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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Over 4000 runners take part in Raheny 5-mile last weekend...

One of the big running events in Ireland last weekend was the Raheny 5-mile road race in Dublin on Sunday 28th Jan 2024. I knew it was a big race but I was surprised at the sheer scale of it with a huge 4,287 finishers.

This wasn't a cheap race either to enter with a €30 entry fee. Assume that say 200 or so didn't turn up then we get 4,500 X €30 = €135,000! It may not be exact but it's in the ballpark and it shows what kind of money is involved in a race of this size.

Looking at the results, there seems to be just under 2,100 non-club runners in the results. Add on say 200 no-shows and we get 2,300. They would have all paid the additional €2 Athletics Ireland 'One-Day Licence' fee which gives a rough figure of €4500. That's what Athletics Ireland roughly made from this one race which shows what a money spinner the 'One Day-Licence' is.

The first man home in the race was Cork runner Ryan Creech of Leevale AC in a time of 23m 58s.

1 Ryan CREECH 23:58 3123 M MS Leevale A.C.
2 David SCANLON 24:30 1262 M MS Rathfarnham W.S.A.F. A.C.
3 John Paul WILLIAMSON 24:32 1763 M MS

The first woman home was Shona Heaslip of An Ríocht AC in Kerry in a time of 26m 12s to make it a Munster double.

1 Shona HEASLIP 26:12 10 F FS An Riocht A.C.
2 Nakita BURKE 27:01 2761 F FS Letterkenny A.C.
3 Cheryl NOLAN 27:05 4043 F FS St. Abbans A.C.

Full results HERE


1) Lindie Naughton has a gallery HERE


The one and only Beau Miles is as much a storyteller as a runner. In episode 2, he continues on a 220km run through the mountains between two old gold mining towns in the heart of Victoria, Australia.

Tramore Valley Park 5k parkrun as Gaeilge - 3rd Feb 2024

The 5k parkrun in Tramore Valley Park in Cork City will be partly in Irish next Saturday!

The Tramore Valley crew announced the following... "Next Saturday we will have a special #parkrunabú. The run directors briefing will be given in 3 languages- Irish, English and ISL- Irish sign language. As always, tá fáilte roimh cách agus cáca- everyone is welcome and so is cake!!

Tosnaigh an deire seachtain fada le parkrun! "

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Results & Photos of the IMRA Ballyhoura Moonlight Trail Races - Fri 26th Jan 2024

The big trail race last weekend was the IMRA Ballyhoura Winter Moonlight 28km Challenge & 13km Dash in Co Limerick on Friday 26th of January 2024. Both events were held in the dark which added to the  challenge on this mountainous course.

13km Dash - Top 3 men & women - 221 finishers
1 Barry Hartnett 580 M40 51:53 Tipperary
2 Eoin Woolley 608 M45 58:43 Tipperary
3 Eoghan Patrick O'Hara 644 M 59:14 Frontrunners Cork
1 Aoife Courtney 564 F 1:01:00 Mooreabbey Milers Tipperary
2 Suzanne shine 587 F45 1:04:22 Clonmel AC Tipperary
3 Sarah Whelan 294 F40 1:08:03 Clonmel AC Tipperary

Full results HERE

Dash photos HERE

28km Challenge - Top 3 men & women - 140 finishers
1 Enda Cloake 231 M 2:02:20 Slaney Olympic Wexford
2 Liam Lynch 413 M40 2:22:00 Limerick AC Limerick
3 Paul Tierney 987 M40 2:23:00 Cork
1 Anita Locke 364 F40 2:35:20 St. Finbarr's AC Kerry
2 Jan Corcoran 423 F45 2:36:10 Le Chéile Kildare
3 Elaine Collins 291 F35 2:38:36 Togher AC Cork

Full results HERE

Challenge Photos HERE

Facebook photos HERE

Guest Post: Clonakilty Parkrun Celebrates 10 Years Niamh Ryan

The Clonakilty 5k parkrun takes place every Saturday at 9:30am. On Saturday 3rd February 2024, they celebrate their 10 year anniversary.

Clonakilty Parkrun Celebrates 10 Years Niamh Ryan

Clonakilty parkrun is a free, fun and friendly weekly 5k community event. It takes place at 9:30am every Saturday morning at Clonakilty showgrounds with the support of the Clonakilty Agricultural Show Committee. 

Clonakilty parkrun celebrates 10 year on Saturday 3rd Feb and provide this vital community service to the surrounding area. It has held over 400 runs, which is a testament to the continued success of this event. 

This free 5k event is suitable for all ages and all abilities. We have people who walk it every week, others who fly around the course and everyone in between. Everyone is welcome and everyone feels a sense of satisfaction when finished. Parkrun is positive, welcoming and inclusive and most importantly, there is no time limit.

Running and walking is one of the most convenient forms of exercise and with the rising cost of living, free events like the parkrun makes exercise very accessible to the local Clonakilty community. Participating at parkrun brings a lot of pleasure, enjoyment and happiness, a sense of identity, community connectedness, and long-enduring friendships for many people. It is these positive experiences and opportunities that help explain why some of us invest so much time and energy in walking or running, and why those who don’t run or walk might think about doing so. 

The physical and mental health and wellbeing benefits of running are scientifically well established, and the promotion of running and physical activity more generally. The beneficial effects of running on mental health are well established. It is clear that those involved with running have a psychological profile different from non-runners. For instance, across a range of the studies runners reported lower depression, anxiety and stress symptoms, and higher mood and vitality compared to non-runners. Furthermore, those new to running, or who have just started, found running to improve their emotional wellbeing, self-image, self-confidence, happiness and reduce tension and anxiety.

Whether you are just trying to be more active, recovering from injury or a more serious runner, why not pop along and give it a go. To register for the event and for further details see

Monday, January 29, 2024



The Athletics Ireland National Indoor Championships were held at the National Indoor Arena in Abbottstown, Dublin today (27th Jan 2024) and race walker Kate Veale of West Waterford AC was in action in the 3,000 metre event.

In a small mixed field of a male and female racewalkers, Kate took the national title in a time of 12m 42.75s.

This is ranked as number one in the World rankings to date for 2024.

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Results of the Clonakilty 5-mile - Sun 28th Jan 2024

First place finish for Hannah Steeds in the augural Clonakilty 5-mile

This new charity 5-miler in Clonakilty was held on Sunday 28th January 2024 with the proceeds going to both Cancer Connect & the Irish Red Cross. There were 703 finishers.

Top 3 men & women

   Bib Pos. Name Club AG Chip Time Gun Time  
419 1 Denis HEGARTY Leevale A.C. M 20-29 0:26:48 0:26:48  
502 2 Tadhg O SULLIVAN Bweeng Trail Blazers A.C. M 20-29 0:27:09 0:27:09  
644 3 Andy GOULDING Leevale A.C. M30-39 0:27:29 0:27:29  
636 10 Hannah STEEDS Leevale A.C. F30-39 0:28:51 0:28:51  
637 16 Michelle KENNY Leevale A.C. F40 0:30:06 0:30:06  
441 27 Breda GAFFNEY Mallow A.C. F50 0:31:44 0:31:44

Full results HERE

1) Joe Murphy has several albums... Pre-race ... Start ... Finish line 1 ... Finish line 2 ... Finish line 3 ... Finish line 4
2) Dave Sheehan has loads of finish line photos HERE

Guest Post: Still crazy after all these years... Pat Walsh

 * Still crazy after all these years *

It is 7am Saturday Morning and I’m sitting in my kitchen having some breakfast. I pull the curtains and look at a beautiful full moon about to disappear in the sky as dawn approaches. There is a link between insanity and the occurrence of a full moon which has been depicted in writing through the years but hey I’m ok, I’m sane, I got out of a warm bed early on a cold dark January morning to run 10 miles. Nothing wrong here….. I think.

Breakfast of champions, a bowl of Bran Flakes and a cup of tea and we are sorted. A D.J. on the radio plays some Miley Cyrus and the buzz is starting.

‘I was born to run, I don't belong to anyone, oh no’

Then the dreaded.. What will I wear?

Shoes are easy. Breaking in a new pair of Brooks to be ready for Dungarvan 10 next week. They are grand so far and today will be a good test of them. I will save the Nike AlphaFly 3’s until my next sub 2 marathon attempt. I bet Kitchum or Kipchoge don’t have to run on roads where farmers are drawing beet from the fields and leaving lumps of muck everywhere.

Socks as always are one of the unmatched running pair we get for completing Beat the Train every year. ‘Same but different’ is the motto and today we are yellow and blue. Up the SRR gang.

It MUST be leggings. It is cold and still winter. These legs could never take the shock of being exposed to the elements. This has to done gradually and only when the sun is shining. The poor people of East Cork have suffered enough with a glimpse of snow white, never exposed for months legs.

Now the toughie. Long sleeve / tshirt combo. Tshirt / jacket combo. Long sleeve / jacket combo. Could tie the jacket around me if it gets too warm but that isn’t a ‘cool image’. But get a grip I haven’t been ‘cool’ this century so why worry about it now.

Check the weather App on the phone. 7degrees with a real feel of 3degrees with strong wind from the South. If they can calculate that then why can’t someone build an app for runners to tell us what to actually wear… At least then we would have something to blame if it went wrong.

Jacket it is, with gloves and woolly cap in the pockets to cover all bases.

Last, but not least, but of vital importance… a rub of vaseline on the lips. You couldn’t be running the risk of chapped lips at this time of the Year. No shades required today. 

So off for the run. How did it go?

Super, Brilliant… we are runners, we are fantastic, we can tackle anything -- as long as we are dressed for it--. 

The morning was nice, the company was better, the feeling when we finished just super. The miles rolled by, nice easy and the chats. No medals given out today with a 10 mile race next week. 

‘Keep the powder dry’. 

10 miles done before 10am and the day ahead of us. #awesome

Sanity is vastly over-rated. We run for our mental health. Imagine how mad we would be if we didn’t run. 

Moral of the story. It will always be grand so don’t be overthinking it. Run for fun.

'But I would not be convicted by a jury of my peers
Still crazy after all these years
Oh, still crazy
Still crazy
Still crazy after all these years'


Saturday, January 27, 2024

Results of the 5k parkruns in Cork - Sat 27th Jan 2024

Results of the 5k parkruns around the county on Saturday 27th Jan 2024. Approximately 1061 runners and walkers took part in the 10 events in Co Cork.

Report... The 27th of January was the first Saturday of the new year where it wasn't raining or there wasn't ice and conditions were pretty much ideal for a 5k parkun. It was about 8 deg C for most of the county so it's wasn't too cold either.

Over 1000 runners and walkers took part in the 10 events this week and there was a notable surge in Cork City. I presume this has something to do with the Operation Transformation TV programme but the mild dry conditions probably helped as well.

Glen River... There was a big jump in numbers this week going from 64 last week to 136 this week. Well done to Michael Naughton who completed his 100th 5k parkrun! 

Michael's first parkrun was at Glen River back on the 13th of July 2019 and 98 of the parkruns have been at the Glen. The remaining two were at Tramore Valley Park. He also has 134 volunteer credits to his name.

Bere Island... Well done to Mags O'Neill who completed her 100th 5k parkrun today! 

Mags has completed 84 of the 100 parkruns on Bere Island with a further 12 at Glengarriff. Mag's first 5k parkrun was on Bere Island back on the 4th of November 2017.

Tramore Valley Park... Well done to Dympna Murphy who joins the century club as well! Dympna has most of her 100 parkruns pretty evenly balanced between three events... 36 at Tramore Valley Park, 35 at Ballincollig and 28 at Glen River. There is also one lone parkrun up in Athlone. 

Dympna's first parkrun was at Tramore Valley Park back on the 24th of October 2015.

Glengarriff... Two runners joined the 100 club today in Glengarriff. Marie O' Mahony and James O' Mahony. 

Marie has completed 81 parkruns at Glengarriff with 8 in Macroom. Marie's first 5k parkrun was at Wycombe Rye in the UK back on the 8th of June 2013.

James has completed 83 at Glengarriff with 8 in Macroom. His first 5k parkrun was at Macroom back on the 18th of May 2013.

If I missed anyone who passed a notable milestone like 100, 200, 250 or above parkruns then let me know.


Ballincollig Regional Park: 304 this week, 213 last week. Long term average 284

First 3 men & women...
1 Sean TWOHIG Male VM35-39 St Finbarrs AC 16:59
2 Rob O'BRIEN Male VM40-44 Naas AC 18:47
3 Trevor WOODS Male VM50-54 Cork Triathlon Club 19:10
4 Nollaigh O'NEILL Female VW50-54 19:18
9 Niamh CRONIN Female VW45-49 St Finbarrs AC 19:45
57 Maria MADIGAN Female VW45-49 Eagle A.C. 24:18

Tramore Valley Park: 257 this week, 195 last week. The long term average is 173.

First 3 men & women...
1 Ciaran COSTELLO Male SM30-34 Piranha TC 17:20
2 Briain MADDEN Male SM30-34 17:27
3 Alan HAYNES Male VM35-39 17:29
10 Carmel CROWLEY Female VW55-59 19:26
17 Evita VOLGINAITE Female SW25-29 20:04
22 Lisa CROWLEY Female VW50-54 Watergrasshill AC 20:40

Glen River: 136 this week, 64 last week. The long term average is 74.

First 3 men & women...
1 Ken INCE Male VM40-44 Eagle A.C. 18:09
2 Harry SWINBOURNE Male SM20-24 Great Bentley RC 18:11
3 Thomas HEISING Male SM30-34 18:15
34 Jane NEWMAN Female VW50-54 24:44
35 Majella MCATEER Female VW50-54 Springwell RC 24:54
38 Emer DELANEY Female JW11-14 25:33

Mallow Castle: 91 finishers this week, 80 last week. The long term average is 63.

First 3 men & women...
1 Philip CAREY Male VM40-44 Mallow AC 18:22
2 Unknown    
3 Ken DEANE Male VM40-44 19:52
13 Johannah MCSWEENEY Female JW11-14 22:36
20 Máire MCKENNA Female VW45-49 23:36
22 Alice HYNES Female SW20-24 23:53

Youghal (Pobalscoil ne Tríonóide) : 74 this week, 48 last week. The long term average is 56.

First 3 men & women...
1 Noel EARLY Male VM40-44 St Catherines AC 18:35
2 James 0 MAHONY Male VM35-39 18:51
3 Henry MILWARD Male VM35-39 Midleton AC 19:19
11 Deirdre ANSBRO Female VW40-44 22:41
16 Anna PAWLIK Female VW35-39 23:34
17 Saoirse KINSELLA Female JW11-14 23:45

Macroom Castle Demense: 64 this week, 58 last week. Long term average is 51.

First 3 men & women...
1 John O'DONOGHUE Male SM30-34 18:35
2 Henry BROWNE Male VM40-44 18:44
4 Matt MURPHY Male SM18-19 21:28
3 Martina KIELY Female VW40-44 St Finbarrs AC 19:24
7 Mary LUCEY Female VW40-44 West Muskerry A.C. 22:44
15 Claire CURTIN Female VW35-39 24:25

Clonakilty: 21 this week, 32 last week. Long term average 36.

First 3 men & women...
1 Bryan GALLWEY Male VM40-44 22:34
2 Patrick MURPHY Male VM55-59 24:06
3 Declan MC PEAKE Male SM20-24 25:14
4 Sophia KINGSTON Female SW25-29 26:54
6 Katie HARTE Female SW30-34 28:15
7 Aoibhínn RICE Female JW11-14 29:52

Glengarriff Woods: 56 this week, cancelled last week. The long term average is 60.

Top 3 men & women...
1 Trevor MCGUIRK Male VM40-44 19:55
2 Danny FINN Male VM35-39 Cork Triathlon Club 21:05
3 Stephen O'SULLIVAN Male VM50-54 21:39
8 Niamh CASEY Female VW35-39 24:38
9 Hilje LABUSCHAGNE Female VW35-39 24:41
11 Pippa O SULLIVAN Female JW11-14 26:00

Bere Island: 38 this week, 18 last week, long term average of 46. 

First 3 men & women... 
1 Ben MURPHY Male VM40-44 21:51
4 Breandan MURPHY Male SM20-24 24:23
7 David O'DRISCOLL Male VM60-64 27:02
2 Michelagh MURPHY Female SW18-19 22:02
3 Breeda O SULLIVAN Female VW55-59 Beara AC 24:11
5 Clare MURPHY Female VW60-64 26:45

Castlehaven (Rineen Woods): 20 finishers this week, 23 last week. Long term average 28.

First 3 women & men...
1 Ciarán BOUSE Male VM45-49 Eagle A.C. 20:51
2 Florence FITZGERALD Male SM30-34 21:06
3 Bryan VILLIERS Male SM30-34 22:26
12 Jessica GARNETT Female VW50-54 29:05
15 Sharon POULTER Female VW40-44 30:58
16 Celine BUCKLEY Female VW50-54 Castlehaven GAA 33:35

For more information about the weekly 5k parkruns in Co Cork, go to this page HERE.

Friday, January 26, 2024

Running in Cork Newsletter - 26th January 2024

Running in Cork Newsletter - 26th January 2024

Finally, there's a bit of a stretch in the evenings and it's no longer dark at 5pm. The first race notices for the evening races have begun to appear which is a sure sign that we're heading into Spring. We could still get a cold snap but the sun is getting higher in the sky every day.

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Weekend Weather: The Jet Stream has weakened during the week causing it to meander further north and allowing a high pressure system to form to the south of Ireland. Saturday looks as if it will be overcast, mild and dry. The risk of rain on Sunday is a bit higher as a weak weather front crosses the country. All of the 5k parkruns will probably go ahead. 

The long term forecast is for high pressure to become dominant next week but the winds will likely be weak and from the west. The likely scenario is overcast but mild and dry. If it lasts until the following weekend, it would be ideal for the Dungarvan 10-mile.

Weekend events: It seems to be one of the quieter weekends for running events. There is a new 5-mile in Clonakilty, the Kerins O'Rahillys GAA 5k & 10k in Tralee in Kerry and the Newcastle 5k in Tipperary.

There is a selection of events on offer elsewhere as well. As always, see the event calendar...

Parkrun News:

Last weekend... Last week at parkrun in Ireland, there were 127 events with 12,478 walkers, joggers, runners and volunteers.

Haulbowline Island... This new 2km parkrun for 4-14 year olds was cancelled last Sunday due to high winds from the storm but it should be ok for next Sunday. They are now officially called the 'Haulbowline Island junior parkrun' and they have a Facebook page HERE 

Race News:

Stone Mad Half-Marathon Cancelled... This half-marathon in Blarney was scheduled to be held on Sunday the 3rd of March 2024 but it was now been cancelled. Here is a statement from the organisers... "Blarney GAA & Camogie Club regrets to inform you that the 2024 Stone Mad Half Marathon road race, originally scheduled for Sunday, March 3rd, will not proceed as planned. Regrettably, Athletics Ireland could not grant a race permit for this date due to an already granted permit for another race in close proximity to Blarney. In the upcoming weeks, the organising committee will meet to explore options for rescheduling the event and progress refunds for all registered athletes.  We appreciate your patience during this time and extend our gratitude to all participants, sponsors, volunteers, and members for their hard work and support in organising the race this far."

National 10k Championship... This year's Dunboyne 10k in Co Meath is on Sunday March 24th at 12 noon and it's the 2024 National 10k Championship. Race entry is €25 (plus booking fee) for Athletics Ireland registered participants, €27 otherwise. T-shirt is an optional extra. Entries HERE... 

Waterford Half-Marathon opens 12 months early... The annual Waterford Half-Marathon was held back on Saturday 2nd December 2023 with a total of 1,767 runners crossing the finish line. As half marathons in Munster go, this is a big one. The numbers however were down 7% on the previous year and I suspect this was due in large part to the late opening date... see post HERE

Many runners were wondering if it was going ahead and entries finally opened at the start of October, just two months in advance. At that stage, a lot of runners will have made other plans and entered other events. I'm not sure if the late entry was for logistical reasons or were the organisers too complacent but they're doing the complete opposite this year and they opened up entries 12-months in advance! The 2024 Waterford Half-Marathon with its famous bobble hat is scheduled for Sat 30th Nov 2024 at 9:30am.

In Other News:

Photographer Kiernan Minihane... Many of you will know Kieran from all of the race photos he has taken over the years. During the week, the Echo had an article about about how Kieran helped save his sister's life during a medical emergency! ..."A Cork paramedic who helped to save his sister’s life is encouraging people to learn how to do CPR. "... See article HERE

Ginger runner to attempt run across Sahara Desert... BBC News 

Training Programmes: The Cork Marathon is 18-weeks from next Sunday and I'll be starting programmes next week. If you're interest in signing up then have a look at this post...

Half-Marathon programmes also available...

If you're doing your own thing for the marathon, you'd really want to start planning now. If you're doing the half then you have some time yet.

Countdown Timer...

Limerick Marathon - 5th May 2024 - 14 weeks

Cork Marathon - 2nd June 2024 - 18 weeks

Waterford Marathon - 23rd June 2024 - 21 weeks

Some of the posts on the Running in Cork blog over the last week:

Friday Jigsaw: Cork BHAA IFF 5k in Little Island - Jan 2024...

Notice: Banteer 5 mile road race - Sun 10th March 2024...

Training programme for the 2024 Cork City Marathon...

Results & Photos of the IMRA Glengarra Woods 7.3km trail race - Sun 21st Jan 2024...

Notice: Bandon AC 5k road race - Thurs 25th Apr 2024...

Irish Guide Dogs have Dublin Marathon places on offer...

Kanturk & Tralee runner John Robinson featured on the parkrun Ireland website...

Notice: IMRA Slí Chorcaí Trail Half-Marathon & Ultra - Sat 10th Feb 2024...

Sports First Aid Training Course in Cork City - 2024...

Results & Photos of the Cork BHAA IFF 5k in Little Island - Sun 21st Jan 2024...

Results of the Cloyne Commons 4k - Sun 21st Jan 2024...

Results of the 5k parkruns in Cork - Sat 20th Jan 2024...

Guest Post: January Pat Walsh...

And finally...

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Friday Jigsaw: Cork BHAA IFF 5k in Little Island - Jan 2024

For this weeks online jigsaw, we have a group photo before the start of the Cork BHAA IFF 5k in Little Island last Sunday.

This one has 198-pieces and you can find it HERE

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Training programme for the 2024 Cork City Marathon

The Cork City Marathon is coming up on Sunday 2nd June 2024. I have a standard 18-week training programme starting on the 29th of January which costs €135. 

If anyone feels that they need more time to prepare then just ask.

The weekly programme is tailored for each individual and requires weekly feedback by email. It's suitable for anyone looking to do their first marathon or for someone who wants to improve their times.

If interested, send an email to johndesmondrunning AT gmail DOT com

If anyone is interested in training for any other race then you can find details on the coaching page...

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Results & Photos of the IMRA Glengarra Woods 7.3km trail race - Sun 21st Jan 2024

The big trail race last weekend in Munster was the IMRA 7.3km event in Glengarra Woods in Co Tipperary with a total of 84 runners taking part. First in the female category was Faye O'Riordan of Carraig na bhFear AC who is pictured above navigating one of several streams on the challenging course.

Top 3 men & women...
1 Marcus Bishop 1630 M 28:32 Kildare
2 Nick Hogan 838 M40 28:38 Cork
3 Barry Quinn 1124 M35 31:43 Tipperary
1 Faye O'Riordan 921 FJ 34:33 Carraig na bhFear AC Cork
2 Barbara Gill 1443 F40 37:37 Clare
3 Helen O'Callaghan 350 F50 38:47 Cork

Full results HERE

Photos HERE

Irish Guide Dogs have Dublin Marathon places on offer...

The Irish Guide Dogs have a number of charity places on offer for the 2024 Dublin Marathon to anyone who is willing to fundraise for them. This might be of interest to anyone who missed out on the lottery entry.

Info as follows... "How does it work? You can apply for a place to run for Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind through the Dublin Marathon’s Official Charity Programme, in partnership with RealBuzz.

If your application is successful, you’ll get a guaranteed entry into the marathon.

Once accepted, you’ll need to  pay a deposit of €100 to secure your place and agree to reach the minimum fundraising target of €1,500."

If interested, go to

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Kanturk & Tralee runner John Robinson featured on the parkrun Ireland website

Parkrun Ireland recently had a nice article on their website about Kanturk and Tralee runner John Robinson. 

Back in the day, John was a member of Mallow AC and was a regular on the road race circuit. If memory serves me right, he used to be clipping along at sub 6-min miles for a lot of races because I can remember struggling to stay with him!

In more recent times when the Ballycotton Summer Series was still going, John was the person who compiled the overall series results. There were 4 races in the series and as soon as John Walshe had sent out the results, John Robinson would be putting all the data into an Excel file to figure out who was who and whether they had moved up or down overall.

John as can be seen from the article is also a big supporter of the parkrun movement and of the Tralee parkrun in particular. He drives to Tralee every Saturday from Kanturk to take part in the 5k event and to help out. And if this wasn't enough, he's often back the next day as well to help out with the junior 2k event!

Looking at his stats, John has completed an impressive 293 parkruns with a whopping 349 volunteer credits. 

The article can be seen HERE

Notice: IMRA Slí Chorcaí Trail Half-Marathon & Ultra - Sat 10th Feb 2024

IMRA are organising an event in West Cork on Saturday 10th February that really looks amazing. It is probably best described as suitable for 'hard-core' and 'aspiring hard-core' runners.

Slí Chorcaí Half-Marathon... This 23.5km event starts at 12 noon and takes in a route from Kealkill to Drimoleague in West Cork. The route is a mix of minor country roads, forest trails and tracks across open mountainside.

It's described as follows... "The race will follow St Finbarrs Way Marked Way from Carriganass Castle in Kealkil, to the Top of the Rock in Drimoleague, with a small additional loop at the start. There will be an aid station at Mealagh Valley Community Centre, which is about half way, with drink and snacks. Please note you are following the yellow man signs. In fog or mist they might not be fully visible to you. Runners should download the route to watch or have a way of following the route to keep on track."

DESCRIPTION: Slí Mhúscraí & Slí Naomh Fionnbarra Half
DATE: Saturday 10th February, 2024
TIME: 12:00
CLIMB (M): 900
RACE MARKING: Route fully marked - Route fully marked
ENTRY CLOSES: Thursday 8th February 2024, 23:30

Info & entries...


Slí Chorcaí Ultra... The Ultra event is something else altogether. Participants start in Ballyvourney and run 71.5kms to Drimoleague. Running 72k is hard enough but it's a really tough challenge with that kind of terrain especially in February.

It really is amazing to start a race in Ballyvourney and know that the finish line is in Drimoleague.

DESCRIPTION: Slí Mhúscraí & Slí Naomh Fionnbarra Ultra
DATE: Saturday 10th February, 2024
TIME: 08:00
CLIMB (M): 2140
RACE MARKING: Route fully marked - Route fully marked
ENTRY CLOSES: Wednesday 24th January 2024, 23:30

Entries & Info...

In Conclusion... Both events are only suitable for experienced runners who can comfortably run the marathon distance on the road. 

As with all IMRA events, annual membership of IMRA costing €10 is required and a certain amount of safety equipment, clothing and gear must be carried by each participant.

It strikes me that for anyone aspiring to do the ultra event at some stage, the half would be an excellent one to do to gain experience and to see what the terrain is like.

Monday, January 22, 2024

Sports First Aid Training Course in Cork City - 2024

Cork Sports Partnership are organising a series of  Sports First Aid courses in Cork City on six dates in 2024. They run from about 9:30am to 3:30pm and they cost €42.40.

Considering the modest fee, a lot of clubs might consider paying for some of their members to attend.

The courses will be held at the Old Cork Waterworks Experience Events Centre on the Lee Road which is about 400m west of Thomas Davis Bridge.

From Cork Sports Partnership... "This Sports First Aid Training course is advisable for anybody who is involved or participates in sport ie coaches, parents, teachers, physical activity leaders etc. Delivered in person this course is interactive and delivered by ER Training. 

Upcoming Dates: Sat, 24th Feb, 23rd Mar, 27th Apr, 25th May, 19th Oct, and 30th Nov 2024

Contact Louise at lburke AT corksports DOT ie for questions or queries "

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Sunday, January 21, 2024

Results & Photos of the Cork BHAA IFF 5k in Little Island - Sun 21st Jan 2024

The Cork BHAA held their first road race of the year on Sunday 21st of Jan 2024 with the IFF 5k in Little Island. It looks as if the wind and rain of Storm Isha had a big impact on the number of runners taking part this year with 266 crossing the finish line, a drop of about 33% on last year when almost 400 ran. Looking at the chart above, you have to go back to 2005 to find a lower number. Weather permitting, it should bounce back up again next year.

Top 3 men & women...
1 Ben Leen Smith 00:15:35 Temp Reg
2 Eoghan O'Connor M-1 00:15:36 Ken's Track Club
3 James Hayes M-2 00:15:38 Dept of Ed M-A-1
32 Michelle Kenny 0/40F F-1 00:18:23 Dept of Ed F-A-1
43 Breda Gaffney 0/50F F-2 00:18:59 Avondhu MF
47 Linda O Connor 0/45F F-3 00:19:34 Musgrave F-B-1

Full results HERE


1) Mick Dooley has some photos HERE

Results of the Cloyne Commons 4k - Sun 21st Jan 2024

First place finish for John Spelman

Storm Isha was making its presence felt with wet and windy conditions for this 4k race in Cloyne in East Cork. Despite the inclement weather, 158 runners crossed the finish line. 

Top 3 men & women...
1 1967 John Spelman East Cork AC M 13:05
2 1414 Trevor Cummins Ballymore Cobh M40 13:15
3 1796 Keith Kelly Youghal AC M45 13:38
11 1828 Rebecca McEvoy St Finbarr's AC F 15:07
20 1740 Sinead Falvey Midleton AC F40 16:34
24 1737 Abigail Duggan Midleton AC FJ 16:46

First woman home... Rebecca McEvoy

Place Race Number Name Club Category Time
1 1967 John Spelman East Cork AC M 13:05
2 1414 Trevor Cummins Ballymore Cobh M40 13:15
3 1796 Keith Kelly Youghal AC M45 13:38
4 1750 Michael Furlong East Cork AC M 13:51
5 1836 Dinny McLean Midleton AC MJ 14:19
6 1894 John O Donovan Ballymore Cobh M 14:27
7 1842 Seamus McSweeney St Nicholas AC M50 14:35
8 1416 Ian McDonald Unattached M 14:50
9 1450 Tim Hartnett Unattached M 14:55
10 1776 Paul Hunt Cobh Tri Club M 15:06
11 1828 Rebecca McEvoy St Finbarr's AC F 15:07
12 1424 Oliver Smiddy East Cork AC M45 15:09
13 1846 Henry Milward St Nicholas AC M 15:22
14 1959 Rod Scanlan Midleton AC M40 15:40
15 1764 Martin Hennessy East Cork AC M50 15:55
16 1831 Odhran McGonagle Unattached M 16:20
17 1762 Thomas Hennessy Midleton AC MJ 16:27
18 1805 Cathal Lehane Unattached MJ 16:28
19 1763 Tony Hennessy Midleton AC MJ 16:33
20 1740 Sinead Falvey Midleton AC F40 16:34
21 1856 Michael Murphy Unattached M45 16:40
22 1785 Brendan Kearney Unattached M 16:43
23 1417 Andre Brodkorb Midleton AC M50 16:45
24 1737 Abigail Duggan Midleton AC FJ 16:46
25 1875 Eddie O Brien Unattached M40 17:03
26 1853 Ed Mottes Unattached M40 17:04
27 1766 Katie Hennessy Midleton AC FJ 17:10
28 1798 Eileen Leahy Midleton AC F 17:21
29 1963 Marina Seymour Grange Fermoy F45 17:24
30 1829 Eamon McEvoy St Finbarr's AC M65 17:25
31 1395 Conor Bakx Unattached MJ 17:30
32 1954 Robyn Ryan Midleton AC FJ 17:31
33 1715 Brendan Curtin Midleton AC M50 17:35
34 1850 Luke Morrisson St Nicholas AC MJ 17:38
35 1756 Leonard Healy Midleton AC M 17:53
36 1436 Colm O Donoghue Unattached MJ 18:00
37 1435 Elsa Ryan Unattached FJ 18:01
38 1822 Chris McCarthy Unattached M45 18:03
39 1946 Maurice Ring Midleton AC M40 18:04
40 1426 Barry O Dwyer Midleton AC M50 18:06
41 1987 Michael Veale Aghada RC M50 18:07
42 1873 Míchéal O Brien Aghada RC M40 18:15
43 1716 David Curtin Midleton AC M 18:26
44 1725 Liam Daly Aghada RC M40 18:38
45 1786 Kerri Kelleher Aghada RC F40 18:57
46 1903 Des O Hallorhan Youghal AC M50 18:58
47 1955 JJ Ryan Unattached M60 18:59
48 1983 Dan Twohig Midleton AC M45 19:02
49 1823 Denis McCarthy East Cork AC M60 19:04
50 1871 Sean Norris Aghada RC M45 19:06
51 1396 Liam Bakx Unattached M 19:08
52 1771 Trevor Horgan Unattached M45 19:13
53 1440 Finola Nyhan West Waterford AC F40 19:18
54 1413 Robert Tobin Unattached M50 19:22
55 1437 Karl Ryan Unattached M45 19:22
56 1827 Dave McCarthy Youghal AC M60 19:24
57 1837 Michael McMahon Youghal AC M50 19:25
58 1423 Ciaran Coleman Youghal AC M50 19:28
59 1671 George Bulman Youghal AC M65 19:38
60 1736 Eleanor Duggan Aghada RC F50 19:39
61 1880 Mark O Callaghan Cobh Tri Club M45 19:42
62 1402 James Barry Ballintotis Fit 4 Life M 19:45
63 1757 Declan Healy Unattached M50 19:47
64 1849 Chloe Morrison St Nicholas AC FJ 19:49
65 1851 Richard Morrisson St Nicholas AC M40 19:52
66 1780 Greg Jur Unattached M40 19:58
67 1728 Mary De Barra Ballymore Cobh F50 20:01
68 1910 Maurice O Mahony Youghal AC M 20:03
69 1432 Chloe Sigerson Unattached F 20:04
70 1403 Aidan Barry Unattached M55 20:17
71 1429 Albina Gafurova Unattached F50 20:33
72 1818 Cesc Matarin Unattached MJ 20:41
73 1824 Olive McCarthy Togher AC F50 20:52
74 1830 Aaron McEvoy Unattached M 20:52
75 1739 Wayne Elmes Midleton AC M40 20:55
76 1930 Dara O Shea WTNA M40 20:59
77 1445 Eoin O Shea WTNA M40 21:03
78 1415 Martina Landers Youghal AC F50 21:05
79 1410 Susan Murray Unattached F50 21:08
80 1964 Donal Sheehan Youghal AC M40 21:09
81 1906 Proinnsias O Keeffe Eagle AC M60 21:14
82 1685 Trevor Collins Unattached M45 21:15
83 1760 Eibhin Healy Unattached F 21:22
84 1882 Ellen O Connell Ballintotis Fit 4 Life F 21:24
85 1431 Gareth Williams Unattached M 21:25
86 1794 Iarla Kelliher Midleton AC MJ 21:27
87 1819 Arnau Matarin Unattached MJ 21:29
88 1926 Marie O Rourke Youghal AC F35 21:31
89 1901 Dara O Gorman Unattached MJ 21:40
90 1749 Jim Furlong Unattached M60 21:47
91 1838 Fiona McMahon Youghal AC F50 21:48
92 1765 Rebecca Hennessy Unattached FJ 21:57
93 1951 Kate Ruane South Coast Tri Club F 21:59
94 1939 Evelyn Power Midleton AC F35 22:02
95 1938 Joe Power Midleton AC M65 22:03
96 1444 Brian Healy West Waterford AC M50 22:05
97 1791 Faye Kelleher Unattached FJ 22:17
98 1816 Nell Marshall Ballymore Cobh FJ 22:19
99 1792 Abby Kelleher Unattached FJ 22:21
100 1454 Ross Kelleher Unattached M40 22:23
101 1680 Eibhlin Cleary East Cork AC F35 22:24
102 1817 Maire Marshall Ballymore Cobh F45 22:25
103 1985 Ber Twomey Midleton AC F50 22:31
104 1789 Aidan Kelleher Unattached M45 22:38
105 1425 Cormac Aherne Unattached M 22:43
106 1929 Willis O Shea WTNA M40 22:44
107 1430 Darragh Musgrave Aghada RC M50 22:48
108 1884 Donal O Connell Midleton AC M70 22:59
109 1748 Mark Fuller Midleton AC M50 23:04
110 1900 Luke O Gorman Unattached MJ 23:12
111 1916 Vincent O Neill Unattached M55 23:14
112 1984 Frances Twomey Ballintotis Fit 4 Life F55 23:15
113 1457 Louis McCarthy Unattached MJ 23:24
114 1899 Eoin O Gorman Unattached M50 23:31
115 1862 Kay Murphy Unattached F55 23:35
116 1940 Michael Pratt Grange Fermoy M60 23:44
117 1729 John Delaney Grange Fermoy M50 23:46
118 1399 Hugh Barry Unattached MJ 23:47
119 1398 Tom Barry Unattached M 23:49
120 1400 Robbie Barry Unattached MJ 23:49
121 1878 Mary O Brien Williams Ballymore Cobh F45 23:58
122 1981 Maurice Tobin Grange Fermoy M70 24:04
123 1697 Emily Costine Unattached FJ 24:17
124 1696 Diarmuid Costine Unattached M40 24:17
125 1917 Tom O Neill Ballintotis Fit 4 Life M65 24:21
126 1393 Ali Aherne Unattached FJ 24:28
127 1700 Leah Cotter Unattached FJ 24:34
128 1699 Noreen Cotter Unattached F40 24:35
129 1701 James Cotter Unattached M40 24:36
130 1781 Suzanna Jur Unattached FJ 24:38
131 1394 Amy Aherne Unattached FJ 24:44
132 1743 Yvonne Fitzgerald Midleton AC F45 24:44
133 1978 Chloe Thatcher Midleton AC FJ 25:03
134 1977 Noreen Thatcher Aghada RC F40 25:05
135 1447 Christine Murphy Midleton AC F50 25:06
136 1986 Bernard Tynan Aghada RC M50 25:18
137 1418 Romes Castro Grange Fermoy M45 25:20
138 1948 Lucas Rowan Unattached MJ 25:20
139 1950 Shane Rowan Unattached M40 25:21
140 1858 Joe Murphy Eagle AC M65 25:24
141 1449 Rónán Lynch Unattached MJ 25:36
142 1448 James Lynch Unattached M 25:37
143 1479 Sharon Barry Aghada RC F 25:47
144 1409 Denis Barry Unattached M60 26:25
145 1814 Anna Marie Kirby Ballintotis Fit 4 Life F40 27:36
146 1795 Síomha Kelliher Midleton AC FJ 27:38
147 1793 Joanne Kelliher Ballintotis Fit 4 Life F40 27:39
148 1988 Heike Von Heyne Cobh Tri Club F45 27:48
149 1777 Tony Hyslop Unattached M45 27:49
150 1958 Rosemarie Ryan Unattached F50 28:04
151 1741 Donal Fennessy Unattached M55 28:16
152 1989 Brenda Wall Aghada RC F40 29:09
153 1670 Gillian Buckley Aghada RC F40 29:09
154 1947 Mason Rowan Unattached MJ 29:12
155 1949 Rachael Rowan Unattached F 29:13
156 1717 Hannah Curtin Unattached FJ 30:10
157 1885 Kathleen O Connell Midleton AC F70 31:32
158 1840 Jim McMurty Midleton AC M75 33:11

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Results of the 5k parkruns in Cork - Sat 20th Jan 2024

Results of the 5k parkruns around the county on Saturday 20th Jan 2024. Approximately 731 runners and walkers took part in the 9 events in Co Cork.

Report... After the recent cold snap, it was a case of wet & windy for this weeks 5k parkruns in Co Cork with nine events going ahead. Glengarriff had to cancelled after some flooding on the course.

Clonakilty... Well done to Kathleen O'Regan who completed her 100th 5k parkrun today in Clon! Kathleen did 33 of the 100 parkruns in Clonakilty, 20 at the Tooting Common parkrun in the UK and the rest at a multitude of other events. Kathleen's first 5k parkrun was at Tooting Common back on the 29th of July 2017.

Castlehaven... The Castlehaven 5k parkrun celebrated their 8th anniversary today!

If I missed anyone who passed a notable milestone like 100, 200, 250 or above parkruns then let me know.


Ballincollig Regional Park: 213 this week, 313 last week. Long term average 285

First 3 men & women...
1 Iain WYCHERLEY Male SM30-34 18:17
2 Alan O'SULLIVAN Male VM40-44 19:11
3 Joe JORDAN Male VM35-39 20:19
12 Rhona DEMPSEY Female VW40-44 St Finbarrs AC 21:36
13 Siobhan HOLLAND Female VW45-49 Eagle A.C. 21:44
30 Mairead PEREZ Female VW50-54 Eagle A.C. 23:32

Tramore Valley Park: 195 this week, 235 last week. The long term average is 173.

First 3 men & women...
1 Ciaran COSTELLO Male SM30-34 Piranha TC 17:43
2 Briain MADDEN Male SM30-34 17:53
3 William SHIPPIN Male VM35-39 Redway Runners 18:14
12 Niamh O'RIORDAN Female SW30-34 Galway City Harriers 20:48
15 Helen WALSH Female VW45-49 Togher AC 20:59 
23 Claire STONE Female VW35-39 22:31

Glen River: 64 this week, 79 last week. The long term average is 74.

First 3 men & women...
1 Cian KELLY Male SM18-19 St Finbarrs AC 19:28
2 Brendan MAGUIRE Male VM40-44 20:09
3 Richard BOURKE Male VM45-49 St Finbarrs AC 20:24
15 Emer DELANEY Female JW11-14 26:35
22 Claire MCGONAGLE Female VW55-59 27:50
25 Ciara YOUNG Female SW25-29 28:12

Mallow Castle: 80 finishers this week, 80 last week. The long term average is 63.

First 3 men & women...
1 Shane SIMCOX Male VM45-49 Mallow AC 19:10
2 Tomás KIELY Male JM11-14 North Cork AC 19:21
3 Liam AHERNE Male VM40-44 Mallow Tri Club 20:26
14 Johannah MCSWEENEY Female JW11-14 24:03
17 Marie BUCKLEY Female VW40-44 24:27
18 Muireann MURPHY Female JW11-14 24:33

Youghal (Pobalscoil ne Tríonóide) : 48 this week, 58 last week. The long term average is 57.

First 3 men & women...
1 James 0 MAHONY Male VM35-39 19:11
2 Ian BROMLEY Male VM40-44 Heathfield RRC 19:48 
3 Ciaran O MATHUNA Male SM20-24 21:10
5 Anne BROMLEY Female VW40-44 Heathfield RRC 21:45
14 Susan DINEEN Female VW40-44 25:20
15 Claire MURPHY Female VW50-54 25:21

Macroom Castle Demense: 58 this week, 63 last week. Long term average is 51.

First 3 men & women...
1 Conor LUCEY Male VM35-39 17:51
2 Jude MURPHY Male JM15-17 20:02
3 Darren CREED Male SM30-34 20:05
19 Deborah O'DONOVAN Female VW45-49 24:36
23 Jenny O SHEA Female VW35-39 25:21
24 Carmel PURCELL Female VW45-49 West Muskerry A.C. 26:04

Clonakilty: 32 this week, 48 last week. Long term average 36.

First 3 men & women...
1 Bryan GALLWEY Male VM40-44 21:49
3 Benny MCHUGH Male VM40-44 23:42
4 Declan RICE Male VM40-44 23:49
2 Maura REGAN Female VW45-49 22:58
6 Niamh O'BRIEN Female VW35-39 24:58
8 Michelle OREGAN Female SW25-29 25:51

Glengarriff Woods: 74 this week, 86 last week. The long term average is 60.

Top 3 men & women... CANCELLED DUE TO FLOODING
Glengarriff results... 

Bere Island: 18 this week, 30 last week, long term average of 46. 

First 3 men & women... 
1 Ben MURPHY Male VM40-44 22:09
4 Breandan MURPHY Male SM20-24 25:22
9 Liam POWER Male JM11-14 31:30
2 Michelagh MURPHY Female SW18-19 23:12
3 Breeda O SULLIVAN Female VW55-59 Beara AC 24:50
5 Noelette BUCKLEY Female VW55-59 26:20

Castlehaven (Rineen Woods): 23 finishers this week, 22 last week. Long term average 28.

First 3 women & men...
1 Ciarán BOUSE Male VM45-49 Eagle A.C. 21:01
2 Florence FITZGERALD Male SM30-34 21:08
3 Declan WHOOLEY Male VM35-39 Raheny Shamrock AC 21:55
7 Ann ROBINSON Female VW55-59 Lusk Athletic Club 26:21
8 Sharon LEVIS Female VW40-44 26:55
9 Deirdre O'BRIEN Female VW45-49 Bantry Athletic Club 28:43

For more information about the weekly 5k parkruns in Co Cork, go to this page HERE.