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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Looking back at 2013...

Now that another year has come to a close, it's time to look back at 2013 and perhaps guess at what 2014 has in store...

Number of races in Cork....One of the big changes in 2013 has been the jump in the number of events in Cork City and County. The graph on the left is based on the number of posts that I have put up on the blog for race results in Cork in the last year. While I may well have missed a few, I have been reasonably consistent in putting up nearly all of the results that I can find so it's accurate enough to show a trend. Note that track races are not included, just road, hill running and cross country events.

Back in 2008/2009, there were roughly 60 events per year. By 2012, that had gradually increased to about 90. In 2013 however, there as been a  big jump. On obvious change has been the introduction of the 5k Park Run in Macroom every week. Even allowing for the 32 of them that took place in 2013, the remaining number for 2013 is about 125, a big change in a year.

So where did all of these new races come from? If you were to look back say ten years ago then the bulk of events were organised by the various athletic clubs, the Cork BHAA and Ballycotton Running Promotions. What has changed in more recent years are the number of events which are organised by others. These include commercial races, charity events, non-athletic clubs, schools, etc.

One noteable growth area in 2013 has been the number of 'fun runs' starting up. This was obvious elsewhere in Munster in 2012 and has now become more wisdespread in Cork in the last 12 months.

Numbers at races.....Despite the large increase in the number of events, there has been no real decline in numbers attending individual races. Many if not most seemed to be pretty steady compared to 2012. An example can be seen in the numbers attending the Churchtown South 5 and Ballycotton 5 last Summer.

Cork BHAA......Looking at the many results, the BHAA had another busy year with plenty of runners taking part in their series of races. They have a full calendar of their own races in 2013 and the process of getting results out in a few days was much improved. It's also worth pointing out that the BHAA races only cost €5 for registered runners, one of the cheapest entry fees anywhere in the country and that has the effect of moderating entry fees in the Cork region. You only have to look at races in Dublin and Leinster to see where €15 is considered 'cheap' for a local 5k.

Predictions for 2014........And what of the new year? What does it hold in store?

Prediction 1......I think we are likely to see the growth in 'fun runs' continue as more organisations look at it as a way to raise funds. Considering that the calendar is already very busy, it's hard to imagine that there won't be some clash of dates in 2014.

Prediction 2......With the introduction of a new 5k Park Run in Clonakilty in 2014, I think there will be around 200 events in Cork County in 2014. If that's the way it pans out then the question will be if there are enough runners to support that number of events?

Prediction 3......With prediction 2 in mind, I think some of the smaller races may struggle in 2014. The big races like the Ballycotton 10, Mallow 10, etc will carry on as before but it's the small races that don't have a lot of local support may be the ones to feel the pinch.

Blog Traffic.....Looking at hits on the blog, it's been another busy year.

The traffic to the website has continued at a high level in 2013 and it still remains by far, the largest running related website in Cork and Munster.

Facebook.....The associated Running in Cork Facebook page acts as a support page for the blog in that it allows people to follow any updates. That hit a new milestone of 4000 'Likes' at the end of 2013.

Credits for the year.....A long list! Thanks to all those of you who have contributed to the upkeep of the blog in it by means of using the donate button on the right hand side of the blog or those of you who bought items on Amazon after clicking on links for the books and watches. Every item sold generates a small commission which keeps the site going.

.........and the most common question I get asked?.......It must take ages to keep the site updated?..........and yes, it does! One of the main reasons for the blog is to have all the results and information for races in one spot. I know from experience what it's like when information is scattered across various sites with each just promoting their own events. That's why I keep a race calendar for Munster on this website and an identical version on the Running in Munster site. There are other calendars out there but none are as accurate or cover the whole province......and believe me, it's a job in itself keeping it updated!

I'd also like to thank all those photographers who took the time to takes pictures and share them with all of the Gearóid Ó Laoi, Kieran Minhane, Doug Minihane and Joe Murphy. I know from speaking to runners that photos are one thing they really like to see after a race. Apologies to any of the other photographers that I left out!

By the way, if anyone wants advice on how to put photos online but isn't sure how to do it then send me an e-mail.

And a final word of thanks to you the reader of this blog. For the comments that you have left during the year and the feedback that you have given on the various races.

New Years Resolutions........If there is one thing you might consider then it's to help out at a race. I have yet to hear any race organiser complain about the fact that they had too many race stewards on the day. Offer to help at one of the many local races, I'm sure they won't have any trouble finding a job for you. It's also a good way to see a race from the other side of the fence so to speak. You might be suprised to see just how much work is involved in putting on a high quality event.

Happy New Year!

Reminder...Bandon 5m race is on New Years Day at 1pm

Just a reminder that the Bandon 5 mile road race is on at 1pm on New Years Day.

More details in this earlier post.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Results & Photos of the Carrigaline Christmas 5k & 10k fun run...Sun 29th Dec 2013

Roughly 200 people took part in this 5k and 10k run on the walkway from Carrigaline to Crosshaven.

The full results can be seen HERE

1) Kieran Minihane has a gallery HERE
2) Doug Minihane has a gallery of photos HERE

(Photo credit...Kieran Minihane)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Current list of entries to the 2014 Ballycotton 10...

A list of entries in alphabetical order is now available HERE

Results of the Togher Christmas 5k...Sat 28th Dec 2013

A total of 288 runners turned out for the inaugural Togher Christmas 5 km road race in sunny but cold conditions.

1    Cathal    O'Donovan   SM    St. Finbarrs 15:15
2    Colm    Sheahan    SM    Leevale   15:15
3    Gavin    Sweeney    SM    Togher  15:24
18    Niamh    Roe  SW    St. Finbarrs  17:40
20    Sinead    O'Connor   SW    Leevale  17:45
33    Niamh    Walsh   SW Leevale18:34

The full results can be seen HERE

1) John Quigley of Eagle AC has photos HERE and HERE 
2) Doug Minihane has a gallery HERE 
3) Gearóid Ó Laoi has a gallery HERE 
4) Kieran Minihane has a gallery HERE

(Photo...Doug Minihane)

Friday, December 27, 2013

Reminder...Togher 5k is on Sat 28th Dec

Just a reminder that the Togher 5k is coming up on Saturday morning the 28th of December at 11am. The event is a 5km road race that Togher Athletics Club is organising in conjunction with the Cork Mental Health Foundation Ltd (Registered Charity). Registration starts at 9am at the Togher Community Centre.

More details in this earlier post.

Results of the Belgooly 4 mile road race...Thurs 26th Dec 2013

The annual Belgooly 4 mile road race on St.Stephen's Day attracted a large crowd as usual and just over €3,700 was raised for the Bowel Cancer Treatment Fund at C.U.H.

1    BRIAN KEANE    LEEVALE    MSNR        19.36
2    JAMES MCCARTHY    EAST CORK AC    MSNR        19.43
3    SEAN MCGRATH    EAST CORK AC    MSNR        20.02
22    JILL HODGINS        F35        23.02
34    NIAMH WALSH    LEEVALE    F35        24.20
38    ANNMARIE HOLLAND    ST. FINBARR'S    F35        24.23

The full results can be seen HERE

1) Michael Dunne has a small number of photos HERE

(Photo courtesy of Michael Dunne)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Results of the Athletics Ireland Race Walking Championships...

These were held in Raheny, Dublin last weekend. Rob Heffernan had to withdraw from the 30k due to a slight injury. Luke Hickey from Cork won the mens 20k title.

Results for 30km Walk (Men)...1st Alex Wright 2.13.57...2nd Brendan Boyce 2.14.58
Results for 20km walk (Men)...1st Luke Hickey (Leevale AC) 1.30.16...2nd Cian McManamon 1.38.58...3rd Sean McMullen 2.08.10
Results for 20km (Women)...1st Laura Reynolds 1.37.50...2nd Brenda Gannon 1.52.38
Results for 5km walk...1st Sinead Burke 26.56...2nd Nathan Murphy 27.52...3rd Robbie Kelly 27.58...4th Orla Dalahunt 28.23...5th Sinead O’Connor 29.51
Results for 3km walk...1st Claire Kennedy 16.12...2nd Niamh O’Connor 16.20
Results For 1km Walk...1st Liam McDonagh 6.07

Jo Fearon completes 12 moarathons in 12 days and raises €12k+ for charity

On the 13th of December, Jo Fearon of Eagle AC started out on her first of twelve marathons on a treadmill in Mahers Sport in Cork City.

On day 10, Jo's accumulated time was 39 hours 03 minutes and 21 seconds. As everything was recorded and witnessed, that should be a new Guinness World Record for the fastest time on a treadmill for running 10 marathons in 10 days.

Yesterday on Christmas Eve, Jo finished the 12th and final marathon in the fastest time yet of 3:51.

In fact, every day her times for the marathon have been remarkably consistent...

3:53, 3:55, 3:55, 3:55, 3:55, 3:55, 3:53, 3:57, 3:55, 3:53, 3:55, 3:51

The main aim of the 12 marathons in 12 days was of course to raise funds for the neo-natal ward at Cork CUH. Between online donations and passers by, Jo has raised an amazing €12,169. If anyone would like to top it up, you can find the online donation page HERE

Nearly there...Finish of the 12th marathon in 12 days and 314.4 miles covered

Gerard Down of Eagle AC with Jo Fearon. Ger turned up on day one to help out and ended up staying for all twelve

Photos by Joe Murphy of Eagle AC

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Appeal for used pairs of runners for charity gets a great response

Back in early November, I put up a post about a charity initiative whereby people could donate their used runners to the homeless charity Cork Simon by putting them into a box in John Buckley Sports.

To date, some 90-100 pairs of shoes have been donated...some in excellent condition and the scheme is now finished. Thanks to everyone who donated their shoes, to Ruairi O'Mahony who helped organise it and to John Buckley Sports for supporting the initiative. If there is a requirement for more shoes in the future then a similar scheme may be run again.

Considering how successful this initiative was, it raises the question as to why couldn't it be repeated elsewhere? Surely there are other homeless charities in Munster that could avail of a similar scheme? Maybe someone in an athletics club could get it started? Approach the charity with the idea.......Explain it to the participating shop who would get increased footfall and free publicity.....and I can put a notice up on the Running in Munster website which gets around 9-10,000 hits per month. If someone wants to do it then you'll find my e-mail address on the right hand side of this page.

Latest update on Ballycotton 10 entries...

As most of you know, postal entries (from Ireland) for the 2014 Ballycotton 10 road race closed last Friday. The organisers Ballycotton Running Promotions have today released a statement about the entries, the most significant point being that they have accepted all entries received by post.


Postal entries (apart from overseas) for the Ballycotton ‘10’ on March 9th next have now closed.

The good news is that ALL entries received by post have been accepted – the list will appear on the website as soon as they are processed.

Overseas entries (remember, this is for those genuinely living overseas – a friend/relative’s address will not suffice) will be accepted by post up to January 7th.

The final list of entries will appear on the website after this date.

Ballycotton Running Promotions (24/12/2013)

Monday, December 23, 2013

Race walker Alex Wright declares for Ireland

Alex Wright from London won the Irish 30 km Walk Championships in Dublin last Sunday in a time of 2h 13m 57s. In the World Championships this year in Moscow, he competed for Britain in the mens 30k walk and was the first Britsh athlete to compete at the World Championships since 1996. Wright has now said that that he is switching international allegiances and declaring for Ireland.

As his father is from Tyrone, Alex Wright qualifies for Irish citizenship and only received it last Friday. He said that some of the main reasons that he made the switch was because he was training on his own in the UK and the lack of recognition for race walking in Britain.

He recently moved to Cork to train with Irish internationals Brendan Boyce and Rob Heffernan.

Some stats...
Personal Best Times
1 mile walk 5.58.4 UK National Record
3000MWi 11.23 UK National Record (Indoors)
5000MW 19:27 UK National Record
10k Walk 41:24.....If repeated, this would put him 5th on the all time Irish list.
20k walk 1:23:05 (Set in March 2013)....If repeated, this would put him 5th on the all time Irish list.

GOAL Mile on Christmas Day...

Just a reminder that the GOAL mile takes place in various locations in Cork and across Munster on Christmas Day...

Kerry...Wed 25th (10am-2pm)...GOAL Mile, Faungorth Activity Centre, Kenmare...€Donation...
Kerry...Wed 25th (10am-11am)...GOAL Mile, Sports Centre, Caherciveen...€Donation...
Kerry...Wed 25th (10am-12 noon)...GOAL Mile, Deenagh Lodge, Killarney Demense...€Donation...
Cork...Wed 25th (10am-12 noon)...GOAL Mile, Doneraile Park...€Donation...
Kerry...Wed 25th (10:30am-12 noon)...GOAL Mile, Intermediate School, Kilorglin...€Donation...
Cork...Wed 25th (10:30am-12:30am)...GOAL Mile, CIT Track, Bishopstown...€Donation...
Cork...Wed 25th (10am-12 noon)...GOAL Mile, St.Catherines Park, Ballynoe...€Donation...
Tipperary...Wed 25th (11am)...GOAL Mile, Ormonde Castle, Carrick-On-Suir...€Donation...
Tipperary...Wed 25th (11am-12 noon)...GOAL Mile, Tipperary Town, Hills...€Donation...
Clare...Wed 25th (11am-1pm)...GOAL Mile, The Fairgreen, Ennis...€Donation...
Limerick...Wed 25th (11am-1pm)...GOAL Mile, University of Limerick...€Donation...
Limerick...Wed 25th (11:30am)...Ballybrown Community Resource Centre...€Donation...
Cork...Wed 25th (12 noon-1pm)...GOAL Mile, SuperValu Car Park, Glanmire...€Donation...
Tipperary...Wed 25th (12 noon)...GOAL Mile, Town Hall, Fethard...€Donation...
Limerick...Wed 25th (12 noon)...GOAL Mile, Crecora GAA Pitch...€Donation...

There are no shortage of race coming up over the Christmas period. See the Cork and Munster race calendar for a list of events.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Fionnuala Britton finishes 3rd in Lotto Cross Country in Belgium

Fionnuala Britton was in action today at the Iris Lotto CrossCup in Brussels which sported an international field of athletes. Having led for much of the womens 6,000m race, she was just passed at the final bend and at the line, she finished in 3rd place just just one second.

SENIORS DAMES - SENIOREN VROUWEN             6000m           
place    number    crosscup number    name    born    country    cat.    club    crosscup points    time
1        36    HASSAN SIFAN    93    NED    sen    NA        19.38
2        15    AYELE ZEWDNESH    93    ETH    sen    NA        19.43
3        14    BRITTON FIONUALLA    84    IRE    sen    NA        19.44
4        4    BELETE ALMENSCH    89    BEL    sen    VAC    25    20.16
5        40    SCHLUMP FABIENNE    91    SUI    sen    NA        20.27
6        31    KOSGEI CYNTHIA    93    KEN    sen    NA        20.33
7        48    RUSSEL LORNA    90    GBR    sen    NA        20.39
8        21    RICHARDSON CHLOE    93    GBR    sen    NA        20.40
10        22    FELTON RACHEL    79    GBR    sen    NA        20.45
11        19    KERSEY GEMMA    92    GBR    sen    NA        20.57
17        27    HOSKER-THORNHILL EMILY    92    GBR    sen    NA        21.26
18        28    LAKE IONA    93    GBR    sen    NA        21.28
22        26    PARRY-WILLIAMS JESSICA    80    GBR    sen    NA        22.01
24        24    ROBERTS KATE    88    GBR    sen    NA        22.09
26        23    RAINWEDD PRICE    88    GBR    sen    NA        22.30
28        25    PARRY KATIE    87    GBR    sen    NA        22.48

Results of the Newmarket 5k road race...Sun 22nd Dec 2013

A record 278 runners turned out for this year's Newmarket 5 km road race, up 13% on last years figure. Looking through the results, one obvious feature is the very fast field with 11 runners going faster than five minute per mile pace.

1 14:14 MCCARTHY, David West Waterford AC M 04:34.8
2 14:27 HANRAHAN, Mark Leevale AC M 04:39.0
3 14:47 MAUNSELL, Kevin Clonmel AC M 04:45.4
22 16:56 CROWE, Laura Riocht AC F 05:26.9
32 17:30 MCCARTHY, Maria Farranfore-Maine Valley AC F35
35 17:39 O'CONNOR, Sinead Leevale AC F 05:40.7

The full results can be seen HERE

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Results of the Shanagarry Christmas 5k road race...Sat 21st Dec 2013

Out of all the local road races in the Cork area over the festive period, the Shanagarry Christmas 5k must be one of the smallest. Today, it had a record entry of 94 runners, up from the record 89 of last year.

The weather conditions were somewhat fact, it rained constantly the warm up, the whole race and the warm down! The joys of racing in Ireland ;o)

1 15:28 MCCARTHY, James East Cork AC M 04:58.6
2 15:30 MCGRATH, Sean East Cork AC M 04:59.2
3 16:29 MEADE, John St. Finbarrs AC M 05:18.2
24 19:58 SWEENEY, Mary St. Finbarrs AC F50 06:25.5
25 20:05 GILROY, Helen Midleton AC F45 06:27.7
28 20:25 BUCKLEY, Sheila Midleton AC F 06:34.2 

The full results can be seen HERE

Lost items.....A pair of blue and orange shoes were left behind in the car park by the church after the race. The organisers now have them put away. If you are the owner, send me an e-mail.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Macroom Park Run cancelled...

Please note that the Park Run in Macroom tomorrow morning (Dec 21st) is now cancelled due to the weather and the course conditions.

UK Athletics to clamp down on race number swapping....

A few days ago, UK Athletics announced that they were clamping down on the practice of runners swapping race numbers...."Athletes who receive transferred numbers without permission will be disqualified from the race. Both runners will be subject to disciplinary action by the appropriate National Association."

The current rule state that...."Numbers are issued to the individual athlete completing the application form and are non-transferable, except with the specific authority of the Race Secretary."

The 'disciplinary action' I presume would refer to members of athletics clubs who are swapping numbers. For non-club runners, there's not much that can be done except for maybe disqualifying them from that individual race and for individual race organisers to ban them from future events.

Some may be wondering why number swapping is such a big issue? There are probably two main reasons...
1) Insurance and medical.....If a person states on an entry form that they have a certain medical condition and then that race number gets swapped to another person then it might be a serious issue if an accident were to happen.
2) Prizes....This is actually a common problem. A typical example might be say a women in a masters category (F35 and above) giving their race number to a male colleague who then runs a fast time. The women gets listed in the prizes while the rightful winner of a prize loses out. In short, it creates huge problems for the organisers.

Now that UK Athletics has introduced 'disciplinary action' for club runners, should something similar be introduced by Athletics Ireland? Comments.....???

Reminder...Newmarket 5k next Sunday 22nd of Dec 2013

Just a reminder that the Newmarket 5 k is coming up next Sunday the 22nd of December.

Anyone that pre-enters online will be put into a draw for a Christmas hamper. Full details about the race in this earlier post.

Notice...Shanagarry Christmas 5 k - Sat 21st Dec 2013

The annual Shanagarry Christmas 5 km road race is coming up next Saturday, the 21st of December at 12 noon. Located just 20 or so miles from Cork City, it might of interest to anyone wanting to try a short local race just before Christmas.

This race is usually a pretty low key event with only about 60-80 runners taking part. There are no big prizes or anything like that, it's just a very simple 5k race which is usually held every year on the weekend just before Christmas day. The entry fee is usually just €3 and any proceeds go towards charity.

Preview....A preview of the course can be seen HERE

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Notice...Cork Simon shoe collection ends 20th Dec

Please note that the Cork Simon shoe drive will be finishing up on the 20th of Dec in John Buckley Sports in Cork City. Shoes will not be accepted after this date. At least three large baskets of runners have already been collected.

If you have an old pair of training shoes in good condition then you might consider donating them.

Details in this earlier post.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Event notice...Bandon 5 mile road race - Wed 1st Jan 2014

This is another race which might be of interest to people over the Christmas period...the Bandon 5 on New Year's Day.

This popular race always gets a good turnout from both West Cork and Cork City alike. The course is a mixture of town and country running with only one real hill of note. The race is being organised by Bandon Athletic Club, one of the major clubs in Co.Cork.

Preview......A full preview with maps, directions, photos, etc can be seen HERE

Monday, December 16, 2013

Notice...Carrigaline Christmas Fun Run - Sun 29th Dec 2013

This 5 km and 10 km fun run is coming up on the walkway between Carrigaline and Crosshaven on Sunday the 29th of December at 10am...

Details from the organisers...
10K and 5K timed and officially measured on 29/12/13 at 10 a.m.
Starting and finish at car park at start of Carrigaline/Crosshaven walkway just after GAA
Adults 10K - €15   (includes a technical T-Shirt) / 5K- €10 (includes a medal)
U16's 5K  €5(includes a medal)

Proceeds to Carrigaline Mens Shed and Carrigaline Road Runners AC.

Festive prizes and fun. Adult entries online at AI permit in place.

A full preview of the course with directions can be seen HERE

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cork teams take silver in the Athletics Ireland Novice Cross Country in Waterford...

The Athletics Ireland Novice Cross Country Championships were held at the WIT Sports Campus in Waterford on Sunday, the 15th of December.

In the novice mens event, the Cork team took second place...

Novice Men 6,000m
# Team Total
1 Dublin 76...7 9 12 14 16 18
2 Cork 132...3 5 25 29 34 36
3 Tipperary 201...1 17 21 32 44 86
4 Waterford 313...2 43 47 58 75 88
5 Meath 338...27 33 51 68 74 85

The individual mens results can be seen HERE

The mens team results for county and club can be seen HERE

The individual womens results can be seen HERE

The womens teams results are not available for the moment.

1) Gearóid Ó Laoi has a gallery HERE 
2) D.Bradshaw has some photos mainly of the juvenile races HERE

Article on BBC News website about running...

There was an article on the BBC News website this weekend about running and more specifically ten different types of runner.

In an interesting stat, they state that roughly two million people are spending at least 30 minutes running to stay fit in England every week. The numbers are up 75,000 in the past six months alone.

The full article can be seen HERE

Results & Photos of the Cork BHAA 4 mile Turkey Trot...Sun 15th Dec 2013

The annual Cork BHAA Turkey Trot was held on Sunday, the 15th of December 2013. The proceeds from this 4 mile race went towards the homeless charity Cork Simon.

 1 Sean McGrath  20:51
 2 Elton Heffernan  21:00
 3 Tony Kelleher  21:17
35 Helen Gilroy 26:16

The results can now be seen HERE

1) Doug Minihane has a gallery of photos HERE
2) Kieran Minihane has a gallery HERE

Friday, December 13, 2013

Race notice...Togher 5k - Sat 28th Dec 2013

This is another race coming up over the Christmas period. The Togher 5k is on Saturday the 28th of December at 11am.

The entry fee is €10 and you can enter on the day.

All proceeds from the event go towards Togher AC and Cork Mental Health Foundation.

From the organisers....The event is a 5km road race that Togher Athletics Club is organising in conjunction with the Cork Mental Health Foundation Ltd (Registered Charity). The race will take place at 11.00am on Saturday 28th December and Registration start at 9am.

The route is based in the Togher and Glasheen area with the starting point being outside the Togher Community Centre on the Togher road. The route continues onto Clashduv road, Glasheen road, Summerstown estate before finishing on Deanwood Avenue.

The event will be officially started on the day by World Champion and Togher AC member Rob Heffernan.

The event will be timed by Champion Chip so each runner will get an official time after the race. There is parking available for all and registration will be held in the Togher Community Centre on the morning of the race. Prizes and sponsored by the Edge Sports and will be presented in Togher Community Association after the race. Refreshments will also be provided after the race in the Community Centre for all participants.

Recent launch of the Togher Christmas 5K at the Edge Sports Shop, Kinsale Road...Pictured are Togher AC Committee & Members with Brendan McCarthy Development Manager, Cork Mental Health Foundation and Mr. Simon Worley, Manager Edge Sports.
The race has been sponsored by the Edge Sports Shop who are one of the main running stores in Cork City.
The course has been properly measured by Jones Counter and is a reasonably fast course.

Full details on the course with directions, maps, photos, preview, etc can be seen HERE

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Munster Athletics announce the following awards for 2013...

The Munster Athletics bracch of Athletics Ireland have announced the Munster Star Award Winners for 2013

Indoor & Track and Field Awards
Clare Laura Power Ennis Track A.C. & Eoin Looney Kilmurray Ibrikane A.C.
Cork Jayne Pennyfather Leevale/Belgooly A.C. & Jack Murphy Leevale A.C.
Kerry Aoife Doyle Star of the Laune A.C. & Eoin O’Carroll Tralee Harriers A.C.
Limerick Lauren Ryan Dooneen A.C. & Evan Crotty Emerald A.C.
Tipperary Emma Hennessy Nenagh Olympic A.C. & Daniel Ryan Moycarkey C.C. A.C.
Waterford Siobhan Whelan Ferrybank A.C. & Paul Murphy Ferrybank A.C.
Junior Women Jessica Sheehan Leevale A.C. & Junior Men Eoin O’Carroll Tralee Harriers A.C.
Under 23 Women...Christina Neville Leevale A. C. & Under 23 Men...Patrick McSweeney Bandon A.C.
Senior Women...Claire Fitzgerald Tralee Harriers A.C. & Senior Men...Tom Boucher Ferrybank A.C.
Master Women...Annette O’Brien Gneeveguilla A.C. & Master Men...John Murphy Liscarroll A.C.
International Award...Robert Heffernan Togher A. C.
Achievement Award...Sarah Lavin Emerald A. C.
Hall of Fame...Waterford
Patsy O’Connor Officer Award...Limerick

Club Awards
Indoor Juvenile Leevale A. C.
Junior/Senior Leevale A. C.
Masters Rising Sun A. C.
Track & Field Juvenile Leevale A. C.
Junior/Senior Leevale A. C.
Masters Waterford A. C. County Awards
Indoor & T/F Juvenile Cork, Indoor & T/F Senior Cork, Indoor & T/F Masters Cork

Juvenile Cross Country Awards
Clare Kevin Mulcaire Ennis Track A. C.
Cork Louise Shanahan Leevale A. C.
Kerry Conor O’Mahony Tralee Harriers A.C.
Limerick Eoghan Beery Dooneen A. C.
Tipperary Ciara Cummins Nenagh Olympic A. C.
Waterford Michael Power West Waterford A. C.

Senior Cross Country and Road Awards
Senior Men Tim O’Donoghue East Cork
Senior Women Sharon Rynne Kilmurray IB
Master Men Eugene Moynihan Marian
Patrick O’Shea Iveragh
Master Women Mary Sweeney St. Finbarr’s

Cross Country / Road Club Awards
Best Juvenile X- Country Club Ennis Track A.C. & Overall Senior Club X- Country & Road Ennis Track A. C. & Best Juvenile “B” X-Country Club Bandon A. C.
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Cork runner to run 12 marathons on a threadmill in 12 days for charity

Starting on Friday the 13th of December, Joanne Fearon of Eagle AC will be starting her quest to run 12 marathons in 12 days on a treadmill with the objective to raise funds for the Neo Natal Ward in CUH.

The project is called The 12 Marathons of Christmas and here is an explanation of it in Joanne's own words...

I've been running marathons for 9 years now. I first started as part of a midlife crisis but the midlife crisis ended up in dozens of marathons, degenerating into ultra-marathons and triathlons and eventually a husband and two kids.

When I had my first baby in 2011, I broke my tailbone and really struggled to get fit so when I was expecting my second earlier this year, I set myself no expectations on recovery from the birth. I was both amazed and surprised that this time, I bounced straight back and was happily running 100 miles a week by the time she was 8 weeks old. As any new mum will know, getting the time to yourself is difficult so much of this running is on a treadmill.

However, I did manage to get out on the roads for the Eddie Murphy memorial ultra marathon and it was while running around the streets of Sixmilebridge that I had an idea..... mmmm.... If I am running quite a few miles on the treadmill each day, why don't I use this to try and do something good for someone else. As it's coming up to Christmas the idea of the "12 marathons of Christmas" started to take shape. I decided to try and run a marathon (42.2 km or 26.2 miles) each day on a treadmill and use it to try and raise some money for charity. The charity I have chosen is the neo natal ward in Cork University Maternity Ward.

Maher Sports have very kindly come on board and despite being their busiest time of year, they have given me some prominent space in their shop on Oliver Plunkett Street in Cork to set up a treadmill. If you are passing the shop between 13th and 24th December, please pop in and say hi, and pop a few coins into our collection bucket.

Update...Thurs 12th Dec...Just under 24 hours until I start. I am nervous and excited in equal measure. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated and volunteered so far. Whenever Niall or I do one of these crazy things, we are always happily amazed at how generous people are with both their time and cash. (Now having buttered you up) Can I put out another call for volunteers to help out please. Lots of people have come on board but there are still gaps (this weekend particularly). So if anyone had a bit of time to spare, I'd love to see you in Maher Sports. We start at 12 tomorrow and 9:30 on Saturday and Sunday.

Friday 13th December... Marathon Time 3:53
Saturday 14th December...Marathon Time 3:55
Sunday 15th December...Marathon Time 3:55...€1,1980 raised so far.
Monday 16th December...Marathon Time 3:55...€2,700+ raised so far.
Tuesday 17th December...Marathon Time 3:55...€4,000 raised so far.
Wednesday 18th December...Marathon Time 3:55...€4,819 raised so far.
Thursday 19th December...Marathon Time 3:53...€5,622 raised so far.
Friday 20th December...Marathon Time 3:57...€6,655 raised so far.
Saturday 21st December...Marathon Time 3:55...€7,867 raised so far.
Sunday 22nd December...Marathon Time 3:53...€8,887 raised so far.
Monday 23rd December...Marathon Time 3:55...€10,542 raised so far.
Tuesday 24th December...Marathon Time 3:51...€12,169 raised.

If anyone would like to make a donation online, Joanne has a charity page HERE

If you would like to volunteer in any way then contact Niall...

Finish of Marathon #4...

Race notice...Newmarket 5 km road race - Sun 22nd Dec 2013

This popular 5 km road race is coming up in the town of Newmarket in NW Cork on Sunday the 22nd of December. This is a fast 5k course and gets a good turnout every year.

One change this year is that the race HQ is at the James O'Keeffe Institute. The race start is about one mile from there so they will be closing entries at 12:40pm sharp.

As you can see from the race flyer above, there are lots of generous prizes on offer and the entry fee is €10. To take off some of the pressure on the day, the organisers Duhallow AC are asking people who are intending to run to enter online HERE

Anyone who enters online will be entered into a draw for a Christmas hamper.

Lots more info including directions, photos, course details, etc can be seen HERE

Update...Please note that there is plenty of parking at the Hi-Land complex as well which is near the start line. It may suit someone who wants to drive away straight after the race.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nollaig O'Neill from Cork wins Lanzarote Marathon in 2:52...

The Lanzarote Marathon was held last Sunday the 8th of December and attracted a field of 186 runners. One result of note was that of Nollaig O'Neill of Leevale AC  who finished in a time of 2:52:58 to win the womens title. Nollaig was the 7th person overall with the first man finishing in 2:37.

Fast forward to 12:30 to see Nollaig finishing...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Time for a rethink on carb loading...??

In the world of marathon running, the concept of 'carb loading' before a race is well known. The idea is that runners eat lots of food high in carbohydrates in the few days proceeding a race to make sure that their energy stores in their muscles and liver are at a high level.

One of the advocates of this approach was Professor Tim Noakes from South Africa who is the author of the book Lore of Running which would be considered by many to be the bible of running books.

Recently, Prof. Noakes has completely changed his view on carbohydrates and now advocates a high fat / low carb diet instead. Needless to say, any advice which says that high fat levels are ok to eat runs completely against the general mantra that all fat is bad.

This is probably a subject that we will see a lot more of in the future. For the moment, you can listen to this interview below and you can make up your own mind...

If you want to hear more info on this concept, the British Journal of Sports Medicine have a poscast below of an discussion between Dr. Peter Brukner and Prof. Time Noakes...

Additional info...
Marathon Talk have an interview with Tim Noakes available as a podcast. Click HERE (Listen between 44:30 and 1:19:32)

Monday, December 09, 2013

Ballycotton 10 entry forms now available...

The Ballycotton 10 mile road race is one of the most popular races in the country and the demand for places last Friday was testament to that. After opening at 2pm, all 2,300 places available online were sold out within 90 minutes although there were some problems with the website being able to handle so many requests.

The form for postal entries can now be found HERE

Note however that these are now the only options for getting in....

1) If you are a member of an Athletics Ireland registered club then you have until Friday the 20th to post your entry in. If you are a member of a Triathlon club, running group, etc then it doesn't count. It must be an athletics club.

2) If you ran all four races in the 2013 Ballycotton Summer Series then as above, you have until the 20th of December.

3) If you life overseas then you have until Tuesday the 7th of January to get your entry in.

4) If you are a non-club runner then your options are very limited. The organisers will accept the first 200 non-club entries to arrive by post on Tuesday the 10th of December. It's very likely that this will be a real lottery as the number of entries to sure be way greater than 200. If this is your only option then try it and hope for the best.

a) Don't send the full entry form, just the strip on the right with your details.
b) Don't staple the cheque to the entry form.
c) You can enclose several entries in one envelope.

If you didn't get in then there is a 10 mile race in Mallow on the 23rd of March.

Fionnuala Britton finishes 4th in European Cross Country Championships

At the European Cross Country Championships in Belgrade, Serbia on Sunday, the former champion Fionnuala Britton finished in 4th place in the womens race. The Irish team finished 6th out of 10.

1     467    DUARTE, Sophie     FRA        26:34       
2     497    STEEL, Gemma     GBR        26:39       
3     582    FÉLIX, Dulce     POR        26:41       
4     519    BRITTON, Fionnuala     IRL        26:45       
5     564    GRØVDAL, Karoline Bjerkeli     NOR        26:52                    
31     532    TREACY, Sara     IRL        28:02           
36     521    DURKAN, Ciara     IRL        28:10               
44     527    MULLIGAN, Sarah     IRL        28:25           
49     523    LARKIN, Ann Marie     IRL        28:45               
55     524    MCCAMBRIDGE, Maria     IRL        29:02

Rank    BIB    Athlete    Nation    Result   
1         Great Britain & NI     GBR    35   
2         France     FRA    54   
3         Spain     ESP    61   
4         Italy     ITA    97   
5         Portugal     POR    109   
6         Ireland     IRL    115   
7         Turkey     TUR    117   
8         Czech Republic     CZE    197   
9         Denmark     DEN    219   
10         Romania     ROU    231    

Post race interview with Fionnuala Britton...

In this post race interview, Will Downing speaks to Fionnuala Britton...


These were the results for the senior men...
1     68    BEZABEH, Alemayehu     ESP        29:11         
2     292    ARIKAN, Polat Kemboi     TUR        29:32         
3     128    VERNON, Andy     GBR        29:35         
15     170    MULHARE, Michael     IRL        30:07             
18     164    MCCARTHY, David     IRL        30:12             
26     171    POLLOCK, Paul     IRL        30:22             
31     169    MULHARE, Dan     IRL        30:29                 
56     158    CLOHISSEY, Mick     IRL        31:23                 
63     175    SCULLION, Stephen     IRL        31:40          

Interview with Michael Mulhare...


Interview with David McCarthy...

Team Result
Rank    BIB    Athlete    Nation    Result   
1         Spain     ESP    31   
2         Belgium     BEL    49       
3         Great Britain & NI     GBR    60   
4         France     FRA    66   
6         Ireland     IRL    90   
7         Turkey     TUR    105       
8         Italy     ITA    151   
9         Portugal     POR    205       
10         Austria     AUT    228       
11         Serbia     SRB    275    

In the mens U23 race, the Irish team finished a very credible 4th...
Rank    Bib    Athlete    Nation    Reaction time    Result        
1     23    HANNES, Pieter-Jan     BEL        24:02       
2     36    TSENOV, Mitko     BUL        24:07       
3     263    CEROVAC, Nemanja     SRB        24:08           
9     174    ROBINSON, Paul     IRL        24:22               
32     177    TRAVERS, John     IRL        24:52           
38     161    DOONEY, Kevin     IRL        24:57           
41     172    QUINN, Shane     IRL        25:03           
60     156    BYRNE, Jake     IRL        25:29           
71     165    MCDERMOT, Ryan     IRL        25:55            

Interview with Paul Robinson...

Team Result
Rank    BIB    Athlete    Nation    Result   
1         Great Britain & NI     GBR    40   
2         Ukraine     UKR    72       
3         France     FRA    78       
4         Ireland     IRL    120       
5         Russia     RUS    139       
6         Norway     NOR    142       
7         Germany     GER    148       
8         Spain     ESP    166   
9         Italy     ITA    180   
10         Portugal     POR    185   
11         Turkey     TUR    191   
12         Estonia     EST    222   

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Results of the Clonakilty Marathon, Half-Marathon and 10k...Sat 7th Dec 2013

The Clonakilty Waterfront Marathon this year returned back to the town itself and it seems have been a great success. The overall numbers were up slightly this year as well so here is a breakdown of the numbers...The full Marathon was up a fraction from 374 to 381 runners, the Half-Marathon dropped from 894 to 797 and this year's 10k race had 913 as opposed to 700 in the 6 mile race last year.

Probably one of the main talking points this year will be the course...and the hills! The Marathon course in Clonakilty is as always the best event of the three on offer. Although there are no shortage of hills, it is easily the most scenic and didn't really change much from previous years. It was my 6th time doing a marathon there this year so there must be something nice about it ;o)

The Half-Marathon was a completely new course and had quite a steep climb at 2.4 miles. The organisers could possibly have taken a more gentle route but the route would have taken in less of the coastline. This was actually an issue with the Half-Marathon when it was held in the town a few years back. It was probably easier to run but it was very obvious to anyone doing the marathon that the half runners didn't really get to see any of the coastline. Given the choice between a 800m hill and a more interesting scenic route, I'd go for the scenic option. There are plenty of flat half courses in or around towns if the only thing that matters is time.

The 10k by it's very nature couldn't go very far before turning for home. The route out to Inchydoney and back is probably the nicest course possible for a 10k starting and finishing in the town.

Overall, I didn't really see any major issues with the event. I've been to plenty of events this year where there was nothing given out when you finished the race except maybe for a bottle of water. For a Marathon in the middle of Winter, a tinfoil blanket, a cup of tea and of course some Clonakilty Black Pudding really hits the spot at the finish. Actually, I was thinking of that Black Pudding several times over the last few miles ;o)

For me anyway, the Clonakilty Marathon in the middle of winter is easily one of the best events of the year.

Opinions.......Did you take part in the 10k / Half / full Marathon? What did you think?


1 Gary OHANLON     Clonliffe Harriers     M 2:46:06
2 Raivis ZAKIS     West Waterford A.C.   M  2:47:59
3 Rory Mooney     M  2:48:36
4 Joasia ZAKRZEWSKI     Dumfries Running Club     F 2:48:41
12 Angela MCCANN Clomel AC F40 3:02:42
20 Maura REGAN     Eagle AC F 3:09:52

The full Marathon results can be seen HERE

1 Sergiu CIOBANU     clonliffe harriers     M 1:08:45
2 Stephen CLEARY Clonakilty     M 1:14:16
3  Robert CLEARY     M 1:20:37
10 Lizzie LEE Leevale AC     F 1:26:32
11 Annmarie HOLLAND St Finbars     F 1:26:53
24 Karen WALSH  F  1:30:34

The full Half-Marathon results can be seen HERE

10 km mini-marathon...
1 Jude MCENTEE     BMOH     M  33:24
2 Michael DULLEA    Skibbereen     M  33:40
3  Alan OBRIEN     Eagle AC     M 35:50
23 Anna ONEILL     Dohery A/C  F40  41:14
42 Mags DEMPSEY Tracton AC  F  43:11

50 Claire O'DONOVAN West Cork Triathlon Club   F (43:29)     43:33

The full 10k results can be seen HERE

1) Peter and Rory Mooney have a gallery HERE 
2) Gearóid Ó Laoi has a gallery of Half-Marathon runners HERE
3) Kieran Minihane has over 300 photos HERE

 One of the features of most local races is of course looking at the photos afterwards. This moment in time was captured yesterday in Clonakilty when two photographers snapped each other at the same time....Kieran Minihane on the left and Gearóid Ó Laoi on the right.


Friday, December 06, 2013

Results of the CIT Cross Country...Fri 6th Dec 2013

This floodlit cross country race was held on the CIT grounds on Friday evening, the 6th of December and attracted 41 runners.

Womens 3000m Race 
#    Name    Club    Cat    Event    Time
1    Carol Finn    Leevale    F    3000m    11:32
2    Michelle Kenny    Midleton    M    3000m    11:49
3    Aoife Carroll    Mallow    F    3000m    12:45
4    Niamh Moore    U.C.C.    F    3000m    13:01
5    Emma McDonnell    Leevale    F    3000m    14:48

Mens 5000m Race 
#    Name    Club    Category    Event    Time
1    Ben Thistlewood    U.C.C.    M    5000m    16:57
2    James Grufferty    Leevale    M    5000m    16:59
3    Mark O Sullivan    C.I.T.    M    5000m    17:09
4    Frank Hayes    East Cork    M    5000m    17:54
5    Joe Cunningham    guest    M    5000m    17:57

The full results can be seen HERE

Looking ahead to the Clonakilty Marathon...Sat 7th Dec 2013

The main event this weekend of course is the Clonakilty Waterfront Marathon, Half-Marathon and 10k in West Cork. This year, the event is back in the town itself which should make things a lot better in terms of parking, getting there and spectating.

The current weather forecast looks pretty ok. Met Eireann are predicting the following...."Saturday will be cloudy in many places; sunny breaks are most likely in the east and south. Most areas will stay dry". With a large high pressure system off the south coast then it looks as if the forecast is spot on. There certainly any large front passing over which might cause any problems. It will also certainly be the mildest Clonakilty Marathon ever. I have done all the previous ones and each day has been cold with the temperatures not too far above zero. This year, it may well be around 10 deg C, ideal conditions for a race.

Course Previews.....If you are doing the 10k race then you can see a preview of the course HERE. There is a preview of the Half-Marathon HERE. The full Marathon is HERE.

Pacers....This are the pace bands for the half and full...
Full...3h 30m, 3h 45m, 4h 00m, 4h 15m
Half...1h 30m, 1h 45m, 2h 00m, 2hr 15m

More from the organisers......
The famous Clonakilty Black pudding will have a stand for you when you cross the finish line as a well earned treat

Mios restaurant in Clonakilty are kindly supplying complimentary teas and coffees at finish line on Dec 7th for all walkers and runners to enjoy. Mios is also a great choice for pasta,steaks and salads for the weekend

Remember that Richy`s Restaurant & RCafe is kindly giving a free nourishing cup of soup for every participants that comes in with a well earned medal !