57.5
14 1:18:07 TURCAN, Valeru Clonmel AC M35 05:57.7
15 1:18:13 GUINA, Ger West Limerick AC M 05:58.1
16 1:18:27 KEANE, Martin Dundrum AC M 05:59.2
17 1:19:04 DUGGAN, Peter St. Josephs AC M35 06:02.0
18 1:19:06 LAFFAN, Tom Bandon AC M40 06:02.2
19 1:19:12 O'LEARY, Fergal Eagle AC M 06:02.6
20 1:19:24 O'SHEA, Michael Iveragh AC M45 06:03.5
21 1:19:26 O'GORMAN, Richard Clonmel AC M40 06:03.7
22 1:19:54 MASON, Trevor West Waterford AC M 06:05.8
23 1:20:22 KEARNS, Demot West Limerick AC M35 06:08.0
24 1:20:27 FIEDOREK, Andrzej Cork M 06:08.4
25 1:20:34 BYCZEK, Stanislaw Midleton AC M45 06:08.9
26 1:20:38 KENNEDY, Larry Waterford AC M45 06:09.2
27 1:20:49 O'BRIEN, Billy Riocht AC M35 06:10.0
28 1:21:40 SLATTERY, Liam Mallow AC M 06:13.9
29 1:22:17 KEANE, Donal Dundrum AC M 06:16.8
30 1:22:40 MCMAHON, Ronan Ballincollig AC M 06:18.5
31 1:23:02 MCCARTHY, Eugene Macroom M35 06:20.2
32 1:23:12 CARROLL, Eamonn St. Finbarrs AC M40 06:20.9
33 1:23:21 SHANAHAN, Tom Riocht AC M45 06:21.6
34 1:23:31 SHANAHAN, John Dundrum AC M 06:22.4
35 1:23:46 DEVITT, Ruaidhri Dundrum AC M 06:23.5
36 1:24:00 HARTY, John Thurles Crokes AC M55 06:24.6
37 1:24:10 LUCEY, Tim Bandon AC M40 06:25.4
38 1:24:42 DUNFORD, Michael West Waterford AC M40 06:27.8
39 1:24:46 WILMOT, Kevin Bandon AC M 06:28.1
40 1:24:56 RIORDAN, Patrick West Waterford AC M 06:28.9
41 1:24:56 BUDDS, Liam West Waterford AC M 06:28.9
42 1:24:57 MCMAHON, Mark West Muskerry AC M35 06:29.0
43 1:25:10 CARROLL, Denis Eagle AC M45 06:30.0
44 1:25:16 LYNCH, Brendan Gneeveguilla AC M 06:30.4
45 1:25:26 CODY, Tom Midleton AC M50 06:31.2
46 1:25:52 TOBIN, Maurice Grange-Fermoy AC M55 06:33.2
47 1:25:57 DUNFORD, Patrick West Waterford AC M40 06:33.5
48 1:26:06 O'MAHONY, Stephen Skibbereen AC M45 06:34.2
49 1:26:19 CODY, Shane Grange-Fermoy AC M 06:35.2
50 1:26:23 CANTWELL, Gerry West Waterford AC M45 06:35.5
51 1:26:33 DELAHUNTY, Michael St. Catherines AC M45 06:36.3
52 1:26:34 PHELAN, Eamonn West Waterford AC M40 06:36.4
53 1:26:46 WALL, Fergus Kinsale M40 06:37.3
54 1:26:50 WALSH, Tom Tulla AC M40 06:37.6
55 1:26:53 O'KEEFFE, Derek Eagle AC M 06:37.8
56 1:26:56 HOLLAND, Ann-Marie Eagle AC F 06:38.0
57 1:27:28 COTTER, Liam Kilmichael M40 06:40.5
58 1:27:28 MCCARTHY, Claire Leevale AC F 06:40.5
59 1:27:30 MCCARTHY, Martin Leevale AC M 06:40.6
60 1:27:32 FITZGERALD, Tom West Limerick AC M45 06:40.8
61 1:27:35 CAHILL, Christy Portlaoise M40 06:41.0
62 1:27:46 O'CONAILL, Neil St. Finbarrs AC M40 06:41.9
63 1:27:52 BUBENDORFER, Thomas Killorglin M35 06:42.3
64 1:27:53 O'DONOVAN, Colm Tower M 06:42.4
65 1:28:21 WOLFE, Eric Cork M 06:44.5
66 1:28:22 HICKEY, David Blarney M 06:44.6
67 1:28:29 MCCARTHY, Charles Grange-Fermoy AC M 06:45.1
68 1:28:47 HAYES, Willie St. Finbarrs AC M50 06:46.5
69 1:29:02 SHEEHAN, Thomas Bandon AC M40 06:47.7
70 1:29:09 O'RIORDAN, William St. Brendans AC M50 06:48.2
71 1:29:09 WILLIAMS, Robbie Cork M 06:48.2
72 1:29:10 SWEENEY, Mary St. Finbarrs AC F45 06:48.3
73 1:29:28 TWOMEY, Pat Eagle AC M55 06:49.6
74 1:29:37 PRENDERGAST, Graham West Limerick AC M 06:50.3
75 1:29:46 TWOMEY, Donal West Muskerry AC M35 06:51.0
76 1:29:55 O'BRIEN, Tom West Waterford AC M40 06:51.7
77 1:30:10 DUFFY, Brian Galway M35 06:52.9
78 1:30:30 O'REGAN, Billy Grange-Fermoy AC M40 06:54.4
79 1:30:39 MURPHY, Joe Eagle AC M50 06:55.1
80 1:30:52 O'SULLIVAN, Sean Midleton AC M35 06:56.1
81 1:31:02 COLEMAN, Tomas West Waterford AC M40 06:56.8
82 1:31:03 SHANAHAN, Paul Cork M35 06:56.9
83 1:31:25 HARNETT, Mark Tipperary M 06:58.6
84 1:31:39 FLEMING, Conor Clonmel M40 06:59.6
85 1:31:55 MATTINGLY, Gordon Blarney M35 07:00.9
86 1:31:57 FEENEY, Des West Waterford AC M 07:01.0
87 1:32:01 NICHOL, Jason Cork M 07:01.3
88 1:32:04 O'FLYNN, Ted St. Finbarrs AC M45 07:01.6
89 1:32:05 MURPHY, Thomas Tulla AC M 07:01.6
90 1:32:15 O'DONOGHUE, John Limerick M 07:02.4
91 1:32:19 MURPHY, Michael St. Finbarrs AC M50 07:02.7
92 1:32:27 CASHMAN, John Midleton AC M40 07:03.3
93 1:32:31 MCDONNELL, Edward Mallow AC M35 07:03.6
94 1:32:31 SHEEHAN, Denis Mallow AC M45 07:03.6
95 1:32:35 HUNTER, Nollaig Leevale AC F35 07:03.9
96 1:32:36 O'CONNOR, Johnny Athenry AC M 07:04.0
97 1:32:39 LUCEY, Jerry Dublin M 07:04.2
98 1:32:40 HAYES, Padraig Skibbereen M 07:04.3
99 1:33:08 O'CONNOR, Brian Grange-Fermoy AC M 07:06.4
100 1:33:22 KENNEDY, Dan St. Finbarrs AC M50 07:07.5
101 1:33:37 ALTHAM, Jonathan New Zealand M 07:08.7
102 1:33:43 RYAN, Michael Dundrum AC M 07:09.1
103 1:33:45 O'LEARY, Conor Limerick M35 07:09.3
104 1:33:51 MURPHY, Tim Cork M40 07:09.7
105 1:33:58 BOLGER, Ian Limerick M40 07:10.3
106 1:34:06 LASTE, John Clonmel AC M40 07:10.9
107 1:34:10 LENIHAN, Brian Cork M40 07:11.2
108 1:34:19 COLLINS, Trevor Naas AC M 07:11.9
109 1:34:23 FITZGERALD, John Fermoy M40 07:12.2
110 1:34:30 BURKE, Damien Dublin M 07:12.7
111 1:34:39 KENNEDY, Vincent Blarney M 07:13.4
112 1:34:50 MCCARTHY, Tim Killorglin M50 07:14.2
113 1:34:58 DOLAN , Conor Athenry AC M 07:14.8
114 1:34:58 O'DONNABHAIN, Donnchadh Cobh M 07:14.8
115 1:34:59 DUFFIN, Colin Killarney M 07:14.9
116 1:35:23 O'DONNELL, Fergal Killarney M 07:16.7
117 1:35:40 MCEVOY, Angela St. Finbarrs AC F40 07:18.0
118 1:35:41 HOGAN, David Kilkenny M 07:18.1
119 1:35:52 MCGRATH, Grellan Eagle AC M40 07:19.0
120 1:35:58 BIRMINGHAM, Paudie Charleville M35 07:19.4
121 1:36:05 MULLINS, John Cork M40 07:19.9
122 1:36:27 RYAN, Dermot West Waterford AC M 07:21.6
123 1:36:29 CONSIDINE, Randal Ennis M 07:21.8
124 1:36:36 BURKE, Pat Galway City Harriers M40 07:22.3
125 1:36:37 BYRNE, Eddie Eagle AC M40 07:22.4
126 1:36:38 FOGARTY, Pat Cork M40 07:22.5
127 1:36:39 QUILL, Shane Adare M 07:22.5
128 1:36:44 HODNETT, Mark Cork M 07:22.9
129 1:36:57 NAVIN, Earl West Waterford AC M35 07:23.9
130 1:37:00 PENTONY, Gerard Cork M35 07:24.1
131 1:37:00 SHIELS, Brian Cobh M 07:24.1
132 1:37:16 BUCKLEY, Sean Clonmel AC M35 07:25.4
133 1:37:28 COX, Gary Ballymore-Cobh AC M 07:26.3
134 1:37:30 MURPHY, Humphrey Riocht AC M40 07:26.4
135 1:37:31 HALLAHAN, John Leevale AC M40 07:26.5
136 1:37:32 QUIGLEY, John Eagle AC M50 07:26.6
137 1:37:37 O'CONNELL, Will Clonmel M45 07:27.0
138 1:37:47 BRUNNOCK, Paul West Waterford AC M35 07:27.7
139 1:37:53 O'MARA, Brendan Limerick AC M45 07:28.2
140 1:37:58 KAVANAGH, Liam West Waterford AC M45 07:28.6
141 1:38:01 MURPHY, Paddy Bandon AC M 07:28.8
142 1:38:06 WALSH, Richard Limerick AC M40 07:29.2
143 1:38:12 MURPHY, Esther St. Finbarrs AC F 07:29.6
144 1:38:14 O'BRIEN, James Clonmel AC M 07:29.8
145 1:38:16 BOONAERT, Matthew Cork M 07:29.9
146 1:38:21 COFFEY, Pat Clonmel AC M40 07:30.3
147 1:38:24 COONAN, Justin West Waterford AC M35 07:30.6
148 1:38:26 O'CALLAGHAN, John Rising Sun AC M35 07:30.7
149 1:38:28 O'MAHONY, Noel Ballinhassig M45 07:30.9
150 1:38:30 O'SHEA, Brendan Cork M 07:31.0
151 1:38:33 MULLARKEY, Martin West Waterford AC M35 07:31.2
152 1:38:36 MURPHY, JJ West Muskerry AC M45 07:31.5
153 1:38:48 HALL, Neilie Ballynonty AC M40 07:32.4
154 1:38:58 BRANAGH, Seamus Cork M 07:33.1
155 1:39:00 DUKELOW, Fiona Midleton AC F35 07:33.3
156 1:39:02 DRENNAN, Sally Midleton AC F40 07:33.5
157 1:39:03 FARRELL, Robert Thurles Crokes AC M50 07:33.5
158 1:39:06 DUNNE, Michael St. Finbarrs AC M60 07:33.8
159 1:39:08 HAYDON, Michael Ballygarvan M50 07:33.9
160 1:39:09 HAYES, Shane Killavullen M 07:34.0
161 1:39:13 FINNEGAN, Timothy Mallow AC M40 07:34.3
162 1:39:27 WALSH, Peter Fermoy M35 07:35.4
163 1:39:36 COOKE, Tony St. Finbarrs AC M40 07:36.0
164 1:39:41 MACKESSY, Derek West Limerick AC M 07:36.4
165 1:39:43 O'REILLY, Ken Cork M35 07:36.6
166 1:39:52 O'BRIEN, Vincent Kinsale M 07:37.3
167 1:39:54 O'BRIEN, Patricia Grange-Fermoy AC F 07:37.4
168 1:40:12 MANUEL, Philip Killaloe M 07:38.8
169 1:40:13 KELLY, Donal Whitechurch M 07:38.9
170 1:40:23 MURPHY, Mary St. Finbarrs AC F45 07:39.6
171 1:40:24 HOLLAND, John Mallow AC M55 07:39.7
172 1:40:27 FOLEY, Maureen Bilboa AC F35 07:39.9
173 1:40:29 MEEHAN, Ger Tulla AC M45 07:40.1
174 1:40:38 KIELY, Michael Rising Sun AC M60 07:40.8
175 1:40:44 GOZDALSKA, Adam Poland M 07:41.2
176 1:40:47 CAHALANE, Anthony Cork M40 07:41.5
177 1:41:04 DOOLEY, Michael Eagle AC M40 07:42.8
178 1:41:07 GYVES, Paddy Mallow AC M55 07:43.0
179 1:41:14 LYONS, Dave Mallow AC M 07:43.5
180 1:41:25 WALSH, Matthew Rathcormack M 07:44.4
181 1:41:27 ALLAN, Brefni Cork F 07:44.5
182 1:41:30 MCGARRY-LEAHY, Sharon St. Finbarrs AC F 07:44.8
183 1:41:40 O'CALLAGHAN, Barry Mallow AC M35 07:45.5
184 1:41:43 O'RIORDAN, John Rising Sun AC M50 07:45.7
185 1:41:53 COLLINS, Niall Naas AC M 07:46.5
186 1:41:56 WALSHE, John East Cork AC M55 07:46.7
187 1:42:01 FINN, Deirdre Nenagh Olympic AC F40 07:47.1
188 1:42:12 BOYLE, Jim Midleton AC M35 07:48.0
189 1:42:16 WALL, Norma West Waterford AC F 07:48.3
190 1:42:18 O'SHEA, Joe Killarney M 07:48.4
191 1:42:23 O'CALLAGHAN, Brian Mallow AC M35 07:48.8
192 1:42:25 HAYES, Calvin Bilboa AC M40 07:48.9
193 1:42:29 LINEHAN, Frank Togher AC M55 07:49.3
194 1:42:34 LANGE, Karsten Berlin M 07:49.6
195 1:42:35 WHELAN, Sean Ennis Track Club M55 07:49.7
196 1:42:36 CONNORS, David West Waterford AC M35 07:49.8
197 1:42:36 DUNFORD, Ann West Waterford AC F40 07:49.8
198 1:42:37 DOYLE, Kevin Grange-Fermoy AC M 07:49.9
199 1:42:38 DINAN, Margo St. Finbarrs AC F35 07:49.9
200 1:42:41 O'SHAUGHNESSY, Maeve Limerick F35 07:50.2
201 1:42:45 DINAN, Paul St. Finbarrs AC M45 07:50.5
202 1:42:55 MANGAN, Geraldine St. Finbarrs AC F35 07:51.2
203 1:42:59 MCGRATH, Dave Glenville M 07:51.5
204 1:43:06 LARKIN, Fiona Tipperary F 07:52.1
205 1:43:08 MURPHY, Kieran Ovens M 07:52.2
206 1:43:26 GHELFI, Andre Balliincollig M35 07:53.6
207 1:43:31 DEVATA, Ashok India M 07:54.0
208 1:43:40 O'LEARY, Brendan Blarney M 07:54.7
209 1:43:54 CONNOLLY, Tom Mallow AC M35 07:55.7
210 1:43:59 FAHEY, Frank Clonmel AC M50 07:56.1
211 1:44:09 FLYNN, Darren Grange-Fermoy AC M 07:56.9
212 1:44:22 FORREST, Richard Blarney M35 07:57.9
213 1:44:24 CRONIN, Denis Mallow AC M40 07:58.0
214 1:44:28 KENNY, Karen Grange-Fermoy AC F 07:58.3
215 1:44:29 NEVILLE, Martin Mallow AC M 07:58.4
216 1:44:30 MURPHY, Pat Ballymore-Cobh AC M40 07:58.5
217 1:44:32 BRERETON, Dermot Offaly M 07:58.6
218 1:44:37 FOLEY, Shane Carrigtwohill M 07:59.0
219 1:44:39 COTTER, Dave Belgooly AC M55 07:59.2
220 1:44:44 POWER, Paddy West Waterford AC M50 07:59.6
221 1:45:00 KENNEALLY, Christina Mallow F 08:00.8
222 1:45:03 O'KELLY, Aidan Tralee M45 08:01.0
223 1:45:21 KELLS, Mark Slaney Olympic AC M 08:02.4
224 1:45:35 ROCHE, Aine Clonmel AC F 08:03.4
225 1:45:36 O'GORMAN, Miriam Clonmel AC F35 08:03.5
226 1:45:38 BYRNES, Paul Passage West M 08:03.7
227 1:45:44 FOX, James Carrick-on-Suir AC M 08:04.1
228 1:45:46 O'LEARY, Neilie Belgooly AC M60 08:04.3
229 1:45:55 KIELY, Victor Blarney M40 08:05.0
230 1:46:03 O'MAHONY, Sean Cork M 08:05.6
231 1:46:18 COOKE, Sean Balliincollig M45 08:06.7
232 1:46:22 MCCARTHY, Danny Midleton AC M55 08:07.0
233 1:46:27 TWOMEY, Paul Grenagh M 08:07.4
234 1:46:29 CHOJAN, Magdalena Cork F 08:07.6
235 1:46:33 O'CONNELL, Jackie Limerick M55 08:07.9
236 1:46:51 BUCKLEY, Mary Donoughmore AC F40 08:09.2
237 1:46:58 FITZGERALD, Mary Grange-Fermoy AC F 08:09.8
238 1:47:01 TWOHIG, Monica Eagle AC F40 08:10.0
239 1:47:03 BYRD, Charlie Cork M40 08:10.2
240 1:47:04 LENIHAN, Richard West Limerick AC M50 08:10.2
241 1:47:05 HOLLAND, Sharon Glanmire F35 08:10.3
242 1:47:10 TREACY, Alan Carrick-on-Suir AC M35 08:10.7
243 1:47:25 CHOJAN, Maciej Cork M 08:11.8
244 1:47:33 KEARNEY, Michael Fermoy M35 08:12.5
245 1:58:39 QUINLAN, Fegal Cobh M35 09:03.3
246 1:47:59 TROTTER, Maeve Cork F 08:14.4
247 1:48:00 LYNCH, Frank Clonmel AC M 08:14.5
248 1:48:02 HICKEY, Brendan Macroom M35 08:14.7
249 1:48:07 FITZGERALD, Brian Limerick M 08:15.0
250 1:48:08 CANTU, Adalia Cork F 08:15.1
251 1:48:10 CADOGAN, Seamus Tralee M45 08:15.3
252 1:48:15 RYAN, Karan West Waterford AC F 08:15.7
253 1:48:16 DEVITT, Claire Dundrum AC F 08:15.7
254 1:48:18 O'CONNELL, Tony Cork M45 08:15.9
255 1:48:20 O'DONOGHUE, Catherine Cork F 08:16.0
256 1:48:25 KENNEDY, John Thurles M35 08:16.4
257 1:48:26 NOONAN, John Cork M55 08:16.5
258 1:48:35 DALTON, Niall Mitchelstown M 08:17.2
259 1:48:42 RAMSELL, Ned Midleton AC M35 08:17.7
260 1:49:03 MCCARTHY, Niall Carrick-on-Suir AC M35 08:19.3
261 1:49:04 O'HALLORAN, Stephen Cork M40 08:19.4
262 1:49:09 O'MAHONY, Denis Celbridge M 08:19.8
263 1:49:11 UNKNOWN, NDB 08:19.9
264 1:49:12 FALSEY, Maura Kilmurry-Ibrickane NC AC F45 08:20.0
265 1:49:18 GATELY, John Cork M45 08:20.5
266 1:49:26 COTTER, Mary Eagle AC F40 08:21.1
267 1:49:42 CAVANAGH, Jackie Cork F40 08:22.3
268 1:49:45 CRONIN, Kenneth Carlow M 08:22.5
269 1:49:53 O'HANLON, Don Cork M 08:23.1
270 1:50:07 O'DONOGHU, Robert Nenagh M40 08:24.2
271 1:50:14 BUCKLEY, Denis Glanmire M45 08:24.7
272 1:50:17 MCCARTHY, Michael West Waterford AC M45 08:25.0
273 1:50:19 CADOGAN, Donal Kilkenny M50 08:25.1
274 1:50:20 BRUNNOCK, Paddy Carraig-on -Suir M 08:25.2
275 1:50:57 O'MAHONY, Vincent Macroom M40 08:28.0
276 1:51:08 O'SULLIVAN, John Tralee M40 08:28.9
277 1:51:08 MCCANN, John Tralee M 08:28.9
278 1:51:25 O'SHEA, Anna Killarney F 08:30.2
279 1:51:26 LINEHAN, Ted Cork M50 08:30.2
280 1:51:28 MCGOWAN, Cathal Dublin M 08:30.4
281 1:51:37 MCKEVITT, Dave Thurles M40 08:31.1
282 1:51:48 DONOVAN, Liam Glanmire M50 08:31.9
283 1:51:55 FENTON, Valerie Dublin F 08:32.5
284 1:51:58 ARMSTRONG, Sean Limerick M35 08:32.7
285 1:52:00 LYNCH, Eoin Cork M 08:32.8
286 1:52:04 MEANEY, Richie Cobh M35 08:33.1
287 1:52:08 MURPHY, Aine Kerry Pike F45 08:33.4
288 1:52:09 DELANEY, Susan Cork F 08:33.5
289 1:52:10 KERLEY, Sile Riocht AC F40 08:33.6
290 1:52:19 MULCAHY, Mary St. Finbarrs AC F45 08:34.3
291 1:52:25 DUNNE, Tony Grange-Fermoy AC M65 08:34.7
292 1:52:26 DUNNE, Declan Portlaoise M 08:34.8
293 1:52:34 O'DOHERTY, Maura Midleton AC F35 08:35.4
294 1:52:35 WEBB, George Rising Sun AC M65 08:35.5
295 1:52:35 TARPEY, Verena West Limerick AC F35 08:35.5
296 1:52:36 O'DRISCOLL, Chris Cork M55 08:35.6
297 1:52:44 BYRNE, Sheila Eagle AC F35 08:36.2
298 1:52:51 MCCARTHY, Gerard Grenagh M40 08:36.7
299 1:53:07 KELLY, Jason Navan M 08:37.9
300 1:53:17 ROWAN, Michael Kildare M 08:38.7
301 1:53:18 O'CONNOR, Frank Cork M40 08:38.8
302 1:53:18 MCKEOWN, Mary Limerick F35 08:38.8
303 1:53:29 OSBORNE, Colm Ballymore-Cobh AC M35 08:39.6
304 1:53:31 HOLLAND, Aidan Ballinhassig M 08:39.8
305 1:53:35 NEWTON, Conor Clonlara M40 08:40.1
306 1:53:48 O'REILLY, Michael Clonmel M40 08:41.1
307 1:53:50 CURTIS, Peadar Mallow AC M50 08:41.2
308 1:53:52 GAFFNEY, Peter Mallow AC M65 08:41.4
309 1:53:54 TURNER, Sinead Cork F 08:41.5
310 1:53:55 BUCKLEY-HARRINGTON, Kitty Inniscarra F40 08:41.6
311 1:54:04 SEXTON, Sean Blarney M45 08:42.3
312 1:54:06 UI CHONGAILLE, Maire Donoughmore AC F45 08:42.4
313 1:54:07 PETERS, Daniel Limerick M50 08:42.5
314 1:54:08 HICKEY, Anne Blarney F40 08:42.6
315 1:54:14 DUNPHY, John Cork M35 08:43.1
316 1:54:15 NOONAN, Eamonn Limerick M 08:43.1
317 1:54:20 CARROLL, Michael Tulla AC M60 08:43.5
318 1:54:36 MORGAN, Eileen Cork F 08:44.7
319 1:54:38 BUCKLEY, Conor Cork M 08:44.9
320 1:54:40 HOULIHAN, Celia Eagle AC F35 08:45.0
321 1:55:07 KIRWAN, Ita Eagle AC F35 08:47.1
322 1:55:10 WHELAN, Sarah Clonmel AC F 08:47.3
323 1:55:11 MURNANE, Fran Dundrum AC F40 08:47.4
324 1:55:42 RYAN-PURCELL, Charles Cork M45 08:49.8
325 1:55:58 MINOGUE, Paschal Limerick M45 08:51.0
326 1:56:08 STAVROU, Amanda St. Finbarrs AC F45 08:51.8
327 1:56:13 BURKE, Fiona Cork F 08:52.1
328 1:56:19 SOMERS, Ger Parteen M35 08:52.6
329 1:56:35 BUCHANAN, Keith Lispole M40 08:53.8
330 1:56:58 COONEY, Tony Ballincollig AC M50 08:55.6
331 1:57:27 ORGAN, Christina Kilmurry-Ibrickane NC AC F40 08:57.8
332 1:57:36 LITTLE, David Galway M45 08:58.5
333 1:57:42 BROWNE, Gerard Glenville M40 08:58.9
334 1:57:43 O'SULLIVAN, Suzanne Farranfore F35 08:59.0 34
335 1:58:00 BOYLE, Rachel Cork F 09:00.3
336 1:58:12 MURPHY, Colm Limerick M 09:01.2
337 1:58:16 O'LEARY, John St. Finbarrs AC M 09:01.5
338 1:58:32 HICKEY, Alan Dungarvan M 09:02.8
339 1:58:35 FOLEY, Rose Cork F50 09:03.0
340 1:58:36 MCCARTHY, John Cork M45 09:03.1
341 1:58:37 BARRY-MURPHY, Carolyn Cork F 09:03.1
342 1:58:40 CRONIN, Ann Carrick-on-Suir AC F45 09:03.4
343 1:58:42 LANDERS, Anthony Clonmel AC M40 09:03.5
344 1:59:10 CALLANAN, Liam Whitechurch M35 09:05.7
345 1:59:11 DINNEEN, Aoife Bandon F 09:05.7
346 1:59:19 AHERN, Elaine Blarney F35 09:06.3
347 1:59:21 SHEEHAN, Adrian Donoughmore M 09:06.5
348 1:59:24 BURKE, Martina St. Finbarrs AC F 09:06.7
349 1:59:31 HORAN, Jacinta Killkenny City Harriers F 09:07.3
350 1:59:46 O'LEARY, Noreen Whites Cross F40 09:08.4
351 1:59:57 CUIFFE, Pat Beaufort M 09:09.2
352 1:59:58 O'RIORDAN, Fiona Eagle AC F35 09:09.3
353 1:59:59 MCGRATH, Jane Eagle AC F45 09:09.4
354 2:00:00 LEAHY, Caitriona Eagle AC F 09:09.5
355 2:00:03 MURTAGH, Jason M35 09:09.7
356 2:00:24 O'SULLIVAN, Sandra Blarney F40 09:11.3
357 2:00:43 KENNEDY, Linda Ballincollig F 09:12.7
358 2:00:58 KINGSTON, Paul Ballinascarthy M 09:13.9
359 2:00:59 MURPHY, Kieran Midleton M 09:14.0
360 2:01:00 MCGETTIGAN, Eoin Cork M45 09:14.0
361 2:01:19 KLIMAS, Anna Cork F 09:15.5
362 2:01:25 O'CALLAGHAN, Neil Mallow AC M40 09:16.0
363 2:01:41 LUCEY, Micheal Tower M35 09:17.2
364 2:01:44 ENRIGHT, Jason Limerick M 09:17.4
365 2:01:50 O'CONNOR, Noreen Killarney F 09:17.9
366 2:02:02 BOYLE, Genevieve Dublin F 09:18.8
367 2:02:15 O'BRIEN, Ann Cork F 09:19.8
368 2:02:16 FLANNERY, Niamh Cork F 09:19.8
369 2:02:20 CULLIGAN, Cieran Mallow M35 09:20.2
370 2:02:30 PHELAN, Kevin Eagle AC M35 09:20.9
371 2:02:40 ROHAN, Margaret Midleton AC F50 09:21.7
372 2:02:48 WARREN, John Grenagh M 09:22.3
373 2:03:04 RYAN, Hughie Limerick M55 09:23.5
374 2:03:13 FITZGERALD, Evelynn Cork F 09:24.2
375 2:03:41 PLANT, Barry Cork M35 09:26.3
376 2:03:50 MURPHY, Phil Bandon M45 09:27.0
377 2:04:02 MURPHY, Maurice Mallow AC M35 09:27.9
378 2:04:20 WILLIAMS, Samantha Killarney F 09:29.3
379 2:04:26 POWER, Sean Shannon M35 09:29.8
380 2:04:50 DOHERTY, Eamonn Dublin M35 09:31.6
381 2:04:51 MURRAY, Vincent Midleton M35 09:31.7
382 2:04:57 BYRNE, Francis Riocht AC F50 09:32.1
383 2:04:58 MARSHALL, Len Cork M 09:32.2
384 2:05:03 KEATY, Elaine St. Finbarrs AC F40 09:32.6
385 2:05:22 HOLLY, Tom Clare M55 09:34.0
386 2:05:29 CARROLL, Michael Dublin M40 09:34.6
387 2:05:39 HEFFERNAN, Sinead Cork F 09:35.3
388 2:05:45 NOONAN, James Limerick M60 09:35.8
389 2:05:53 CALLANAN, Colette Sandhurst Joggers F35 09:36.4
390 2:06:04 DESMOND, Una Cork F 09:37.2
391 2:06:05 SEXTON, Ceara Donoughmore F 09:37.3
392 2:06:56 MONTE, Sarah New Jersey F 09:41.2
393 2:06:58 HANLON, Conor Ringaskiddy M35 09:41.4
394 2:07:03 DUNNE, Maggie Grange-Fermoy AC F60 09:41.8
395 2:07:19 PAYNE, Brendan Mallow M40 09:43.0
396 2:07:30 O'SULLIVAN, Sonya Cork F 09:43.8
397 2:07:39 BARRY-MURPHY, Judy Cork F 09:44.5
398 2:07:40 O' GRADY, Neil Cork M 09:44.6
399 2:07:45 FRASER, Gavin Carlow M40 09:45.0
400 2:07:56 MORONEY, Ann West Waterford AC F50 09:45.8
401 2:08:09 O' DONOVAN, Daniel Blarney M 09:46.8
402 2:08:13 BARRON, Bernadette Limerick F55 09:47.1
403 2:08:23 GLAVIN, Bernice Cork F45 09:47.9
404 2:08:29 POPIELARCZYK, Sebastian Cork M 09:48.3
405 2:08:30 MORIARTY, Tom Limerick M45 09:48.4
406 2:09:19 DUNNE, Mairead Cork F35 09:52.1
407 2:10:37 LANE, Barry Cork M 09:58.1
408 2:10:38 COONEY, Aidan Cork M 09:58.2
409 2:10:49 MERRICK, Robert Bandon M35 09:59.0
410 2:10:52 MCCARTHY, Joan Midleton AC F45 09:59.2
411 2:11:33 MCCOLGAN, Cathy Cork F35 10:02.4
412 2:11:40 HOLLY, Stuart Clare M 10:02.9
413 2:11:53 MORRIS, Chris Passage West M50 10:03.9
414 2:12:39 HURST, Tara Dublin F 10:07.4
415 2:13:05 NI MHURCHU, Lena Innishanon F 10:09.4
416 2:16:01 DEMPSEY, Anne Dublin F 10:22.8
417 2:16:03 HEANEY, Karl Dublin M 10:23.0
418 2:16:12 KENNEALLY, Regina Mallow F 10:23.7
419 2:17:54 MURPHY, Una Cork F35 10:31.4
420 2:20:06 GOUGH, Terri West Waterford AC F60 10:41.5
421 2:21:06 MURTAGH, Suzanne Ventry F 10:46.1
422 2:22:04 REID, Tina Riocht AC F40 10:50.5
423 2:22:14 HIGGINS, Raedi Ballymore F 10:51.3
424 2:22:15 SHIELS, Jimmy Limerick M65 10:51.4
425 2:22:20 NGUYEN, Hy-May Cork F 10:51.7
426 2:22:45 COX, Joy Offaly F35 10:53.6
427 2:22:48 MULHALL, Conor Monaghan M 10:53.9
428 2:23:09 WALSH, Mary Midleton AC F45 10:55.5
429 2:23:43 LA COCK, Ruan Riverstick M35 10:58.1
430 2:24:55 WALLACE, Siobhan Cork F 11:03.6
431 2:26:23 ENRIGHT, Kathy Limerick F 11:10.3
432 2:28:31 CULLINANE, Aoife Ballincollig F 11:20.1
433 2:28:42 DUNNE, Brian Ennis M35 11:20.9
434 2:28:53 YOUNG, Fiona Limerick F45 11:21.7
435 2:29:14 MCNULTY, Una Carberry Harriers F35 11:23.3
436 2:29:14 MCNULTY, Ailise Carberry Harriers F 11:23.3
437 2:29:16 MOHAN, Paul Dublin M40 11:23.5
438 2:29:32 COLLINS, John Limerick AC M70 11:24.7
439 2:31:54 MEHIGAN, Cait Carberry Harriers F 11:35.5
440 2:32:59 O'CONNOR, Gavin Cork M 11:40.5
441 2:39:58 KANE, Desiree Limerick F35 12:12.5
442 2:45:08 TOHER, Mary Midleton AC F50 12:36.1
443 2:49:10 COMPTON, Michael Skibbereen M50 12:54.6
444 2:49:45 O'HALLORAN, Jill Parteen F 12:57.3
445 2:56:08 O'CONNOR, Hugh Monaghan M35 13:26.5
446 2:57:57 BUTLER, Mary Cork F 13:34.8
447 3:15:48 LEHR, Lisa USA F45 14:56.6

WHEELCHAIR: FORDE, Jerry Blarney-Inniscarra AC M55 1:53:33

Incorporating Cork County & Munster Half-Marathon Championships

(...with thanks to John Walshe of Ballycotton Running Promotions for providing the above results)

Friday, September 07, 2007

Cork Half Marathon - Updated (Fri 7th Sep 8pm)...

If anyone needs directions to find the GAA clubhouse in Blarney, see the map above.
Take the slip road off the N20 Cork to Mallow/Limerick road for Blarney. As you approach Blarney, there will be a walkway on your left. After a few hundred metres, take the first left and then the next right. You will now be very close to the Blarney GAA clubhouse.
Weather - The current forecast (Updated Fri 8pm) is that it will be very mild with no rain. There may be broken sunshine and the temperature may reach 21 deg C. The winds are expected to be very light.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Update on the Defibrillator issue

" The AAI County Board last night (Wed 5th Sep) unanimously decided to get defibrillators and have people trained in their use and also CPR. The details have yet to be fleshed out but the matter is now formally in process. "........John Quigley, Eagle AC.

See the earlier post dated Friday 31st of August for the background to this.

Preview of the Cork Half Marathon - Sun 9th September 2007 (11:00am)

The map above show the approximate route of the Cork Half Marathon. It starts in Blarney, heads North up to Grenagh and returns in a loop back to Blarney. The race is run on quiet country roads to the West of the N20 Cork to Mallow road.

Here are some details from the flyer for the event...

MIZUNO CORK HALF MARATHON 2007 BlarneyPromoted by St. Finbarr’s Athletic Club (
Incorporating Cork County and Munster Half Marathon Championships Sunday September 9th 2007 @ 11:00 a.m.
RACE H.Q. : Blarney GAA Club, Blarney, Co. Cork
Entries taken on the day up to 10:30am.
Special category permit— Race open to all over 18 years.
MEN First 10 individuals First 3 teams (3 to score)
WOMEN First 5 individuals, First 2 teams (2 to score)
Full range of prizes in all age categories categories. Special bonus prize€ 150 first man under 66 mins, first woman under 75 mins.
There is also a free draw for a pair of running shoes.

Note that this race is open to anyone. You do not need to be a member of a club. You can enter on the day up to 10:30 am. Cost is €25. The only restriction is that you must be over 18 and you must be able to finish in under 2 hours 30 mins (pace = 11 min 27 sec per mile)

Monday, September 03, 2007

Preview of the Cork BHAA 'PTAA' 5 km Road Race - Wed 5th September 2007 (7:30pm)

To be honest, I don't know a whole lot about this race as I have never done it. The registration is in the St.Finbarr's GAA clubhouse which is located in Togher. It is located at the end of the Tramore Road which is right alongside the South Link Road. Click on the map above if you want to have a closer look or click on the following link if you need directions...
Flyer for the Cork BHAA 5km Road Race in Togher.

Click on the image above to enlarge.