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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Cork City Council say Tramore Valley Park to open in mid-2018

An article in the Evening Echo during the week covered the current situation with the Tramore Valley Park. It went on to state the following facts...

1) Approx 40 million Euro has been spent on the Tramore Valley Park to date.

2) A very successful 5k parkrun was held in the park back in 2015 before it had to be cancelled because it couldn't handle the number of cars.

3) The park closes at 4pm on weekdays meaning there no access to the pitches or the BMX bike track during the long Summer evenings.

At the moment, the issue seems to be one of funding as the park needs to be staffed when it's open.

A Cork City Council spokesman said the following: “A number of activities including use of the BMX track, the playing pitch, small school events currently take place at Tramore Valley Park. However, it is not open for unrestricted public use. A number of further capital works need to be carried out, and funding identified for an operational budget prior to any opening. However, it is envisaged that the Park will be open by mid 2018.

On the subject of parkruns, they said... “The City Council did previously work with parkrun to facilitate a number of parkruns at Tramore Valley Park and part funded these runs. However, due to the huge numbers attending the event and travelling by car, the event had to be discontinued on health and safety grounds as runners were parking nearby off Kinsale Road and attempting to cross numerous traffic lanes on the extremely busy South City Link Road. Other venues were explored by Council officials with parkrun but were not deemed suitable due to similar parking problems, size of paths within parks, impact on other park users etc. It is planned to have Tramore Valley Park open next year, and it may be possible to accommodate further parkrun events at that stage.”

We've heard all this before so don't hold your breath. The Tramore Valley Park has been opening 'next year' for the last few years so this time may well be no different.

Nothing is going to happen unless someone makes it a priority. You can find a list of Cork City Councillors HERE if you want to make your feelings known. No doubt, many will have Facebook pages as well so you can post the link to the Evening Echo article there and ask what are they doing about it.

Addendum... The first 5k in the Tramore Valley Park was held in November 2011. Six years have now nearly passed since that date and the park is still closed.

Results of the Glounthaune Community Association 4 Mile Race...Wed 30th Aug 2017

There was a large turnout of 311 runners for this years Glounthaune Community Association 4 mile road race. Despite some heavy showers earlier in the day, it was sunny for the race itself.

1    Liam  Tracey    Watergrasshill RC    SM    22    5    170
2    Jonnathan Murphy    Leevale AC    SM    22    12    88
3    Alfie Davis    Leevale AC    M40    22    21    162
6    Emma Murphy    St Finbarrs AC    SW    22    54    232
24    Sharon Rynne    Kilmurry Ibrickane    SW    25    8    150
31    Susan Harkin    Cork    SW    26    9    297

Provisional results below....

Errors & Corrections to Premier Timing

     Glounthaune Community Association 4 Mile Race Results             
1    Liam  Tracey    Watergrasshill RC    SM    22    5    170
2    Jonnathan Murphy    Leevale AC    SM    22    12    88
3    Alfie Davis    Leevale AC    M40    22    21    162
4    Michael Cremin    Leevale AC    SM    22    41    70
5    Denis Lyons    St Finbarrs AC    M40    22    47    147
6    Emma Murphy    St Finbarrs AC    SW    22    54    232
7    Michael Buckley    Cork    M40    22    55    119
8    Mark Collins    Max Runners    SM    23    18    167
9    Brian  Murphy    Bishopstown    SM    23    59    233
10    Loic Garel    Leevale AC    SM    24    14    176

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Couch to 5k programme in Conna starts in Sept 2017

Another Couch to 5k programme for beginners. This one is being organised by St.Catherine's AC in Conna and will be on for 9 weeks. Each Wednesday session costs €1 so that makes a total of €9 if you attend all of them. Participants are expected to complete the other two sessions per week themselves.

It will start in Conna on Wed 6th Sept at 7pm.

More info on their website...

From St.Catherine's AC....The club just run one of the 3 sessions each week in the 9 week program every Wednesday at 7:30. With warmup, the session itself, circuit based running form drills and cool down. So for 9 weeks it's 9 euro. We ask Runners do the complete the other 2 of the week sessions themselves.

Couch to 5k programme starting in Ballyvolane in Cork City on Tues 5th Sept 2017

The Wibbly Wobbly Wonders in Ballyvolane in Cork City have been holding beginners classes for a number of years now. Their next Couch to 5k programme starts on the 5th of September 2017 and it's absolutely free!

From the Wibbly Wobbly Wonders...It's our 8th 'Couch to 5k' to date! So far, we have had 611 people over the first 7 couch to 5k programmes with over 60% still running regularly with club and have gone from never running to running 10k, half marathons and full marathons or even a few ultra-marathons. One guy has gone from never even walking and has now done 9 marathons.

It has just been success story after success story and leaves us scratching our head at times such is the pride we have in our graduates and newly formed runners.

We meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30 in Dunnes stores in Ballyvolane on the North Side of Cork City. The new couch group will meet also at these times doing 8 weeks of slow build up at their own pace. A session is also done on Saturday mornings around 9.30 pm.

We promise to have them running 3 miles after these 24 sessions or 18 (if they can't make them all) and then after that they can progress into one of any of our different 6 paced groups. They can go as far or advance as fast as they want.

After 8 weeks if there is a local 5k we make that their graduation race and we have a big day out. If there is no race that suits then we use Macroom or Ballincollig parkruns.

It's all totally free and run by volunteers who themselves have come through the programme.

We specifically target people who have never done it and are afraid to try. We just give them the encouragement and confidence to give it a go and make a difference mentally and physically to their lives. Most of all we always keep it fun during the 8 weeks and they make friends for life.

Just give it a go we ask and see how it goes. Everyone from 18 to 80 is welcome to give it a go.

Venue : Dunne Stores, Ballyvolane, Cork City

Couch to 5k starting in Midleton in September 2017

Midleton Athletic Club are starting their annual Couch to 5k programme in early September. If would like to start running and you live in the Midleton area then see the details below...

From Midleton AC....A new Couch to 5km group will be starting in September so give yourself an early "Christmas Present" and come along. Just imagine what shape you will be by Christmas and how good you will feel having run your first 5Km.

This is designed for total beginners or those just starting to learn to run. You will be helped by very experienced coaches who have trained thousands of people around Midleton and East Cork to run.

Midleton AC is an Athletics Ireland affiliated club and therefore you will be fully insured whilst training with the club.

We also cater for athletes of all levels from five minute milers to ten/ twelve minute milers and beyond. You will be made feel welcome whatever level you are at and can be sure to find fellow runners at your level and make lots of new friends. You will get advice from those who have experience of all levels of running from fun running to national and international levels. We are not in this for the money only for the love of running and of athletics.

New members are welcome at any time and we guarantee we are the best value around at 50 Euro for six months coaching from qualified male and female coaches. If interested please call 0872403940 or email

Reminder....Glounthaune Community Association 4 mile road race - Wed 30th August

Just a reminder...the annual Glounthaune 4 mile road race is on this evening at 7pm

Cork...Wed 30th August 2017 (7pm)...Glounthaune Community Association 4 mile road race...€10... info...

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Study suggests widespread doping amonst elite athletes

In a study released yesterday, it was stated that doping in elite athletics is widespread. Despite lots of tough talk, out of competition testing and micro dosing are still valid concerns. You only have to look at countries like Ethiopia where EPO is openly sold in pharmacies without a prescription and Jamaica where there was no out of competition testing for many years.

This is what the report summary said...

Doping appears remarkably widespread among elite athletes, and remains largely unchecked despite current biological testing. The survey technique presented here will allow future investigators to generate continued reference estimates of the prevalence of doping.

More info HERE

Monday, August 28, 2017

Notice...Elaine Lehane Memorial 5k in Doneraile Park - Sat 2nd Sept 2017

This 5k in Doneraile Park in North Cork is coming up on Saturday the 2nd of September 2017 at 11:30am. It will be on the usual 5k course which is accurately measured and there will be results with times afterwards.

This race is being organised by Mallow AC and proceeds go towards Marymount Hospice.

Nearly 80% of the Charleville Half-Marathon entries now gone

Just a reminder that the standard entry fee of €40 for the 2017 Charleville Half Marathon expires on Wednesday the 30th of August. After that the entry fee goes up to €45.

Entries have now well past the 1000 mark with fewer than 300 places left.

There is a big jump in entries this year and many are no doubt from runners who are targeting the Dublin City Marathon at the end of October. As a fast half-marathon course, Charleville should give people an idea of what shape they're in and what a realistic target for Dublin might be.

The image above shows the medal for 2017.

The Charleville Half-Marathon is on Sunday the 17th of September. More info in this previous post.

You can enter HERE

Guest Post : 10 Things I Think About The Ballycotton Donal Coakley

10 Things I Think Donal Coakley

In these guest posts, Donal Coakley of Leevale AC gives his own light-hearted perspective of some of the races that he has competed in. 

In this post, he gives his thoughts on the Ballycotton 5 mile road race, the last one in the Summer Series.

10 Things I Think About The Ballycotton 5

1. The Wedding
I think that weddings are exceptionally bad preparation for a road race. As my sister will probably only get married once or twice I thought it was a good idea to enjoy it. I survived the wedding relatively unscathed, unfortunately there was a wedding day plus 1.

2. Gin
I think that gin is the best drink for runners. I asked the guy who won the 5k down the marina last week how he got so good. He said he stopped drinking pints and started drinking gin and tonic on nights out. This made sense so I drank nothing but gin and tonic for the wedding day plus 1. I definitely didn't put on weight.

Results of the Mallow Ladies Football 5k in Doneraile Park... Sun 27th Aug 2017

This 5k in Doneraile Park in North Cork was held on Sunday the 27th of August 2017.

Doneraile Park            Sunday, August 27, 2017                Mallow Ladies GAA
Position    Number    Time    Name    Club    M/F    Category    Pace
1    45    18:55.7    O'CONNOR, David    N/A    M    MS    06:06.4
2    78    20:25.7    O'SULLIVAN, George    WEST LIMERICK    M    MS    06:35.4
3    110    20:43.0    RYAN, Barry John    MALLOW LGFA    M    MS    06:41.0
4    124    20:52.6    KILMARTIN, David    NORTH CORK AC    M    MJ    06:44.1
5    116    21:22.7    O'CALLAGHAN, Tadhg    N/A    M    MS    06:53.8
6    44    21:48.2    WALSH, Raymond    N/A    M    MJ    07:02.0
7    31    22:44.9    CRONIN, Pat    N/A    M    MS    07:20.3
8    12    23:05.5    REA, Gerard    N/A    M    MS    07:26.9
9    37    24:13.3    O'MALLEY, Aisling    BRU AC    F    FS    07:48.8
10    7    24:19.8    TOBIN, Liam    N/A    M    MJ    07:50.9

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Results of the Cork City FC 5k ...Sun 27th Aug 2017

The Cork City FC 5k was held on Sunday the 27th of August with 139 people taking part.

1 Rory O'Sullivan    16.27
3 Bryan Crowley        17.33
4 Damian Kenneally    17.43
2 Laura Crowe        17.09
12 Jennifer Goggin Walsh    20.13
26 Martene Fitzgerald    22.27

Photos...(Updated Mon 28th Aug @10pm)
1) There are 3 galleries up on the Running in Cork Facebook page...
...a) About 800m after start
...b) Near the finish line
...c) Prizes
2) Marathoner Kieran Minihane has a nice gallery HERE
3) Doug Minihane has a gallery HERE
4) Joe Murphy of Eagle AC has a gallery HERE 

Full results below...

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar competes in the 2017 Dublin City Triathlon.

Not something you see every day...Taoiseach Leo Varadkar competing in the sprint distance event at the 2017 Dublin City Triathlon.

Results of the Clonakilty 10 mile & 4 mile road race... Sun 27th Aug 2017

The annual Clonakilty 10 mile & 4 mile road race was held on Sunday the 27th of August 2017.

10 mile...
1 David BARRETT    01:00:42  M40 (1)    Togher AC
2 David CRAIG    01:01:37   MS (1)    Bandon AC
3 Patrick MCCARTHY    01:03:47  M40 (2)   
12 Keely TIDESWELL    01:10:06  FS (1)    Clonmel AC
17 Caroline KELLY    01:11:20 FS (2)    London City AC
23 Mary SWEENEY    01:13:59  F50 (1)    St Finbarrs

4 mile...
1 Andrew SHEEHAN    00:21:18 MS (1)    Leevale AC
2 Garrett LORDAN    00:23:27 MS (2)   
4 Paudraig COUGHLAN    00:25:21 MS (3)    Skibbereen AC
3 Margaret MURPHY    00:25:10 FS (1)    Mallow AC
7 Ronnie BARRY    00:26:07 F40 (1)    Bandon AC
9 Anna O'NEILL    00:26:28 F40 (2)    Doheny AC

The full results are HERE

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Results of the Dromahane 5 mile...Sat 26th Aug 2017

There was a small crowd of 99 runners for this years Dromahane Community Park 5 mile on Sat 26th Aug 2017. As you can see from the chart above, the numbers are down 16% this year following several years of growth.

1 Eric Curran Leevale AC 25:17
2 Gavin Sweeney unatt 26:02
3 Niall Shanahan 26:11
9 Niamh Roe Leevale AC 31:26
11 Rachel Stokes Kerry Crusaders 32:29
30 Niamh Lehane 37:57

1) Joe Murphy of Eagle AC has a gallery HERE

Hand written results HERE

Full results below...

Results of the Rathcormac 4 mile road race... Fri 25th Aug 2017

This new 4 mile road race in Rathcormac was held on Friday the 25th of August 2017 and attracted a nice field of 225 runners.

30 ELLEN HANLEY (GRANGE A.C.) 25:44:83    F
32 JOAN ENNIS (GRANGE A.C.) 25:50:70    F

1) Ger Broderick has a gallery HERE

Full results below...

Races in Cork on Sun 27th Aug 2017

Loads of races in Cork to choose from on Sunday the 27th of August...

Cork...Sun 27th (10am)... Clonakilty 10 mile road race ...€25... includes a dry fit top... info...

Cork...Sun 27th (10am)... Clonakilty 4 mile road race ...€15... includes a dry fit top... info...

Cork...Sun 27th (10:30am)...Cork City FC 5km race ...€10... info... walkers & fun runners welcome too...

Cork...Sun 27th (11:30am)... Mallow Ladies Football 5k in Doneraile Park... €10... timed... info...

Friday, August 25, 2017

Results of the Churchtown 5 mile...Fri 25th Aug 2017

This 5 mile race in North Cork had 153 runners.

1 Bjorn Downes    Moureabbey Milers AC        28:53 SM
2 Dermot Kearns    Dooneen AC        28:58 M45
3 PJ Carey    Kilmallock AC        29:26 M40
8 Rosemary Ryan    Dooneen AC        30:13 W40
9 Martina Kiely    St Finbars        30:31 W35
13 Carol Finn    Leevale AC        31:26 SW 

1) Willie Fitzgerald has an album HERE

Results below...

Green light for the Cork City FC 5k on Sun 27th Aug 2017

Just a note to say that the Cork City FC 5k is going ahead next Sunday the 27th of August. Due to ongoing road works, they will be using the same route as last year.

More info in this previous post.

Results of the Ballycotton 5 mile road race...Thurs 24th Aug 2017

The annual Ballycotton 5 mile road race was held on Thurs 24th Aug 2017, the 4th and final race in the Ballycotton Summer Series. This year, 489 runners took part which is down about 50 on last year which is a bit suprising considering it was a nice dry evening. It might just be a sign that of how many races are now on the calendar.

1    0:25:10    O'SHEA, Alan    Bantry AC    M    05:01.9
2    0:26:36    WALSH, Mark    Leevale AC    M    05:19.1
3    0:26:43    O'LEARY, Kevin    East Cork AC    M    05:20.5
43    0:30:45    KEVANY, Sinead    Midleton AC    F40    06:08.9
85    0:32:41    LEONARD, Helen    Leevale AC    F45    06:32.1
101    0:33:21    HARKIN, Susan    unatt/Cork    F    06:40.1

1) There are about 100 photos on the Running in Cork Facebook page HERE
2) Derek Costello of Eagle AC has a nice gallery HERE

Breakdown of clubs in the Ballycotton 5 mile... Midleton AC 44, Eagle AC 32, Ballintotis Fit4Life 32, St.Finbarr's AC 22, Watergrasshill AC 18, Aghada RC 16, Mallow AC 12, St.Catherine's AC 12, St.Catherine's AC 11. 

Ballycotton Summer Series >> The overall positions in the Summer Series after 4 races can be seen HERE   (Provisional)   ...(Use the tabs at the bottom to select the positions after the other races).

Full results below...

Alan O'Shea of Bantry AC...winner of the 2017 Ballycotton 5 mile road race

Ballycotton Summer Road Race Series 2017     41st BALLYCOTTON '5'
    Thursday 24 August 2017. 7:30pm

    Place    Time    Name    Team    Race Age Category    min/mile       
    1    0:25:10    O'SHEA, Alan    Bantry AC    M    05:01.9    1    1
    2    0:26:36    WALSH, Mark    Leevale AC    M    05:19.1    275    2
    3    0:26:43    O'LEARY, Kevin    East Cork AC    M    05:20.5    4    3
    4    0:26:55    FOLEY, Vivian    Eagle AC    M45    05:22.9    5    4
    5    0:26:59    COFFEY, Donal    Leevale AC    M40    05:23.7    6    5

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Notice...Mallow Ladies Football 5k in Doneraile Park - Sun 27th Aug 2017

This 5k in Doneraile Park in North Cork is coming up on Sunday the 27th of August 2017 at 11:30am. It will be on the usual 5k course which is accurately measured and there will be results with times afterwards.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Lost items at the Clonmel Half-Marathon

The above items were left behind after the recent Clonmel Half-Marathon. As you can see, there's a Cork City half-marathon and Ballycotton 10 top in there. If it's yours, contact the organisers.

Notice...Cork City FC 5k run in Curraheen - Sun 27th Aug 2017

This 5k run organised by Cork City FC is coming up on Sunday the 27th of August 2017.

Update : Please note that the race is going ahead on Sunday. The 2016 route will be used because of some road works.

The event HQ is at the Cork City FC training grounds in Curraheen and the 5k route will take in a loop on local roads and walkway.

The route can be seen here...

Entries : Online registration is open HERE

Registration is also available on the morning of the event and it will be timed.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Notice...Glen of Aherlow Loop de Loop Half, Full & Ultra Marathon in Tipperary - Sat 16th Sept 2017

This event is coming up on Saturday the 16th of September 2017 in Lisvarrinane, Co.Tipperary and there is a choice between a 13.1 mile half-marathon, 26.2 mile marathon and a 39.3 mile ultra-marathon.

The route will be fully marked and entry includes a hot meal afterwards and a technical t-shirt.

The course is a 13.1 mile loop. You complete it once for the half, twice for the full and three times for the ultra. The route is on a mixture of hiking trails, forest roads and quiet country roads, starting and finishing near Lisvarrinane.

Race registration, showers and food will be at the Village Hall in Lisvarrinane.

Half Marathon (1 loop)         start 12noon     €40 entry
Full Marathon (2 loops)         start 10am         €50 entry
Ultra Marathon (3 loops)         start 8am         €60 entry

More info HERE

Photos of the Do Run Run 8k/4k on Sherkin Island... Sat 12th Aug 2017

The annual Do Run Run event on Sherkin Island in West Cork was held on Saturday the 12th of August with a small crowd of runners and walkers taking part.

This event over 4kms and 8km was for two causes...Sherkin Island Community Defibrillator Group and Irish Community Air Ambulance.

There are a small number of galleries on Facebook...
1) Irish Community Air Ambulance have small galleries HERE and  HERE
2) The organisers have galleries #1   #2   #3  #4                          

Cork runner Mark Hanrahan wins the 2017 Rose of Tralee 10k...Sun 20th Aug 2017

Another result from last weekend. The annual Rose of Tralee 10k race in Co.Kerry attracted a good number of runners from Cork including Mark Hanrahan of Leevale AC who won in a time of 30m 38s, over thre and half minutes ahead of his nearest rival.

1 Mark HANRAHAN    00:30:38 M (1)    Leevale AC
2 Derek GRIFFIN    00:34:15 M (2)    Tralee Harriers AC
3 Gary EGAN    00:34:39 M (3)    An Bru AC

Results & Photos

Dooneen AC to develop new athletic grounds in Limerick

While this piece of news is Limerick related, it might be of interest to a lot of other clubs no matter where they are. Dooneen AC are one of the largest clubs Limerick and according to the latest stats from Athletics Ireland, they have 269 Juvenile and 84 adult members.

On Monday the 21st of August, the club released the following news item...

The first phase in the acquisition of 5.87 acres of land by Dooneen AC at Caheranardrish, Mungret from Limerick City and County Council is nearing completion. The total sum for this land is €70,000 - we have raised approximately €50,000 so far from efforts within the club and we are grateful of the support of members to date. We need a further drive to raise the last €20,000 over the coming months to complete the purchase of the land.

This sports facility will greatly benefit the Mungret, Raheen, Dooradoyle and Patrickswell community area – if you can help by fundraising, donating or giving in any regard, we would be obliged if you could contact us at

Thanking you in advance, Dooneen AC Development Committee.

The location of the proposed site to the south-west of Limerick City is HERE

Looking at the map, it would seem that the plan is to develop a full 400m athletics track on the site although this would probably be some way off into the future. The only full size athletics tack in Limerick at present is in the University of Limerick.

From what I understand, clubs cannot apply for capital grants if they don't actually own their own grounds. Most clubs are too small to do this and rent facilities instead.

I'm sure that some clubs around the country will be looking at this development with interest and might give them some ideas for their own development.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Notice…John Buckley Sports Cork City 10 Miler - Sat 9th Sept 2017

Here is another one for the diaries. The John Buckley Sports Cork City 10 Miler race is coming up on Saturday the 9th of September 2017 at 6pm. This is the fourth year of this particular event and this year, the race HQ is Shandon Boat Club on the Marina.

Located in the heart of Cork City, this is going to be popular with a lot of runners. 10 miles is a favourite distance for a lot of people as can be seen by the huge numbers doing the various 10 milers like Dungarvan and Ballycotton in the Spring.

As 10 mile courses go, this is up there with the fastest of them and takes in the flat walkways around Mahon and Blackrock.

Preview.......A full preview of the course can be seen here.. 

The entry of €25 includes a dry-fit top. Just make sure you enter online to be sure.

Here is how to enter.....

1) John Buckley Sports.......Just call into the shop and enter. It is just across the river from the Opera House in the heart of Cork City.

2) Online via EventMaster....Click HERE

Race website >

The race is being organised by St,Finbarr's AC. Their website is

Info from the organisers...

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Results of the Skibbereen 10k road race...Sun 20th Aug 2017

This 10k race on Sun 20th Aug 2017 was organised by Skibbereen AC and attracted a very small field of just 50 runners.

1    0:35:38    HARRINGTON, Michael    Durrus AC    M40    05:44.0
2    0:37:53    BOUSE, Ciaran    Eagle AC    M    06:05.7
3    0:38:09    MCCARTHY, Patrick    unatt/Drimoleague    M45    06:08.3
11    0:42:32    COUGHLAN, Aoife    Skibbereen AC    F    06:50.6 
16    0:44:34    HAYES, Orla    Leevale AC    F    07:10.2
19    0:45:27    COPPINGER, Alice    Bantry AC    F    07:18.7

Full results below...

Cork runners take top spots at the Clonmel Half-Marathon

Well done to Cork runners Michael Herlihy of North Cork AC and Aoife Cooke of Youghal AC who were the first man and woman home in this years Clonmel Half-Marathon on Sun 20th Aug 2017.

As you can see from the numbers in the chart above, this race is going from strength to strength and is testament to all the work that Clonmel AC put into it.

1 Michael Herlihy    North Cork AC      1:11:31 SM
2 Conor Mccauley    Leevale AC      1:11:45 SM
3 William Stephens    Coolquill ac      1:12:08 SM
11 Aoife Cooke    Youghal  AC        1:16:55    SW
56 Linda Grogan    Dundrum AC      1:27:58 SW
65 Joan Ennis    Grange Fermoy A C      1:28:30 SW


Michael Herlihy of North Cork AC putting his recent altitude training in the French Pyrenees to good effect to won the 2017 Clonmel Half-Marathon

Aoife Cooke continues her impressive 2017 season to add the Clonmel Half-Marathon to her list of race wins this year

Notice...Ballycotton 5 mile road race - Thurs 24th Aug 2017

The Ballycotton 5 mile road race is the last race of four in the Ballycotton Summer Series and it's coming up on evening Thursday, the 24th of August. One thing to note here and it catches people every year........the race starts at 7:30pm

Registration is at the local national school. The distance from the main parking area to the registration is about 800 metres (10 min walk). From the registration area to the start line is about 200 metres. So if you consider parking.....walking to the registration.....the queue to enter.....walk back to the car......walk back to the start........and the 7:30pm start, you can see how people get caught out.

Entries.......If you are under any pressure for time, then get changed first.....carry the entry fee of €6 in your hand.....and go straight to the start line after you register. Please note that it speeds things up a lot if you have the exact entry fee ready. €1 of each entry fee is going to a designated charity.

If you did the first 3 races then you'll find your race number for the Ballycotton 5m HERE

The overall positions with times after 3 races can be seen HERE

Please note that the race is open to everyone. You do not need to have run in any of the previous races to enter this one. Just turn up with €6.

Post Race...If you have completed all 4 of the summer series......Ballyandreen, Shanagarry, Churchtown South and Ballycotton, you will be given a souvenier plaque.

Back inside the school, there will be tea and biscuits as well as the prize giving. The special series t-shirts for the top 50 men and top 30 women in the overall series will be handed out there.

Preview....More details on the course with maps and photos can be seen HERE

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Results of the Canovee GAA 7k ...Sat 19th Aug 2017

This 7km race near Macroom had a field of just 44 runners, possibly the smallest race so far this year. It also had chip timing.

The results are HERE

Results & photos of the Ballincollig 5k parkrun...Sat 19th Aug 2017

213 people turned out for this weeks 5k parkrun in Ballincollig Regional Park, the exact same as last week. If you look at the chart, the numbers at the moment are about the 220-230 mark, roughly up 10% on the numbers for the same time last year.

1 Unknown
2 Unknown
3 Eoin MAC MAHON    19:28    SM25-29    M3
22 Selina MAKIN    21:58    VW35-39    F1    Wigan Phoenix
29 Rachel O'CALLAGHAN    22:15    VW40-44    F2
42 Regina COMBER    23:19    SW30-34    F3    Leevale AC

The results of the 62nd edition are HERE

1) Joe Murphy of Eagle AC has a gallery HERE

By the way, all parkruns are run on a voluntary basis and they need help every week. Some of the jobs are very easy so if you volunteer, you won't be given something you're uncomfortable with. Just give a hand every few weeks.

New Defibrillator installed at CIT track

Just a note to say that a new defibrillator has been installed on the wall of the equipment shed at the CIT track in Bishopstown. This requires a code to open and is given to clubs upon request.

Medals for Cork runners at National Half-Marathon

The annual Rock n Roll Half-Marathon was held in Dublin last Sunday the 13th of August 2017 with several thousand runners taking part. The overall results are HERE

This also doubles up as the National Half-Marathon Championships and a number of club runners from Cork and Munster made the trip to Dublin.

In the team competition, Eagle AC from Cork managed to secure a team Bronze in the M35 masters category.

L-R... Alan O'Brien, Vivian Foley & Frank Hill of Eagle AC

3 EAGLE A.C. M35 03:49:02 > Alan O'BRIEN 01:11:09.19, Vivian FOLEY 01:15:32.92, Frank HILL 01:22:19.56

In the individual categories, these were the medal winners from Cork and Munster...

1st M45...Vivian FOLEY EAGLE A.C. M45 Male ...01:15:32.92
1st M70...Tony DUNNE GRANGE/FERMOY A.C. M75 ...02:17:33.77
3rd F40...Mags DEMPSEY TRACTON A.C. F40 ...01:27:14.51
1st F70...Maggie DUNNE GRANGE/FERMOY A.C. F70 ...02:37:52.84

It's also worth mentioning that Tim O'Donoghue of East Cork AC finished in 4th place overall.

4 Tim ODONOGHUE 2543 EAST CORK SEN Male 01:08:22.84

Complete results

Cork & Munster Results below.......

Friday, August 18, 2017

Results of the Liscarroll 10k...Fri 18th Aug 2017

95 runners took part in this 10k race organised by Liscarroll AC

   1    0:34:22    SUGRUE, Eoin    unatt/Banteer    M40    05:31.7    800    1
    2    0:35:36    SHEEHAN, Jeremiah    unatt/Lismire    MJ    05:43.6    843    2
    3    0:36:30    HANLON, David    Limerick AC    M    05:52.3    807    3
    7    0:38:23    KIELY, Martina    St. Finbarrs AC    F    06:10.5    846    7
    19    0:40:18    FINN, Carol    Leevale AC    F    06:29.0    820    19
    20    0:40:27    STOKES, Rachel    unatt/Kerry    F    06:30.5    806    20

Full results below

1) Willie Fitzgerald has a gallery HERE

Results of the Lombardstown 8k...Thurs 17th Aug 2017

This 8k organised by Lombardstown Community Council and Duhallow AC was held on Thurs 17th Aug 2017.

1) Eoin Surgue 27:46
2) Alfie Davis 29:25 Leevale
3) Dave Lyons 29:46 Mallow AC
1) Susan Looney 35:27 Duhallow AC
2) Sandra Walsh 36:23
3) Orla Nolan 38:05 Dromahane Road Runners

1) Lombardstown Community Council have a gallery HERE

Full Results below...

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Clonmel Half-Marathon Now Closed!

Entries for the 2017 Clonmel Half-Marathon closed on Wednesday the 16th of August, the first time this race has ever sold out. If you haven't registered already, make sure you don't travel to Clonmel on Sunday looking to enter.

In 2016, they had 690 entries and that included people entering on the morning of the race. With the 800 limit, it's up 16% already and would probably be a good deal more if people could enter on the day.

This race is organised by Clonmel AC and they have grown it slowly but surely over the years. Here is a statement from Niall O'Sullivan of the club..."We are excited to announce the Boston Scientific Marathon is a sell out, with a grand total of 800 entrants! Registration is now officially closed, with no further entries taken online or on the weekend of the race!"

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Results of the Cork BHAA Musgraves 5k road race... Wed 16th Aug 2017

There was a really big turnout of 535 runners for this years Cork BHAA Musgraves 5k road race in Cork City, up a whopping 40% on last year. Despite the rain earlier in the day, it was dry for the race itself.

1 Sean Doyle 00:15:38 Temp Reg
2 Conor McCauley M-1 00:15:41 Apple M-B-2
3 John Meade M-2 00:15:43 Joyce Wolfe Physiotherapy
51 Michelle Kenny 0/35H F-1 00:18:01 Dept of Ed F-A-1
65 Niamh Allen 00:18:29 Temp Reg
69 Niamh Roe F-2 00:18:34 Dept of Ed 

The full results can be seen HERE

Notice...Clonakilty 10 mile & 4 mile race - Sun 27th Aug 2017

This is the 4th year of this particular race  and this year, it's on Sunday the 27th of August. It should be of interest to anyone looking for a 10 mile race in the Autumn.

The 10 mile race starts just on the edge of Clonakilty near the Model Railway Village. It's follows the waters edge for a while before taking in a loop in the countryside.

On the day registration is €25 for the 10 Mile and €15 for the 4 mile.  

>>Entries...You can pre-enter both races here...

There are dry fit tops for both the 10 mile and 4 mile. Participants will need to register online to guarantee this though.

Preview of the 4 mile course HERE

From the organisers......Clonakilty Road Runners AC are delighted to invite you to our 10 Mile and 4 mile Road Race which takes place on August Sunday 27th 2017 at 10am.

Our new 10mile course takes in some of the finest scenery in West Cork (which may include the odd small hill). Our end of summer event is perfectly placed in the calendar to put all that summer training to the test or perhaps to check your Dublin Marathon training progress!

We are also delighted to announce a new 4 Mile option which we hope we will appeal to all fitness levels - We are extending a very warm welcome to all beginners and walkers!

This is the 4th year of this event and has gone from strength to strength. Both the 10 Mile and 4 Mile routes are accurately measured and are approved by Athletics Ireland.  This is a well organised event that attracts all levels of runners. We look forward to seeing you on August 27th and giving you a great day of running in Wonderful West Cork.

The Race Starts on the beautiful Inchydoney Road and finishes at The Clonakilty Showgorunds. We hope you’ll join us for a cuppa and a few buns there afterwards!

Notice...Cork BHAA Musgrave Sports & Social 5k road race - Wed 16th August 2017

The Cork BHAA Musgrave Sports & Social 5k road race is coming up on Wednesday the 16th of August 2017 in Cork City. This race is on the exact same course as the John Buckley Sports 5k which was held at the end of May and is suitable for all types of runner...from the serious to the more casual. The entry fee is only €5 for Cork BHAA registered runners or €10 for non-reg runners.

Update : The forecast for the evening is for much better conditions with most of the rain gone at that stage.

Located near the Pairc Ui Chaoimh stadium, this is a flat and fast 5k course. Registration is at the Shandon Boat Club which is on the Marina, about 400m from Pairc Ui Chaoimh. There is plenty of parking in the area.

There will be the usual post race refreshments in the Shandon  Boat Club afterwards.

Preview.....A full preview of the course with photos can be seen HERE