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Friday, November 26, 2021

Weather for the Clonakilty Marathon & parkruns on Sat 27th Nov 2021

The weather for the weekend is a bit of a mixed bag. On Saturday, it's going to be cold with a strong north-westerly wind during the morning. It is however likely to be sunny.

The map shows the situation on Saturday. There is a high pressure system out in the Atlantic rotating clockwise and there is a low pressure system over the North Sea going anti-clockwise.

The net result is like someone left the fridge door open and cold Arctic air flows down over Ireland and the UK.

On the plus side, that strong wind should prevent any frosts or ice on the roads and it should be a bright sunny morning. The only thing is that it's going to feel really cold.

A map of the half-marathon and 10k courses are shown below. Essentially, you will have the wind behind you for the first half and into your face for the second half for each race.

Over the years, the Clonakilty marathon has had more than its fair share of bad weather. This time around, it looks like it's going to be one of the better ones. There are some lovely scenic spots out along the marathon and half-marathon routes with expensive views over the Cork coastline.

Hills... For the 10k, there is a modest hill marked in Orange which starts around the 4.5 mile mark. It lasts about 0.7 miles. This hill is also near the end of the half-marathon course around the 11 mile mark.

For the half-marathon, there is a major hill at 4.7 miles which is about 2 miles in length. It's more of a long slog than being steep.

Gear???... I suspect it might be a day for the long sleeve with maybe a singlet over it. Only the fastest runners will opt for a singlet on its own.

5k parkruns... It should be a really good day for doing a parkrun, just wrap up!

Friday Jigsaw: Michelle Finn from Cork winning the 2021 Irish Senior Cross Country Championships

For this weeks jigsaw, we go back to last weekend when Michelle Finn from Cork won the 2021 Irish Senior Cross Country Championships in Dublin.

You can find the 121-piece jigsaw HERE

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Age distribution of a recent 10 mile race in Waterford - Nov 2021

The Beat the Train for DSI 10 mile run was held last weekend on the Greenway in Waterford and attracted a field of 180 runners.

Unusually, they gave the year of birth of each of the runners in the results. Needless to say, I had to make a chart for it! ๐Ÿ˜„

As you can see, the finishers range in age from 17 to 70 with the vast majority between 35 and 50 years old.

It's interesting to note how few runners in their twenties took part. In most races, runners under 35 are listed as MS (Male Senior) or FS (Female Senior) and it's impossible to know what their exact age is.

This matches previous results which shows that the bulk of 'Senior' runners are in fact in their thirties with very few in their twenties. This is also reflected in the adult membership of most athletic clubs which are now up around 85-90% masters i.e. aged 35 and above.

Running or at least taking part in organised running events doesn't seem to attract many adults in their twenties.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Survey: Do you use miles or kms when you are running and training???

I have to admit that my brain is hardwired in miles and I've always used minute per mile and distances in miles when I was out running. 

When I started coaching, I had to adjust and use both kms and miles and use whatever the athlete was familiar with.

So my question is... what do you use when you are running? Miles or kms?

Fill out the short survey form and we'll see in a week what it looks like.

Click HERE

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

No Newmarket 10-mile road race in 2022

Duhallow AC have announced that there won't be any 10-mile road race in Newmarket in NW Cork in 2022. If it was going ahead then it would be held on the second Sunday of March, the traditional date of the now discontinued Ballycotton 10-mile road race which ended in 2017.

The chart below shows the numbers for the Newmarket 10-mile. From 2018 to 2020, it had been growing steadily. 

Undertaking two big races in a year is a big commitment for a small club so it probably shouldn't be a big surprise to see them drop one.

The question now is if someone else will pick up the old Ballycotton date?

Dungarvan 10 mile entries open on Wed 24th Nov 2021...

The John Treacy Dungarvan 10-mile road race will be held at the start of February next year and now is the time to look at some key dates. Note that there is a limit of 3000 entries and the entry fee is €30.

Online ticket sales available between November 24, 2021 at 07:00

Entries -

For the latest links & info, check out the race page on the West Waterford AC website HERE

1) Wednesday 24th November 2021: Entries will open up ONLY to members of athletics clubs for one-week.

Back in 2019, the entries opened for everyone at the same time and all 3000 places sold out in about 3 hours.

2) Wednesday 1st December 2021: Entries will open up for EVERYONE until all 3000 places are gone.

The big unknown here is how many places will be available for non-club runners after a week.

3) Sunday 6th February 2022: Race day. Note the earlier start time of 11am as opposed to the traditional 1:30pm. 

Analysis: As outlined already, the big unknown in all this is how many of the 3000 entries will club runners take? 

Monday, November 22, 2021

Notice: Newmarket 5k road race - Sun 19th Dec 2021

This popular 5 km road race is coming up in the town of Newmarket in North-West Cork on Sunday the 19th of December 2021. This is a fast 5k course and gets a good turnout every year.

Entries... You can pre-enter online HERE

Update 10th Nov 2021: 350 of the 500 places are now gone.
Update 12th Nov 2021: 400 of the 500 places are gone.
Update 14th Nov 2021: 440 of the 500 places are gone.
Update 16th Nov 2021: 470 of the 500 places are gone.
Update 17th Nov 2021: 490 of the 500 places are gone.
Update 22nd Nov 2021: Extra 100 places released.... "Online entries back up and going again due to popular demand extra 100 places added. Entries will close at midnight this Friday’s 26th of November"
Update 22nd Nov 2021: Just 50 left now.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Cork runner Michelle Finn wins the National Cross Country Senior Title - Sun 21st Nov 2021

Cork runner Michelle Finn of Leevale AC was this years winner of the Irish Senior Cross Country Championships which were held in Dublin.

1 Michelle FINN 00:27:22 77 F Senior Leevale A.C.
2 Sarah HEALY 00:27:34 145 F Senior F U23 U.C.D. A.C.
3 Roisin FLANAGAN 00:27:41 59 F Senior Finn Valley A.C.
4 Aoibhe RICHARDSON 00:27:42 71 F Senior Kilkenny City Harriers A.C.
5 Aoife COOKE 00:27:56 53 F Senior Eagle A.C.
6 Annmarie MCGLYNN 00:28:01 85 F Senior Letterkenny A.C.
7 Mary MULHARE 00:28:06 110 F Senior Portlaoise A.C.
8 Ciara MAGEEAN 00:28:13 15 F Senior City of Lisburn A.C.
9 Niamh ALLEN 00:28:30 32 F Senior Crusaders A.C.
10 Niamh KEARNEY 00:28:32 111 F Senior Raheny Shamrock A.C.

Full results HERE

Unlike the Cork County Senior Championships where the numbers were so bad that they couldn't hand out some team medals, the national event had much better attendance.

In the women's race there were 109 finishers with some of the best female runners in the country appearing in there.

In the men's race, there was an even bigger turnout with 192 taking part. The full results are on the MyRunResults website.

Interesting fact... While Michelle Finn won the women's race, the men's race was won by Hiko Tonosa. Both are coached by Feidhlim Kelly.

Guest Post: Bump Pat Walsh

** Bump **

Found it hard to write a post this week. Am I the only one feeling that we have hit a bump in the road and there could be a few tough months ahead of us. The numbers aren’t great and not getting any better, so it is hard to make plans with any degree of certainty.
I for one am sick of this, same old narrative on the news and in the media, same voices preaching and no-one listening, enforcing regulations that don’t make sense. We need guidance with a firm voice and a clear message, not the shambles of the last week. Show us a path out of this. PLEASE..! ๐Ÿฅบ

What can we do? ๐Ÿƒ
Keep running to give the mind and body a break from it all.
Keep in contact.
Keep looking after yourself.
Keep having the cuppas after the run, even if you need a coat and a hat.
Keep dreaming of a better 2022.
Keep following the plan and hope for a Christmas 10mile.
Keep up the positivity and self help.
Keep your eyes and ears open as we approach Christmas and see who is in need of help.
Keep out of Copper Face Jacks after midnight.
Keep up the strength and flexibility work for your long term running career.
Keep listening to music and watching funny videos.
Keep training.
Keep living your life, but be careful and have respect for everyone else.
Keep lacing up the runners and getting out. The 4 walls of home seem bigger when you return.
Keep the faith and believe in the future.
Keep caring.
Keep on Keeping on.

Have a nice weekend and stay safe. I'm hoping to run the "Beat the Train 10mile" in Kilmeaden Co. Waterford in aid of Down Syndrome Ireland ๐Ÿš‚๐Ÿš‚
Saturday Road Runners

“Gotta keep on going, looking straight out on the road
Can't worry 'bout what's behind you or what's coming for you further up the road
I try not to hold on to what is gone, I try to do right what is wrong
I try to keep on keeping on
Yeah I just keep on keeping on”๐Ÿ˜ ๐ŸŽค๐ŸŽค
My Silver Lining - First Aid Kit

#pwr #keeponkeepingon ๐Ÿš‚

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Results of the 5k parkruns in Cork - Sat 20th Nov 2021

Results of this weeks nine 5k parkruns around the county...

Ballincollig Regional Park: 299 this week, 270 last week. Long term average 299.

First 3 men & women...
1 Alan O'SHEA Male VM40-44 Bantry Athletic Club 15:19
2 Nathan Ryan O HEHIR Male SM30-34 17:48
3 Mark MCCOLGAN Male VM35-39 East End Road Runners 17:55
12 Niamh CRONIN Female VW45-49 St Finbarrs AC 19:54
18 Gail MURRAY Female VW40-44 Belgooly AC 20:32
33 Ella COLLINS Female JW15-17 21:46

Mallow Castle: 103 finishers this week, 126 last week. The long term average is 96.

First 3 men & women...
1 Ailbhe MCDAID Female VW35-39 18:59
5 Elaine KELLEHER Female VW45-49 21:02
19 Norah MCGLYNN Female JW15-17 22:55
2 Andrzej CHOMICZ Male VM40-44 Mallow AC 19:38
3 Jamie STONE Male SM30-34 20:25
4 John BROWNE Male VM40-44 20:35

Glen River: 67 this week, 57 last week. The long term average is 86.

First 3 men & women...
1 John LONGAN Male SM30-34 St Finbarrs AC 18:51
2 Loic GAREL Male VM40-44 19:44
3 Brendan MAGUIRE Male VM40-44 19:53
13 Sandra WALSH Female VW50-54 23:42
17 Jennifer CLERY Female SW25-29 24:09
24 Clare KEAVENEY JIMENEZ Female SW25-29 25:10

Youghal: The Pobalscoil na Trรญonรณide 5k parkrun in Youghal got 75 this week, 73 for last week. The long term average is 84.

First 3 men & women...
1 Padraig MAHONY Male VM45-49 18:16
2 Ciaran O MATHUNA Male SM20-24 18:42
3 Ben O'SULLIVAN Male JM15-17 18:52
11 Louise OBRIEN Female VW45-49 21:30
14 Deirdre ANSBRO Female VW40-44 22:11
16 Janette O SULLIVAN Female VW40-44 22:14

Macroom Desmense: 65 this week, 39 last week. Long term average is 54.

First 3 men & women...
1 Conor LUCEY Male VM35-39 18:36
2 Henry BROWNE Male VM40-44 18:41
3 Jude MURPHY Male JM11-14 20:12
10 Katie PURCELL Female JW11-14 23:08
14 Leah KEATING Female SW20-24 24:00
19 Lisa KINGSTON Female JW15-17 25:38

Clonakilty: 32 this week, 29 last week. Long term average 37.

First 3 men & women...
1 Mรญcheรกl ร“ Sร‰ Male VM40-44 19:14
2 John LUCEY Male SM25-29 St Finbarrs AC 20:22
3 Martin WHITE Male VM40-44 Clonakilty Roadrunners AC 20:55
9 Holly FLEMING Female SW25-29 25:16 
11 Grainne MULCAHY Female SW20-24 25:36
14 Niamh RYAN Female VW35-39 28:43

Castlehaven: 20 finishers this week, 19 last week, long term average 31.

First 3 men & women...
1 Florence FITZGERALD Male SM30-34 22:42
3 Mark SALTER-TOWNSHEND Male VM55-59 25:18
4 Danny SMITH Male VM60-64 25:27
2 Catherine AIREY Female SW25-29 Highgate Harriers 25:00
6 Danielle SHEEHY Female SW25-29 27:04
7 Emma HORLER Female VW55-59 27:07

Bere Island: 23 this week, 40 last week, long term average of 47. 

First 3 men & women...
1 Olan MURPHY Male JM15-17 22:22
3 Breandan MURPHY Male SM18-19 24:29
7 John WALSH Male VM50-54 Beara AC 30:01
2 Kristen CAHILL Female VW45-49 24:23
4 Carol HURLEY Female VW50-54 Beara AC 24:48
5 Laura WALSH Female JW15-17 28:30

Glengarriff Woods: There were 55 finishers for this weeks 5k parkrun in Glengarriff Woods. Last week was 51, long term average is 58.

First 3 men & women... 
1 Davy BYRNE Male VM40-44 20:11
2 Darragh COPPINGER Male JM11-14 20:39
3 Stephen O'SULLIVAN Male VM50-54 21:04
13 Stacey O SULLIVAN Female SW30-34 24:28
16 Jacquie O'SULLIVAN Female VW40-44 26:07
17 Majella O' MAHONY Female VW35-39 27:18

Friday, November 19, 2021

Friday Jigsaw: Run Killarney Half-Marathon Start

For this weeks jigsaw, we go back to last weekend and the start line of the Run Killarney Half-Marathon. This one is a bit difficult as there are a lot of colour and not so many patterns. There are 150 pieces.

You'll find the online jigsaw HERE

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Cork City Greenway Map - Q4 2021

Cork Cycling Campaign recently released a map of Cork City showing all of the cycle paths and Greenways. As can be seen from the image above, it is done very much of of the style of the London metro system which makes the layout as simple as possible.

While the purple cycling parts are only of interest to cyclists, some runners may find the Greenway parts of interest which are shown as Green lines. It might give runners in the city a few ideas for new routes.

Cork Cycling Campaign have the map up on their website as a PDF document and you can zoom in for a closer loop. You'll find the map HERE

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Blog update - November 2021

At the start of September, I had a post up about how the blog was gradually coming out of hibernation as the restrictions were beginning to ease. This is an update for mid-November.

As you can see from the image above, the traffic to the blog has continued to grow as the various races and 5k parkruns got going again. In October of 2021, the site got just over 76,000 pageviews for the month.

On Facebook, the numbers are up as well. After the Eyeries 5 mile race, the race director Mark Gallagher sent me a photo of the first three women in the race.

I posted this on the Running in Cork Facebook page and as of this morning, it had reached over 20,000 people.

The thing about 'pageviews' is that one person coming back to the site day and day will generate a lot of pageviews. The Facebook figure is a bit more specific as each one is an account. 

It just seems funny that a photo for a race with 174 finishers should reach more than 100 times that number on Facebook.

It obviously helps that the Running in Cork Facebook page has over 17,000 followers to start up and the increased rate of posting has woken up the Facebook algorithm a bit and reminded them about the page.

Calendar update... I did a big trawl last week and I updated the race calendar, see HERE 

It certainly isn't choc a block with races but a lot of the major 10-mile & half-marathon races have put up notices for races well into the second half of 2022.

Overall... The race scene does seem to have gone off the boil a bit and this can be seen in some of the lower numbers at some races of late. It's almost as if a lot of people have got out of the habit of attending races or might have different interests now.

There was a time about a decade ago when you could do as many races as you liked in a week... €5 here, €7 there. Now it has become an expensive pastime at €15-€20 per race and people are more likely to pick and choose which ones they do.

I do get the overall impression that the race scene is gradually changing and the lockdown just accelerated that change. The various club races are getting more expensive while the number of free weekly 5k parkruns are on the increase. 

We'll have to wait and see what happens but I suspect some of the smaller club races may feel the pinch in the next year or two.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Notice: IMRA Trail Half-Marathon & Marathon in Co Kerry - Sat 11th Dec 2021

The Irish Mountain Running Association (IMRA) are holding their final event in Munster for 2021 at the Glanageenty Woods in Co. Kerry. This is just north of the main road between Castleisland and Tralee.

There are a choice of three trail courses on Saturday the 11th of December... 

1) Trail Marathon -8:30am - 42.2 kms & 1300m of ascent - limit of 100 entries - €45 - Enter HERE

2) Trail Half-Marathon - 9:30am - 21.1 kms & 650m of ascent - limit of 150 entries - €35 - Enter HERE

3) Trail 9.1k - 10:30am - 9.1kms & 318m of ascent - €25 - Enter HERE

As with all IMRA events, annual membership costing €10 is required.

Monday, November 15, 2021

Guest Post: 10-Mile Pat Walsh

 ** 10 mile **

It was a mixed bag of a year and it would be nice to finish it off with a flourish. Go out in style by running 10 miles.

Not a Virtual but an actual 10 mile planned by yourself, for yourself (and buddies) at a time and place of your own choosing to round off the year in style. The 'Champagne Santa Run'

If you can find some event to tie in with it, that would be fantastic.
It will keep you training next few weeks and give you something to look forward to over the holidays. Of course there will be excess of food and drink so time does not matter just commit to doing a 10mile once during the Christmas Season.

If you are currently doing a 10 mile anyway then just run it somewhere special or with some good friends.
I will hold a competition around that time and there will be spot prizes.

Think about this:
If you can run 10 miles in late December then the “World is your Oyster” for 2022.
Confidence will be high, you will be in a good place, good shape and raring to go.
Nice little block of training now for the next few weeks will allow some guilt-free indulging when Christmas comes round.

Be kind to yourself and no pressure. There is enough of that from other sources.
Enjoy your run and congratulate yourself (and buddies) when finished.
Don’t be worried about the watch. Have a cuppa and share stories how wonderful you actually are.

I have no idea what next year will bring on a personal or public level but all I will try to do is put myself in the best possible situation to enjoy it. This Pandemic is refusing to just go away and there are still a few twists and turns on the road ahead. 

It is said our “Health is our Wealth” so if you can run 10 miles then you are doing well. Legs and lungs in good condition and that is a great help.

Our general health and mental well-being has never been more important. Taking control of your own situation, managing what you can do and relaxing about things we can't do. You can always run.
-- Don't wait, the time will never be just right. --

Be good, be kind, be safe.