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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Notice: IMRA Canon Sheehan Loop Trail Race in N Cork - Sun 3rd Oct 2021

The Munster branch of the IMRA are organising a trail race in Glenanaar Forest in North Cork on Sunday the 3rd of October 2021. While the event starts and finishes in Co.Cork, most of the race is in Co.Limerick.

Enter HERE

Note that this event is 14kms in length and has an ascent of 480m so it is quite challenging.

Details as follows...

DESCRIPTION:Canon Sheehan Loop
DATE:Sunday 3 October, 2021
CLIMB (M):480
EVENT DIFFICULTY:6 (2,2,2) - Moderate Terrain, 200M - 500M ascent, 6Km - 10Km
RACE MARKING:Route fully marked - Route fully marked
LEAGUES:Coillte Autumn Trail Series 
ENTRY OPENS:2021-09-26 18:00:00
ENTRY CLOSES:2021-10-02 18:00:00
ENTRY COST:€7 for seniors, €5 for over 65s and under 18s

The organisers describe it as follows... "Our next race is on next Sunday 3rd October, 11am at Canon Sheehan Loop, Glenanair. This is a lovely Coillte trail on the southern slopes of the Ballyhoura Mountains, with a mixture of forestry and mountain top. "

As with all IMRA events, annual membership costing €10 is required. They also have some requirements for the event such as wearing jackets, etc. See the race page HERE

Ross Gallagher completes his first Marathon in Tralee...

While the media focus is usually on the winners of a race, it's worth noting some of the remarkable performances further down the field. 

With that in mind, a big shout out to visually impaired runner Ross Gallagher who completed the Tralee Marathon over the weekend! The Kerry native completed the 26.2 mile course in a time of 5 hours and 51 minutes and wore out 4 guide runners in the process 😉

Ross is a big supporter of the road races in Kerry and competes in a good few of the Cork events as well. Ciarrai Abú!

Ross with his team of pacers

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Irish results from the 2021 Berlin Marathon - Sun 26th Sept 2021

There was a large contingent of runners from Ireland in Germany last weekend for the Berlin Marathon with a good few from Cork as well... shown below in Red.

In the Women's race, Grace Lynch from Caherciveen in Co. Kerry ran an impressive time of 2h 40m for her debut marathon. Not so long ago, that would have been a qualifying time for the Olympics.

2:40 time for Grace Lynch in her debut marathon

Irish women under 3h 30m (chip time)

Place Pl.Cat Name Number Cat Club Gun time Chip Time

20 10 Lynch, Grace (IRL) 15901 WH ASICS Frontrunner UK 02:40:26 02:40:06 
53 10 Mc Cready, Helen (IRL) 27693 W35 ROSSES AC 02:56:51 02:56:03
67 3 De Búrca, Neasa (IRL) 24194 W45 Galway City Harriers 03:00:21 02:59:36
91 11 Rooney, Laura (IRL) 58875 W40 Watergrasshill AC 03:05:28 03:03:38
117 25 Bowe, Hannah (IRL) 15129 W35– 03:12:07 03:08:32
246 39 Egan, Clodagh (IRL) 20097 W40– 03:41:36 03:20:52
262 43 Kirwan, Julie (IRL) 55216 W40– 03:23:26 03:22:18


In the men's race, David Mansfield of Clonmel AC posted a fine time of just under 2 hours 20 minutes.

Sub 2:20 time for David Mansfield

Irish men under 3h 00m (chip time)

Place Pl.Cat Name Number Cat Club Gun time Chip Time

Guest Post: Charleville Half Marathon... by Pat Walsh

 ** Charleville Half Marathon **

First race in 19 months with an official start and finish, number on my vest and a crowd of people.

It was lovely.

Fair play to the organisers who went above and beyond the call of duty. It was handled superbly . Registration was instant, plenty space at start line and with chip timing no crush near the start.

Every junction manned with smiling encouraging volunteers, and the ebullient kids at every water station. Felt real and nostalgic. I loved it.

Nothing beats the crack on the road. The banter, the slagging, the genuine encouragement. Children in Adults clothes running and having fun.


Pat Walsh was back in action, meet the VIPS (Aoife), kiss the babies, hug the girls and whatever else you are having. 

Thanks to Michael Herlihy and all involved. We are in a new era. Hanging around afterwards and the cuppa is gone, but it is good to see a race like this make a start and help us find our feet again. We must start somewhere and grow again. I applaud your effort.🙌

Only negative note and it is serious. Much of this race full of Cork people ran through County Limerick. How can we perform with all those Limerick Hurling flags on gateposts. A Nail in our heart everyone we saw, my head was scrambled… Only messing, if it was the other way around we would drive it home.🥰


Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Cork runner Alex O'Shea is the first of the Irish home in the 250km Spartathlon Ultra

Well done to Cork runner Alex O'Shea who finished his very first Spartathlon 250km Ultra last weekend in a time of 28 hours and 40 minutes!

The race follows the route of the legendary Pheidippides who is said to have run from Marathon to Athens to deliver news of the victory of the battle of Marathon in 490 BC.

According to the event website..."The idea for its creation is belongs to John Foden, a British RAF Wing Commander. As a lover of Greece and student of ancient Greek history, Foden stopped his reading of Herodotus' narration regarding Pheidippides, puzzled and wondering if a modern man could cover the distance from Athens to Sparta, i.e. 250 kms, within 36 hours."

Out of the 167 finishers, these are the ones with an Irish interest....

26 O Shea Alex 126 Ireland 2021-09-25 11:40:53 28:40:12

27 Espina Rolando 98 Philippines 2021-09-25 11:42:23 28:41:41 (Living in Dublin)

28 Higgins Alastair 110 United Kingdom 2021-09-25 11:45:16 28:44:59 (Living in Dublin)

97 Jennings Anne 57 Ireland 2021-09-25 17:38:06 34:37:26

163 Lee Anthony 52 Ireland 2021-09-25 18:50:54 35:50:13

The winner of the 2021 Spartathlon was Fotis Zisimopoulos from Greece winning in a time of 21:57:36. This was the second fastest time by a Greek ultrarunner and the last Greek to win the event was way back in 1998.

Anne Jennings & Anthony Lee in the early stage of the event

Thanks to John O'Regan who provides the following info...

Cork-born John McCarthy was one of three Royal Air Force officers who successfully took part in a trial run in 1982 to see if it was possible to follow in Pheidippides’s steps. The first international Spartathlon was held the following year.

Spartathlon finishers from Ireland with the years completed: 12 Men & 4 Women

Eddie Gallen = Most finishes Men *4
Anne Jennings = Most finishes Women *2
Eoin Keith = Fastest (M) 26:37:50
Doina Nugent =Fastest (W) 30:58:22

Irish finishers of the Spartathlon Ultra

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Results of the Charleville Half-Marathon - Sun 26th Sept 2021

The main race in Cork this weekend was of course the 2021 Charleville Half-Marathon in the north of the county. A total of 327 runners took part on what was a windy day for a race.

Top 10 men & women...

1 Yared Derese (#109) 01:05:32 01:05:15 Open (1) Male  (1)
2 Jake O'Regan (#538) 01:06:31 01:06:15 Open (2) Male  (2)
3 Sergiu Ciobanu (#44) 01:07:57 01:07:41 Open (3) Male  (3)
4 Martin Hoare (#202) 01:10:11 01:09:54 Open (4) Male  (4)
5 Kane Collins (#59) 01:10:31 01:10:14 Open (5) Male  (5)
6 Brian Geraghty (#161) 01:14:00 01:13:43 O45 (1) Male  (6)
7 David Carter (#41) 01:14:30 01:14:14 Open (6) Male  (7)
8 Josh O'Sullivan-Hourihan (#549) 01:14:59 01:14:42 Open (7) Male  (8)
9 Gareth Murran (#451) 01:17:08 01:16:51 Open (8) Male  (9)
10 Sadanand Magee (#286) 01:17:11 01:16:54 Open (9) Male  (10)

1 Aoife Cooke (#65) 01:20:43 01:20:26 Open (1) 26
2 Jennifer Montague (#616) 01:22:14 01:21:56 Open (2) 31
3 Alicia Hudelson (#212) 01:23:30 01:23:12 Open (3) 35
4 Angela McCann (#296) 01:24:31 01:24:13 O50 (1) 39
5 Carmel Crowley (#89) 01:29:02 01:28:44 O50 (2) 65
6 Niamh Cronin (#84) 01:29:04 01:28:46 O45 (1) 66
7 Katie Hickson (#198) 01:29:26 01:29:07 O40 (1) 73
8 Irene Eighan (#132) 01:29:40 01:29:21 O40 (2) 75
9 Julie Mc Carthy (#294) 01:32:32 01:32:12 Open (4) 86
10 Sinnead Oakes (#506) 01:32:59 01:32:39 O45 (2) 90

Full results HERE

First 3 women - Alicia Hudelson #212 3rd, Aoife Cooke ##65 1st & Jennifer Montague #616 2nd

1) The organisers have a large number of photos...

Guest Post: To Run or Not to Run Pat Walsh

 ** To Run or Not to Run ** 🥰

Hi Folks, nothing major this week but just an observation about running in Ireland at the moment and where it is for us. I’m writing this for the ‘ordinary’ runner in Ireland.

Most restrictions are lifted and we are free to travel, free to meet up and race but numbers attending do not match what many thought would be an expected surge in people to get back racing.
Road Running in Ireland had gone through a boom phase last 10 years, with the majority of numbers in the fun / social / bit of exercise category. ‘The gang at the back’
These made up the numbers at any large race and for them it was a social occasion, a reason to train for few weeks coming up to it and it provided a weekly get out of the house option to meet some friends and have a cuppa.

This was lost for 19 months now and many turned to other forms of exercise. People for a long time could only meet family or travel somewhere close to home, so the routine was lost and replaced with another option that more suited lifestyles. For me, a warm jacket and a cuppa from the boot of the car after a few miles kept the sanity. For many others it was time to look elsewhere and walking, cycling and sea swimming attracted huge numbers. New habits were formed that will not be dropped instantly.

This is all understandable. Clubs and running groups, despite their best efforts, struggled to keep people motivated and training. Hard to go on your own when the reason you started was to meet other people.
Then the question you asked, why I’m doing this when there is nothing to train for?  All races were cancelled.

The good club runners and the elite were used to training solo at times and had better ways of fixing goals and targets on an on-going basis.
Virtual races lost their gloss a while ago for me anyway.

I am not pessimistic just pragmatic. 
What lies ahead will be slow and gradual.
Races prices have increased to cover lower numbers. The post-race cuppa is gone for the foreseeable future. Breaking everyone up into starting pods and moving everyone on at the finish line means you may not even meet some of your buddies.
So if you have not been training regularly and not shooting for a PB, then races do not have the draw they once had.

This will get better in time as we learn to live again. Clubs and group numbers will pick up when there are firm goals and races to run. A big race like DCM would draw many back to the roads for the months leading up to it. 

All I am doing with this post is outlining the reason why many fell off the running wagon or struggled to stay on board. It was understandable and no need to beat yourself up over it.
Life was turned upside down and we adapted. 

It will turn again in time. Fashions, fads and other reasons come into play.
Maybe a sea swim in the depths of January, or a cold 2 hour cycle on a wet road always mindful of traffic could be difficult. It might make a handy 5 mile run and an indoor cup of coffee afterwards sound more attractive.
Groups will get back together and offer the support and fun they always did. Races will find better ways of attracting runners. 
Whatever you do, exercise, get out in the fresh air and stay chatting to people.

Any respectful opinions welcomed but no criticisms of anyone or any groups please. Be positive.
Charleville Half Marathon for me this weekend and I’m looking forward to a nice easy run with company.
#pwr #KeeptheFaith #KeeponRunning

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Results of the Allihies 5-mile road race - Sat 25th Sept 2021

This 5-mile race in Allihies on the Beara Peninsula attracted a smallish field of about 90 runners.

First 3 men & women...
1 Nick O'Donoghue East Cork AC M30 0:27:55 
2 Michael Dullea Skibbereen A.C. M40 0:31:04 
3 William O'Donoghue Mooreabbey Milers A.C M50 0:32:02 
7 Rosaleen McKeown F40 0:33:32
8 Deirdre O'Sullivan Beara A.C. F40 0:34:44
13 Clare O Shea F 0:35:47

Results HERE

Results of the 5k parkruns in Cork - Sat 25th Sept 2021

The numbers were up slightly for this weeks eight 5k parkruns around the county and Bere Island has made a low key restart.

Ballincollig Regional Park: The numbers were up 14% this week with 283 taking part in this weeks parkrun. It is slowly getting closer to the long term average of 300.

First 3 men & women...
1 Peter SMALLCOMBE Male SM18-19 16:40
2 Nick HOGAN Male VM40-44 Sanctuary Runners 17:45
3 Tony MC KEON Male SM30-34 18:54
16 Aine CROTTY Female SW30-34 KPMG Running Club 21:01
19 Clodagh KELLEHER Female JW15-17 21:21
36 Clodagh CREEDON Female VW40-44 22:45

Start of the Ballincollig 5k parkrun - Photo by Joe Murphy

1) Joe Murphy has a gallery HERE

Mallow Castle: 108 turned out for this weeks 5k parkrun on the grounds of Mallow Castle which is up 17% on last week. Two weeks ago, the numbers were 107.

First 3 men & women...
1 Unknown
2 Unknown
3 Brian BARRY Male VM40-44 18:45
5 Ailbhe MCDAID Female VW35-39 18:58
22 Denise QUILTER Female VW35-39 Millstreet Athletic Club 23:08
27 Elaine O'CALLAGHAN Female VW35-39 23:35

Glen River: The were 73 finishers in this weeks 5k parkrun in the Glen in the northside of Cork City which is down a bit on the 82 of last week. The long term average is 82.

First 3 men & women...
1 Willie WALSH Male VM45-49 Carraig na bhFear AC 18:53
2 Seamus LEDDY Male VM40-44 Abbey Runners Leeds 19:43
3 Loic GAREL Male VM40-44 19:53  
19 Clare KEAVENEY JIMENEZ Female SW25-29 24:24
21 Lisa SHINE Female VW35-39 Crusaders Athletic Club 24:55
27 Sheena FLEMING Female VW35-39 26:10

Macroom Desmense: There was a modest turnout of 40 for this one in Macroom which is down slightly on the 43 of last week. The long term average is 54.

First 3 men & women...
1 Conor LUCEY Male VM35-39 18:34
2 Enda O'FLAHERTY Male VM35-39 20:50
3 Padraig COURTNEY Male VM35-39 Castlehaven GAA 20:51
14 Leah BRADLEY Female JW11-14 26:13
15 Elaine CURRAN Female VW40-44 26:21
17 Mairead MURPHY Female VW45-49 26:26

Clonakilty: 30 completed this weeks 5k parkrun which isn't too far off the long term average of 37.

First 3 men & women...
1 Mícheál Ó SÉ Male VM35-39 18:57
2 Niall O'CONNOR Male VM45-49 Ranelagh Harriers 20:39
3 Donal MCCORMACK Male VM35-39 20:52
5 Sandra WALSH Female VW50-54 23:09
11 Katie HARTE Female SW25-29 Clonakilty Roadrunners AC 26:27
13 Karin CONNOLLY Female VW45-49 Bishopstown Orienteering Club 30:12

Castlehaven: There were 22 finishers for this weeks 5k parkrun in Rineen Woods near Castlehaven.

First 3 men & women...
1 Chris HAYES Male SM30-34 Castlehaven GAA 22:05
2 Florence FITZGERALD Male SM30-34 23:00
4 Michael WILSON Male VM50-54 26:37
3 Niamh O'BRIEN Female SW30-34 24:12
6 Emma HORLER Female VW55-59 27:01
8 Sharon LEVIS Female VW40-44 27:16

Bere Island: The 5k parkrun on Bere Island restarted in a low key fashion with 28 taking part. The long term average is 47.

First 3 men & women...
1 Unknown
4 Unknown
6 Unknown  
2 Michelagh MURPHY Female JW15-17 25:51
3 Carol HURLEY Female VW50-54 Beara AC 26:46
5 Noelette BUCKLEY Female VW50-54 29:37

Glengarriff Woods: This seems to be the one parkrun in Cork that recorded numbers above the long term average. There were 61 finishers this week, 11 up on the 50 of last week and ahead of the long term average of 58.

First 3 men & women...
1 Peter LITTLE Male VM45-49 20:44
2 Sean O'SHEA Male JM15-17 21:45
3 Kevin GLEESON Male VM35-39 21:50
6 Orla CROSBIE Female VW50-54 St Finbarrs AC 23:50
9 Marie Therese BRADY Female VW45-49 25:37 
11 Fleur HINDLEY Female VW55-59 25:57

Friday, September 24, 2021

Notice: Douglas Credit Union Charity 5k in Tramore Valley Park - Sun 3rd Oct 2021

Following on from the success of the inaugural event in 2019, the second Douglas Credit Union Charity 'Current Account' 5k is coming up in Tramore Valley Park in Cork City on Sunday the 3rd of October 2021 at 11am.

The entry fee is €15 + an online fee of €1.05.


You can also enter on the morning of the event.

Please note that there will be a draw for a free pair of NIKE AIR PEGASUS shoes for all those who pre-enter courtesy of John Buckley Sports.

Funds raised will go to two charities, RNLI Lifeboats & Cork Cancer Care Centre.

Access by car is of course via the South Link Road. There is a pedestrian entrance from near Douglas Shopping Centre but it's a fair bit away.

The 5k course itself is basically two 2.5km loops...

There are no real hills to speak of and the course is a mix of a compact gravel surface and tarmac.

More info about the park at this LINK

Considering its central location and proximity to the South Ring Road, it should get a good turnout.

Friday Jigsaw: Glen River 5k parkrun restarts - Sept 2021

Just to highlight the fact that the weekly 5k parkruns have restarted, this weeks online jigsaw is of a small group before the Glen River event last weekend. Photo courtesy of Mick Dooley.

You can find the 88-piece jigsaw HERE

Thursday, September 23, 2021

12-Week Couch to 5k Running Programme for Beginners - Q4 2021

This 12-week running programme is designed with beginners in mind and get them used to running on a regular basis. The programme is tailored for each individual person and it's not some sort of generic one-size fits all plan. The plan is dynamic in that it adapts according to the progress being made.

The problem with fixed plans is that they are not going to suit everyone. Every person is different and each person progresses at their own rate.

With the 12-week plan, some people will able to run say the 5k distance early on in the programme. In that case, the remainder of the programme is used to move beyond the 5k distance. Others might take 12-weeks to get to their 5k distance. The priority is that each person is making gradual progress at their own rate.

This is how it works...

a) You'll have to answer questions initially so that a suitable programme can drawn up. This will be based on what you do currently and what time you have available. It's a plan designed to suit your life and work schedule as opposed to the other way around.

b) An email is sent to you every week with your individual training programme. You'll have to provide feedback every week and the following weeks plan will be based on this.

c) You really do have to follow the plan. There is no point dipping in and out of it or be off doing other things every weekend when you're supposed to be doing a training session. The plan can be adapted if training days are missed but they should be occasional.

d) The plan is targeted at someone who can't make the more typical Couch to 5k classes on offer and needs something more flexible.  

The cost for the 12-weeks is €69.

While the 12-week programme officially starts on the 10th of January 2022, the dates are flexible as it is tailored for each individual.

If interested, email: johndesmondrunning AT gmail DOT com

Cork runners take podium places at the Castleisland 5k - Fri 17th Sept 2021

The third race of three in the Castleisland 5k Autumn series in Co. Kerry was held on Friday the 17th of September 2021 and there were several Cork runners in the podium places.

In the men's race, Kieran McKeown of Watergrasshill AC finished in second place with a time of 16:23.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Work completed on the running track in Carrigaline - Sept 2021

Update 22nd Sept 2021: The new running track in Carrigaline has now been finished and is open to the public.

As you can see from the photos above and below courtesy of Cork County Council, they made a fine job of it.

The track which is behind the Community Centre is about 430 metres in length and it connects in to the other paths in the Community Park so that bigger loops can be completed. As outlined below, it could form the basis of a very nice weekly 2k parkrun for kids if the local community got the ball rolling.

More info below...

Charleville Half-Marathon Entries Close Thursday 23rd Sept...

Just a reminder that entries for the 2021 Charleville Half-Marathon close on Thursday the 23rd of September.

More info in this previous post HERE

Or go to the race website to enter...

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Notice: IMRA Glensheskin Woods Half-Marathon nr Fermoy - Sat 30th Oct 2021

This might be of interest to those of you who want to try something different.

The Munster branch of IMRA are holding a trail half-marathon in Glensheskin Woods near Fermoy on Saturday the 30th of October 2021. Note that it starts at 7:30pm so torches are required!

This is very much in the same format as the popular Ballyhoura Moonlight Half-Marathon which takes place in the Summer months.


Some details...

DESCRIPTION: Glensheshkin Woods Half Marathon
DATE: Saturday 30 October, 2021
TIME: 19:30
CLIMB (M): 300
MARKING: Only major junctions marked - Only major junctions marked
ENTRY CLOSES: 2021-10-16 23:59:00
ENTRY COST: €30 Online entry only for this race.
ROUTE DESCRIPTION:Mostly runnable trail, but will include some short challenging sections
GETTING THERE:Kilworth Woods, Kilworth, Co. Cork. From the square in the centre of the village, follow yellow Avondhu way-markers and the sign for Ballyporeen (15km). After 1km, turn left into Glensheskin Wood and walk over the bridge into the carpark.

Map showing location of start HERE

This is the souvenir race mug...

As with all IMRA events, annual membership costing €10 is required. They also have some requirements for the event such as wearing jackets, etc. See the race page HERE

Bristol half marathon winner disqualified after finishing first in the wrong race

On Sunday the 19th of September, the Bristol Half-Marathon (21.1km) was held alongside the Bristol 10k in the Great Bristol Run. It wasn't without controversy however.

The first man home in the Half-Marathon was Omar Ahmed as shown above. The problem however was that he had entered the 10k race but ended up accidentally running the half marathon in just 63 minutes. It seems that he went the wrong way when he reached the point where the course split for the two distances. He was later disqualified.

A spokesperson for the organisers said... "Ahmed entered the 10K as an elite runner and not the half marathon. Therefore he was not officially part of the half marathon race and has to be disqualified. Rules are rules and in this case they say we have to disqualify Omar. We salute his performance, and he has been invited to take part in next week's Great Manchester Run as an elite athlete. Of course, we also look forward to welcoming him back to Bristol for 2022's Great Bristol Run."

What the organisers don't say is how could the lead man in the 10k take the wrong course? Was there not a lead bike for the 10k? Was the split in the course obvious with large signs?

Monday, September 20, 2021

Results & Photos of the IMRA Glen of Aherlow Trail Half-Marathon - Sat 18th Sept 2021

The main running event in Munster last weekend was the IMRA Glen of Aherlow Trail Half-Marathon on Saturday the 18th of September 2021 which attracted a field of 130 runners. Tom Blackburn was the first man home while the first woman finished in second place overall.

Looking through the results, there were plenty of runners from Cork in the event as well.

Top 3 men & women...
1 Tom Blackburn 413 M55 1:40:08 Mooreabbey Milers Limerick
3 Conor Murphy 195 M45 1:43:29 Cork and Kerry Trail Runners Kerry
4 Gearoid Kennedy 2151 M40 1:44:23
2 Sophie Daly 902 F 1:42:41 Kerry
29 Trish Dorgan 1125 F40 1:58:47 Cork
40 Miriam Beasley 361 F45 2:01:35 Star of the Laune AC Kerry

The full results are HERE

1) The organisers have a number of galleries... START... GALLERY 2 ... GALLERY 3 ... GALLERY 4 ... GALLERY 5

Guest Post: PWR / SRR Ballycotton 10-Mile Pat Walsh

 ** Pat Walsh Running / Saturday Road Runners Ballycotton 10 **

Lovely morning when some of my crew and our welcome guests from SRR ran the Famous Ballycotton 10 route.

Why?.... Why Not?🤣🤣

Time to be getting out there again to mix with people and exercise in the beautiful Autumn day that we had. Peach of a morning and was even a little too hot towards the end but no complaining. 🤓🧐

Thanks Saturday Road Runnersfor travelling to us for the gallop. Hope you enjoyed the visit to the sunny East Cork. Weather always good here and I hope you behaved and got home safely. 

Winner on the day. No idea, think everyone who ran was a winner.

Well done to the lads who missed a sign and did the inaugural Ballycotton 15 mile. Must Map that route 😃

Life is for living and after 18 months it is time to go again.

Few more races on the horizon that I am signed for, and a few more hopefuls in the pipeline. Be very afraid as I might turn up to a venue near you.

I will attend and run and finish. Forget the watch, Take the pics,  Smile and move on. Racing is postponed until 2022

“Well we are all here again for the Ballycotton 10

Lined up and ready for to go” The Great Dick O’Brien.


Sunday, September 19, 2021

Current advice on carpooling while travelling to races - Sept 2021

Mountaineering Ireland is the national association for hillwalking clubs in Ireland and they recently got some guidelines from Sport Ireland about travelling and carpooling for their members. The guidelines for walkers would obviously apply to any runners travelling or car pooling as well. 

The advice is as follows:

  • In line with the return of public and private transport participants may wish to return to the use of carpooling.
  • Private transport carrying those not yet vaccinated or of mixed immunity should be aware of the higher risk.
  • The use of appropriate face coverings is recommended.
  • If carpooling, consider use of a pod system in which the same participants pool together for all activities.

For clubs that utilise private coaches etc. the advice is as follows:

  1. While Public transport is operating at full capacity, Private Coach Tour activity is limited at 75% capacity with protective measures.
  2. Sporting Organisations organising transport to/from events should implement private Coach Tour capacities (75%).
  3. Protective measures such as physical distancing, mask wearing etc. should also be implemented.
Advice from Sport Northern Ireland for clubs, members and all other participants in Northern Ireland is as follows:

  • When sharing transport e.g., private car when travelling to and from venues, it is important to maintain a flow of clean air through the vehicle. Ideally by opening windows back and front.

Podium finish for Cork runner Michelle Kenny at Galway Cross Country - Sat 18th Sep 2021


The Castlegar AC Open Cross Country was held at the Galway Race Course on Saturday the 18th of September 2021. There were 105 finishers in the adults races with the women completing a 4k course while the men ran 6k.

Cork runner Michelle Kenny managed to get a podium place with a third place finish.

Ladies 4k
936 1 Aoife Kilgallon Sligo A.C. F 0:14:30  
950 2 Breege Connolly City of Derry AC Spartans F40 0:15:07  
1263 3 Michelle Kenny Leevale A.C. F40 0:15:32

To be honest, I only came across this result by accident! I was checking up on the result for someone I'm coaching and I noticed that a runner from Cork had finished in 3rd place.

The course was described to me as a "Good honest course with lots of uphill and downhill, lots of twists and turns, ground very firm."

There are a few members of Leevale AC also listed in the men's race.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Results of the 5k parkruns in Cork - Sat 18th Sept 2021

It looks as if there was a slight uptick in numbers for the 5k parkruns in Cork this weekend with 569 taking part in contrast to the 525 for last week. The overall number for the seven events was down about 15% on the long term average. There certainly isn't any sign of a surge in numbers returning to the weekly events around the county.

The Bere Island parkrun is still on the missing list and they hope to return soon.

Ballincollig Regional Park: 248 turned out for this weeks 5k parkrun which is up on the 210 of last week but still well down on the long term average of 300.

First 3 men & women...
1 Ger FORDE Male VM40-44 Crusaders Athletic Club 17:24
2 Hafiz ULAG Male SM20-24 17:25
3 Rory O' SULLIVAN Male VM40-44 St Finbarrs AC 17:27
25 Niamh CRONIN Female VW45-49 St Finbarrs AC 21:35
33 Clodagh KELLEHER Female JW15-17 22:30
34 Claire ROCKALL Female SW30-34 22:32

Ballincollig results...

1) Colette Ryan has a gallery HERE

Mallow Castle: 92 turned out for this weeks 5k parkrun in Mallow which was down on the 107 last week. One unusual feature of the results was that just one man finished ahead f the first two women.

First 3 men & women...
1 Barry MEADE Male VM35-39 18:21
4 Grzegorz KOZIMALA Male VM40-44 19:55
5 Aaron CAHILL Male SM30-34 19:59
2 Martina KIELY Female VW35-39 St Finbarrs AC 18:33
3 Ailbhe MCDAID Female VW35-39 19:32 
27 Elaine O'CALLAGHAN Female VW35-39 24:17

Macroom Desmesne: 43 turned out for this weeks 5k parkrun in Macroom which is down on the 51 of last week. The long term average is 54.

First 3 men & women...
1 Padraig SHEAHAN Male VM55-59 Millstreet Athletic Club 19:30
2 Rory MCELROY Male JM11-14 West Muskerry A.C. 21:05
3 Ciaran SLATTERY Male VM35-39 21:13
7 Mcguinness MARINA Female VW45-49 2018 Operation Transformation 24:29
11 Noreen STEWART Female VW35-39 25:04
12 Pauline CALLAN Female VW45-49 25:12

Clonakilty: 29 turned out for this weeks 5k parkrun at the Clonakilty Showgrounds which is down on the 38 of last week. The long term average is 37.

First 3 men & women...
1 Mícheál Ó SÉ Male VM35-39 19:14
2 Joe HALLISSEY Male VM40-44 19:51
3 Liam DOUGHERTY Male VM35-39 20:28
5 Debra O'LEARY Female SW30-34 22:00
8 Helen ANDERSON Female VW45-49 23:25
12 Grainne CROWLEY Female VW45-49 26:32

Glen River Park: 82 turned out for this weeks 5k parkrun in the Glen in the northside of Cork City  which is up from the 56 last week. The long term average is 88.

First 3 men & women...
1 Seamus LEDDY Male VM40-44 Abbey Runners Leeds 19:27
2 Edward AHERN Male SM25-29 19:53
3 Loic GAREL Male VM40-44 20:04
12 Aileen O MAHONY Female VW35-39 22:42
21 Sandra WALSH Female VW50-54 23:48
31 Ann HIGGINS Female VW55-59 Sportsworld 25:38

1) Mick Dooley has a small gallery HERE

Castlehaven: 25 turned out in Rineen Woods for the Castlehaven 5k parkrun which is up a bit from the 21 of last week. The long term average is 31.

First 3 men & women...
1 Padraig COURTNEY Male VM35-39 Castlehaven GAA 22:26
2 Brian MCCARTHY Male VM35-39 22:40
4 Florence FITZGERALD Male SM30-34 23:26
3 Laura MCNALLY Female VW35-39 22:51
5 Niamh O'BRIEN Female SW30-34 24:10
6 Deirdre MCCARTHY Female VW40-44 Manchester Tri Club 25:26

Glengarriff: 50 runners turned out for this weeks 5k parkrun in Glengarriff Woods which is up on the 42 of last week. The long term average is 58.

First 3 men & women...
1 Stephen O'SULLIVAN Male VM50-54 21:03
2 Kevin GLEESON Male VM35-39 22:05
3 Ray SMITH Male VM55-59 22:29
7 Breda MCELHINNEY Female VW50-54 25:15
8 Fleur HINDLEY Female VW55-59 26:00
9 Jacquie O'SULLIVAN Female VW40-44 26:27

Friday, September 17, 2021

Friday Jigsaw: Watergrasshill AC at the 2017 Ballycotton 10 mile

For this weeks online jigsaw, we have a picture of members of Watergrasshill AC before the start of the 2017 Ballycotton 10-mile road race.

You can find the 216-piece jigsaw HERE

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Winner of Vienna Marathon Disqualified due to illegal shoes

Now for an unusual story. Last weekend, the Vienna City Marathon was held with 6000 runners registered for the event. The first runner across the line was Derara Hurisa from Ethiopia with a time of 2 hour 9 minutes and 22 seconds.

Not long after finishing however, he was disqualified for wearing 'illegal shoes' that had soles that were 1cm thicker than the legal 4cm limit.

The oganisers wrote... “Winner disqualified: The initial winner of the Vienna City Marathon had to be disqualified for wearing shoes which are not compliant with the rules. Ethiopia’s Derara Hurisa crossed the finish line first after 2.09:22,”

“The sole of road running shoes has to be no thicker than four centimetres. Hurisa was running with a model that has a sole thickness of five centimetres.”

“Kenya’s Leonard Langat is now the winner of the Vienna City Marathon with a time of 2.09:25,”

The illegal shoes in question were the Adidas Prime X.

Nike were the first company to market special shoes with carbon fibre plate in their sole to help the athlete spring forward. Other companies soon came up with their own designs.

At the start of 2020, World Athletics, the governing body for track and field imposed a ban on any shoes with a sole thicker than 40 millimetres (4cms) or shoes that contain more than one plate.

With regards to the disqualification in the Vienna Marathon, the organisers said that every runner or their manager had to fill in a form in which they have to name the model of the shoe they were going to wear. On Hurisa’s form a shoe was named that was within the rules. 

“We also stressed in the technical meeting the rules about the shoes. Unfortunately we had no other choice than disqualifying the athlete. It is the first time something like this has happened. And I am pretty sure that from now on there will be some form of checks to avoid something like this to happen again in a major race.“

For some reason on race day, he wore the Adidas Prime X shoes which he had used in training and thought they were within the rules.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Results of the IMRA Curragh Woods Trail Race - Sun 12th Sept 2021

A total of 51 runners turned out for this 9.9 km trail race in Curragh Woods near Midleton last Sunday on what was a very wet morning.

First 3 men & women...

1 Pat Doherty 2194 M40 0:49:47 Cork
2 Nick Hogan 1770 M40 0:52:15 Cork
3 Aedan Bermingham 893 M35 0:53:19 Cork
9 Kealey Tideswell 1485 F35 1:01:13 Clonmel AC Tipperary
12 Nessa Rochford 774 F45 1:03:17 Cork
25 Noreen O Keeffe 1686 F45 1:13:49 Watergrasshill AC Cork

The results are HERE

The next IMRA race locally is in Rochestown Woods on the 10th of October

Monday, September 13, 2021

Phase 1 of the Marina Park in Cork City to open in Nov 2021

In response to a query, Cllr Kieran McCarthy of Cork City Council was informed that Phase 1 of the new Marina Park would open in November of 2021.

"The opening of Marina Park Phase 1 is scheduled for mid to late November, if issues arise during completion of the remaining works, Council will be advised of this."

The photo above shows the area under development which is just to the south-west of Pairc Ui Chaoimh.

From a running point of view, this will allow for more loops for short runs and the venue with a coffee dock could well become the focal point for any groups doing a run and having a cuppa afterwards.

As the various elements of this project come to fruition then it's not hard to imagine the potential of a weekly 5k parkrun here taking in the park and the Marina.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Cork runner Mark Walsh wins the 2021 Tralee 10k road race in 33:13

A total of 118 runners turned out for this years Tralee 10k race which was held on Saturday the 11th of September 2021. The first man home was Mark Walsh of Leevale AC who won in a time of 33m 13s.

Looking through the photos, there were plenty of other runners from Cork in the race but no clubs are shown in the results so it's hard to know how many.

First 3 men & women...
1 Mark Walsh 146 M MS 00:33:13
2 Derek Griffin 98 M MS 00:33:57
3 Garrett Lordan 110 M M40 00:34:50
21 Clare Coleman 72 F1 FS 00:41:45
30 Rachel Leane 177 F2 F40 00:43:36
42 Mary O Connell 151 F3 F40 00:46:29

Full results HERE

1) Barry Fitzgerald has some nice photos HERE

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Cautious return to 5k parkruns in Cork with a modest turnout - Sat 11th Sept 2021

A total of seven 5k parkruns in Cork restarted on restarted on Saturday the 11th of September 2021 and the numbers in some locations was well down on what they were pack in the Spring of 2020. Some might have expected big numbers turning out with a lot of pent up demand but that certainly doesn't seem to have been the case.

I suspect the organisers may have been afraid that big numbers would flock back after the restrictions had lifted but that certainly doesn't seem like the case. Perhaps some people are still hesitant about attending any event where there are large crowds? It could also be a case that people have got out of the habit of going to a local 5k parkrun on Saturday morning and it will take time for those numbers to return.

Ballincollig Regional Park: 209 runners turned out for this one which while well ahead of most of the recent club races, is still well down on the long term average of 300. The previous parkrun on the 7th of March 2020 got 360 and even that one was modest.

First 3 men & women...
1 Rowan DALY Male SM20-24 St Albans AC 17:59
2 John O MAHONY Male VM45-49 18:39
3 Tobi GRAB Male VM40-44 Leevale AC 18:48
18 Niamh CRONIN Female VW45-49 St Finbarrs AC 21:13
34 Clodagh CREEDON Female VW40-44 23:19
40 Elaine GUINANE Female VW40-44 Eagle A.C. 23:19

Glen River Park: There was a modest 53 finishers for this one with the long term average being 88.

First 3 men & women...
1 Matej HAULÍK Male SM20-24 Vege Runners 19:13
2 Loic GAREL Male VM40-44 19:47
3 Richard BOURKE Male VM40-44 St Finbarrs AC 19:50
17 Clare KEAVENEY JIMENEZ Female SW25-29 25:40
18 Sheena FLEMING Female VW35-39 25:57 
19 Mary O'HALLORAN Female VW50-54 Togher AC 25:58

1) Small gallery by John Mc HERE

Mallow Castle: The 5k parkrun in Mallow has now moved to a new course by the Castle. A total of 107 took part.

First 3 men & women...
1 Kevin CLANCY Male JM15-17 18:30
2 Ronan MOYNIHAN Male VM35-39 Crusaders Athletic Club 18:40
3 Finbarr KELLEHER Male VM35-39 19:44
8 Marie KELLY Female SW30-34 21:01
18 Claire ROCKALL Female SW30-34 22:40
27 Edel BUCKLEY Female VW35-39 24:22

1) Klickapic has three nice galleries on Facebook... Gallery 1 ... Gallery 2 ... Gallery 3

Mallow Castle 5k parkrun... Photo by Klickapic Photography

Other parkruns...

51 in Macroom, avg 53
Macroom results...

38 in Clonakilty, avg 37

21 in Castlehaven, avg 31

42 in Glengarriff, avg 59