Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results & Photos of the Cork BHAA Cork to Cobh 15 mile road race... Sun 30th Sept 2018

Monday, October 01, 2018

Results & Photos of the Cork BHAA Cork to Cobh 15 mile road race... Sun 30th Sept 2018

A grand total of 685 runners turned out for this years 15 mile road race from Cork City to the town of Cobh in Cork Harbour on what turned out to be pretty perfect weather conditions. That's a drop of about 8% on the numbers for 2017 and roughly in line with the current average of about 700 runners a year.

1 Cillian O'Leary M-1 01:21:02 Model Farm Road
2 John Meade M-2 01:23:27 Joyce Wolfe Physiotherapy
3 Michael Corbett 0/40A M-3 01:24:03 Musgrave
4 Jeremy O Donovan 0/40A M-4 01:26:04 Eli Lilly
5 Mark Collins M-5 01:26:19 Avondhu MF
38 Sorcha Kearney 0/40I F-1 01:36:58 St Finbarrs
47 Gavril Corduneanu 0/35H F-2 01:39:17 Cahir
49 Ann Marie Holland 0/40I F-3 01:39:18 Travel Ireland
58 Riina Kuuselo 0/40I F-4 01:39:52 Cork
84 Claire O'Brien F-5 01:44:38 Dept of Ed F-C-1

Full results

Photos... (Updated Mon 1st Oct 12:10pm)
1) There will be 4 albums up on the Running in Cork Facebook page...taken about 800m from the finish.
...a) 1h 21m to 1h 54m
...b) 1h 54m to 2h 05m
...c) 2h 05m to 2h 17m
...d) 2h 17m plus

2) Derek Costello of Eagle AC has the following albums...
...a) pre race and 1st mile   
...b) mile 3  
...c) mile 10
...d) finish line 

3) Michael Buckley Photography has 3 sets of photos up.
... Album 1... Album 2... Album 3

4) Joe and Ann Murphy have 3 albums...
... Album 1 ... Album 2 ... Album


Anonymous said...

Great race to run every year but must say trying to get a drink of water from the stations was very hard due to cups rather than bottles.Well done to all the stewards as the road was very busy.

Anonymous said...

Great Race as always.... it was highlighted prior to race that water stations would have cups - with that being the case a lot of runners were wearing fuel belts. Lovely day and great to see how training is going prior to DCM

Anonymous said...

Great race, you wouldn't get much better value for such a race when it is now €10 for a 5k race. Well done to the organisers, it cannot be easy to put on such an event, especially these days with the increase in traffic.

2 things to note though and it could be the death of races like this if one accident was to occur, the number of headphone wearers were crazy on such a busy road. I remember one steward shouting an instruction at a runner and trying to get her attention and she eventually had to take out her headphones because she couldn't hear.
The other thing is, what was with the people running in the middle of the road. No one in to the left and they continued to be in the middle of the road. You just have to look at the photos to see it. I witnessed one person doing it the whole way from Island Gate to the roundabout by Carrigtwohill. I witnessed another person banging on a car because the car was trying to overtake on the way into Cobh. The road was tight there and the runner didn't even give enough room for one car to get past because he was in the middle of the road.

dotty said...

Always a quality race. Fair play to the organisers.

Colette said...

Enjoyed my 1st time doing this race. Have to agree with previous poster runners running in the middle of the road when we are instructed at the start of the race to stay on the left. Roads were busy and in fairness the stewards were doing a great job marshalling. There seemed to have been only a small amount of marshals on the road. Overall a great day weather was good . and the banter was great for a while until tired legs kicked in . The water stations i thought were fine cups of water made more sense. and of course the un official water stops where water and jellies and oranges were offered . Many thanks to all those people. One thing i did notice as i was heading home to cork along the road by the ferry 2 runners were still running. This was about 12.15 pm and they seemed to be on their own running on the footpath. No tail biker or car. Just wondering if anyone realized that there were still runners on the course when majority were finished. Ps Nice t shirt too.