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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Radio interview with 2018 National Marathon Champion Lizzie Lee

In this recording from Community Radio Youghal (CRY), Barry Drake talks to Lizzie Lee of Leevale who won the Irish national marathon title in Dublin last weekend.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Results & Photos of the 2018 Dublin City Marathon

 There were just over 16,200 finishers in this years Dublin City Marathon.

The full results can be seen here...

Photos ...(Updated Tues 30th Oct 8:21am)
1) Peter Mooney has two galleries...
...a) 253 photos of the start
...b) 381 photos of the finish

2) Matthew Lysaght has 80 photos

3) Kieran Carlin of Finn Valley AC has a large number of photos in several galleries.
...a) 535 photos of the start
...b) 946 photos of half-way
...c) 694 photos of half way (album 2)

4) Dublin City Marathon have 161 photos HERE

5) Stephen McGuinness has 353 photos HERE

6) Nicola Kavanagh has 406 photos HERE

Cork and Munster club runners under 3 hours (gun time)

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Cork results from the 2018 Frankfurt Marathon

While the Dublin Marathon was the main event this weekend, there was also a marathon in Frankfurt, Germany. About 86 Irish runners took part and there were the results of the runners from Cork.ohn - these are the main Cork results (that I can see) from Frankfurt today. Kevin O'Leary had a great debut, second half a minute faster than the first!

Kevin O'Leary (East Cork) 2:27:48 ...(second half a minute faster than the first!)
Conor McAuley (Leevale) 2:31:39
John Shine (Leevale) 2:33:00
John Hennessy (East Cork) 2:45:45
Bryan Crowley (Watergrasshill) 2:52:41
Noel Early  (St Catherines) 2:52:07
Mike Keating (Galtee) 2:52:52
Mike Dolphin (Leevale) 2:57:12
Kevin Smith (Midleton) 3:00:10
David Brophy (Mallow AC) 3:20:54
Jessica Bruton (Leevale A.C.) 3:21:50
Liam Murphy (Mallow A.C) 3:26:45
Aidan Buckley (Mallow A.C) 3:51:01
George Murray (Mallow A.C) 3:51:02

Cork runner Lizzie Lee wins national marathon title

As predicted, conditions were pretty much perfect for running at this years 2018 Dublin City Marathon and the first Irish woman across the finish line was Lizzie Lee of Leevale AC in Cork.

Lizzie's finish time was 2h 35m 03s which isn't that far off her PB of 2:32:51 which she set back in 2015 in Berlin on a much flatter course.

This is Lizzie's first national title in the marathon and she is of course coached by Donie Walsh of Leevale.

There was quite a gap between the finishing times for the first 3 Irish women.

Caitriona Jennings of Letterkenny AC was second with a time of 2h 41m 16s.

Jill Hodgins of Leevale AC was third with a time of 2h 47m 51s which means that Cork runners took 1st and 3rd.

Irish Results from the 2018 Amsterdam Marathon

The Amsterdam Marathon is one of fastest courses in Europe and it was held last weekend. As always, there were a lot of Irish runners in amongst the 12137 finishers.

Pat O'Connor of Eagle AC & Trevor Cummins of Ballymore Cobh AC... both under 2h 50m in Amsterdam

These are the Irish results for men under 3 hours and women under 3h 30m.

151    Eugene McCarthy        885    M    Macroom    M50 02:42:29    02:42:03
170    Ben McIntyre        633    M    Sale    M35 02:44:14    02:43:34
191    Gearoid Hynes        621    M    Rosscahill    M35 02:45:44    02:45:11
198    Culan O'Meara        630    M    Galway    M40 02:46:05    02:45:32
261    Pat O’ Connor        681    M    Cork    M50 02:49:11    02:48:59
263    Trevor Cummins        1099    M    Cobh    M35 02:49:18    02:48:52

267    Seán Fox        552    M    Ashbourne    M40 02:49:37    02:49:30
286    Derek Saville        710    M    dublin    M40 02:50:35    02:50:13
309    Sean Cleere        890    M    kilkenny    M35 02:51:49    02:51:29
335    JOHN GUIRY        851    M    WATERFORD    M40 02:52:59    02:52:36
451    Michael Smyth        567    M    Dublin    M40 02:56:33    02:55:04
470    Jonathan McCaffrey    928    M    Solna    M40 02:57:07    02:55:58
521    Tony O'Connor        940    M    Galway    M40 02:58:11    02:57:37
653    Colm O Connor        891    M    Glanmire    M35 03:00:19    02:59:11
654    Salvatore Colella    1334    M    Dublin    M40 03:00:19    02:59:40
673    David Keaney        1042    M    Galway City    M45 03:00:36    02:59:47
689    John Smyth        1668    M    Paris    Msen 03:00:49    02:59:13

694    Neasa De Burca        1304    F    41    Galway    V40 03:00:52    03:00:03
1310    Jacqueline O'connor    2615    F    96    London    V40 03:15:49    03:13:40
1539    Gillian Bogan        2500    F    115    Galway    V35 03:19:55    03:12:22
1717    Sinead Murray        4681    F    134    Dublin    Vsen 03:22:26    03:21:28
1962    Joanne O'Boyle        2501    F    157    Galway    V35 03:26:08    03:18:35
2233    Nicola Lynch        4752    F    184    Hatfield Vsen 03:29:56    03:27:09

Full results...

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Results of the Ballincollig 5k parkrun... Sat 27th Oct 2018

A total of 286 runners turned out for this weesk 5k parkrun in Ballincollig Regional Park. As can be seen from the chart above, this is pretty much the usual number for the last few weeks although the number do look as if they are down a bit compared to what they were in the Spring.

1 Finbarr ODWYER 17:26    VM45-49    M1 Leevale AC
20 Denise TWOHIG 21:47    VW45-49    F1 St Finbarrs AC 


There was a problem with one of the scanners after the race so quite a number of people are in the results as 'Unknown'.

See below...
***Issue with Results 27/10/2018***
One of our scanners today had ZERO results when we uploaded, so there are approx 150-170 people affected who are marked on today's results as 'UNKNOWN'.

IF you ran today and your result is 'unknown', and if you know your exact finish position and your (approximate) finish time (be honest!!) please email us - INCLUDE YOUR ATHLETE BARCODE - and we will manually update these missing results.

ballincolligoffice AT parkrun DOT com

Thanks folks, please email in asap so we can endeavour to have the results finalised as soon as possible.

1)  Colette Ryan has a small gallery HERE

Sonia O'Sullivan with some of the Sanctuary Runners. Photo : Colette Ryan

Photographer turned witch with some Halloween themed runners

Friday, October 26, 2018

Looking ahead to the 2018 Dublin City Marathon

With 2 days to go, the current computer models show a tongue of cold arctic air coming down over Europe on Friday and this is what it looks like on Sunday.

As a result of this northerly airflow, it seems very likely that it will be pretty cool for the marathon. It's unlikely to mean snow or ice but the temperatures are likely to be down around 3 deg C for the start and reaching a high of 8 deg C around 1pm.

On the plus side, this arctic air may not contain much moisture so it will probably be dry.

If you are running the marathon at pace... say sub 4 hours then the cool temperature will mean that you will sweat less.

If you are running to 'get around' then you may need to wear another layer. Think of maybe a long sleeve top under a singlet rather than something like a jacket. Think about something for your head as well.

All runners should make sure they have lots of clothes in their gear bag post race. There will be a fair wind chill so it's going to feel very cold, especially in the shade.


1) Route Map : The route map can be seen HERE. Just remember that the wind will be a modest breeze from the North. Check the map to see where you will be running into it.

2) 2018 Route...

3) Live tracking :

4) Dublin City Marathon website :

5) Club entry list...

6) Live stream...

7) Map of course with expected wind direction

Overall, good conditions for marathon running albeit a little chilly.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Guest Article : GOING FOR 39-IN-A-ROW By John Walshe

Guest Article : GOING FOR 39-IN-A-ROW... By John Walshe

They number just an even dozen but you could claim they’re arguably the most committed marathon runners in the country.

Of the 1,420 runners who finished the first Dublin City Marathon on October 27, 1980, just 12 remain who have taken part each and every year since.

One is Seamus Cawley from Rathkeale in County Limerick, the only Munster representative among the dozen. He was aged just 21 when he dipped under the magical three-hour barrier on that Bank Holiday Monday in 1980 with a time of 2:59:34.

Seamus would go on to run 2:35:56 in 1984, knocking another half-minute off of that time 12 months later, and was comfortably inside the three hours in the first 17 of his Dublin marathons. He was also to the fore in the old Cork City Marathon, finishing in eight position in 2:35:46 in the last of that series which concluded in 1986.

On Sunday next, the West Limerick athlete he will line up for the 39th consecutive year in the country’s premier marathon. Going by recent performances in the Charleville Half-Marathon (1:39:22) and Cork to Cobh 15-mile (1:55:43), he should be again capable of something in the region of the 3:35 he recorded two years ago.

“Last year was a bit of a struggle but I still got home in 3:49, so I hope to do a bit better than that,” said Seamus, who will be 60 in December.

“My slowest was back in 2013 when I had to walk some of it as I had a tear in my knee, but I still finished in 4:20.”

Of course on Sunday next it will be all about getting around once again - before no doubt looking forward to what should be a unique and special occasion for the 40th anniversary event in 12 months time.


Wednesday, October 24, 2018

19-year-old Japanese runner finishes a marathon relay with a fractured leg


During a 26.2 mile marathon relay race last weekend, a 19-year-old Japanese runner Rei Iida fell fracturing her leg. Instead of giving up, she crawled the final 200 metres of her 2.2 mile relay leg so that she could hand over to a team mate.

Idia was taken to hospital after crossing the line and the fracture of her leg will take four months to heal. She has since apologised to her team manager for her performance!

Notice : MMRA Halloween Trail Run in Currabinny Woods - Thurs 25th Oct 2018

The Munster Mountain Running Association are holding a special themed Halloween Run in Currabinny Woods on Thursday the 25th of Oct 2018. This is open to adults and children alike.

From the organisers...Currabinny Woods Trail Run
Kiddies: 7:00pm
Adults 7:40pm

Kiddies: (Must be accompanied) 2km Trail Run (torches essential!) collect candy as you run through the woods at night !!!!

Adults 5km Trail Run 7:40pm (headtorches essential)
Fancy dress if possible !!!!

This is an imra race, please sign up on to become a member before turning up. No membership on the night , it is €3 to join imra for rest of year.
All running adults MUST be members before coming to race.
Kids do not need to be members.

Adults Race:€5 (membership is €3 also if not joined for 2018 already)
Kiddies race € free

Currabinny Woods is about 9 miles south-east of Cork City. The approach road is nearly opposite the Novartis plant near Ringaskiddy.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Cold conditions for the 2018 Dublin City Marathon?

Update Tues 23rd Oct.... With 5 days to go, it's becoming more clear what the weather will be like for the 2018 Dublin City Marathon next weekend. The current computer models show a tongue of cold arctic air coming down over Europe on Friday and this is what it looks like on Sunday.

Earlier models showed Dublin to be on the western edge of this cold blast of arctic air whereas the current model has it in the centre.

As a results of this northerly airflow, it seems very likely that it will be pretty cool for the marathon. It's unlikely to mean snow or ice but the temperatures are likely to be down around 3 deg C for the start and reaching a high of 8 deg C around 1pm.

On the plus side, this arctic air may not contain much moisture so it will probably be dry.

If you are running the marathon at pace... say sub 4 hours then the cool temperature will mean that you will sweat less.

If you are running to 'get around' then you may need to wear another layer. Think of maybe a long sleeve top under a singlet rather than something like a jacket. Think about something for your head as well.

All runners should make sure they have lots of clothes in their gear bag post race. There will be a fair wind chill so it's going to feel very cold, especially in the shade.

Overall, conditions look like they might be pretty ok for marathon running albeit a little chilly.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Togher AC Couch to 5k programme for beginners...Starts Tues 23rd Oct 2018

This might be of interest to any beginners out there. Togher AC are holding a 9 week Couch to 5k programme in Cork City and it starts on Tuesday the 23rd of October 2018.

As you can see from the flyer above, it cost €30 and they train 3 times a week. The main evening will be on Tuesdays. If interested, contact Claire Dunne by email... clairecdunne AT gmail DOT com

Entries for the 2019 Adare 10k now open

The Adare 10k in Co.Limerick is one of the most popular 10k races on the calendar and sells out every year. The 25th anniversary race is coming up on Sunday the 24th of February 2019.

Entries are now open and it includes a medal & t-shirt. This one always sell out so enter asap.

Update Tues 23rd Oct : 600 runners registered, 250 places left. Should be full in a few weeks.

Update Thurs 25th Oct : CLOSED!


Local runner Danny McCarthy named Cork Person of the Month


Danny McCarthy of Midleton Athletic Club has been presented with a Cork Person of the Month award to mark his pioneering work in sound and performance art over the decades.

Danny has been part of the local running scene for many years and was instrumental in the growth of Midleton AC over the years.

More on this story in the Evening Echo.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Results & Photos of the Rebel Run 5k & 10k - Sun 21st Oct 2018

There were almost 870 finishers for this years Rebel Run in Bishopstown in Cork City... 341 in the 5k and 525 in the 10k. Despite a small bit of drizzle for a short while, conditions were pretty good for the event.

Pos     Cat     Name     Club     Time     Net
1     Open     Alan O DONOVAN (1658)         00:16:47     00:16:47
2     Open     Abdi Issak (1653)         00:16:50     00:16:50
3     Open     Nathan O LEARY (1388)         00:17:06     00:17:06
Pos     Cat     Name     Club     Time     Net
1     Open     Lisa HEGARTY (1700)         00:19:41     00:19:41
2     Open     Rosaleen MACKEOWN (1256)         00:19:57     00:19:57
3     Open     Niamh CREMIN (1077)         00:23:03     00:23:02

5k results

Pos     Cat     Name     Club     Time     Net
1     Senior     Anthony MANNIX (478)         00:34:18     00:34:18
2     Senior     John COLLINS (196)     SKIBBEREEN     00:35:13     00:35:13
3     Senior     Garrett LORDAN (447)         00:35:30     00:35:30
Pos     Cat     Name     Club     Time     Net
1     Over 40     Katie HICKSON (369)         00:41:14     00:41:14
2     Over 40     Linda O SULLIVAN (683)         00:42:00     00:41:59
3     Over 40     Linda O CONNOR (603)         00:43:01     00:42:57

10k results

  Photos... (Updated Mon 22nd 4:47pm)

1) There are 6 albums up on the Running in Cork Facebook page...
...a) Group photos
...b) 5k finish (Sub 30:30)
...c) 5k finish (30:30 plus)
...d) 10k finish (Sub 49 mins)
...e) 10k finish (49-56 mins)
...f) 10k finish (56 mins plus)

 2) Joe Murphy of Eagle AC has two galleries...
...a) 5k start
...b) 10k start

3) Mick Dooley of Eagle AC has a gallery HERE

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Participant info for the 2018 Rebel Run on Sun 21st Oct 2018

From the organisers.....We were delighted to announce last week that the 7th annual Cork Rebel Run for 2018 SOLD OUT with over 900 participants taking part. If you registered online you should by now have received your confirmation email & info pack (please familiarise yourself with this). While we are busy preparing for Sunday we would just like to highlight some important info ahead of the event:

* Participants registered online MUST collect their event number, T & goody bag in CIT during the following times, Fri Oct 19th 5-8pm, Sat Oct 20th 12-2pm & Sun Oct 21st 8-9am.
* Start times are as follows: 5k @ 9.30am & 10K @ 9.45am from tiered car park in CIT.
* There is NO REGISTRATION on the morning of the event (its officially sold out)
* Category prizes only for 10k event. Spot prizes will be awarded to 5k participants randomly once results are in.
* Both events finish on the CIT Athletics Track.
* The Rebel Run 1 Mile Challenge event in association with Down Syndrome Cork (DSC) and Boston Scientific will start @ 9.15am, and participants will complete the final mile of the both 5&10k routes.
* The water stop for the 10k participants is at the 5K mark by the DSC Field of Dreams Facility on Clash Road.

We would like to wish everyone taking part a safe, fun and enjoyable event- and see you all on Sunday Morning

70 Year Old Granny runs 3:27 marathon!

70 year old Jeannie Rice set a new world record for her age when she completed the recent Chicago marathon in a time of 3h 27m 50s!

The grandmother, from Ohio, broke the previous record for the 70+ women’s category which was 3h 35m 29s. Chicago was also her 116th marathon.

When asked about her training in a post race interview, she said ..."I really do not enjoy treadmills. The only hard thing about training is keeping going through the cold weather, the wind and the rain does definitely make it tougher. I run every day and make sure to get enough sleep and a good diet. Age is just a number. If you’re physically capable you should just keep running – there’s really nothing stopping you."

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Irish results from the 2018 Munich Marathon

 The Munich Marathon was held last weekend with 4797 runners taking part. There was a big contingent as always from Ireland. Munster runners in BOLD.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

New opening date of May 2019 set for Tramore Valley Park

Cork City Council have announced that May 2019 is now the most likely opening date for the Tramore Valley Park in Cork City. To date, a long succession of previous opening dates have failed to materialise.

According to a spokesperson for City Hall...."There will be a new safer access and egress from the site, reconfiguring the existing road, segregating visitors to the site, whether going to the recycling centre or the internal park car parks for those who wish to use the park. There will be a new roundabout on entering the site, with new lanes leading either to the recycling centre or the car parks and with two lanes exiting the park. In addition, extra car parking spaces will be provided at the north-west of the park and near the existing weighbridge, near the entrance area.”

It is expected that all works will be completed by May 2019.

Evening Echo article

Work continues on new park on Haulbowline Island


Back in 2017, I had a post up about the new proposed public park on Haulbowline Island in Cork Harbour....

Over the last few months, the site which was an old dump for Irish Steel has been sealed and huge quantities of top soil have been transported across to the island.

Pathways are now being laid out and I presume grass will be planted some time in the Spring of 2019. Allowing for this to become established, I presume it will be 2020 before there is a proper grass surface that can be walked on.

 A new video from Cork County Council shows the current state of the works as of Oct 2018...

I'm not sure as to when the park will officially open but it might have the potential for a new 5k parkrun? One obvious disadvantage is that it isn't next to any major population centre so most people will have to drive there.

Would there be enough interest to establish a parkrun there?

Monday, October 15, 2018

Cork Rebel Run 2018 has officially SOLD OUT!!


***Cork Rebel Run Update***

Cork Rebel Run 2018 has officially SOLD OUT!!

From the organisers.....Thanks to all of you who have signed up to date, and we look forward to welcoming you on Sun Oct 21st. Details on sign-in will be posted shortly!

The very best of luck to you all in your final training preparations!

Mayo woman Sinead Diver runs 2:25 marathon in Australia

Sinead Diver from Co.Mayo won the Melbourne Marathon over the weekend in a time of 2 hours 25 mins and 19 seconds. That is the second fastest time by an Irish woman and only Catherina McKiernan’s has run faster with 2:22:23.

Over the half-marathon distance, Sinead has a personal best 69:20. Only Sonia O’Sullivan with 67:19 and Catherina McKiernan with 67:50 have run faster.

What is probably most amazing is that Sinead Diver only took up running nine years ago while on maternity leave.

Sinead emigrated to Australia in 2002 and now represents her adopted country.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Results & Photos of the Cork BHAA Army-Navy 5 mile - Sun 14th Oct 2018

After a miserable and wet Saturday, the conditions for the Cork BHAA race on Sunday morning couldn't have been better with blue skies and sunshine. A total of 180 runners turned out which is in marked contrast to the 294 who turned out when it was an evening race in 2017. That's works out as a 39% drop which is a lot.

1 Enda Cloake M1 00:27:20 Navy M-A-1
2 Finbarr O Dwyer 0/45B M2 00:27:48 CPO
3 Nigel Sheehan M3 00:27:58 Simply Suits
22 Katie Hickson 0/40I F1  00:32:38 Glenside
37 Linda O Connor 0/40I F2 00:34:09 Musgrave F-B-1
39 Mary Buckley 0/50K F3 00:34:15 HSE

Full results

1) There are 2 galleries up on the Running in Cork Facebook page
...a) Taken about 4.1 miles (first half)
...b) Taken about 4.1 miles (second half of field)
2) Derek Costello of Eagle AC has a gallery HERE

Katie Hickson... winner of the 2018 Cork BHAA Army-Navy 5m race

Former Cork County player and manager Billy Morgan heading for the finish line

Friday, October 12, 2018

Usain Bolts scores twice in Soccer match!

Since he retired from athletics, Usain Bolt has tried out some professional football in Australia. Playing for the Central Coast Mariners, the world's fastest man managed to bag two goals!!

The first effort was just wide of the post...

Norweigan Ultra runner runs 164 miles in 24 hours to set new treadmill record

Norwegian ultra runner Bjørn Tore Taranger set a new record when he ran 264.5km on a treadmill over a 24 hour period. That is the equivalent of 164 miles and works out as 8 min 46 sec per mile pace (5:27 per km).

The event took place in the Norwegian city of Bergen and finished on Friday the 12th of October 2018. The previous record was 261.18km which was set in 2017.

After setting the record, he said....“I knew I had it in me, I was not in doubt. I knew that as long as I managed to get in my nutrition, follow the plan with the wonderful people here who have supported me throughout the night. That was awesome!”

Cars banned on Marina in Cork City on Sundays for October 2018


In a new initiative called 'Open for Play', the Marina in Cork City will be closed to cars from 10am to 2pm on every Sunday during the month of October 2018.

Some of the activities described are..."Family fun and games for the smallies. Cricket making an appearance on the eastern side of the Lee amongst other street games. "

This will hopefully be the start of a process which will see a proper public park in the area.If you are going for a walk or run on Sunday, you might considering supporting this initiative.

Click on the image below to see the area that will be closed.

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

A look at the 'Open for Play' day on the Marina... Sun 7th Oct 2018

In a new initiative called 'Open for Play', the Marina in Cork City will be closed to cars from 10am to 2pm on every Sunday during the month of October 2018.

 The first on was held on Sunday the 7th and the weather conditions were dry for the event. As can be seen from the photo below, the Marina was blocked at the city end at the barrier by Pairc Ui Chaoimh. Anyone going into or out of the GAA stadium could go about their business and it was the same for Shandon Boat Club and Lee Rowing Club.

 There was quite a number of people making the most of the closure with lots of families cycling or walking. Interspersed with all these, there was a good few runners just taking in the Marina as part of their route.

The Blackrock end was blocked at the barrier as can be seen below.

 This was by far the busier part of the Marina with children's games being set up on the road.

At the plaza in Blackrock village, the place was packed with the farmers market. At about 1pm, there were queues of about 20 people on some outlets.

The Marina closure on its own was a special event but in conjunction with the farmers market nearby, it kind of gave it an added purpose. Someone could visit the market and then go for a stroll down the Marina.

Some people will want the Marina closed for the whole weekend, some don't want it closed at all. The key for me though is to have it almost as a feature of the local farmers market. If the market is open then the Marina should be closed. 

I couldn't help but think how the whole farmers market and closed road made such a nice alternative to the new family pastime of strolling around a shopping centre on a Sunday afternoon.

The Marina will be closed to traffic again from 10am to 2pm on Sunday the 14th, 21st and 28th of October 2018.

Sub 3 hour Irish results at the 2018 Chicago Marathon

The 2018 Chicago Marathon was held last weekend with a total of 44,476 people crossing the finish line. Mo Farah was the first man home in an impressive time of 2h 05m 11s.

These are the times for some of the runners from Ireland that broke 3 hours. Mark Smith of Eagle AC in Cork finished in a time of 2h 34m 21s.

131 Smith, Mark (GBR) 02:34:21
139 Nolan, Killian (IRL)  02:34:38
171 Griffin, Derek (IRL) 2:36:53
198 Walsh, Billy (IRL) 02:38:49
310 Mannion, Karl (IRL) 02:43:19
314 Messitt, Mark (IRL) 02:43:29
343 Mccoy, David (IRL) 02:44:32
457 Swift, Trevor (IRL) 02:47:55
519 Kenny, Michael (IRL) 02:49:19
557 Guinness, Samuel (IRL) 02:50:22
570 Sheehan, Padraig (IRL) 02:50:35
594 Porter, Adam (IRL) 02:50:58
778 Kearney, Shane (IRL) 02:54:33
903 Mckenna, Michael (IRL) 02:56:16
112 Carrie, David John (IRL) 02:58:35
115 Baker, Chris (IRL) 02:58:51
116 Lyons, Alan (IRL) 02:58:55
121 Murphy, Neil (IRL) 02:59:11
124 Bambrick, Oran (IRL) 02:59:19
125 Deveney, Terry (IRL) 02:59:23

Monday, October 08, 2018

Results of the Rosscarbery 5k fun run... 6th Oct 2018

This 5k fun run & walk was held in Rosscarbery in West Cork on Sat 6th Oct 2018.

Results below...

Two runners die at Cardiff Half-Marathon

The Cardiff Half-Marathon in Wales is one of the largest half-marathons in the UK with approx 20,000 runners taking part. Unfortunately this year, two runners died at the race which was held last  Sunday. The pair, aged 25 and 32, went into cardiac arrest after crossing the finishing line within three minutes of each other, at about 12.25 (GMT).

In response, the organisers said they are "100% satisfied" in their medical plan.... "We had a doctor and medical team at the finish line and were in attendance within seconds of the gentlemen collapsing."

Results of the Glenahulla 5k ... 8th Oct 2018

The annual Bernie Young Memorial Run 5k was held on Sunday the 7th of October in Glenahulla near Mitchelstown. About 132 took part.

Waterford Half-Marathon Sells Out!

Waterford AC have announced that all entries for their annual Half-Marathon have sold out! The race is coming up on the 1st of December 2018.

This is regarded as a good half with the potential to run good times so it attracts a lot of club runners.

From Waterford AC...."**Please note we are receiving alot of private messages, we do not have a cancellation list or any further entries available. Transfers are available if you find an entrant who cannot run and you swap details between yourselves on the online transfer facility **"

Saturday, October 06, 2018

Results & Photos of the Ballincollig 5k parkrun... Sat 6th Oct 2018

A total of  295 runners turned out for this weeks 5k parkrun in Ballincollig Regional Park on what turned out to be a cool but sunny morning.

1 Alan O'SULLIVAN 19:32    VM35-39    M1
2 John LONGAN    19:36    SM25-29    M2
4 Unknown
3 Riina KUUSELO    19:42    VW40-44    F1 Knowle and Dorridge Running Club
24 Shirley WALSH    22:26    VW45-49    F2 Kinsale Tri Club
27 Olga O'SULLIVAN    22:29    VW40-44    F3 Eagle A.C.


1) Colette Ryan has a gallery HERE
2) Joe Murphy has a gallery HERE

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Juvenile membership of Cork athletic clubs drops almost 8% in 12 months

One interesting to come out of the latest membership stats from Athletics Ireland is the large drop in the number of juveniles in Co.Cork.

The chart above shows the number of juveniles in athletic clubs in the six largest counties. These account for almost half (49.3%) of all juvenile members of Athletics Ireland.

As can be seen, most counties are pretty steady with Galway and Mayo showing modest growth. The numbers in Cork by contrast have fallen by a significant 7.6%.

Looking through the membership stats for individual clubs, there doesn't seem to be a clear pattern. Some clubs are holding their own but a lot of clubs throughout the county are have lost 20-40 juvenile members.

Nationally, the number of juveniles in Athletics Ireland has declined by 1.7%. Without the large drop in Cork, it would have been a 0.8% decline.

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Notice...Rebel Run 10k & 5k in Cork City - Sun 21st Oct 2018

This 10 km & 5km road race is coming up in Bishopstown on Sunday, the 21st of October 2018 at 9:30am.

This is going to be of interest to a lot of people for a number of reasons.....
1) There aren't that many 10k races really on the calendar. Loads of 5k and 5 mile races but fast 10k courses are a bit thin on the ground.
2) In Bishopstown in Cork City so it is central to a lot of people.
3) Dry-fit top included in the early entry fee for both the 5k and 10k.

***** UPDATE *****
Now fewer than 140 places left.


ENTRIES >>> You can enter online HERE

Sunday 21st  October, Bishopstown @ 9.30am
Chip Timing
Goody Bag for all participants
AAI Licence & Measured by Jones Counter
Over 18’s only (APPLIES TO 10K) - 5k event open to those 16+.
Online Entry: REGISTER NOW 

Please Note that it is not permitted to wear headphones while participating in this event.

Standard Entry Fee > 10k €20 // 5k €15

The Cork Rebel Run will take place on Sunday October 21st 2018 @ 9.30am

Courses......There are some changes but the basic loop of the 10k is still the same as before and can be seen HERE

The 5k course starts with the 10k, takes in the walkway riverside behind CIT and finishes on the track as well. Approx 5k course HERE

The race is organised is association by Cork Sports Partnership and their race website is HERE

From Cork Sports Partnership...

** Cork Rebel Run & Rebel Run A Mile Challenge Launches for 2018**
Sunday Oct 21st 2018
On Thursday August 2nd the Annual Cork Rebel Run 5k and 10k was launched in CIT, Bishopstown. Now in its 7th year the event will take place on Sunday October 21st. The organising committee of CorkSports Partnership, Leisureworld Cork and Cork Institute of Technology welcome both Cork City Council and Cork County Council as sponsors and look forward to having them on board again for 2018. Last year’s event saw record numbers take part in the event with over 730 participants across both events and it is hoped to build on this again for 2018.

Rebel Run 5k and 10k organisers and sponsors. Lord Mayor Cllr Mick Finn, Mayor of County Cork Cllr Patrick Gerard Muprhy, Claire Hurley, Kristine Meenaghan (CSP) Stephen Scully (Cork City Council) Craig Harrington (CSP & CIT) Miriam Deasy (CIT) Mark McManus (Leisureworld)

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Athletics Ireland release club membership stats for end of Sept 2018

Athletics Ireland have just released the membership stats for clubs at the end of Sept 2018.

The chart above shows the clubs with 100 or more adult members.

Mallow AC continue to power ahead and they now have 261 members. Of those, a total of 233 are in the masters category i.e. aged 35 or over. Just 28 members are under the age of 35 and this is pretty typical of most clubs now with 89.3% in the masters category.

St,Catherine's AC now have 106 adult members as they break through the 100 mark. I think that may be their highest ever.

Doneraile AC are a new club and they are also the 100 mark with 153 members.

As always, there are other running clubs as well that are not part of Athletics Ireland so this isn't the complete picture.

Athletics Ireland release club transfers for Sept 2018

Twice a year, Athletics Ireland registered members have the opportunity to change clubs and this happens usually in April and October. The latest club transfers have now been released and they can be seen HERE

As to be expected, there are a number of juveniles and adults moving between clubs in Cork. Sometimes it can seen as if a large number might be moving from a particular club but if they have the same surname then it's usually just a family moving.

From an athletics point of view, the main one is probably Joan Healy who is one of the top sprinters in the country moving from Bandon AC to Leevale AC. Joan's coach Alan Mahony who is originally from Wexford also moves to Leevale.

Notice : Run in the Dark Mallow - Wed 14th Nov 2018

This years Run in the Dark event is being held in multiple locations around the country including one in Mallow, Co.Cork.

From the organisers...Run in the Dark Mallow – Join us for a 5k run on 14th November
Run in the Dark Mallow takes place on 14th  November 2018 at 8.00pm. Every November, as darkness sweeps the globe, thousands of people in 50 cities across the world will pull on their running shoes and red flashing armbands and hit the streets to Run in the Dark.
We know there are lots of running events out there, so why choose Run in the Dark?!

Apart from being a unique night run taking place in iconic locations around the world, there’s also an important cause fuelling this fundraising run. Run in the Dark is a global running movement helping to cure paralysis in our lifetime.

Run in the Dark is organised by the Mark Pollock Trust, named after blind Irish adventure athlete Mark Pollock. Unbroken by blindness in 1998, Mark Pollock suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury in 2010 when he fell from a second story window that left him paralysed. As Mark strives to walk again, his most complex journey is ahead of him – to find a cure for paralysis.

By taking part in Run in the Dark you are enabling ground-breaking collaborations and research which could change the lives of millions of paralysed people around the world.

Every donation, every step, every study, moves us towards a cure for paralysis and enabling people to walk again.

Sign up at

There are a limited number of places available so make sure to sign up early so you don't miss out!

Mallow Route :  The start and finish line will be located outside Ocana’s, 26 Bank Place. The 5km route will go down Deal Yard Lane to park road, along park road to Mallow Bridge, Ballydaheen, old Cork road, taking the slip road near MPHC, turning back for mallow on the N20. At railway roundabout 1st exit takes you straight back to Ocana’s. Those wishing to complete 10km may loop around once more. After the race has finished all runners are encouraged to reunite at Ocana’s Bar to raise a toast to Mark Pollock and the Mark Pollock Trust efforts to cure paralysis in our lifetime.

Please aim to arrive at 19.30 (7.30pm) so that we can ensure everyone will receive their flashing armband and buff and have a group photo before we go running!

Monday, October 01, 2018

Results & Photos of the Cork BHAA Cork to Cobh 15 mile road race... Sun 30th Sept 2018

A grand total of 685 runners turned out for this years 15 mile road race from Cork City to the town of Cobh in Cork Harbour on what turned out to be pretty perfect weather conditions. That's a drop of about 8% on the numbers for 2017 and roughly in line with the current average of about 700 runners a year.

1 Cillian O'Leary M-1 01:21:02 Model Farm Road
2 John Meade M-2 01:23:27 Joyce Wolfe Physiotherapy
3 Michael Corbett 0/40A M-3 01:24:03 Musgrave
4 Jeremy O Donovan 0/40A M-4 01:26:04 Eli Lilly
5 Mark Collins M-5 01:26:19 Avondhu MF
38 Sorcha Kearney 0/40I F-1 01:36:58 St Finbarrs
47 Gavril Corduneanu 0/35H F-2 01:39:17 Cahir
49 Ann Marie Holland 0/40I F-3 01:39:18 Travel Ireland
58 Riina Kuuselo 0/40I F-4 01:39:52 Cork
84 Claire O'Brien F-5 01:44:38 Dept of Ed F-C-1

Full results

Photos... (Updated Mon 1st Oct 12:10pm)
1) There will be 4 albums up on the Running in Cork Facebook page...taken about 800m from the finish.
...a) 1h 21m to 1h 54m
...b) 1h 54m to 2h 05m
...c) 2h 05m to 2h 17m
...d) 2h 17m plus

2) Derek Costello of Eagle AC has the following albums...
...a) pre race and 1st mile   
...b) mile 3  
...c) mile 10
...d) finish line 

3) Michael Buckley Photography has 3 sets of photos up.
... Album 1... Album 2... Album 3

4) Joe and Ann Murphy have 3 albums...
... Album 1 ... Album 2 ... Album