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John Walshe

John Walshe has been an active runner since the early 1970's and was one of the driving forces in establishing the Ballycotton 10 mile road race and Summer 5 -Mile Race Series.

Over the years, he has also written many articles for the Evening Echo, Irish Runner as well as a host of other publications.

Here are some of the articles that he has published on this blog over the last few years... (Updated 24th December 2018)

John Walshe (Aug 2011) - Ballycotton 11th August 1977...Where it all began...Pt 1 of 3
John Walshe (Sept 2011) - Ballycotton 11th August 1977...Where it all began...Pt 2 of 3
John Walshe (Sept 2011) - Ballycotton 11th August 1977...Where it all began...Pt 3 of 3 
John Walshe (Jan 2012) - Looking back 40 years, Cork X-Country 1972 
John Walshe (Jan 2012) - Setting Good Example, West Waterford's Night Time League
John Walshe (Mar 2012) - The International Military Championship in Ballincollig 1969
John Walshe (May 2012) - 1982...The First Cork City Marathon
John Walshe (July 2012) - 1953...The Day the Cork City Sports included a road race
John Walshe (Nov 2012) - Irish 'Involvement' in the 1973 World Cross Country Championships
John Walshe (Sept 2013) - Ron Hill's 75th Birthday Race
John Walshe (Jan 2014) - Cork Cross Country Victory of 1974 
John Walshe (Jan 2014) - Remarkable Indoor Performance of the Past (John Hartnett)
John Walshe (Jan 2014) - Athletics in Cork mourn the passing of Andy Holden
John Walshe (July 2014) - Cork's First Sub 4 minute mile, July 1974
John Walshe (Nov 2014) - The Manchester Road Race, Cork connection with famous road race 
John Walshe (Jan 2015) - International Athlete Jim Hogan...1933 to 2015
John Walshe (Jan 2015) - Memorable Victory 40 Years Ago Today (Jan 1974 - John Hartnett) 
John Walshe (Mar 2015) - History of the Castlemartyr 4 mile race
John Walshe (April 2015) - The Rivington Pike Race...An Easter Tradition 
John Walshe (May 2015) - The Forgotten Man of Cork Marathon Running 
John Walshe (Oct 2015) - Remembering a Champions Farewell (John Treacy)
John Walshe (Jan 2016) - Fermoy's Decade of Racing Glory (1976 Cross Country)
John Walshe (Mar 2016) - 63 year old Martin Rees sets new age best world record for 10 miles
John Walshe (Apr 2016) - National Marathon of 1976 in Limerick
John Walshe (Apr 2016) - The Ever Present Dozen of the London Marathon
John Walshe (Aug 2016) - History of the Ballycotton 5 mile road race...1977 to 2016
John Walshe (Aug 2016) - The Life and Time of Dave Bedford...Former 10,000m World Record holder
John Walshe (Oct 2016) - The Cork City Marathon of 1984
John Walshe (Nov 2016) - Donie Walsh NCAA Cross Country 1970
John Walshe (Dec 2016) - 100 Plus sub-36 min finishes for Danny Smyth
John Walshe (Jan 2017) - Kevin Donovan begins 32 County Challenge
John Walshe (Mar 2017) - A look at some of the contenders for the 2017 Ballycotton ‘10’
John Walshe (Apr 2017) - Eagle athlete wins British Masters Title
John Walshe (May 2017) - Ladysbridge race recalled
John Walshe (June 2017) - Last on the road
John Walshe (Aug 2017) - Post includes a short article from John Walshe on the Human Race in Kerry back in the late 80's
John Walshe (Dec 2017) - 1978 - An Irish One-Two Over The Country
John Walshe (Jan 2018) - BLAST FROM THE PAST – BALLYCOTTON ‘10’ 1985
John Walshe (June 2018) - National Marathon in Portlaoise in 1986
John Walshe (July 2018) - Recalling a Youghal Road Race of 20 years ago
John Walshe (Sept 2018) - RON HILL’S 80th BIRTHDAY RACE
John Walshe (Oct 2018) - Seamus Cawley going for his 39th Dublin Marathon
John Walshe (Nov 2018) - Top 10 marathon times for Cork athletes
John Walshe (Nov 2018) - The Remarkable Tony Simmons
John Walshe (Dec 2018) - John O'Leary's Amazing Record
John Walshe (Dec 2018) - Irish 10-Mile Rankings for 2018 

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