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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Preview of the Midleton 5 Mile Road Race - Thurs 1st May (8pm)
The 'Joe Hourigan' 5 Mile road race takes place in Midleton in East Cork, on Thursday night at 8pm. Due to the re-introduction of the railway to Midleton in the next few years, this will be the last time the Midleton 5 race will be run over this particular route.
The sign-on point for this race is in the GAA clubhouse which is just off the Mill road. To get there from Cork, you need to take the turn-off from the Midleton bypass and enter Midleton itself. Near the centre of the town, you cross over a bridge and come to a major roundabout and junction. You need to stay left and take the 2nd left exit and onto the road with the petrol station. About 400 metres up this road, keep a look-out for a small road to the right just after the traffic lights. This narrow little road will bring you up to the Midleton GAA grounds (see the X on the map above). In this general area, there is a limited amount of parking. Note that the start point for the race is almost a mile away so make sure you arrive early to give yourself plenty of time to get there. The entry fee is €10.
The start is on a wide quiet road. After a few hundred metres, you are back onto the busy main road and you will be running back towards the GAA club. As soon as you pass the entrance to the club and the 1 mile mark, the traffic dies down a bit as you head out towards the 2 mile mark which up a slight incline. At about 2.5 miles, you turn off left and there are a series of small climbs here until about the 3.5 mile mark. Than there is a rapid descent and from there until the finish is pretty flat. Just around the 4 mile mark, you are back onto the hard shoulder of the busy main road. From here, you need to be careful of passing traffic as you head back in towards the town. Soon, you'll turn left, back onto the quiet road where you started from and on to the finish.
A reasonable course with a few small hills and you should expect to get a reasonable time on it.
If you want to have a closer look at the course, I have put it up on the MapMyRun website.

Additional Info.....
Latest News - from John Cashman – club PRO - - Midleton Athletic Club have stressed that their annual ‘5’ mile road race will begin at 8pm sharp this Thursday evening. There are road works taking place currently in a number of areas in the vicinity of the town, most notably in the Knockgriffin area just beyond the starting and finishing point. This allied to the fact that the registration area and race headquarters is located almost a half mile away at Midleton GAA Pavilion means that participants should allow added time in advance. It’s the 25th anniversary of the Midleton AC race and thus has added extra significance to what is looked upon as of the high points of the summer sporting season in the East Cork town. There are plenty of vantage points around the course whereby spectators can sample the atmosphere and see some of the inform runners of the season bid for the top hopnours. Reflecting back on the history of the race club spokesperson Danny McCarthy has special thoughts for the late Joe Hourigan is whose memory the event now takes place . “Joe was a tremendous character and a tremendous club man. He was always involved in our activities and had a friendly word for everybody as he and his colleagues under took their regular training runs around the town and its environs”.

Headquarters for the occasion will again be the local GAA pavilion which will be open for entries from 6.30pm onwards. It will also be the base for the prize giving ceremony and the renowned after race hospitality which has become synonymous with this early summer fixture. Entry fee this year will be 10 euro, with a 2 euro contribution from each entry going towards the Robert Heffernan Olympic Games fund. Robert is currently at a very advanced stage of preparations for the trip to China later this summer and has greatly welcomed this gesture by the host club and the wider running community. The club is donating 500 euro also.
There will be NO HEADPHONES ALLOWED in this race........Thanks Danny McCarthy, Midleton AC.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Results of the Cork BHAA 'Stride by the Tide' 4 mile beach race - Tues 29th April 2008
From what I hear, there were about 190 runners in this 4 mile race on the beach in Redbarn near Youghal in East Cork. It certainly was'nt an easy race with a stiff North-Easterly breeze making the going tough at times and the odd patch of soft sand making it difficult to run. All of this though was outweighed by the fact that a race on a beach is still a novel event and makes a nice change from all of the road races. It's also a great way of keeping an eye on your team mates and making sure they're not slacking off !! ;o)

Results... (Updated Wed 30th Apr)
The results for this race can be found HERE.
Anyone like to comment on the race...??? How did you think it compared to the usual road races? Like or dislike running on sand?
"It was a good race, not as cold and wet as last year. Jogging on sand is not easy, and I prefer the road. But it's nice to support all the BHAA races.........Maggie"

Monday, April 28, 2008

Race report and photos of the Mallow 5 race are now up....see down the page.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Preview of the Cork BHAA 'Stride by the Tide' 4 mile Road Race - Tues 29th Apr (8pm)
This race which is sponsored by Quality Hotels takes place on Redbarn beach near Youghal in East Cork. It is the only race during the year which is run on a beach.

Take the main road for Youghal from Cork. As you approach Youghal, do not go on the Youghal bypass but take the left just before it, go under the bypass and head towards the town. After a few hundred metres, look out for and take the turn off right. It should be signposted as the R633 for Ballymacoda. After 1.5 kms on this road, you come to a crossroads. Turn left here. You should see the signposts for the Quality Hotel anyway. See the map above.
As per normal at Cork BHAA events, it is €5 for registered runners and €7 for non-registered.

From what I remember, it is basically two and a half laps of a course that is marked out on the beach. It is a very unusual race in that as you take the sharp turn at the end of each loop, you are watching everyone else who is ahead and behind you. It's a bit like running a race and spectating at the same time. The race is run on a part of the beach which is between the low tide and high tide mark. As a result, you are not running on soft sand and you should have no problem doing it in your normal runners.

The fact you can watch a race at the same time as running in it makes this a special and unusual event. The softer surface, while ok for running on, definetly means that your time for this 4 mile race will be slower than usual. The sand seems to absorb most of the energy when you foot hits the surface and you need to put more effort in than you would on the road.

If you want to see where the race is, have a look at this link...
Champion Sports Cork City Marathon and Marathon Relay 2008....Part 6 of 12 by Mick Dooley, Cork BHAA

(Mick Dooley of the Cork Business Houses Athletic Association is writing a 12 part series of articles for the Evening Echo. He has very kindly sent them on to me so that I can put them up here on this blog. They are written with the beginner in mind. Part 6 is based on 7 weeks to go, about the 14th of April)

Champion Sports Cork City Marathon - Running Gear
It’s not always the running gear that looks good that is the best. Most of all, your running gear should be comfortable and appropriate to the weather conditions.
Choosing your running gear is the one of the important decision you will make as a runner. Having the right running shoe for your foot strike will help you avoid injury and also avoid serious discomfort while doing long mileage. The shoe companies have designed many different shoe types to meet the needs of different runners. If you are buying new shoes, you should go to a specialist running store where you will get good advice on what you need. It is a good idea to bring your own shoes with you, this will give them a good indication of your foot strike and they can then recommend shoe type and style. Some shops also have specialist equipment to measure your foot strike. Make sure that you are training in shoes with low mileage wear to maximize absorption of shock.

Stop Watch
A good stopwatch is an invaluable piece of equipment for a runner to use. Most stopwatches have a clear display showing your total running time, and are also able to record split and lap times which will be very use full when you start to run specific training sessions.

Apparel, and Accessories
Wear Cool-max or synthetic blend socks, singlet, and shorts that wick away moisture/perspiration and won't cause chafing to enhance your comfort level.
Use Body Glide, Skin Lube, Vaseline, or similar products (on feet, under arms, between thighs, nipples, etc.) to eliminate or reduce chafing and/or blisters.
Do not over-dress. Assess the need to wear tights, long-sleeves, etc. as excess clothing can lead to overheating of the body. Doing so makes the "real feel" 10 degrees warmer once you begin running. In cooler weather and/or in windy conditions, consider wearing an old t-shirt that you can discard once your long run or marathon begins, but be sure that you won't be running into the wind later on your return route. Also remember that if you choose to wear a hat, it will trap body heat (great in cold weather) but a bad idea for a long run or marathon with hot/humid conditions).

Kit Bag
Your kit bag should be large enough to contain all your running gear, a change of clothing, shower gear, running shoes, a small amount of money and a small medical pouch. All of which should have it’s own place so you can find whatever it is you need without, having to scour the whole bag if something particular is required. A good kit bag will have different compartments which will help you to organise each section. Remember, to label your bag with your name, address and mobile number in case you misplace it.

Champion Sports Cork City Marathon Training Guide
Week 6 of the 12 week training plan (...intended for the 14th of April)

Week 5
Mon 40mins easy, Tue Rest, Wed 70mins Steady, Thurs Rest, Fri warm up 6x3mins warm down,
Sat Rest, Sun.2 hours or 10mile race

Week 5
Mon 30mins easy, Tues 45mins steady, Wed 90mins easy, Thurs Rest , Fri 30mins easy,
Sat warm up 30mins hard warm down, Sun two and half hours steady or 10mile race

Serious Runners
Week 5
Mon 45mins steady, Tues 8x2mins fast, Wed 90mins easy, Thurs 3x10mins 5mins recovery,
Fri rest/jog, Sat warm ups 4miles fast warm downs, Sun 3 hours very steady or 10mile race

Please note that all of these local events are very comprehensively covered by John Desmond on his blogspot John is a runner himself and runs with Eagle AC . The blog gives directions course maps and local knowledge of most of the events taking part in the Munster area. Very worth while to log on to.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Results of the Mallow 5 mile Road Race - Friday 25th Apr 2008
A modest crowd of 91 runners turned out for this 5 mile race in Mallow on what was a dull evening. This was a race that I had hoped to get to however the thought of having to cross Cork City through rush hour traffic put me off. Maybe next time.

The results are up on the Mallow AC website. The link is HERE.

Photos... (updated Mon 28th Apr)
Paudie Birmingham of Mallow AC now has a set of 64 photos up on his photo page. The link is HERE.
Race Report... (updated Mon 28th Apr)
Donal O'Donoughue has very kindly written a short race report on the Mallow 5 race.

"In comparison to the race in Ballynoe on Thursday, it was dull and overcast when leaving Cork, which threatened to rain down on us. This and the early start at 7:30pm may have deterred some people from travelling. I was actually worried about getting soaked, so I changed from tee-shirt to yellow jacket at the last moment. However the rain held off until 20:30. So I sweated instead! The temperature was a reasonable 12 degrees C.
The Gardai held traffic for a few minutes at the start, but traffic began to flow again before we reached the left-turn off the N72. We had to run the first two miles on the hard shoulder, which was not in the best condition. Also there were a few small areas on the N72 near entrances, where a small kerbed area covered the hard-shoulder. One could miss seeing these, and almost run into them if one wasn't paying full attention.
Also complicating matters were pedestrians out for an evening walk, on the same hard-shoulder, going in the same direction, and unable to see runners approaching from behind.
At the first turn, we passed a sign warning of flood risk after heavy rain. This reminded me of a picture of a flooded Mallow racecourse that appeared in the papers a few months ago.
The second-half twisted and turned somewhat, and people were crossing from one side to the other, to take the shortest route, but one compromises safety somewhat. The last 2 miles had some footpath, but this was rather narrow at the beginning. There were plenty of race marshals, and an ambulance on patrol.
There was one odd part at 3.5 miles where we passed a small river, where a section of wall was missing. One minor slip-up and one could have ended up in the river! I don't know if there was any hall at the back of the pub, but there was an area at the front of the pub with tea and biscuits, and even Jaffa Cakes!
This is the first time I've run competitive races on successive days, and it really shakes one up. I needed it!..........Donal O'Donoughue"

Friday, April 25, 2008

Results of the East Cork Road Championships (Ballynoe) - Thurs 24th Apr 2008
This race was essentially an AAI inter club competition between the East Cork Athletic clubs. It was however open to everyone. The results are shown below and Donal O'Donoughue has very kindly written a race report on what he thought of the race.

Imokilly Oil/East Cork Road Championships
Men 5-mile

Place Time Name Team Race Age Category min/mile
1 0:28:50 MCGRATH, Sean East Cork AC M 05:45.9
2 0:29:21 HAYES, Frank East Cork AC M 05:52.1
3 0:29:28 CURTIN, Noel Youghal AC M40 05:53.5
4 0:30:19 MCCARTHY, Denis East Cork AC M45 06:03.7
5 0:30:24 BYCZEK, Stanislaw Midleton AC M45 06:04.7
6 0:30:51 O'KEEFFE, Marty Youghal AC M 06:10.1
7 0:31:10 BRODERICK, Donal Midleton AC M40 06:13.9
8 0:31:44 CURLEY, Paul Youghal AC M40 06:20.7
9 0:32:37 COONEY, Kevin Midleton AC M45 06:31.3
10 0:32:47 NICHOLSON, Andrew Youghal AC M 06:33.3
11 0:32:54 TIERNEY, Conor East Cork AC M 06:34.7
12 0:32:56 CASHMAN, John Midleton AC M40 06:35.1
13 0:33:14 GRIFFIN, John Carraig na bhFear AC M 06:38.7
14 0:33:34 KELLEHER, Denis Midleton AC M40 06:42.7
15 0:34:43 DUNPHY, John Rising Sun AC M 06:56.5
16 0:35:22 PENTONY, Gerard Ballymore-Cobh AC M40 07:04.2
17 0:36:04 CURLEY, Kieran Youghal AC M45 07:12.6 283 17
18 0:36:17 DUNNING, Steve Ballynoe M 07:15.2 291 18
19 0:36:31 MCGRATH, Phil East Cork AC M55 07:18.0 268 19
20 0:36:50 WALSHE, John East Cork AC M55 07:21.8 267 20
21 0:37:10 KELLY, Tom Ballymore-Cobh AC M50 07:25.8 271 21
22 0:37:21 RAMSELL, Ned Midleton AC M 07:28.0 277 22
23 0:37:33 CONNOLLY, Vincent Midleton AC M50 07:30.4 285 23
24 0:37:38 MCCARTHY, Danny Midleton AC M55 07:31.4 275 24
25 0:37:58 FLANAGAN, Eamon Youghal AC M 07:35.4 280 25
26 0:38:04 ARNOTT, Pat Youghal AC M50 07:36.6 279 26
27 0:38:14 HANRAHAN, Michael Midleton AC M 07:38.6 278 27
28 0:38:29 O'CONNELL, Donie Midleton AC M55 07:41.6 286 28
29 0:39:25 KEARNEY, Batt Leevale AC M50 07:52.8 293 29
30 0:42:08 O'DONOGHUE, Donal Little Island M40 08:25.4 294 30

Team 1 Midleton (5, 7, 9, 12) 33
2 Youghal (6, 8, 10, 17) 41
3 East Cork (4, 11, 19, 20) 54

Imokilly Oil/East Cork Road Championships
Women 2 km

Place Time Name Team Race Age Category min/mile
1 0:07:44 WALSH, Niamh Youghal AC F 06:13.2
2 0:08:01 HOUGH, Joan Midleton AC F45 06:26.9
3 0:08:05 DRENNAN, Sally Midleton AC F40 06:30.1
4 0:08:45 BROWN, Fiona Midleton AC F40 07:02.3
5 0:09:09 CAHILL, Breda Midleton AC F35 07:21.6
6 0:09:42 BARRY, Margaret Midleton AC F55 07:48.2
7 0:09:59 BEAUSANG, Margaret Midleton AC F50 08:01.9
8 0:11:16 MCCARTHY, Joan Midleton AC F50 09:03.8
9 0:11:51 O'CONNELL, Kathleen Midleton AC F50 09:32.0

Team: 1 Midleton (4, 5, 6) 15 points

Organised by the East Cork Board of AAI

(.....with thanks to John Walshe of Ballycotton Running Promotions for these results)

Race Donal O'Donoughue
' The loneliness of the short-distance runner '
Despite being told by somebody who should know, that the start time was 8pm, it appeared to start at 7:50...ish. I registered at about 7:47, and was running to the start line, when the pack started running towards me. I joined near the back, did my best. However, I did cover the distance and a bit more....I'm a little out of shape.

There were 9 (NINE) women in the Women’s 2000m race, which started earlier.
There were 30 (THREE ZERO) men in the men's race, which turned out to be a five miler. All but two of the men were from Athletic clubs, i.e. me and some local guy from Ballynoe.
I honestly thought this would be a 4 mile breeze -- some competitive practice, for Friday night's Mallow race.Not so. This started out perhaps 0.5 miles south of the village on the R627 (the road from Midleton). Through the village, and then left, anti-clockwise along a back road to the west of the village, and then east along the road with the Garda Station and GAA club, and back into the centre of the village. This hill by the Garda station was a "killer". Sally Drennan and friends were standing outside the GAA club offering moral support and encouragement. I used some precious breath to ask a guy alongside me "Do we do two laps?” Depressingly, the answer was "nah, this is a four lap race!!” After the third lap, I was on my own, literally. Sally & friends ran with me up hill to the village. The end was a right turn, a hundred metres or so, and finished near a phone box, near the post office.
There were no spectacular 5-minute mile performances. The hill took care of that!
The course was very quiet, apart from an articulated trunk that arrived at the GAA pitch. This took up almost the whole road, and I had to run on the grass verge to avoid being squashed.
Not sure what route the women's 2000m followed.
No traffic Marshals, but there were highly visible 1, 2, 3, and 4 mile signs, although their positioning was a bit confusing, as the lap was slightly less than a mile. Or maybe one was suffering from Asphyxia after "the hill".
Tea & sandwiches in the Ballynoe Community Hall.....Lovely buttered fruit-cake, and jammy cakes!
I came last, but hadn't time to wait about to see if there was a booby-prize! But on the positive side, THIRTHIETH is the highest ranking I've ever achieved. I'm wrecked.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Preview of the Mallow 5 Mile road Race - Fri 25th Apr (7:30pm)
This will be the 2nd evening race since the clocks changed, coming just 1 week after the Castlemartyr race. The main thing to remember about this race is that you do NOT have to enter the centre of Mallow town itself. Everything is happening to the West of Mallow.

The main event centre for the race is at the Roundabout Tavern. This is at the main roundabout which is on the N20 Cork to Limerick road. I am told that parking should also be available near here. Note that the entry fee is only €5!! There will be prizes for the first 4 Men and Women finishers and for the first finisher in each age category.

The course...
The 5 mile course basically follows part of the same route as the annual 10 mile road race. It starts around the 3.5 mile mark and finishes around the 8.5 mile mark. From the Roundabout Tavern, the start is just a short way out the N72 Killarney road. The first 2 miles of the race are mainly inside the hard shoulder alongside the busy road. Near the latter sections of the 2 miles, it can get very narrow so you need to be careful. Fortunately, just after the 2 mile mark you turn off left and you are onto nice quiet country roads. From here until the finish, the traffic should be light and is without doubt, the nicest part of the race. Overall, the course is pretty flat and there are only a few small drags. One is near the 2.5 mile mark just after you cross the river and the other one is just a few hundred metres before the finish. Again, nothing major so no need to worry about them.
The Finish...
Note that there is a bit of walk/jog from the finish back to the Roundabout Tavern. See red dots above. You need to go up onto the main road and jog inside the hard shoulder. The distance is about 1.2 kms.

A pretty flat 5 mile course. Note the start time...7:30pm, not 8pm! There is also a 5 mile walk starting at 7pm. If you want to look at the course in more detail, Mallow AC have put the course up on the MapMyRun website.

There is also a 4 mile race on Thursday, the 24th of April in Ballynoe. See details under the comments below...

"Saw on the free Midleton news booklet 2 wks ago that there is a 4 mile road race on in Ballynoe this Thursday 24th April. Is this one of those races where you have to be an athletic club member? Just wondering - was going to do it but I'm not a member of any athletic club so maybe I'm not allowed? Great website by the way - wouldn't know where any race is held if it wasn't for this website.....Anonymous"

"I have just recieved this info....The main awards (medals) are confined to East Cork clubs, it's a bit like the County/Munster setup. However, any outside runners are welcome and a regular few always turn-up. The women's race starts at 7.15pm followed by the men's. The hall in the centre of the village is the headquarters where there is usually a cup of tea afterwards. To get to Ballynoe from Cork city, take the Tallow road from Midleton (via Dungourney) and Ballynoe is signposted just past the well-known Leahy's Open a mail from John Walshe.....John Desmond

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Overall Results of the John Buckley Sports / Munster 10 Mile Spring Classic Series for 2008...
The final list of finishers has just been compiled by Gerry McCarthy of Mallow AC. It's look like a total of 94 runners completed the series this year, exactly the same as last year! I thought it might be higher than last year considering how the numbers seemed to be up for most of the races. Not withstanding that, it's still an excellent turnout for these long distance races.

I have generated a webpage from the EXCEL file that was sent to me and I have put it up on another website so that it is easier to see. The link is...

If you are interested in comparing your times with last year (2007), I have an old post from April last year that you can have a look at. The link is...
(...with thanks to Gerry McCarthy & John Holland of Mallow AC and John Walshe of Ballycotton Running Promotions for these results)
Results of the Dungarvan 'Marine Climb' 10k road race - Fri 19th April 2008
As to be expected, this was mainly an event for West Waterford AC members but there were a few Cork runners in there as well. They seemed to have got a fine turnout with over 200 taking part. If anyone needs the results, click on this LINK.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Reminder for entries to the 2008 Cork City Marathon and Relay...
Next Monday, the 28th of April is the closing date for the cheap entries for the Cork City Marathon and Relay If you are going to enter the Marathon, then the entry fee is €60. If it is the relay event, then the cost is €90. These prices are valid if you post in your entry. If you enter online, the cost is 10% extra.

After next Monday, the entry fee for each event will be €10 extra and the final closing date is Friday, the 9th of May. You can find an entry form at this LINK. Just print it out. If you want to enter online, go HERE.
Additional information can be found on the Cork City Marathon Website.
At this stage, if you have not entered already, you really should be getting your entries in. After all, you're either doing it or you're not. Post it this week.
Champion Sports Cork City Marathon and Marathon Relay 2008....Part 5 of 12 by Mick Dooley, Cork BHAA

(Mick Dooley of the Cork Business Houses Athletic Association is writing a 12 part series of articles for the Evening Echo. He has very kindly sent them on to me so that I can put them up here on this blog. They are written with the beginner in mind. Part 5 is based on 8 weeks to go, about the 7th of April)

Champion Sports Cork City Marathon - Be Safe While Running
It is getting more and more difficult to get safe and attractive running routes. Most areas are now built up with houses or there is a vast amount of cars or traffic on the road.
As recreational runners, we should respect other road users. If running on the roads in the early morning or evening time, you should wear reflective clothing and wear bright clothing even during the day. Select a route that is safe and not too busy with traffic. It is a good idea to use a looped route with a big loop and a smaller loop which will give you an opportunity to leave some food or drinks at a particular point along the way.
It is important when you are going on long runs, whether you are going from home or your work place that you tell your family or work colleagues what route you are taking and the time you expect to return. This may not be as important if you are part of a running group or an organised run. Try and use a recognised running routes, where possible.
Please do not attempt to run the marathon course, or any part of it, other than on race day. It is not safe to do so, it is only safe to run the marathon route on race day when it is fully stewarded and marshalled by race officials.

During the Run
Always stay alert. The more aware you are, the less vulnerable you are. Think about possible escape routes in case of a confrontation. Take notice of who is ahead of you and who is behind you. Know where the nearest public sites are with some general activity - there is usually safety in numbers. If something seems suspicious, do not panic, but run in a different direction. Run clear of parked cars, bushes, dark areas. Run against traffic so that you can observe the approach of on coming cars and trucks. If the same car cruises past you more than once, take note of even a partial registration number and make it obvious that you are aware of its presence (but keep your distance).
Once again it is advisable to link up with a running partner or running group. Many running groups meet up at their local sports centre or club. There are two running tracks in Cork at UCC Sports centre in the Mardyke and at CIT track in Bishopstown these are frequently used by local running groups and clubs. Please check out availability and membership fees if you wish to avail of the above facilities.

Champion Sports Cork City Marathon Training Guide
Week 5 of the 12 week training plan (...intended for the 31st of March)

Week 5
Mon 30mins easy, Tue 60mins easy, Wed Rest, Thurs warm up 20mins fast warm down, Fri Rest, Sat 30mins easy, Sun 90mins easy or 10k race

Week 5
Mon 45mins easy, Tues 12x1min on hills, Wed 75mins steady, Thurs 45mins easy, Fri rest- jog, Sat 45mins easy, Sun two and half hours or 10k race

Serious Runners
Week 5
Mon 45mins easy, Tues 10x2mins fast, Wed 90mins easy, Thurs 4x6mins fast, Fri rest/jog, Sat warm ups 12mins fast x2 warm downs, Sun two and half hours or 10k race
Please note you should use a reasonable recovery time between your repetitions.
Regards........Mick Dooley, Cork BHAA 087-9790806 , Cork City Marathon

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Running in Cork Blog hits new record...
I had forgotten to mention this earlier but this blog had a record number of hits for the month of March. It got 7,445 hits, an increase of about 2,350 on the prevous record of 5,099 in February. No doubt, this was mainly due to the extra traffic generated by the Ballycotton 10 race. However, the background traffic seems to be still increasing with the April traffic likely to hit a figure of about 6,000.

Talking to others and by checking other sites, it would seem that this website is now by far the No.1 site when it comes to running related news and results in Cork. Hopefully, this increased traffic will raise awareness in the various road races taking place over the busy Summer season.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Champion Sports Cork City Marathon and Marathon Relay 2008....Part 4 of 12 by Mick Dooley, Cork BHAA

(Mick Dooley of the Cork Business Houses Athletic Association is writing a 12 part series of articles for the Evening Echo. He has very kindly sent them on to me so that I can put them up here on this blog. They are written with the beginner in mind. Part 4 is based on 9 weeks to go, about the 31st of March)

Champion Sports Cork City Marathon - Nutrition guide to marathon preparation
Now that most of you have taken some sort of training plan for the marathon you must make sure that you take care of that body of yours. As a result of marathon training it is often the case that before we know it we have increased our weekly mileage by much more than the body was used to during regular exercise. This of course puts the body under much more stress and strain, this is all the more reason we should increase our food intake. The food we eat is the fuel we need to run our bodies. Carbohydrates are the source of the body s fuel energy so it is essential you increase your carbohydrate intake when training for a marathon or half marathon

You should have something substantial to eat in advance of your long run a fruit scone or some bananas and also try to take a small amount on board while on the run. After training eat a snack that includes carbohydrate and some protein which will help to repair damaged tissue as a result of a tough training session. You should not let your training affect your regular meal times
The same applies to getting proper rest and sleep a good sleeping pattern is important. Eight hours a night is vital for anyone that is active and this should increase up to twelve hours per day for individuals involved with intensive training marathon or long distance running

Food Supplements
It is not recommended to take any food supplements however many athletes use a short course of glucosamine tablets which help to keep the joints oiled up. Cod liver oil tablets are also recommended for healthy bones and good joints.

Healthy eating tips
Start the day with a good healthy breakfast
Eat a wide variety of food plenty of fruit and a selection of vegetables
Avoid fizzy drinks and sugary foods
Keep plenty of fruits and nuts close at hand for snacking
Enjoy your food

Champion Sports Cork City Marathon Training Guide
Week 4 of the 12 Week training plan (...intended for the 31st of March)

Week 4
Mon, 30mins easy, Tue, rest, Wed 60mins easy, Thurs 20mins jog, Fri, 45mins easy, Sat rest,
Sun.10km race or 60mins easy

Week 4
Mon 50mins easy, Tues rest/jog, Wed 75mins steady, Thurs 6x3mins fast, Fri rest, Sat 40mins easy,
Sun half marathon distance

Serious Runners
Week 4
Mon 45mins easy, Tues warm ups 16x1mins warm downs, Wed 75mins steady, Thurs 6x5mins fast,
Fri rest/jog, Sat warm ups 10mins fast x2 warm downs, Sun half marathon distance

Please note you should use a reasonable recovery time between your repetitions.
Regards........Mick Dooley, Cork BHAA 087-9790806 , Cork City Marathon
Press Release from the Cork Cancer Research Center...
We are appealing to people who are considering running this year's Cork CityMarathon this year to run for research. We need all the help we can get and I would be extremely grateful if you could include (or publish some of) thismaterial in the next edition of your publication or in the next local news /community diary announcement, as any editorial will help increase awarenessof the Cork Cancer Research Centre and raise its profile. Many thanks in advance for your assistance.
Kind regards Fiona
Fiona O'Regan, Development Officer, Cork Cancer Research CentreMercy University Hospital & Biosciences Institute, UCC. T: 021 463 6612 W:

Run for Cancer Research
This summer, Cork City will host its second marathon since 1986 on bankholiday Monday, June 2nd 2008. Cork Cancer Research Centre needs yoursupport and is looking for you to run on their behalf in the Cork CityMarathon.
If you are already training and haven't decided what charity to run for, please run for cancer research. If you are not a marathon runner but wouldlike to run, then there is a team relay event where runners of all distancescan take part in the marathon without having to complete the full 26.2miles.
The team relay is for teams of between 2 and 5 members. The marathon course will be divided into 5 stages, allowing 5 team members to take a stage each. So why not join up with some friends or colleagues or relatives and share the stages of the marathon course and run for cancer research.
The Cork Cancer Research Centre, with labs based within the Mercy UniversityHospital and within UCC, is actively bringing new treatments to cancer patients and aims to combat cancer by developing improved therapies for detection, treatment and prevention.
Join the fight against cancer and make a difference today - help us to influence the future. For your sponsorship pack including free t-shirt, phone Ann on 021 463 6612
. You will be aiding research into cancer's prevention and treatment. For further information onCork Cancer Research Centre, visit
Take action, take part, have fun and save lives.
- end -

Friday, April 18, 2008

Champion Sports Cork City Marathon and Marathon Relay 2008....Part 3 of 12 by Mick Dooley, Cork BHAA

(Mick Dooley of the Cork Business Houses Athletic Association is writing a 12 part series of articles for the Evening Echo. He has very kindly sent them on to me so that I can put them up here on this blog. They are written with the beginner in mind. Part 3 is based on 10 weeks to go, about the 24th of March)

Week 3...Champion Sports Cork City Marathon and Team Relay Event

Team relay event
2007 saw the introduction of the team relay event. It was a bit of a shot into the unknown for race organisers but thankfully with a bit of research and planning this proved to be a very worth while rewarding experience for all concerned.
This year’s marathon will once again include the team relay event and as the name suggests is a marathon for everyone. It should be noted that there is no half marathon event incorporated but it is hoped to have a team relay change over point at the half way mark.
Similar to last year there will be 5 relay legs which can be completed by teams of between 2 and 5 runners. Full details of official change over points will appear on the website shortly.
Entry Fee for teams is €80 up until 31st March.
Please ensure that your entry form is fully complete with the correct entry fee enclosed and cheques made payable to Cork City Council. If you are in the relay event you must put down the names of your other team members and ensure that the form is signed by the team captain.

If you are in training or considering taking part this year relay you should enter in some of the events been organised locally. There are many events listed on the Cork Bhaa website which will have events taking place right up to and including the marathon. This will give you an opportunity to meet and run alongside other local runners who can offer lots of advice and encouragement and even give you details of group training sessions which may be of interest to you.

Champion Sports Cork City Marathon Training Guide
Week 3 of the 12 week training plan (...intended for the 24th of March)

Week 3
Mon 30mins easy, Tue Rest, Wed 60mins easy, Thurs Rest, Fri 6x3mins fast Sat, Rest jog,
Sun 90mins easy.

Week 3
Mon 45mins easy, Tue Rest/jog, Wed 75mins steady, Thurs 8x2mins fast, Fri Rest,
Sat 60mins include 30mins fast, Sun 2hours very easy

Serious Runners
Week 3
Mon 45mins easy, Tues Hill 8x2m, Wed 75mins easy, Thurs 5x5mins fast, Fri Rest/jog,
Sat 45mins steady, Sun 2 hrs 15mins easy.
Please note you should use a reasonable recovery time between your repetitions.
Regards........Mick Dooley, Cork BHAA 087-9790806 , Cork City Marathon
Preview of the 10 km 'Marine Climb' Road Race - Fri 18th Apr 7pm
For anyone interested in making the trip down to Dungarvan, West Waterford, this road race takes place tonight at 7pm. The official blurb for the race is...

The 16th Annual Marine Climb, race 1 in Ger Wyley/Nike summer series. Entries at St.Josephs Primary school Mitchell St from 6 pm.race sarting at 7 pm. Entry for race 8 Euro. Entry to series also 8 euro. 25 euro Nike voucher to all athletes who complete 6 of the 10 race series. Teas, sandwiches and prize presentation in Marine Bar, social night with music.

I did this race several years ago. From what I remember, the sign on and start is right in the middle of the town of Dungarvan itself. The race heads back out out of the town along the main road towards Cork. It then swings off left for Ring. Soon, the 'climb' part starts in the race as you slowly work your way uphill through a series of country roads. I remember when I did it, I was waiting for the turn off back towards the town as we seemed to be constantly running away from Dungarvan. When I got to about 4 miles, I began to have to wonder if we were ever going to make our way back. In fact, you don't!! I had assumed that the 'Marine Climb' was a hilly loop course near the sea. In fact, it's a point to point race and the 'Marine' part refers to the 'Marine Bar' at the top of the hill on the Cork/Dungarvan road where the finish is.

As it turned out, someone very kindly gave me a lift back to Dungarvan but keep it in mind if you doing it. I don't think there are any buses or anything like that. It's up to you to make your own way back to Dungarvan.

With the hills, it's certainly not a course for fast times but most of the race is on quiet country roads.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Results of the Castlemartyr 4 mile road race - Thurs 17th Apr 2008
A total of 156 runners turned out for this 4 mile race, the first evening race since the clocks changed a few weeks ago. Conditions were more or less ideal although there was a cold Easterly breeze for the first 2 miles or so.

So, on to the results...
East Cork Athletics Club. CASTLEMARTYR '4' Thursday 17 April 2008. 8:00pm

Place Time Name Team Race Age Category min/mile
1 0:20:06 MCGRATH, Sean East Cork AC M 05:01.4

2 0:20:11 ZAKIS, Raivis West Waterford AC M 05:02.7
3 0:20:41 SWEENEY, Gavin Cork M 05:10.2
4 0:20:43 FAHY, Roy East Cork AC M 05:10.7
5 0:21:04 O'DONOVAN, Colm Tower M 05:15.9
6 0:21:08 RYAN, Kieran Togher AC M 05:16.9
7 0:21:51 GIBBONS, Paul Sliabh Buidhe Rovers AC M 05:27.7
8 0:22:14 SIMCOX, Shane Mallow AC M 05:33.4
9 0:22:16 CURTIN, Noel Youghal AC M40 05:33.9
10 0:22:19 DUNNE, Michael St. Finbarrs AC M 05:34.7
11 0:22:20 MCCARTHY, Denis East Cork AC M45 05:34.9
12 0:22:29 HICKEY, Paul Eagle AC M 05:37.2
13 0:22:38 HAYES, Frank East Cork AC M 05:39.4
14 0:22:40 MCEVOY, Eamonn St. Finbarrs AC M50 05:39.9
15 0:22:47 COLLINS, John Leevale AC M50 05:41.7
16 0:23:07 MURRAY, George East Cork AC M 05:46.7
17 0:23:16 BYCZEK, Stanislaw Midleton AC M45 05:48.9
18 0:23:17 O'CONNOR, Brian Grange-Fermoy AC M 05:49.2
19 0:23:20 KELLY, Norman Eagle AC M 05:49.9
20 0:23:22 O'DUBHGAIN, Padraig Leevale AC M 05:50.4
21 0:23:27 COTTER, Liam Kilmichael M40 05:51.7
22 0:23:36 BRODERICK, Donal Midleton AC M40 05:53.9
23 0:23:48 LYNCH, Rhona Eagle AC F 05:56.9
24 0:23:58 CARROLL, Denis Eagle AC M45 05:59.4
25 0:24:04 O'KEEFFE, Marty Youghal AC M 06:00.9
26 0:24:11 WALSH, Colin Galway M 06:02.6
27 0:24:14 O'CALLAGHAN, David Eagle AC M40 06:03.4
28 0:24:18 MAHER, Shane Grange-Fermoy AC M 06:04.4
29 0:24:21 MURPHY, Pat Eagle AC M50 06:05.1
30 0:24:28 DESMOND, John Eagle AC M40 06:06.9
31 0:24:32 HENNESSY, John Midleton AC M 06:07.9
32 0:24:52 POWER, Pat Eagle AC M 06:12.9
33 0:24:57 TIERNEY, Conor East Cork AC M 06:14.1
34 0:25:01 KEVANY, Sinead Midleton F 06:15.1
35 0:25:02 MURPHY, Dermot Eagle AC M 06:15.4
36 0:25:03 HUNTER, Nollaig Leevale AC F35 06:15.6
37 0:25:03 JAMES, Kieran Castlemartyr MJ 06:15.6
38 0:25:04 MEGAN, Paul Ballincollig M 06:15.9
39 0:25:06 O'REILLY, Martin St. Finbarrs AC M 06:16.4
40 0:25:07 BRENNAN, Kieran Ballymore-Cobh AC M40 06:16.6
41 0:25:09 LANE, Alan Glenbower AC MJ 06:17.1
42 0:25:10 GEARY, Linda Midleton AC F 06:17.4
43 0:25:17 CASHMAN, John Midleton AC M40 06:19.1
44 0:25:18 DOOLAN, Mary St. Josephs AC F 06:19.4
45 0:25:28 CHOJAN, Maciej Cork M 06:21.9
46 0:25:36 O'SULLIVAN, Billy Midleton AC M 06:23.9
47 0:25:39 ROCHFORD, Paschal St Senans AC M 06:24.6
48 0:25:40 O'BRIEN, Tom Cork M40 06:24.9
49 0:25:42 MCMAHON, Conor Macroom M40 06:25.4
50 0:25:43 MCMAHON, Mark West Muskerry AC M 06:25.6
51 0:25:44 O'BRIEN, Conor Eagle AC M 06:25.9
52 0:25:50 O'REILLY, Alan Midleton MJ 06:27.4
53 0:25:58 HALLAHAN, John Leevale AC M40 06:29.4
54 0:26:00 GRIFFIN, John Carraig na bhFear AC M 06:29.9
55 0:26:08 COTTER, Paul Eagle AC M45 06:31.9
56 0:26:14 O'DRISCOLL, Patrick Eagle AC M 06:33.4
57 0:26:15 BOONAERT, Matthew Cork M 06:33.6
58 0:26:26 COOKE, Tony St. Finbarrs AC M40 06:36.4
59 0:26:38 WALSH, Niamh Youghal AC F 06:39.4
60 0:26:44 DUNPHY, John Rising Sun AC M 06:40.9
61 0:26:50 MCGRATH, Phil East Cork AC M55 06:42.4
62 0:26:51 KELLY, Donal Whitechurch M 06:42.6
63 0:26:57 QUINLAN, Fergal Cobh M 06:44.1
64 0:27:02 COURTNEY, Laurence Eagle AC M45 06:45.4
65 0:27:03 FRAWLEY, Michael Cobh M 06:45.6
66 0:27:08 HOUGH, Joan Midleton AC F45 06:46.9
67 0:27:23 DUKELOW, Fiona Midleton AC F35 06:50.6
68 0:27:24 VENEZIA, Giuseppe Italy M 06:50.9
69 0:27:34 GYVES, Paddy Mallow AC M55 06:53.4
70 0:27:35 KELLEHER, Hanorah Donoughmore AC F40 06:53.6
71 0:27:41 QUIGLEY, John Eagle AC M50 06:55.1
72 0:27:53 LINEHAN, Frank Togher AC M55 06:58.1
73 0:27:58 RAMSELL, Ned Midleton AC M 06:59.4
74 0:27:59 DALY, Brendan Charleville M 06:59.6
75 0:28:01 BUCKLEY, Aidan Eagle AC M40 07:00.1
76 0:28:02 HALLORAN, Michael Midleton AC M 07:00.4
77 0:28:03 O'SULLIVAN, Sean Midleton AC M 07:00.6
78 0:28:04 CONROY, Robert Cork M 07:00.9
79 0:28:06 KEARNEY, Batt Leevale AC M50 07:01.4
80 0:28:13 HAYDON, Michael Ballygarvan M55 07:03.1
81 0:28:14 KELLY, Jason Whitechurch M 07:03.4
82 0:28:18 TWOMEY, June Lisgoold F 07:04.4
83 0:28:20 HOLLAND, John Mallow AC M55 07:04.9
84 0:28:21 KELLY, Tom Ballymore-Cobh AC M50 07:05.1
85 0:28:22 LYNCH, Stephen Eagle AC M 07:05.4
86 0:28:23 O'REILLY, Kevin Youghal AC M 07:05.6
87 0:28:24 LINEHAN, Maurice Cork M 07:05.9
88 0:28:27 MCCARTHY, Luke Baltimore M 07:06.6
89 0:28:29 WALSHE, John East Cork AC M55 07:07.1
90 0:28:36 MCCARTHY, Danny Midleton AC M55 07:08.9
91 0:28:37 WILLIAMS, Adrian Midleton AC M45 07:09.1
92 0:28:39 LINEHAN, Ted Eagle AC M50 07:09.6
93 0:28:48 FLEURY, Warren Ballincollig M 07:11.9
94 0:28:52 O'CALLAGHAN, Niall Mallow AC M 07:12.9
95 0:28:57 CONNOLLY, Vincent Midleton AC M50 07:14.1
96 0:29:03 COONEY, Shane Midleton AC M 07:15.6
97 0:29:04 BUCKLEY, Tim-Joe Donoughmore AC M55 07:15.9
98 0:29:11 RING, Gerard Midleton AC M 07:17.6
99 0:29:15 WALSH, Adrian Cork M 07:18.6
100 0:29:18 BARRETT, Sean Ballymore-Cobh AC M 07:19.4
101 0:29:21 O'MEARA, Fergal Midleton M 07:20.1
102 0:29:23 WALSH, Mark Midleton AC M45 07:20.6
103 0:29:24 COUGHLAN, David Cork M 07:20.9
104 0:29:35 BULMAN, Mark Donoughmore AC M40 07:23.6
105 0:29:36 O'CONNOR, Gerry Eagle AC M50 07:23.9
106 0:29:54 SHERIDAN, Catherine Midleton F 07:28.4
107 0:29:58 TREACY, John-Paul Cork M 07:29.4
108 0:30:00 CHRISTIE, Eidin St. Finbarrs AC F35 07:29.9
109 0:30:01 FLANAGAN, Eamon Youghal AC M 07:30.1
110 0:30:03 BROWN, Fiona Midleton AC F40 07:30.6
111 0:30:10 BURKE, Martina St. Finbarrs AC F 07:32.4
112 0:30:12 GEARY, Ann Ballincurrig F 07:32.9
113 0:30:13 MURPHY, Marie Youghal F 07:33.1
114 0:30:15 CLOHESSY, Bridget West Waterford AC F 07:33.6
115 0:30:48 NICHOLSON, Gordon Youghal AC M45 07:41.9
116 0:31:02 GAFFNEY, Peter Mallow AC M55 07:45.4
117 0:31:10 O'HANLON, Don Cork M 07:47.4
118 0:31:23 O'CONNELL, Donie Midleton AC M55 07:50.6
119 0:31:29 GUINANE, Elaine Cork F 07:52.1
120 0:31:32 GERAGHTY, Matt Cloyne M 07:52.9
121 0:31:38 O'DONOGHUE, Donal Little Island M40 07:54.4
122 0:31:49 NAGLE, Roger Mallow AC M 07:57.1
123 0:31:50 CAHILL, Breda Midleton AC F35 07:57.4
124 0:32:04 LAWTON, James Ballycotton M 08:00.9
125 0:32:28 MULCAHY, Mary St. Finbarrs AC F45 08:06.9
126 0:32:45 MCMANAMON, Colm Mayo M 08:11.1
127 0:32:46 FITZGERALD, Thomas Farranfore M 08:11.4
128 0:32:52 BARRY, Margaret Midleton AC F50 08:12.9
129 0:33:02 GRIFFIN, Billy Midleton AC M55 08:15.4
130 0:33:05 O'KEEFFE, Mary Midleton AC F40 08:16.1
131 0:33:07 CARROLL, Norman Cork M55 08:16.6
132 0:33:10 LEONARD, Karl Youghal M40 08:17.4
133 0:33:38 DOHERTY, Liam Eagle AC M45 08:24.4
134 0:34:02 SWEENEY, Pat Cork M55 08:30.4
135 0:34:09 HALLAHAN, Olive Leevale AC F40 08:32.1
136 0:34:11 CLIFFORD, Sonia Watergrasshill F 08:32.6
137 0:34:25 BARRETT, Rosemarie Midleton AC F40 08:36.1
138 0:34:32 HEALY, Brian Midleton AC M45 08:37.9
139 0:34:54 AHERN, Deirdre Midleton AC F 08:43.4
140 0:34:56 O'DOHERTY, Veronica Midleton AC F40 08:43.9
141 0:35:03 HEGARTY, Linda Midleton AC F 08:45.6
142 0:35:05 SHERIDAN, Anne-Marie Midleton F 08:46.1
143 0:35:11 TWOMEY, Veronica Lisgoold F 08:47.6
144 0:35:18 GRANFIELD, Lillian Cloyne F 08:49.4
145 0:36:07 MURPHY, Holly Kinsale F 09:01.6
146 0:36:46 LYNCH, Norma Ballinacurra F 09:11.4
147 0:36:47 MURPHY, Harriet Midleton F 09:11.6
148 0:36:49 MCCARTHY, Joan Midleton AC F50 09:12.1
149 0:36:57 KEILTHY, Debbie Rochestown F 09:14.1
150 0:36:58 FITZGERALD, Amy Mallow F 09:14.4
151 0:38:40 STEVENSON, Rachel Cork F 09:39.9
152 0:38:41 HURLEY, Sinead Cork F 09:40.1
153 0:39:48 O'LEARY, Claire Midleton AC F 09:56.9
154 0:39:50 TWOHIG, Teddy Donoughmore AC M 09:57.4
155 0:40:32 O'DRISCOLL, Eleanor Clonakilty F 10:07.9

WHEELCHAIR: FORDE, Jerry Blarney-Inniscarra AC M55 35:43

23rd Annual 4-Mile Road Race

(...with thanks to John Walshe of Ballycotton Running Promotions for these results)
Some old results....Joey Hannon 6 km road race - 17th March 2008
I just came accross the results for this race which took place on St.Patrick's Day in Croom, Co Limerick. I looked for them after the race but they took a while to appear on that website.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Video clips from the 2007 Castlemartyr 4 mile race...
Just a few video clips from last year. The first 2 are very short. The 3rd one shows Gerry Forde starting and the last one, which is the longest, shows the start of the race.

By the way, you'll probably need a fast Internet connection like Broadband to watch these.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Preview of the Castlemartyr 4 mile road race - Thurs 17th Apr (8pm)
This race, the first evening road race on the calendar, always marks for me the start of the Summer. The temperatures might still be a bit on the nippy side but the evenings are really beginning to stretch out.
If you have never done this race before, the thing to remember is that everything is centered around the main crossroads in the middle of the town of Castlemartyr in East Cork. To register, you need to go to the school which is about 50 metres away from this major junction (...marked as an X above). There is a limited amount of parking in the schools grounds.
It's a reasonably fast course so you should expect to get a reasonable time. The start is just North of the crossroads. Once the race begins, they hold the traffic on the main N25 road as we cross this very busy junction and head South towards Ladysbridge. We don't quiet make that village however as we take the first left onto a quiet country road. The running is easy along this section until just after the 2 mile mark when there is a short sharp climb followed by an equally short and sharp decent down to the road junction with the busy N25 road. From here, we run inside the wide hard shoulder all the ways into Castlemartyr.
Just one thing...the finish. You have to remember that it is NOT at the school. You have to go as far as that busy crossroads, take a left and the finish is just there.
This race usually seems to get a big crowd. It's almost like a bit of a tradition at this stage...doing the first evening road race every year. But with an 8pm start, you'll see that they are just able to squeeze it in. By the time the last runners are finishing or you finish your warm down, the light will be rapidly vanishing.
If you want to have a closer look at the course, I have put it up on the MapMyRun website. Just zoom in and out to get your bearings.
Champion Sports Cork City Marathon and Marathon Relay 2008....Part 2 of 12 by Mick Dooley, Cork BHAA

(Mick Dooley of the Cork Business Houses Athletic Association is writing a 12 part series of articles for the Evening Echo. He has very kindly sent them on to me so that I can put them up here on this blog. They are written with the beginner in mind. Part 2 is based on 11 weeks to go, about the 17th of March)

Week 2... Champion Sports Cork City Marathon.

The Marathon Event
Now that many of you have completed the Ballycotton 10, the main focus should now turn to the next main event of the Summer, the Champion Sports Cork City Marathon. If you are one of the lucky ones to have taken part in the 10 mile event, you are on the first step of your marathon training. If not, you should now experience a 10 mile run and continue to build it up slowly over the next 8 to 10 weeks. It is advisable not to increase your total weekly mileage by more10% per week. Your long runs each week should however be increased by 10%. It is important that you keep a diary and log your training efforts each day.

If you are taking part in the marathon for the very first time, it is not advisable to set a finish time as a target. Your main objective for your first marathon should be to finish and enjoy the event as a whole. Regardless of your split times for your 10 mile or half marathon distance, you should not put the added pressure on yourself of setting a finish time. The main objective is to conquer the distance for the first time and then attempt personal bests in subsequent marathons.

Only 10% of all marathon runners break the 3 hour mark for the marathon, this is just below 7 minute miles which seems very achievable for many runners. However, the marathon must be treated with respect and a reasonable and achievable target should be set.
It should be noted that the trained athletes body is designed to run comfortably for 90 to 100 minutes after that time the body needs some specific and fine tune training to overcome and complete the marathon distance.
Much of this training should be long slow distance L.S.D. with the emphasis on the amount of time spent on your legs. This is why it is important we do long mileage. It is important that we also train ourselves to eat and drink while doing our long runs. This means eating small amounts on a regular basis and be able to take drink on board also. The best drink to take is water as that will be freely available in all marathons; it is unwise to take any new sports drinks on race day unless you have used them in training and like wise with fruit or food on race day. The burn up of carbohydrates will lead to a depletion of glycogen stores. A good source of food may be carbohydrate gel sachets washed down with water to avoid stomach cramps and ensure absorption.
Note: all free time must be availed of when training for the marathon, lunch breaks or before or after shift work are fine for a 30 minute run on an easy day.

Champion Sports Cork City Marathon Training Guide
Week 2 of the 12 week training plan (intended for the 17th of March)
Week 2
Mon 40mins easy, Tue Rest, Wed 50mins easy,Thurs rest, Fri 12x2mins fast, Sat Rest/jog, Sun 75mins easy

Week 2
Mon: 45mins easy, Tue: Rest, Wed: 60mins easy, Thurs: 12x1 min fast, Fri: Rest, Sat : 60mins include 30mins fast, Sun: 100mins easy

Serious Runners
Week 2
Mon 45mins easy, Tues Hills 12x1mins, Wed 60mins easy, Thurs 4x5mins fast, Fri rest, Sat : 45mins steady, Sun 2hours easy

Please note you should use a reasonable recovery time between your repetitions.

Regards........Mick Dooley, Cork BHAA 087-9790806 , Cork City Marathon
Kilnaboy Trivia Quiz....
While I was doing a search for photos on the net of the Kilnaboy race, I came accross this famous house. It is located very close to the race route last Sunday (...just after the 1 mile mark, we turned off right. If we had carried on straight, we would have passed this house).

Q. Why is it famous..?? used to be on TV a lot ;o)

Leave a comment and all will be revealed on Friday...
"Tell us John. Oh go on, go on, go on, GO ON!!.............Paudie"
"Ah sure, Ted, I dunno. Give us a clue.............Rich"
"I dont know Ted. Why is it famous? ..........Regards, Dougal"
"Is it the house in father ted.........John Dunphy"
"hi john,wild guess ...Fr Teds {Craggy island] ??.......M"
"Father Ted.....Anonymous"
"We made it up there after the race on Sunday. .........Simon"

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Results of the Kilnaboy 10 mile road race - Sun 13th Apr 2008 (Updated Tues 15th 6pm)
A fine crowd of almost 270 runners turned out for this race, the last in the John Buckley Sports / Munster 10 mile Classic series. Although the skies threatened for a while, it was sunny for most of the race and there was a cool breeze to keep things nice. As promised, the course lived up to it's description of a 'fair but tough challenge'. There were plenty of small little drags but none too serious. Personally, I thought it was a really nice course...maybe not the fastest of the 4 courses in the Classic Series but certainly one of the most scenic. It was such a contrast to the green fields and countryside of the first 3 races. The Kilnaboy route took us through barren fields of stones with the white mountains of the Burren clearly visible to the North.

In fairness, everything as far as I could see seem to run very smoothly...parking, registration, stewarding, etc. Despite the fact that they had nearly 300 runners, it still had that 'local small race' feel to it which was nice. It was pretty obvious that the members of Kilnaboy AC had everything covered and put a lot of work into this race. Well done...

John Buckley Sports....
And seeing as how the series has now concluded, it is only right to commend John Buckley Sports for sponsoring the overall Munster 10 mile Classic series. It has really given new life to these long races. And what about the T-Shirt for completing the series...Red and White...nice Cork colours!! ;o)

Additional info about the 10 mile Spring Classic Series and the Kilnaboy Race...(Updated Mon 14th 10pm)
Regarding the Series, it commenced in 2003. Prior to that, Kilnaboy would have had around 100-120 runners (129 finishers in 2002). In 2003, 175 finished and the following years the numbers went as follows: 2004 (242); 2005 (248); 2006 (219); 2007 (261); 2008 (269). (Thanks to John Walshe for this info)

T-Shirts for completing the Series...(Updated Mon 14th 10pm)
101 runners completed the 4 race series......92 people collected their t-shirts in the hall....the remaining 9 will be available next Friday night week. ie. April 25th at the Mallow 5 mile or by contacting Gerry McCarthy ( 021-7333004 ) ...they will be available in John Buckley Sports shop after the Mallow race. (Thanks to John Holland of Mallow AC for this info)

Results... (Updated Tues 15th 6pm)
The full results are now available. Here they are...

(By the way, the last number is your race number. If you have a low number, that was your position in the series coming into the last race. I included it so that you can see how you got on compared to others)

24th Annual Michael (Sonny) Murphy Memorial KILNABOY '10' Sunday 13 April 2008. 2:00pm

Place Time Name Team Race Age Category min/mile Place
1 0:51:08 POWER, Seamus Kilmurry-Ibrickane NC AC M 05:06.7 243
2 0:53:21 ZAKIS, Raivis West Waterford AC M 05:20.0 1
3 0:54:22 BYRNE, John Mayo AC M 05:26.1 328
4 0:54:45 O'CALLAGHAN, Donal Riocht AC M 05:28.4 2
5 0:55:30 DOODY, Martin Limerick AC M 05:32.9 4
6 1:56:30 MCKENNA, Eoin Riocht AC M 11:38.8 331
7 0:56:43 LIDDANE, James Tulla AC M 05:40.2 364
8 0:57:36 DEVANNY, Anthony Mayo AC M 05:45.5 329
9 0:58:02 GLAVEY, Tiimy Mayo AC M 05:48.1 196
10 0:58:26 WILMOT, Kevin Bandon AC M 05:50.5 239
11 0:58:54 KEARNS, Demot West Limerick AC M 05:53.3 227
12 0:59:21 VEREKER, Eddie West Limerick AC M 05:56.0 190
13 0:59:22 O'REGAN, Noel Midleton AC M40 05:56.1 12
14 1:00:13 FORTUNE, Bernard Sliabh Buidhe Rovers AC M 06:01.2 10
15 1:00:15 LINEHAN, Adrian Duhallow AC M 06:01.4 34
16 1:00:29 WALSH, Tom Tulla AC M40 06:02.8 366
17 1:00:36 CUNNINGHAM, Mike Bilboa AC M40 06:03.5 224
18 1:00:45 BLACKBURN, Tom Bilboa AC M40 06:04.4 327
19 1:01:02 MURRAY, Paddy Mayo AC M40 06:06.1 323
20 1:01:08 MURRAY, George East Cork AC M 06:06.7 271
21 1:01:13 DESMOND, John Eagle AC M40 06:07.2 27
22 1:01:23 O'SULLIVAN, Stephen Cork M 06:08.2 255
23 1:01:24 GARRAHY, Thomas Kilmurry-Ibrickane NC AC M 06:08.3 316
24 1:01:38 CANTWELL, Gerard West Waterford AC M50 06:09.7 24
25 1:01:46 SHANAHAN, Tom Riocht AC M45 06:10.5 330
26 1:01:48 HEGARTY, Brian East Cork AC M 06:10.7 180
27 1:02:07 DOOLEY, Enda Galway M 06:12.6 340
28 1:02:44 O'CONAILL, Neil St. Finbarrs AC M40 06:16.3 283
29 1:02:50 WALSH, Joe Ballinacurra M 06:16.9 311
30 1:02:51 O'REGAN, Micheal Eagle AC M 06:17.0 189
31 1:02:57 HEAGNEY, Ambrose Kilnaboy AC M45 06:17.6 332
32 1:03:04 BRODERICK, Donal Midleton AC M40 06:18.3 23
33 1:03:11 BYRNE, Eddie Eagle AC M40 06:19.0 49
34 1:03:14 WHYTE, T.J. Tuam AC M45 06:19.3 360
35 1:03:17 HENNESSY, Terence St. Conans AC M40 06:19.6 246
36 1:03:22 CODY, Tom Midleton AC M50 06:20.1 275
37 1:03:24 DORNEY, Madeline Thurles Crokes AC F 06:20.3 30
38 1:03:25 SHEEHAN, Thomas Bandon AC M40 06:20.4 36
39 1:03:40 CARROLL, Denis Eagle AC M45 06:21.9 29
40 1:03:46 O'SULLIVAN, Johnny Mitchelstown M 06:22.5 50
41 1:04:10 WHITE, Keith St. Johns AC M 06:24.9 319
42 1:04:23 HARVEY, Michael Kilmurry-Ibrickane NC AC M50 06:26.2 294
43 1:04:28 O'MAHONY, John Cork M40 06:26.7 35
44 1:04:39 KENNY, James Kilmurry-Ibrickane NC AC M50 06:27.8 238
45 1:05:01 SOLAN, Michael Tulla AC M40 06:30.0 245
46 1:05:02 MACKEY, Tom Kilmurry-Ibrickane NC AC M50 06:30.1 336
47 1:05:11 AHERNE, Joe Bilboa AC M50 06:31.0 39
48 1:05:23 GUILFOYLE, Tracy Kilnaboy AC F40 06:32.2 44
49 1:05:24 BULMAN, Mark Donoughmore AC M40 06:32.3 53
50 1:05:26 GALVIN, John St. Johns AC M40 06:32.5 252
51 1:05:32 JOYCE, Colin Limerick M 06:33.1 313
52 1:05:51 SULLIVAN, Kevin Tralee M40 06:35.0 291
53 1:05:52 MADDEN, Gary West Limerick AC M 06:35.1 43
54 1:06:01 RUANE, David St. Marys AC M 06:36.0 1001
55 1:06:17 QUINN, Patrick Clarecastle M 06:37.6 296
56 1:06:40 HICKEY, Anne-Marie Raheny Shamrock AC F 06:39.9 209
57 1:07:03 O'SULLIVAN, Sean Midleton AC M 06:42.2 52
58 1:07:11 O'MALLEY, Michael Border Harriers M45 06:43.0 285
59 1:07:17 ASPEL, Brendan Waterford AC M40 06:43.6 47
60 1:07:28 GERAGHTY, Tom Marian AC M 06:44.7 244
61 1:07:30 LENNON, Siobhan Ennis Track Club F35 06:44.9 251
62 1:07:42 O'REILLY, Brian Laragh AC M45 06:46.1 59
63 1:08:01 TATE, Robert Gneeveguilla AC M45 06:48.0 65
64 1:08:09 CLANCY, Martin Kilmurry-Ibrickane NC AC M40 06:48.8 295
65 1:08:16 HENNESSY, Tom Midleton M40 06:49.5 31
66 1:08:26 MURPHY, Joe Eagle AC M50 06:50.5 61
67 1:08:37 MADDEN, Tom Marian AC M55 06:51.6 225
68 1:08:38 DOLLARD, Glenn Pasage West M 06:51.7 181
69 1:08:39 CAHILL , Seamus Eagle AC M45 06:51.8 63
70 1:08:46 SWABY, Brian Waterford AC M 06:52.5 40
71 1:08:49 CAREY, Maria Ennis Track Club F 06:52.8 358
72 1:08:54 COOKE, Brea Waterford AC F35 06:53.3 58
73 1:08:58 O'BRIEN, Tony Ballincollig AC M45 06:53.7 207
74 1:09:04 GRIFFIN, John Carraig na bhFear AC M 06:54.3 229
75 1:09:17 KEARNEY, Oliver Duhallow AC M50 06:55.6 79
76 1:09:21 NOLAN, Michelle Midleton AC F35 06:56.0 69
77 1:09:21 WALSH, Michael Midleton AC M40 06:56.0 55
78 1:09:23 O'MAHONY, Shirley Whitechurch F 06:56.2 66
79 1:09:24 MCCARTHY, Dan Tralee M45 06:56.3 290
80 1:09:43 WALL, Norma West Waterford AC F 06:58.2 206
81 1:09:59 CORRY, Brian Marian AC MJ 06:59.8 261
82 1:10:10 MANUEL, Philip Limerick M 07:00.9 369
83 1:10:18 SWEENEY, Mary St. Finbarrs AC F45 07:01.7 33
84 1:10:21 HAYES, Diarmuid Tower M 07:02.0 288
85 1:10:22 BURNS, Kevin Nenagh Olympic AC M40 07:02.1 351
86 1:10:23 QUINLAN, Fergal Cobh M 07:02.2 84
87 1:10:32 KELLY, Michael St. Johns AC M40 07:03.1 185
88 1:10:33 BIRMINGHAM, Paudie Mallow AC M 07:03.2 57
89 1:10:35 MEEHAN, Ger Tulla AC M45 07:03.4 188
90 1:10:37 BALFREY, Eamonn Limerick M50 07:03.6 233
91 1:10:39 PURCELL, Noel Barefield M 07:03.8 219
92 1:10:40 O'BRIEN, Con Banteer M55 07:03.9 73
93 1:10:42 BURKE, Marion St. Marys AC F35 07:04.1 342
94 1:11:06 FITZPATRICK, Cliona St. Marys AC F 07:06.5 242
95 1:11:13 KELLY, Donal Whitechurch M 07:07.2 80
96 1:11:21 CRAIG, Vincent Laragh AC M50 07:08.0 321
97 1:11:27 MCCARTHY, Maurice Newry M 07:08.6 222
98 1:11:28 MCDONNELL, Edward Mallow AC M 07:08.7 92
99 1:11:59 DUGGAN, Loretto St. Marys AC F35 07:11.8 76
100 1:12:12 GARRAHY, Sue Kilmurry-Ibrickane NC AC F40 07:13.1 315
101 1:12:14 DERVIN, Maura Roscommon F40 07:13.3 258
102 1:12:17 LONG, Simon Rochestown M 07:13.6 102
103 1:12:18 O'MAHONY, Patrick Cork M40 07:13.7 103
104 1:12:19 HURLEY, Douglas Kilnaboy AC M 07:13.8 325
105 1:12:20 DUNFORD, Ann West Waterford AC F40 07:13.9 98
106 1:12:39 WALL, Triona West Waterford AC F 07:15.8 115
107 1:12:59 MURPHY, Peter Waterford AC M 07:17.8 56
108 1:13:14 O'MALLEY, Christy Mayo AC M40 07:19.3 197
109 1:13:16 GYVES, Paddy Mallow AC M60 07:19.5 314
110 1:13:18 GILES, Pat Waterford AC M45 07:19.7 96
111 1:13:18 WALSHE, John East Cork AC M55 07:19.7 88
112 1:13:19 HICKEY, Fiona Youghal AC F 07:19.8 54
113 1:13:25 FINN, Pat Ennis M 07:20.4 257
114 1:13:27 HOLMES, Patrick Dundrum AC M50 07:20.6 194
115 1:13:29 BRADY, John Kilmallock M50 07:20.8 86
116 1:13:30 HAYES, Calvin Bilboa AC M40 07:20.9 74
117 1:13:32 WALSH, Christy St. Finbarrs AC M45 07:21.1 106
118 1:13:39 LANE, Mike West Limerick AC M 07:21.8 310
119 1:13:40 O'BYRNE, Conor Ardrahan M 07:21.9 198
120 1:13:45 GARVEY, Niamh Raheny Shamrock AC F 07:22.4 280
121 1:14:03 LENIHAN, Richard West Limerick AC M55 07:24.2 253
122 1:14:11 MACGILLACEARRA, Niall Sixmilebridge M 07:25.0 355
123 1:14:14 WYLLIE, Alan Glasgow M50 07:25.3 276
124 1:14:18 FOLEY, Aidan Ennis M 07:25.7 216
125 1:14:19 COURELL, Michael Ballina M60 07:25.8 204
126 1:14:24 MURPHY, Patrick Clare River Harriers M 07:26.3 334
127 1:14:25 HANRAHAN, Ita Ennis Track Club F40 07:26.4 303
128 1:14:27 COLLINS, Niall Naas AC M 07:26.6 118
129 1:14:29 MORRISSEY, John Donoughmore AC M 07:26.8 132
130 1:14:44 MCGEORGE, Niall Kilmurry-Ibrickane NC AC M 07:28.3 256
131 1:14:48 WHELAN, Sean Ennis Track Club M55 07:28.7 179
132 1:14:53 BRADY, Pauline Limerick F35 07:29.2 241
133 1:14:56 MORAN, Dermot St. Marys AC M50 07:29.5 354
134 1:15:03 TOOMEY, David Limerick M 07:30.2 215
135 1:15:08 NEVILLE, Martin Mallow AC M 07:30.7 97
136 1:15:10 KEANE, Maire Kilmurry-Ibrickane NC AC F 07:30.9 254
137 1:15:19 COLLINS, Trevor Naas AC M 07:31.8 94
138 1:15:26 CUSACK, Brendan Kilmurry-Ibrickane NC AC M50 07:32.5 359
139 1:15:34 O'CONNOR, Andrew Kilmurry-Ibrickane NC AC M 07:33.3 356
140 1:15:55 FYNES, Nicola Raheny Shamrock AC F 07:35.4 279
141 1:16:02 WALSH, Niamh Youghal AC F 07:36.1 113
142 1:16:08 O'KEEFFE, Mary Youghal AC F45 07:36.7 121
143 1:16:08 FOLEY, Maureen Bilboa AC F35 07:36.7 299
144 1:16:14 QUILLIGAN, Kevin Mallow AC M50 07:37.3 217
145 1:16:19 HENDERSON, Pat Limerick M45 07:37.8 193
146 1:16:30 WALSH, John Ennis M 07:38.9 213
147 1:16:45 CURTIS, Peadar Mallow AC M50 07:40.4 122
148 1:16:48 MCCARTHY, Danny Midleton AC M55 07:40.7 139
149 1:16:59 CONNOLLY, Vincent Midleton AC M50 07:41.8 117
150 1:17:00 KEARNEY, Batt Leevale AC M50 07:41.9 100
151 1:17:10 MOLONEY, Robert Kilnaboy AC M 07:42.9 289
152 1:17:12 BYRD, Charlie Cork M40 07:43.1 131
153 1:17:26 WILLIAMS, Adrian Midleton AC M45 07:44.5 273
154 1:17:34 GUILFOYLE, Frances Kilnaboy AC F40 07:45.3 228
155 1:17:39 POWER, Aisling Ennis Track Club F35 07:45.8 304
156 1:17:40 CARTY, Denis Clarecastle M 07:45.9 232
157 1:17:42 LAHIVE, Fintan Kilnaboy AC M 07:46.1 326
158 1:17:53 SZABC, Miklos Hungary M 07:47.2 203
159 1:17:57 BRERETON, Dermot Rhode M 07:47.6 138
160 1:17:58 LEDDIN, Brian Limerick M 07:47.7 111
161 1:17:59 DALY, Richard Limerick M 07:47.8 368
162 1:18:00 KELLY, John Limerick M40 07:47.9 284
163 1:18:15 BEIRNE, Barry Loughrea AC M 07:49.4 214
164 1:18:22 LISTON, Blaithin Banogue F 07:50.1 337
165 1:18:23 KING, Gerard Ardacrusha MJ 07:50.2 308
166 1:18:28 WHELAN, Phillip Dublin M 07:50.7 317
167 1:18:30 HYNES, Ray Limerick M 07:50.9 250
168 1:18:31 CARROLL, Michael Tulla AC M60 07:51.0 125
169 1:18:42 COONEY, Tony Ballincollig AC M50 07:52.1 146
170 1:18:49 HEALY, Ailbhe West Limerick AC F 07:52.8 104
171 1:19:01 RYAN, Margaret Kilnaboy AC F 07:54.0 202
172 1:19:19 SHANNON, Joe Kilmurry-Ibrickane NC AC M 07:55.8 230
173 1:19:23 HOOPER, Aileen Raheny Shamrock AC F 07:56.2 281
174 1:19:24 STAUNTON, Elizabeth Limerick F40 07:56.3 259
175 1:19:39 WHELAN, Enda Sligo AC M55 07:57.8 218
176 1:19:41 DUNPHY, John Rising Sun AC M 07:58.0 195
177 1:19:48 KELLY, Jason Whitechurch M 07:58.7 110
178 1:19:49 HAYES, Pat Killaloe M40 07:58.8 186
179 1:19:54 FITZGERALD, Brian Ennis M 07:59.3 282
180 1:20:04 TWOHIG, Monica Eagle AC F40 08:00.3 130
181 1:20:06 POWER, Rodney Cork M 08:00.5 162
182 1:20:12 O'LOUGHLIN, Marian Ennis Track Club F45 08:01.1 357
183 1:20:29 FALSEY, Maura Kilmurry-Ibrickane NC AC F45 08:02.8 240
184 1:20:32 SHEEHAN, John Clare River Harriers M45 08:03.1 335
185 1:20:48 DONNELLAN, Frank Olympic Harriers M 08:04.7 365
186 1:20:54 KELLY, Bernie Galway City Harriers F45 08:05.3 127
187 1:21:21 GRIFFIN, Susan Ennis Track Club F 08:08.0 347
188 1:21:23 ENRIGHT, Jason Limerick M 08:08.2 210
189 1:21:28 LYNCH, Peter Ennis Track Club M 08:08.7 306
190 1:21:29 LEDDIN, Morgan Limerick M 08:08.8 155
191 1:21:30 FITZGERALD, Eamonn Limerick M45 08:08.9 322
192 1:21:36 MINOGUE, Paschal Limerick M45 08:09.5 353
193 1:21:49 DEVEREUX, Dominic Limerick M45 08:10.8 300
194 1:21:50 MCLOUGHLIN, Niall Galway M45 08:10.9 220
195 1:22:03 O'DEA, Kevin Clare River Harriers M 08:12.2 170
196 1:22:34 O'CONNOR, Matt Kilnaboy AC M50 08:15.3 344
197 1:22:53 KITT, Brian Clare River Harriers M55 08:17.2 235
198 1:22:57 COOKE, Mandy Donoughmore F 08:17.6 157
199 1:23:07 SHINNERS, Philip Limerick M45 08:18.6 187
200 1:23:27 CAHILL, Joe Kilnaboy AC M40 08:20.6 182
201 1:23:27 O'BRIEN, Michael Kells M40 08:20.6 367
202 1:23:32 BYRNE, Sheila Eagle AC F40 08:21.1 302
203 1:23:48 FITZGERALD, Olivia Gneeveguilla AC F 08:22.7 208
204 1:23:55 KENNEDY, Brendan Tullamore Harriers M45 08:23.4 137
205 1:24:09 MCKEOWN, Mary Limerick F35 08:24.8 226
206 1:24:35 MOONEY, Aidan Bilboa AC M45 08:27.4 165
207 1:24:42 HOLMES, Melanie Quinn F 08:28.1 247
208 1:24:46 CULIMORE, Noelle Wxford F 08:28.5 298
209 1:24:47 DORAN, Pat Meelick M60 08:28.6 142
210 1:24:52 UNKNOWN, NDB 08:29.1 1004
211 1:24:59 O'SULLIVAN, Sean Fergus AC M40 08:29.8 343
212 1:24:59 GLEESON, Joe Ennis M 08:29.8 192
213 1:25:12 FITZSIMONS, Andy Kilkishen M 08:31.1 191
214 1:25:54 GILL, Barbara Ennis Track Club F 08:35.3 305
215 1:26:36 MULCAHY, Mary St. Finbarrs AC F45 08:39.5 153
216 1:26:39 SHEEHAN, Michael Limerick M50 08:39.8 166
217 1:26:42 HENCHCHY, David Newmarket-on-Fergus M 08:40.1 345
218 1:26:46 NAGLE, Dan Mallow AC M60 08:40.5 333
219 1:26:55 MCCARTHY, Donal Bandon M 08:41.4 129
220 1:27:24 JOYCE, Bebhinn Limerick F 08:44.3 338
221 1:27:49 O'LOONEY, Mary Kilferona F 08:46.8 293
222 1:27:51 VAN ROOYN, Corrie Kilmaley M45 08:47.0 277
223 1:28:01 BARRY, Margaret Midleton AC F45 08:48.0 161
224 1:28:15 DONNELLY, Jim Ballyhaunis M55 08:49.4 363
225 1:28:18 LOVETT, Alan Limerick M55 08:49.7 318
226 1:28:22 O'CALLAGHAN, Grainne Millstreet AC F 08:50.1 292
227 1:28:37 RYAN, Catherine Limerick F40 08:51.6 143
228 1:28:37 BEAUSANG, Margaret Midleton AC F45 08:51.6 160
229 1:28:53 O'RIORDAN, Fiona Eagle AC F35 08:53.2 301
230 1:28:54 HOEY, Maeve Barefield F35 08:53.3 249
231 1:29:22 BARRON, Bernadette West Limerick AC F45 08:56.1 184
232 1:29:35 CASHIN, Aidan Roscommon AC M60 08:57.4 260
233 1:29:40 KING, Susan Ardnacrusha F40 08:57.9 164
234 1:30:36 MOLONEY, Ann Youghal AC F40 09:03.5 171
235 1:30:38 FLAHERTY, John Clare River Harriers M 09:03.7 236
236 1:30:39 O'CONNELL, Mary Gneeveguilla AC F35 09:03.8 272
237 1:30:40 FLYNN, Nora Gneeveguilla AC F40 09:03.9 172
238 1:31:00 NOESKE, Wolfhard Mountshannon M55 09:05.9 286
239 1:31:27 O'REILLY, Carol Quinn F 09:08.6 248
240 1:32:22 CONNAUEDTON, Eamon Ennis M40 09:14.1 361
241 1:32:57 KING, Marcus Warfield M 09:17.6 341
242 1:35:11 VAN ROOYEN, Sandra Kilmaley F40 09:30.9 278
243 1:35:15 KENNEDY, Damien Limerick M 09:31.3 159
244 1:35:27 CLEARY, Pauline Limerick F45 09:32.5 234
245 1:35:34 BURNS, Sarah Nenagh Olympic AC F40 09:33.2 352
246 1:36:22 MURPHY, Angela Ballincollig F45 09:38.0 183
247 1:36:59 MCCARTHY, Joan Midleton AC F45 09:41.7 274
248 1:37:45 BREEN, Elva Galway F 09:46.3 339
249 1:37:46 HAND, Catherine West Limerick AC F45 09:46.4 200
250 1:37:46 HAND, David West Limerick AC M45 09:46.4 199
251 1:37:49 RYAN, John Silvermines M40 09:46.7 346
252 1:38:06 LEDDIN, Greg Limerick M 09:48.4 173
253 1:38:19 AHERNE, Kathleen Cappamore F45 09:49.7 297
254 1:39:51 SWABY, Tara St Senans AC F 09:58.9 175
255 1:40:28 O'REGAN, Patrick Charleville M60 10:02.6 223
256 1:41:15 NOESKE, Rita Mountshannon F45 10:07.3 287
257 1:41:50 FLYNN, Paula Kilnaboy AC F35 10:10.8 201
258 1:42:07 LOVETT, Conor Limerick AC M40 10:12.5 205
259 1:45:00 BUCKLEY, Gerard Limerick M55 10:29.8 309
260 1:46:00 CONWAY, Ciara Ennis Track Club F 10:35.8 262
261 1:47:00 FITZGIBBON, Sheila Tower F40 10:41.8 176
262 1:48:00 CONNELLAN, Noel Lisdoonvarna M 10:47.8 1005
263 1:49:59 COLLINS, Paul Naas AC M 10:59.7 312
264 1:50:57 CUNNINGHAM, Lorraine Limerick F 11:05.5 320
265 1:54:04 ENRIGHT, Cathy Limerick F45 11:24.2 211
266 2:02:51 COLLINS, John Limerick AC M60 12:16.9 212
267 2:10:35 TOHER, Mary Midleton AC F45 13:03.3 178
268 2:30:00 MURPHY, Tim Kilnaboy AC M 14:59.8 307
269 2:32:00 ROCHE, Mary Kilnaboy AC F45 15:11.8 349
270 2:32:00 ROCHE, Sean Kilnaboy AC M50 15:11.8 348

Organised by Kilnaboy Athletics Club

(...with thanks to John Walshe of Ballycotton Running Promotions for providing the results)

Kilnaboy 'Park & Stride'

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"That was 40 miles of hardship! Great race yesterday. It was nice to get a good dose of sunshine on the day .. it was a far cry from the icy wind and rain in Mallow early in the New Year. p.s. the t-shirt has the Munster colours, not the Cork colours!! ;o) ...........Brian Ledden"

"Hi John,Great race yesterday. I really enjoyed the course. Certainly very different to the rest of the courses we do. Just a quick question. I did all four races but didn't get one of the red t-shirts yesterday because I didn't hear anything about it there. Can I pick one up in John Buckley's instead ? Thanks.................Simon"

"Hi Simon. They were giving out the Series T-Shirts in the hall just before the prizegiving. I'm sure there must be others who mave have missed out as well. I know yesterday, one of the guys from Mallow AC was looking after giving them out. I'll find out where you can get them and post the answer here so people will know what to do.....John Desmond"

"Hi John. Many thanks for all the promotion of the Kilnaboy 10 and all your help with the web page. On the race, we were delighted with the support from all the athletes and thanks to John Buckley for sponsoring the series and the other race organisers in Mallow, Dungarvan and Ballycotton. Special thanks to John Walshe for all the time doing entries and results on the day. He's some man to come and sit there for three hours and then get up and run with no warm up and then straight on the computer doing results. Thanks John. We tried something different yesterday by doing the walk in reverse to what we had been doing in the hope that it would make it easier on the athletes coming to the finish. In previous years, they had to pass all the walkers over the last two miles. From the feed back, it didn't work, causing traffic problems when they met between the six and eight miles. Would be intertested on any comments. Also, was signage ok for getting to Kilnaboy?? Finally, sincere thanks to everyone who helped out at the race and we hope to see all again next year for our twenty fifth anniversary which is on the second Sunday in April and it happens to be Easter Sunday. Hopefully, ye all enjoyed the day in Kilnaboy................ regards, Vincent Mc Carthy, Kilnaboy AC "

"Hi John,I took the following photos at the race yesterday if anyone is interested in taking a peek.
..........Regards, Simon Long "

"Info about the 9 outstanding Series T-shirts is shown in the main post above....John Desmond"

"Great Value..Nice scenery when able to enjoy it ?? Very tough 10 mile. My time was slower than hoped for by 2min..Found earlier slight pulls in early miles took it out of my legs so I slowed a lot from 7 miles. Hope it will stand to me for the Cork Marathon??.........M "

"Someone left a pair of Blue Asics shoes in Kilnaboy on Sunday. If anyone knows who owns them, let me know and I will have them sent on.....Vincent McCarthy, Kilnaboy AC"

"Hi John. Tks for great info, results..Any chance of overall results after4 races?? Thanks....M"

"I'm waiting to get the overall results. As soon as I get them, I'll put them up on a website and link to them........John Desmond"