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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Results of the Heart of Allihies 5 mile race - Sat 21st Sept 2019

Wind and rain did not deter the 86 competitors who braved the elements this afternoon and there was a real Beara flavour to the winners podium, with Andrew 'Butcher' O'Sullivan of Castletownbere and Dee O'Sullivan of Beara A.C. taking first spots for mens and ladies with times of 32:17 and 36:46 respectively.

The race is the first of a three race series that Beara A.C. are putting together with local groups in Allihies, Bere Island and Eyeries. The next race in the 5 mile series goes to Bere Island three weeks time, Saturday 12th October, starting at 2:30pm.

1 0:32:17 O'SULLIVAN, Andrew Castletownbere 06:27.3    41    1
2 0:33:43 GLEESON, Kevin Castletownbere 06:44.5 78    2
3 0:34:09 O'SULLIVAN, Darragh  Cork 06:49.7  42    3
4 0:34:52 KELLY, Norman Eagle A.C. M40 06:58.3 88 4
5 0:34:53 SMITH, Raymond Kenmare A.C. M50 06:58.5 17 5
6    0:35:18    GEDEN, Matthew    Kinsale    M50    07:03.4    54    6
7    0:35:34    HANLEY, Aaron    Bere Island        07:06.6    84    7
8    0:35:44    MURPHY, Conor    Beara A.C.    M40    07:08.6    101    8
9    0:36:15    MURPHY, Ben    Bere Island    M40    07:14.8    68    9
10    0:36:28    LIMRICK, Liam    Rosscarbery Steam Runners A.C.    M40    07:17.4    98    10
11    0:36:46    O SULLIVAN, Dee    Beara A.C.    F40    07:21.0    13    11
12    0:37:04    O SULLIVAN, Colm    Clonakilty Road Runners A.C.    M50    07:24.6    81    12
13    0:37:34    COLEMAN, Michael    Bantry A.C.    M40    07:30.6    50    13
14    0:38:00    O CONNOR, Rory    Allihies        07:35.8    59    14
15    0:38:07    MURPHY, Nina    Beara A.C.        07:37.2    89    15
16    0:38:19    HAYES, Willy    St.Finbarr's A.C.    M60    07:39.6    90    16
17    0:38:30    DUNPHY, John    Eagle A.C.    M50    07:41.8    71    17
18    0:38:52    O SULLIVAN, Aine    Allihies        07:46.2    45    18
19    0:39:16    ANDERSON, Helen    Clonakilty Road Runners A.C.    F40    07:51.0    43    19
20    0:39:51    KELLY, Sean    Ballincollig    MJ    07:58.0    95    20
21    0:40:02    O SHEA, Claire    Coulagh        08:00.2    73    21
22    0:40:41    FENTON, Dave    Castletownbere        08:08.0    33    22
23    0:40:43    WILSON, Michael    Drimoleague    M40    08:08.4    12    23
24    0:40:53    DUFETEL, Jocelyn    Beara A.C.    M40    08:10.4    5    24
25    0:41:06    HURLEY, Maria    Bantry A.C.    F50    08:13.0    80    25
26    0:41:15    O SULLIVAN, Breeda    Beara A.C.    F50    08:14.8    74    26
27    0:41:23    HARRINGTON, Anthony    Clonakilty Road Runners A.C.    M40    08:16.4    44    27
28    0:42:26    LEVIS, Sharon    Skibbereen A.C.        08:29.0    47    28
29    0:43:12    COLLINS, Genevieve    Castletownbere        08:38.2    32    29
30    0:43:20    COFFEE, Maria    COBH        08:39.8    38    30
31    0:43:36    MURPHY, Joe    Eagle A.C.    M60    08:43.0    56    31
32    0:43:37    HURLEY, Patrick J    Army A C    M50    08:43.2    53    32
33    0:43:41    O DRISCOLL, David    Beara A.C.    M50    08:44.0    10    33
34    0:44:03    O HANLON, Will    COBH    M50    08:48.4    37    34
35    0:44:12    O SULLIVAN, Padraig    Bantry A.C.    M50    08:50.2    92    35
36    0:44:23    O CONNOR, Orla    Allihies        08:52.4    60    36
37    0:44:26    O SHEA, John    Beara A.C.    M40    08:53.0    69    37
38    0:44:27    HENSEL, Alfred    Kenmare A.C.    M60    08:53.2    85    38
39    0:44:29    WALSH, John    Road Runner Club    M60    08:53.6    55    39
40    0:44:59    HURLEY, Carol    Beara A.C.    F40    08:59.6    3    40
41    0:45:00    O SHEA, Helen    Coulagh        08:59.8    40    41
42    0:45:02    HARRINGTON, Claire    Coulagh        09:00.2    39    42
43    0:45:03    O SULLIVAN, Suzanne    Beara A.C.        09:00.4    4    43
44    0:45:04    HARRINGTON, Angela    Beara A.C.    F50    09:00.6    9    44
45    0:45:09    O NEILL, Mags    Beara A.C.    F40    09:01.6    21    45
46    0:45:14    DOWNEY, Lorraine    Beara A.C.    F40    09:02.6    19    46
47    0:46:05    COLLINS, Laura    Castletownbere        09:12.8    87    47
48    0:46:34    HUIS IN 'T VELD, Elsie    Bere Island        09:18.6    63    48
49    0:46:47    FALVEY, Mary    Templenoe    F50    09:21.2    28    49
50    0:47:34    O SULLIVAN, Aoife    Clonakilty Road Runners A.C.    FJ    09:30.6    82    50
51    0:48:06    O SULLIVAN, Fiona    Beara A.C.    F40    09:37.0    2    51
52    0:48:14    ROSALES HARRINGTON, Sinead    Beara A.C.    F40    09:38.6    25    52
53    0:48:33    YOUNG, Gavin    Ballincollig    MJ    09:42.4    22    53
54    0:48:52    YOUNG, Paul    Ballincollig    M40    09:46.2    23    54
55    0:49:02    HURLEY, Diarmuid    Bantry A.C.    M60    09:48.2    79    55
56    0:49:34    O SULLIVAN, Brigid    Tuosist        09:54.6    29    56
57    0:49:37    NI CHARRA, Una    Eyeries    F50    09:55.2    48    57
58    0:49:46    DWYER, Mags    Urhan    F40    09:57.0    91    58
59    0:50:40    SOUNDY, Mary    Kenmare A.C.    F60    10:07.8    86    59
60    0:51:11    O SULLIVAN, Brian    Eyeries    M50    10:14.0    49    60
61    0:51:32    SHEEHAN, Rachel    Allihies        10:18.2    52    61
62    0:51:34    O SULLIVAN, Breeda    Beara A.C.    F50    10:18.6    7    62
63    0:51:53    DENNISON, Jacinta    Beara A.C.    F50    10:22.4    34    63
64    0:52:27    HARRINGTON, Derek    Bere Island        10:29.2    51    64
65    0:52:58    KELLY, Eimear    Blessington    F40    10:35.4    94    65
66    0:53:07    CROWLEY, Finola    Beara A.C.    F60+    10:37.2    31    66
67    0:53:17    O SULLIVAN, Geraldine    Beara A.C.    F40    10:39.2    58    67
68    0:53:18    O SULLIVAN, Ciaran    Beara A.C.    M40    10:39.4    8    68
69    0:53:19    UI SHUILLEABHAIN, Rose    Bantry A.C.    F50    10:39.6    93    69
70    0:55:35    HARRINGTON, Anne Marie    Beara A.C.    F40    11:06.8    20    70
71    0:57:07    O SULLIVAN, Ber    Clonakilty Road Runners A.C.    F50    11:25.2    83    71
72    0:58:43    ELPHICK, Claire    Beara A.C.    F40    11:44.4    27    72
73    1:03:01    O SULLIVAN, Colleen    Ahabrock    F40    12:36.0    24    73
74    1:05:58    O DRISCOLL, Caroline    Castletownbere    F40    13:11.4    72    74
75    1:05:59    MCCARTHY, Grace    Castletownbere    F40    13:11.6    35    75
76    1:08:49    FORDE, Noel    Castletownbere    M50    13:45.5    36    76
77    1:12:56    SHEEHAN, Sheila    Allihies    F50    14:34.9    64    77
78    1:12:57    O BRIEN, Patsy    Allihies    F60    14:35.1    65    78
79    1:13:11    HARRINGTON, Ina    Castletownbere    F40    14:37.9    97    79
80    1:16:45    SHEEHAN, Tara    Kilmaly AC        15:20.7    76    80
81    1:18:49    O NEILL, Noreen    Castletownbere    F50    15:45.5    14    81
82    1:23:47    O CONNOR, Sheila    Allihies    F60    16:45.1    61    82
83    1:24:51    MORTIMER, Andrea    Allihies    F60    16:57.9    66    83
84    1:24:52    FORDE, Jerry    Blarney    M60    16:58.1    96    84
85    1:32:35    SHEEHAN, Annie    Cork        18:30.7    77    85
86    1:32:45    TERRY, Deirdre    Allihies        18:32.7    70    86

Results & Photos of the Ballincollig 5k parkrun - Sat 21st Sept 2019

Just over 300 people turned out for this weeks 5k parkrun in Ballincollig Regional Park on Sat 21st Sept 2019.

1 Joe BOSONNET 17:41 JM15-17 M1 Sanctuary Runners
2 Trevor WOODS 18:00 VM45-49 M2 Cork Triathlon Club
3 Paul KEARNEY 18:29 VM35-39 M3 Aghada Running Club
29 Mairead PEREZ    21:27 VW45-49    F1   
61 Carrie DESMOND    23:20  VW35-39    F2
69 Regina COMBER 23:54 SW30-34 F3 Leevale AC

Full results

1) Colette Ryan has a gallery HERE

Results & Photos of the Glen River 5k parkrun - Sat 21st Sept 2019

68 turned out for this weeks 5k parkrun in the Glen in Cork City on what might be described as a soft morning.

1 Don KEOHANE    18:58    VM50-54    M1 Eagle A.C.
2 Arlen AHERNE    19:57    SM30-34    M2
4 Brian LINEHAN    20:42    VM55-59    M3
3 Franziska SKOGSHOLM    20:07    SW20-24    F1
23 Niamh SHEEHAN    25:59    SW30-34    F2 Togher AC
25 Ursula KILKELLY    26:23    VW45-49    F3

Full results

1) The organisers have a gallery of photos HERE

Mallow Town 5k parkrun gets a new defibrillator!

The Mallow Town 5k parkrun was presented with a new AED (Automated External Defibrillator) this morning. This is part of a project to make sure that every parkrun event in the country has one.

This free 5k parkrun is held in Mallow Town Park every Saturday morning at 9:30pm. It's suitable for runners, joggers and walkers.

(Photo: Steve Murphy)

Friday, September 20, 2019

Notice : Heart of Allihies 5 mile run – Sat 21st September 2019

This 5 mile road race on the Wild Atlantic Way is coming up in the village of Allihies on the Beara Peninsula on Saturday the 21st of September 2019. In terms of location, it must be one of the most scenic spots in the county.

The race starts at 2:30pm and it costs €12 on the day.

You can also pre-enter online for €10.60 by going to this LINK

Beara Race Series....... The Allihies race is also part of a new Beara AC 5 mile road race series as shown below.

The Allihies is the first of three races in the series with a race in September, October and November.

There is a special commemorative medal for anyone completing all three races...

The race series website is


More on the Allihies race below...

The village of Allihies with its multi-coloured houses is located in one of the most scenic parts of the country and for anyone traveling some distance, this would be an excellent excuse for a weekend away.

This video below gives an idea of what the course is like...

Course preview......You'll find a preview of the course with maps, directions and photos HERE

For more information, go to the dedicated race website...

BBC Podcast on Eamonn Coghlan being the first man over 40 to break the 4 min mile

Back in 1994, Eamonn Coghlan became the first man aged over 40 to run a sub 4 minute mile.

A recent Sporting Witness podcast from the BBC World Service recounted that event.

You can hear it here...

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Notice: Run in the Dark in Cork City - Wed 13th Nov 2019

Following the success of last years Run in the Dark charity events, they will be repeated again this year in various cities like Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway. The date is Wednesday the 13th of November 2019.

From the organisers... Run in the Dark Cork – Join us for a 5k or 10k run on Wednesday 13th November 2019
Run in the Dark Cork takes place on Wednesday the 13th of November at 9.00pm. Every November, as darkness sweeps the globe, thousands of people in 50 cities across the world will pull on their running shoes and red flashing armbands and hit the streets to Run in the Dark.
We know there are lots of running events out there, so why choose Run in the Dark?!

Apart from being a unique night run taking place in iconic locations around the world, there’s also an important cause fuelling this fundraising run. Run in the Dark is a global running movement helping to cure paralysis in our lifetime.

Run in the Dark is organised by the Mark Pollock Trust, named after blind Irish adventure athlete Mark Pollock. Unbroken by blindness in 1998, Mark Pollock suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury in 2010 when he fell from a second story window that left him paralysed. As Mark strives to walk again, his most complex journey is ahead of him – to find a cure for paralysis.

By taking part in Run in the Dark you are enabling ground-breaking collaborations and research which could change the lives of millions of paralysed people around the world.

Every donation, every step, every study, moves us towards a cure for paralysis and enabling people to walk again.

Sign up HERE

The Cork event last year attracted a huge number of runners and it looks likely that a similar number will want to take part in this unique event around the streets of the city at night this year as well.

More details can be found on the Run in the Dark website.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Results of the Ringaskiddy Lower Harbour NS 10k - Sun 15th Sept 2019

This low key 10k race in Ringaskiddy attracted a field of just 35 runners. It had chip timing as well which seems crazy for so few runners.

1 Cronelius Marshall M50    0:36:22    0:36:23   
2 Kevin Corbett Sen M    0:40:08    0:40:10   
3 Jp O Shea M35    0:41:49    0:41:51
4 Nollaigh O Neill     F40    0:42:10    0:42:11   
7 Linda Oconnor         F40    0:44:21    0:44:23   
11 Siobhan Holland    F40    0:45:23    0:45:26     


Monday, September 16, 2019

Approval given for running track in Carrigaline

At a Cork County Council meeting on Monday (15th of September 2019), a Green light was given to construct a running track near the Community Centre in Carrigaline.

The location is shown in the map above and as can be seen, it should be roughly 430 metres in length.

The plan is for the path to be 1.2 metres in width and it will have a special surface that is softer than tarmac or concrete but will be tough and resistant to wear and tear.

The project is expected to be put out to tender soon.

The initial plan does not include public lighting but it is hoped to add this at a later stage.

Possible junior parkrun??? ... Once the new track is up and running, it does raise the question of whether a weekly 2km junior parkrun would be viable in Carraline? These are for 4 to 14 year olds and are held on Sundays at 9:30am in various locations around the country.

New Defibrillator for the Glen River 5k parkrun

Some good news! The 5k parkrun in the Glen in Cork City now has its very own AED or Automated External Defibrillator.

The photo on the left shows Andrew Burns picking up the unit at the recent parkrun annual conference.

The Glen River 5k parkrun takes place every Saturday morning at 9:30am on the north side of Cork City and it's FREE!

They are always looking for more people to support the event by taking part or by volunteering.

The event website is here...

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Results & Photos of the Charleville Half-Marathon - Sun 15th Sept 2019

Conditions were dry for this years Charleville Half-Marathon in North Cork although with temperatures up around 16 deg C, it did feel pretty humid. 

Top 10 men & women
1 David FLYNN (#3)    Clonliffe harriers    01:03:48 Elite (1)    Male  (1)   
2 Mick CLOHISEY (#1)    Raheny shamrocks    01:04:16 Elite (2)    Male  (2)   
3 Hugh ARMSTRONG (#4)    BALLINA AC    01:04:29 Elite (3)    Male  (3)   
4 Freddy KERON-SITTUK (#6)    Raheny shamrocks    01:08:30 Elite (4)    Male  (4)   
5 Tim O'DONOGHUE (#35)    EAST CORK AC    01:08:31 Elite (5)    Male  (5)   
6 Sean HEHIR (#2)    unattached    01:08:41 Elite (6)    Male  (6)   
7 Colin GRIFFIN (#19)    Ballinamore AC    01:08:52 Elite (7)    Male  (7)   
8 Alan O'BRIEN (#18)    EAGLE AC    01:09:11 Elite (8)    Male  (8)   
9 Cillian O'LEARY (#32)    Raheny Shamrock    01:09:26 Elite (9)    Male  (9)   
10 Michael MCMAHON (#727)        01:09:54 Open (1)    Male  (10)
1 Aoife COOKE (#20)    unattached    01:14:41 26    Elite (1)   
2 Una BRITTON (#24)    Kilcoole AC    01:20:10 73    Elite (2)   
3 Jill HODGINS (#31)    LEEVALE AC    01:22:04 90    Elite (3)   
4 Aislinn NIC DHOMHNAILL (#609)        01:22:22 94    O40 (1)   
5 Alicia HUDELSON (#625)        01:23:32 108    Open (1)   
6 Linda GROGAN (#107)        01:24:28 126    Open (2)   
7 Shona Keane (#732)        01:24:43 137    Open (3)   
8 Katie HICKSON (#243)        01:26:35 164    O40 (2)   
9 Colette TUOHY (#893)        01:27:58 183    O50 (1)   
10 Niamh CRONIN (#561)        01:28:05 185    O40 (3)

Full results

Photos... (Updated Mon 16th Sept 12:20pm)

1) There will be loads of photos going up on the Running in Cork Facebook page.
...a) A few pre-race photos
...b) Start
...c) Finish - Approx 1h 03m to 1h 22m
...d) Finish - Approx 1h 22m to 1h 29m
...e) Finish - Approx 1h 29m to 1h 37m
...f) Finish - Approx 1h 37m to 1h 45m
...g) Finish - Approx 1h 45m to 1h 54m
...h) Finish - Approx 1h 54m to 2h 02m
...i) Finish - Approx 2h 02m to 2h 14m
...j) Finish - Approx 2h 14m to 2h 42m 

2) Derek Costello has 4 galleries below...
...a) Start
...b) finish part 1 of 3
...c) finish part 2 of 3
...d) finish part 3 of 3
3) Kevin O'Connor has a few galleries up on the race Facebook page
...a) Pre-race and start
...b) Finish line photos 1
...c) Finish line photos 2 

Results & Photos of the Waterford Greenway Half-Marathon - Sat 14th Sept 2019

There were a grand total of 635 finishers in this years Waterford Greenway Half-Marathon on what turned out to be a lovely sunny day. Considering its location, there are a lot of runners from Cork in the results.

Top 10...
1 Pat HENNESSY    01:10:20 615    M (1)    MS (1)    West Waterford A.C.
2 Philip HARTY    01:12:47 782    M (2)    M40 (1)    Ferrbank A.C.
3 Raivis ZAKIS    01:13:54 783    M (3)    MS (2)    West Waterford A.C.
4 Adam PORTER    01:14:17 766    M (4)    MS (3)    Waterford A.C.
5 Joe LILLIS    01:14:30 224    M (5)    MS (4)    United Striders A.C.
6 Noel MURPHY    01:16:25 786    M (6)    MS (5)    Waterford A.C.
7 Warren FLAVIN    01:17:11 349    M (7)    M40 (2)   
8 Trevor SWIFT    01:18:06 767    M (8)    M40 (3)    Waterford A.C.
9 Noel EARLY    01:18:11 784    M (9)    MS (6)    St Catherines A.C.
10 David GREENE    01:18:26 636    M (10)    M40 (4)    Grange Fermoy A.C.
49 Liz NYHAN    01:27:58 55    F (1)    F45 (1)    West Waterford A.C.
59 Mags DEMPSEY    01:29:29 732    F (2)    F45 (2)    Tracton A.C.
68 Angela TOBIN    01:31:22 167    F (3)    FS (1)    West Waterford A.C.
69 Deirdre MURPHY    01:31:27 281    F (4)    F45 (3)   
91 Susan MCGRATH    01:33:44 453    F (5)    F50 (1)   
104 Esther MURPHY    01:34:48 311    F (6)    F45 (4)    Midleton A.C.
109 Kelly FITZGERALD    01:36:15 34    F (7)    FS (2)    West Waterford A.C.
112 Mary MOLLOY    01:36:41 720    F (8)    F40 (1)    Carrick-on-Suir A.C.
120 Elaine HORGAN    01:37:51 699    F (9)    F40 (2)    Clonmel A.C.
128 Ciara BURKE    01:38:25 617    F (10)    FS (3)    West Waterford A.C.

Full results

Photos ...
1) There are 3 galleries up on the Running in Munster Facebook page
...a) Album 1 
...b) Album 2
...c) Album 3

2) West Waterford AC have three galleries...
...a) Pre-race, Early stages & Faster finishers
...b) Finish 1
...c) Finish 2

3) DC Images has an album HERE

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Results & Photos of the Glen River 5k parkrun - Sat 14th Sept 2019

There was a reasonable turn out of 70 for this weeks 5k parkrun in the Glen on what was a lovely sunny morning.

1 Joe FITZGERALD    19:06    SM30-34  M1    Sutton Runners
2 Shane CROWE    19:19    SM20-24  M2
4 Fergal BRENNAN    20:37    VM40-44  M3
3 Franziska SKOGSHOLM    20:28    SW20-24 F1 
16 Aoife O'NEILL    25:24    SW30-34   F2 
18 Olive MCCARTHY    25:59    VW45-49  F3 Togher AC
Full Results

1) The organisers have a gallery HERE

50th 5k parkrun for Mick Dooley

Friday, September 13, 2019

Notice : MMRA Glen of Aherlow Trail Half-Marathon, Marathon & Ultra - Sat 21st Sept 2019

This years MMRA Glen of Aherlow Trail Half-Marathon is coming up on Saturday the 21st of September 2019 at 12 noon. There is also a 26.2 mile marathon (10am) and 39.3 mile Ultra (8am) option.

The course is a 13.1 mile loop with marathon and ultra runners doing it two and three times respectively.

Entries close at 11pm on Sat 14th Sept. Entry includes a dry fit top.

More info here...

Weather Forecast for the Waterford Greenway & Charleville Half-Marathon

There are two big half-marathons coming up in Munster over the weekend. On Saturday the 14th of September, there is the Waterford Greenway Half-Marathon and on Sunday the 15th, there is the Charleville Half.

This is the forecast for the weekend...

Saturday 14th Sept - Waterford... Essentially, high pressure is dominating the weather and it's likely to be sunny and dry. The temperature should be in the low teens with light winds. It's pretty much ideal for the race from Kilmacthomas to Dungarvan.

Sunday 15th Sept - Charleville... There is some uncertainty about the weather on Sunday.

The forecast is for a weather front to cross the country on Sunday and the time of its exact arrival may determine if there is rain in Charleville or not. As you can see from the prediction above, it's shows the rain to the north. It it arrives earlier then rain is more likely. If it arrives later then it should be dry.

From 48 hours out, any prediction is only a guess. The forecast should be more exact on Saturday.

Regardless of whether it's raining or not, the temperate should be in the mid teens. There will be a modest westerly breeze which will be a headwind for the second half of the Charleville Half.

Update Sun 6am : It now looks as if the rain will be well to the north on Sunday. Forecast is for overcast and dry conditions.15 deg C. Light westerly wind. Behind the runners int he first half and a headwind in the second half.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

New walkway at Dunkettle Interchange promises to open up new routes

Much has been written in the local press recently about the new proposed Dunkettle Interchange and how it has gone back out to tender. The suggested completion date for this project is now 2023.

However in all the fuss about the delay, one part of the project that didn't get much attention is a new slip road and pathway. This is going ahead straight away and it will have a positive impact for many pedestrians, runners and cyclists in the area. It will also probably have a bearing on the annual Cork to Cobh 15 mile road race.

The Red line shows the route of the new slip road which will connect the western side of the Dunkettle Interchange to the M8 Dublin road. This means that any vehicles coming out of Cork City will be able avoid the Dunkettle Interchange and join the M8 going north.

An aerial view of the location of this new slip road is shown below...

The Green line in the map at the top of the post shows the new path which will run alongside this new slip road. This will go from the Dunkettle Roundabout to the L2998 road which runs underneath the M8. The plans show that it will be 3-4 metres in width.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Video : Heavy as Lead - A journey from being obese to completing an 100 mile race

I came across this video which follows the story of a runner named Jason Cohen who went from weighing 21 stone or 136 kgs to running the Leadville 100 mile trail race in Colorado in just a few years.

UK's top doctors advise doing muscle strengthening exercises twice a week

New guidance from the UK's top doctors says that adults are advised to do muscle-strengthening exercises twice a week, as well as aerobic exercise. This comes on back of a warning that most children and adults are not active enough.

Prof Sally Davies, England's chief medical officer, said ..."We need more active travel, we need people to get off the bus or the tube a stop early. We need people to climb stairs instead of getting in a lift. We need to be more active."

The following guidelines recommend that adults build strength and balance to help stave off the natural decline in muscle mass and bone density that starts around the age of 50.

For 19-64 year olds
... aim to be physically active every day
... develop or maintain strength of muscles by doing heavy gardening, carrying heavy shopping or resistance exercise - 2 days a week
... at least 150 minutes of activity, such as brisk walking or cycling, or 75 minutes of vigorous activity like running each week
... minimise time spent being sedentary - break up long periods of inactivity

For over-65s
... some physical activity is better than none
... on two days a week, activity to improve muscle strength, balance and flexibility, including Tai Chi, dance, bowls and aqua-aerobics
... each week, 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, building up gradually
... break up prolonged periods of being sedentary with light activity when possible, at least with standing

More info in this news item from the BBC News website.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Pedestrian access to Tramore Valley Park remains restricted

Update 10th Sept 2019 : It looks as if the Half Moon Lane entrance will be closed for at least another 9 months.

This was the answer given to Cllr. Mick Finn at a Cork City Council Meeting on the 9th of Sept 2019...

The key point in there is 'vehicular access' from the Half Moon Lane entrance. Access for pedestrians, runners and cyclists could be done straight away.


Back at the end of May of 2019, the Tramore Valley Park in Cork City finally opened to the public after many years of delay. Despite this, there is still only one pedestrian access three months later.

The only pedestrian access point as of August 2019 is a walkway from Douglas shown in purple above. This is 1.2 kms in length. The only other way to access the park is to actually drive there.

The northern access point via the Half Moon Lane shown in red above is still closed to the public.

This means that some of the people that actually live closest to the park have to drive there to get access.

I understand that it remains closed due to concerns of some 'state bodies' and 'a lack of parking'.

So far, there has been three months of inaction by Cork City Council and the risk is that this will drag on for ages like the opening of the park.

Priority should be given to people that want to walk, run and cycle in the park. There shouldn't be a presumption that everyone wants to drive there.

Monday, September 09, 2019

Coroner finds that death of female runner was due to misdiagnosis of injury

In 2018, mother of two Sarah-Jayne Roche suffered a fracture to her femur during the Cardiff Half-Marathon. This was was misdiagnosed as a pulled hamstring in the hospital which she visited on three occasions.

At the inquest recently, a coroner found that the failure to x-ray the injured leg on three separate occasions led to an incorrect diagnosis and contributed to her eventual death 12 days after the Half-Marathon due to "developing deep vein thrombosis".

The story was covered recently in the Guardian newspaper HERE

It is perhaps a reminder that we should always err on the side of caution when it comes to injuries.

Sunday, September 08, 2019

Cork runner Brian Buckley wins Kerry Way Ultra

Congratulations to Cork runner Brian Buckley who won the 200km Kerry Way Ultra race over the weekend in an amazing time of 25 hours and 23 minutes.

Brian who is a member of Watergrasshill AC is pictured above with his support crew of David Carr, David Yelverton and Maria Dorgan.

The race started in the early hours of Friday morning the 6th of September and finished on Saturday.

The route for the 200km Kerry Way Ultra is shown below...

Saturday, September 07, 2019

Results of the Ballincollig 5k parkrun - Sat 7th Sept 2019

Another big turn out this week with 351 taking part in the 5k parkrun in Ballincollig Regional Park.

1 Diarmaid NOLAN    18:34    SM30-34    M1
2 Trevor WOODS    18:54    VM45-49    M2 Cork Triathlon Club
3 Kevin GLEESON    18:58    VM35-39    M3
6 Rachel SMITH    19:36    SW20-24    F1
19 Joanne TOGHER    20:46    SW30-34    F2
31 Mary SWEENEY    21:18    VW55-59    F3 St Finbarrs AC

Full results

Results of the Elaine Lehane Memorial 5k in Doneraile Park - Sat 7th Septt 2019

This 5k race in Doneraile Park was organised by Mallow AC

1 413 00:16:43 GARY, Scully NENAGH OLYMPIC m 00:05:24
2 589 00:17:15 LUKE, Hever NORTH CORK AC m 00:05:34
3 649 00:19:00 DONOUGH, Barrow MALLOW AC m 00:06:08
5 425 00:19:23 SHARON, Cleere NA f 00:06:15
9 577 00:20:44 ISOBEL, Kelleher LISCARROLL AC f 00:06:41
12 578 00:20:58 SHEILA, Buckley MIDLETON AC f 00:06:46

Full results....
Elaine Lehane Memorial 07/09/2019
Pos No. Time Name Club G Cat Pace
1 413 00:16:43 GARY, Scully NENAGH OLYMPIC m 00:05:24
2 589 00:17:15 LUKE, Hever NORTH CORK AC m 00:05:34
3 649 00:19:00 DONOUGH, Barrow MALLOW AC m 00:06:08
4 433 00:19:20 ADRIAN, O'Connor NA m 00:06:14
5 425 00:19:23 SHARON, Cleere NA f 00:06:15
6 648 00:19:45 SEAN, Spratt NA m 00:06:22
7 411 00:19:58 BILLY, Lane KANTURK ROAD RUNNERS m 00:06:26
8 447 00:20:39 MAURICE, O'Brien NA m 00:06:40
9 577 00:20:44 ISOBEL, Kelleher LISCARROLL AC f 00:06:41
10 494 00:20:46 MARTIN, Lynch BALLINCOLLIG AC m 00:06:42
11 444 00:20:49 CIARAN, Twomey NA m 00:06:43
12 578 00:20:58 SHEILA, Buckley MIDLETON AC f 00:06:46
13 409 00:21:07 ADRIAN, O'Sullivan NA m 00:06:49
14 404 00:21:08 NIALL, Lehane MALLOW AC m 00:06:49
15 620 00:21:32 DAVID, Duane NA m 00:06:57
16 694 00:21:36 DERRICK, O'Flynn MALLOW AC m 00:06:58
17 802 00:21:50 WILLIAM, Thompson NA m 00:07:03
18 803 00:21:55 MAX, O'Brien NA m 00:07:04
19 426 00:21:58 EIMEAR, Lavery NA f 00:07:05
20 647 00:22:01 MAURICE, O'Connell NA m 00:07:06

Cork runners take top 3 places in Dingle Half-Marathon

The top three finishers in the 2019 Dingle Half-Marathon were all from Cork with John Meade taking the title.

1 John Meade (#4492)     01:12:10
2 Vivian Foley (#2591)     01:15:41
3 Donal Coakley (#4503) 01:15:51

In the full marathon, Dolores Duffy of Watergrasshill AC finished third in a time of 3h 22m.

Full results

Results & Photos of the Glen River 5k parkrun - Sat 7th Sept 2019

78 turned out for this years 5k parkrun in the Glen in Cork City.

1 Brian SEXTON    18:21    SM30-34    M1    Raheny Shamrock AC
2 Don KEOHANE    19:04    VM50-54    M2    Eagle A.C.
3 Fergal BRENNAN    19:19    VM40-44    M3
24 Clare KEAVENEY JIMENEZ    25:50    SW20-24    F1
26 Olive MCCARTHY    26:23    VW45-49    F2    Togher AC
27 Olwyn DUNNE    26:27    VW50-54    F3 Crusaders Athletic Club


1) The organisers have a gallery HERE

Results of the Run the Line 5k in Carrigaline - Sat 7th Sept 2019

A free timed 5k is held on the Carrigaline to Crosshaven walkway on the first Saturday of every months.

The results here are for the 7th of Sept 2019.

Proposal for new Greenway from Kanturk to Newmarket

There was a article in an online newspaper recently about a proposal to establish an 8km Greenway between the towns of Kanturk and Newmarket in NW Cork.

The article based on a press release from local politician Cllr John Paul O'Shea said that the new Greenway would follow the route of the old railway line which closed in 1963. As can be seen from the map above, the railway was adjacent to the main road between the two towns.

The estimated cost of this project is in the region of 2.3 to 3.0 million Euro.

In the press release, Cllr O'Shea said...“A Duhallow Greenway would be similar to the greenway in Waterford in that it would follow the old railway line. With regard to the Kanturk-Newmarket Railway Line, it has been closed since 1963 and there is undoubtedly the potential to create a fantastic public amenity, something that would be of great value to local and tourists alike.”

According to the article, a feasibility study from 2016 said that from an engineering and social viewpoint, the Kanturk to Newmarket Greenway would be viable.

Following on from the success of Greenways in Mayo and Waterford, there are public funds available for establishing more Greenway routes.

In the case of Waterford for example, the new Greenway has resulted in people spending more money in the area in terms of accommodation, refreshments, etc. and this extra economic activity of course results in more taxes being paid. As such, suitable Greenway projects can be seen as sound economic investments and that's not even looking at the social benefits to the local community.

Parts of the old Kanturk to Newmarket railway route are still visible in aerial photos

Looking at the proposed 8km Kanturk to Newmarket route, it might have its own challenges.

a) Low population density... While Kanturk is listed as having a population of 2350, Newmarket has just 976.
b) Scenery... While the Waterford Greenway has mountain, ocean and river views, viaducts and a tunnel, the proposed Kanturk to Newmarket Greenway just runs along the back of farmers fields. It's unlikely to be much of a draw in terms of tourism.
c) Isolated... One obvious drawback is that this Greenway would exist in isolation. It does not connect to any other Greenways or walkways in the general area.

Having said all that, it would be a very good facility for the local population in terms of walking, cycling and running. People in North-West Cork are as entitled as anyone else to local facilities even if the population density is low.

As an aside, there used to be a 5 mile road race from Newmarket to Kanturk a few years ago on the main road between the two towns. If this project does go ahead, it does the raise the possibility of it being used for some future races.

We'll have to wait and see what comes of it.

More info on the proposal in the links below...

1) North Cork wants a slice of the ‘Greenway’ action for #LocalTourism (
2) O’Shea Cites Enormous Tourism Potential in Call for Duhallow Greenway (Cllr O'Sheas website)

Video about Tramore Valley Park by Pavilion Landscapes

This is a short video about Tramore Valley Park by Pavilion Landscapes and concentrates on the entrance from Douglas.

Friday, September 06, 2019

IRISH 10-MILE RANKINGS 2019 (1st Sept 2019) John Walshe

IRISH 10-MILE RANKINGS 2019 (As of 1st Sept 2019)... by John Walshe

Last year an Irish 10-mile ranking list was compiled for men and women, giving all performances under 55:00 (men) and 65:00 (women). At the end of April, a 2019 list was published up to that stage. Now, with only a few races at the distance remaining, it has been updated to August 31. 

The leading marks as of April remain the same -Sean Tobin (48:34) and Aoife Cooke (55:17). These are faster than last year’s overall times of 48:41 (Kevin Seward) and 56:47 (Laura O’Shaughnessy). Interestingly, Aoife Cooke now claims the top three performances for the year.

One performance of note is that of M55 record setter Tommy Hughes. Not many people can claim to have run 10 miles faster than their age-group but Tommy did so in the Phoenix Park on July 13 with his time of 54:54. As he reaches his 60th birthday in January, it will be interesting to see how he fares in his new category.

In 2018, eight performance under 60:00 were achieved by women, already this year there have been 13 performances under the hour. Eight performances under 50:00 were also achieved by the men last year, 11 have been recorded so far.

Last year’s respective totals under the standards of 55:00 (81) and 65:00 (47) have already been surpassed with 106 men and 56 women achieving those marks.

As usual, any additions or amendments to the published lists can be sent to John Walshe at: jowalshe AT eircom DOT net

48:34 Sean Tobin (Clonmel) Cobh Apr 7
48:57 Mick Clohisey (Raheny) Roscommon Jul 6
49:06 Yared Derese (Carrick Aces) Frank Duffy (Phoenix P) Aug 24
49:21 Sergiu Ciobanu (Clonliffe) Mallow Mar 24
49:32 David Flynn (Clonliffe) Roscommon Jul 6
49:36 Kevin Maunsell (Clonmel) Dungarvan Feb 3
49:36 Mick Clohisey Frank Duffy (Phoenix P) Aug 24
49:45 Sean Hehir (Rathfarnham-WSAF) Kilcock Aug 18
49:53 David Flynn Dungarvan Feb 3
49:55 David Flynn Phoenix Park Jul 13
49:57 Hiko Tonosa (DSD) Cork City Aug 31

Notice: Elaine Lehane Memorial 5k in Doneraile Park - Sat 7th Sept 2019

This 5k in Doneraile Park in North Cork is coming up on Saturday the 7th of September 2019 at 11:30am. It will be on the usual 5k course which is accurately measured and there will be results with times afterwards.

This race is being organised by Mallow AC and proceeds go towards Marymount Hospice.

Doneraile is located just to the north-east of Mallow so access is very easy from the N20 Cork to Limerick road. If you are coming from say South Tipperary, then it's just off the N73 Mitchelstown to Mallow road.

As for Doneraile Park itself, it really is a lovely spot. It's basically an old country estate and is now a grassland park with some small forested areas. On a sunny day, it's a superb spot for a race.

Preview.....Directions, photos and a preview  HERE.

Thursday, September 05, 2019

Results & Photos of the St Lukes Home 5k - Thurs 5th Sept 2019

There was another big turn out for this years St Lukes Home 5k in Mahon with 556 taking part. 

1 Kevin MAUNSELL    00:14:31 804    M (1)    MS (1)    Clonmel A.C.
2 Alan O'BRIEN    00:14:58 627    M (2)    MS (2)    Eagle A.C.
3 Conor MCCAULEY    00:15:03 598    M (3)    MS (3)    Leevale A.C.
35 Carol FINN    00:18:14 505    F (1)    FS (1)   
44 Claire O'BRIEN    00:18:37 825    F (2)    FS (2)    Watergrasshill A.C.
53 Breda GAFFNEY    00:18:57 517    F (3)    F45 (1)    Mallow A.C.

Full results

Photos.... (Updated 11pm 5th Sept 2019)
1) There are about 80 low quality photos up on the Running in Cork Facebook page HERE
2) Nice gallery near the finish from Derek Costello HERE

First place finish for Kevin Maunsell & Carol Finn (Photo - Derek Costello)

Finish line video from MyRunResults...


Notice: Rebel Run 10k & 5k in Cork City - Sun 20th Oct 2019

This 10 km & 5km road race is coming up in Bishopstown on Sunday, the 20th of October 2019 at 9:30am.

This is going to be of interest to a lot of people for a number of reasons.....
1) There aren't that many 10k races really on the calendar. Loads of 5k and 5 mile races but fast 10k courses are a bit thin on the ground.
2) It's in Bishopstown in Cork City so it is central to a lot of people.
3) Dry-fit top included in the early entry fee for both the 5k and 10k.

ENTRIES >>> You can enter online HERE

Sunday 20th  October, Bishopstown @ 9.30am
Chip Timing
Goody Bag for all participants
AAI Licence & Measured by Jones Counter
Over 18’s only (APPLIES TO 10K) - 5k event open to those 16+.
Online Entry: REGISTER NOW 

Please Note that it is not permitted to wear headphones while participating in this event.

Entry Fee > 10k €20 // 5k €15

Courses......There are some changes but the basic loop of the 10k is still the same as before and can be seen HERE

The 5k course starts with the 10k, takes in the walkway riverside behind CIT and finishes on the track as well. Approx 5k course HERE

The race is organised is association by Cork Sports Partnership and their race website is HERE

From Cork Sports Partnership...

** Cork Rebel Run & Rebel Run A Mile Challenge Launches for 2019 **

The Annual Cork Rebel Run 5k & 10k was launched in Cork Institute of Technology recently. 

Notice : St.Luke's Home 5k road race, Mahon - Thurs 5th Sept 2019

This is the fifth year of this 5km race in race and it should prove to be a popular one again. The St.Luke's Home 5km run is on in Mahon on Thursday the 5th of September 2019 and it starts at 7pm.

Update : Please note the draw for a free 7 day holiday! This is for those who pre-enter and it closes at midnight on Wed 4th Sept.

Registration: Primo Events or on the day between 2pm and 6.30pm at St. Luke’s Home.

Pre-entry link...

Amongst the many spot prizes for the pre-registered runners will be 2 holidays sponsored by RCI (7 nights luxury accommodation abroad) which will be drawn at random from all pre-registered runners.

You must pre-enter before midnight on Wed the 4th of Sept. There are two draws so you have tow chances of winning!

The organisers ask that all participants arrive early and allow plenty of time to enter and to get to the start line which is a few hundred metres away. Runners can also avail of the off road parking in the Cork Camogie grounds which is just across the road from St.Luke's.

Here are some of the reasons why it should get a good turnout......
1) It is at a time of year when most of the mid-week evening races have stopped.
2) It is in Cork City with a huge number of runners within its catchment area.
3) Fast accurate 5km course.
4) 80% of it is on a quiet public walkway.
5) Finishers get a 20% discount voucher for John Buckley Sports which could easily result in savings in excess of the entry fee (valid until the end of Sept 2019).
6) All proceeds go to St.Lukes Home which is a registered charity.

....and a draw for a 7 day holiday for pre-reg runners!

BodyMechanics, a private Gym based in Douglas, specialising in Personal Training and Nutrition,  are supporting the race this year.

From the organisers......

Prizes : 1st, 2nd, 3rd Male/Female

1st in other categories (Male over 40, 50 & 60 and Female over 35, 45 & 55)
Wheelchair Athlete

Entry Fee: €15

Entry Includes: Timing Chip, On course water and refreshments, tea, coffee and sandwiches for all competitors at St. Luke’s Home after the race.
Goody bag to include, running buff, 20% Discount Voucher from John Buckley Sports, drink and snack.
Registration: MyRunResults or on the day between 2pm and 6.30pm at St. Luke’s Home. 

Course Preview.......A preview of the course can be seen HERE

For more info, go to... 

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Bere Island parkrun celebrates its 5th anniversary

Last weekend, the 5k parkrun on Bere Island in West Cork celebrated its 5th anniversary having started on the 30th of August 2014.

To date, a parkrun has been held there on 271 occasions which includes special days like Christmas and New Years Day as well as of course every Saturday morning. The only Saturday that it actually wasn't held as far as I can tell was during the start of March 2018 when we had the icy blast from the 'Beast from the East'.

The chart above shows the numbers for all 271 events and the average number for all of those events is 48 participants. As you can see, they get a huge influx of runners during July and August due to all the visitors and it then settles down a bit for the rest of the year.

The chart below shows the average numbers for 2014 to 2018.

2014 is a bit lower probably because it started just after the tourist season. For the other years, it has hovered between 43 and 51.

The average so far in 2019 is 62.7 but that is likely to drop as the numbers for the remainder of the year will probably be lower. Still though, it should end the year at a roughly 55 or so.

One of the most amazing stats for the Bere Island parkrun is that they are able to host a successful weekly 5k parkrun despite the fact that there are only just over 200 people living on the island. Obviously people travel over it from the mainland each Saturday but it's still an amazing community effort.

I always think the Bere Island is a great example of what can be achieved. If they can host a parkrun on an island off the coast of West Cork then surely there must be loads of towns all over the country that could host one?