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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Champion Sports Cork City Marathon and Marathon Relay 2008....Part 4 of 12 by Mick Dooley, Cork BHAA

(Mick Dooley of the Cork Business Houses Athletic Association is writing a 12 part series of articles for the Evening Echo. He has very kindly sent them on to me so that I can put them up here on this blog. They are written with the beginner in mind. Part 4 is based on 9 weeks to go, about the 31st of March)

Champion Sports Cork City Marathon - Nutrition guide to marathon preparation
Now that most of you have taken some sort of training plan for the marathon you must make sure that you take care of that body of yours. As a result of marathon training it is often the case that before we know it we have increased our weekly mileage by much more than the body was used to during regular exercise. This of course puts the body under much more stress and strain, this is all the more reason we should increase our food intake. The food we eat is the fuel we need to run our bodies. Carbohydrates are the source of the body s fuel energy so it is essential you increase your carbohydrate intake when training for a marathon or half marathon

You should have something substantial to eat in advance of your long run a fruit scone or some bananas and also try to take a small amount on board while on the run. After training eat a snack that includes carbohydrate and some protein which will help to repair damaged tissue as a result of a tough training session. You should not let your training affect your regular meal times
The same applies to getting proper rest and sleep a good sleeping pattern is important. Eight hours a night is vital for anyone that is active and this should increase up to twelve hours per day for individuals involved with intensive training marathon or long distance running

Food Supplements
It is not recommended to take any food supplements however many athletes use a short course of glucosamine tablets which help to keep the joints oiled up. Cod liver oil tablets are also recommended for healthy bones and good joints.

Healthy eating tips
Start the day with a good healthy breakfast
Eat a wide variety of food plenty of fruit and a selection of vegetables
Avoid fizzy drinks and sugary foods
Keep plenty of fruits and nuts close at hand for snacking
Enjoy your food

Champion Sports Cork City Marathon Training Guide
Week 4 of the 12 Week training plan (...intended for the 31st of March)

Week 4
Mon, 30mins easy, Tue, rest, Wed 60mins easy, Thurs 20mins jog, Fri, 45mins easy, Sat rest,
Sun.10km race or 60mins easy

Week 4
Mon 50mins easy, Tues rest/jog, Wed 75mins steady, Thurs 6x3mins fast, Fri rest, Sat 40mins easy,
Sun half marathon distance

Serious Runners
Week 4
Mon 45mins easy, Tues warm ups 16x1mins warm downs, Wed 75mins steady, Thurs 6x5mins fast,
Fri rest/jog, Sat warm ups 10mins fast x2 warm downs, Sun half marathon distance

Please note you should use a reasonable recovery time between your repetitions.
Regards........Mick Dooley, Cork BHAA 087-9790806 , Cork City Marathon

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