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Updated 20th June 2017

A selection of articles and posts that have appeared on the site over the years...

Maeve Kyle - First Irish woman to compete in track events at the Olympics
History of the Mallow 10 mile race
Newspaper recounts Eamonn Coghlan's record Indoor mile - Feb 1981

Historical - International
Roger Bannister recounts the first 4 minute mile
Katherine Switzer - First woman to enter and run the Boston Marathon
Telegraph interview of Olympic great Ed Moses

Irish Athletes...
Boyce, Brendan...Athlete Funding for 2012 (Feb 2012)...Finishes 29th in Olympic 50k walk (Aug 2012)...IAAF World Cup of Racewalking (May 2012)...Moves to train in Cork (Dec 2012)......

Cragg, Alistair...Cragg sets new Irish Half-Marathon record in New York (60:49) (Mar 2011)...Cragg sets new Irish 5,000m record (13:03.53) (Sept 2011)...DNF at Fukuoka Half-Marathon in Japan (Dec 2011)...Japanese Half-Marathon in 63 mins (Feb 2012)...Athlete Funding for 2012 (Feb 2012)...Cragg sets new European 5k road race record (13:26) (Apr 2012)...Stanford Invitational, 1500m 3:42, 5000m 13:32 (Apr 2012)...

Guest Articles...Misc / Opinion pieces
David O'Dwyer (Nov 2008) - Cross Country, what's the problem?
David O'Dwyer (Feb 2009) - How to attract the shoppers
David O'Dwyer (May 2009) - Will the Marathon relay replace the Marathon itself?
David O'Dwyer (Sept 2009) - When is a Marathon not a Marathon?
David O'Dwyer (Mar 2010) - Race entries...Value for money?
David O'Dwyer (June 2010) - The race series
David O'Dwyer (Nov 2011) - Charity or Farce?
David O'Dwyer (Nov 2011) - Too Young to run a marathon? 
David O'Dwyer (Sep 2014) - Road Running still in the doldrums, Ballycotton in decline

Derek O'Keeffe - Yuki Kawauchi, the citizen runner

John Walshe (Aug 2011) - Ballycotton 11th August 1977...Where it all began...Pt 1 of 3
John Walshe (Sept 2011) - Ballycotton 11th August 1977...Where it all began...Pt 2 of 3
John Walshe (Sept 2011) - Ballycotton 11th August 1977...Where it all began...Pt 3 of 3 
John Walshe (Jan 2012) - Looking back 40 years, Cork X-Country 1972 
John Walshe (Jan 2012) - Setting Good Example, West Waterford's Night Time League
John Walshe (Mar 2012) - The International Military Championship in Ballincollig 1969
John Walshe (May 2012) - 1982...The First Cork City Marathon
John Walshe (July 2012) - 1953...The Day the Cork City Sports included a road race
John Walshe (Nov 2012) - Irish 'Involvement' in the 1973 World Cross Country Championships
John Walshe (Sept 2013) - Ron Hill's 75th Birthday Race
John Walshe (Jan 2014) - Cork Cross Country Victory of 1974 
John Walshe (Jan 2014) - Remarkable Indoor Performance of the Past (John Hartnett)
John Walshe (Jan 2014) - Athletics in Cork mourn the passing of Andy Holden
John Walshe (July 2014) - Cork's First Sub 4 minute mile, July 1974
John Walshe (Nov 2014) - The Manchester Road Race, Cork connection with famous road race 
John Walshe (Jan 2015) - International Athlete Jim Hogan...1933 to 2015
John Walshe (Jan 2015) - Memorable Victory 40 Years Ago Today (Jan 1974 - John Hartnett) 
John Walshe (Mar 2015) - History of the Castlemartyr 4 mile race
John Walshe (April 2015) - The Rivington Pike Race...An Easter Tradition 
John Walshe (May 2015) - The Forgotten Man of Cork Marathon Running 
John Walshe (Oct 2015) - Remembering a Champions Farewell (John Treacy)
John Walshe (Jan 2016) - Fermoy's Decade of Racing Glory (1976 Cross Country)
John Walshe (Mar 2016) - 63 year old Martin Rees sets new age best world record for 10 miles
John Walshe (Apr 2016) - National Marathon of 1976 in Limerick
John Walshe (Apr 2016) - The Ever Present Dozen of the London Marathon
John Walshe (Aug 2016) - History of the Ballycotton 5 mile road race...1977 to 2016
John Walshe (Aug 2016) - The Life and Time of Dave Bedford...Former 10,000m World Record holder
John Walshe (Oct 2016) - The Cork City Marathon of 1984
John Walshe (Nov 2016) - Donie Walsh NCAA Cross Country 1970
John Walshe (Dec 2016) - 100 Plus sub-36 min finishes for Danny Smyth
John Walshe (Jan 2017) - Kevin Donovan begins 32 County Challenge
John Walshe (Mar 2017) - A look at some of the contenders for the 2017 Ballycotton ‘10’
John Walshe (Apr 2017) - Eagle athlete wins British Masters Title
John Walshe (May 2017) - Ladysbridge race recalled
John Walshe (June 2017) - Last on the road

Michael Sexton - Running for dear life
Michael Sexton - Sure, I'll put your down

Paul Cotter...Dealing with Plantar Fasciitis

Paul Tucker - Running in Ireland...An amateur appreciation

Malin to Mizen Runs...
Joanne Fearon completes Malin to Mizen run in 5d 13h 44m (May 2010)
Raheny Shamrock AC run Malin to Mizen with a relay team in 2d 8h (Apr 2011)
Jen Salter completes Malin to Mizen in 4d 23h 03m (June 2011)
Sharon Gaytor runs Mizen to Malin in 4d 1h 39m (March 2012)
New attempt on Malin to Mizen record...Mimi Anderson (Sep 2012)
Mimi Anderson sets new Malin to Mizen record 3d 15m (Sep 2012)
15 marathons in 15 days...runner from Clonakilty runs Malin to Mizen (May 2015)

Tramore Valley Park in Cork City
Comparison in size with the UCC Farm
Preview of 5k course in Tramore Valley Park (Nov 2011)
Results of the Tramore Valley 5k Charity Race (Nov 2011)
Council plans to turn former dump into an adventure park (July 2012)
Master Plan for development (Jan 2013)
New walking routes proposed for south side of Cork City (Jan 2013)
More developments at Tramore Valley Park (Feb 2015) 
Tender to build bridge over South Ring Rs approved & Douglas walkway (Oct 2015)

UCC Farm....
Proposed development of the UCC Farm (Aug 2011)
UCC to develop centre of excellence for sport (Jan 2012)
Cork County Council approve development of Science Park (July 2012)
Car clamping at UCC Farm (Aug 2013)
Planning permission given for road near UCC Farm (Dec 2014)