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Monday, December 31, 2007

Review of the year 2007...
Looking back at 2007, it was a very busy year with plenty of races. While they are all different, there were 2 races during the year which were special for me.

The first one is a race that I did in Normandy, France, back in March. It was the 15.4 km Alencon-Medavy and it was, for me, my best run of 2007 ('s a bit like the Ballycotton 10 with the airport hill at the end!). I'm up there somewhere in the photo above, over on the left in the middle of the crowd around the 1km mark ;o)

On the local front, the highlight for me had to be the Cork City Marathon. It was a great day. The weather was nice, it was well organised and it seemed to give a big boost to the sport of road running in the Cork area. Even though I did the full Marathon myself, I thought the relay was a great idea. I wasn't too sure beforehand but looking back in hindsight, it gave a lot of new people the chance to participate in the event without having to do the full Marathon distance. The extra numbers with the buzz and excitement around the change-over stations, really added to the atmosphere.

So, I wonder what was the highlight of the year for you and why? Leave a comment below and let others know what race you thought was so special.

One very noticable feature in 2007 was the very welcome increase in race numbers. It started with the 10 mile classic series, with nearly every race getting record numbers. As we headed into the Summer, all of the races seemed to be up. I'd guess that the numbers are up at least 10% on last year. Reasons??? I think the Cork City Marathon & Relay brought in a lot of new runners. I know that some of the newer runners are using this blog to find out what the races are on. Maybe running is just getting popular again? Whatever the reason, let's hope it continues in 2008.

And just one final thought for 2007. It would be impossible to have such a vibrant local running scene if it were not for all those people who give up their time to organise and plan all of the races. The likes of John Walshe and the gang at Ballycotton Running Promotions, the guys in the Cork BHAA with their excellent series of races and all of the officials in the various clubs who put on their own races. I think that everyone in the local running community owe's them a debt of gratitude for all of the time and hard work that they put in over the last year.

Well done and thanks.

And on a final, final......I would just like to wish all of the readers of this blog a very happy new year :o)
....and load's of PB's in 2008!!

John Desmond

Hi John. For me, it had to be the Cork to Cobh race, I really enjoyed that race. I suppose because it was the longest distance I ran since I started running last April and I had convinced myself that if I got as far as Fota Island, then that would have being good enough for me. But to my amazement, I felt really good by the time I got there and increased my pace from Fota Island to the finish line in Cobh as I'm so familiar with the 5 mile distance. I thought, lets step it up a bit now and try and do it in under 2 hours, which I did so that was really a good achievement for me for 2007 in running. I'd like to echo your comments on thanking all the organizers of the races in 2007. Well done and thank you to all. They were all well organized and enjoyable.
Happy new year to all.
Regards.....John Dunphy


Had to be the Cork City marathon.It was my first attempt at the distance and my own personal performance was dissapointing but the whole day itself was very enjoyable and to my mind a major success. I'll be back for more this year. Hopefully they get the numbers they are expecting. Happy new year and thanks for all the excellent info on the site.....AJ

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Results of the Bandon 5 mile Road Race - Sun 30th 2007

A total of 138 entrants turned out for the very last road race of 2007. I thought there might be a few more but 138 is still a good number, just 4 up on the number last year. Weather conditions were pretty mild with only a slight breeze in places. In fact, they were probably near ideal conditions for a race.

As well as the results shown below, you can see the winners of each category on the Bandon AC website.

The guys in Bandon AC have been very quick off the mark with getting some photos up on the net. They have a selection of about 68 shots at this LINK.

(Updated 13th Jan 2008)...A 2nd set of 142 photos is now available at this LINK.

So, back to the results...

Donough Coughlan Memorial BANDON '5' Sunday 30 December 2007. 2:00pm

1 0:26:02 SOSNOWSKI, Wieslaw Eagle AC M 05:12.3
2 0:26:08 O'CONNELL, Cathal St. Finbarrs AC M40 05:13.5
3 0:26:46 HAEMMERLING, Oliver Rolsturl Sportclub (Hamburg) M 05:21.1

4 0:27:59 DUNNE, Michael St. Finbarrs AC M 05:35.7
5 0:28:07 WILMOT, Kevin Bandon AC M 05:37.3
6 0:28:10 MULDOWNEY, David Eagle AC M 05:37.9
7 0:28:24 O'RIORDAN, Brendan Eagle AC M 05:40.7
8 0:28:27 MCEVOY, Eamonn St. Finbarrs AC M50 05:41.3
9 0:28:39 O'CARROLL, Frank East Cork AC M 05:43.7
10 0:28:50 MORGAN, Michael Bandon M 05:45.9
11 0:28:54 RYAN, Patrick Boston M 05:46.7
12 0:28:55 MURPHY, Paddy Bandon AC M 05:46.9
13 0:29:05 HICKEY, Paul Eagle AC M 05:48.9
14 0:29:09 CAVANAGH, Louise UCC AC F35 05:49.7
15 0:29:14 O'REGAN, Noel Midleton AC M40 05:50.7
16 0:29:47 LEONARD, Helen Rathfarnham-WSAF AC F35 05:57.3
17 0:29:49 MCCARTHY, Padraig Luxembourg M45 05:57.7
18 0:29:50 DESMOND, John Eagle AC M40 05:57.9
19 0:29:52 MURPHY, Declan St. Finbarrs AC M 05:58.3
20 0:29:56 COAKLEY, Donal Togher AC M 05:59.1
21 0:29:59 CARROLL, Denis Eagle AC M45 05:59.7
22 0:30:01 CARROLL, Eamonn St. Finbarrs AC M40 06:00.1
23 0:30:02 BRODERICK, Donal Midleton AC M40 06:00.3
24 0:30:44 SHEEHAN, Thomas Bandon AC M40 06:08.7
25 0:30:45 KEOGH, Frank Dublin M 06:08.9
26 0:30:59 SWEENEY, Mary St. Finbarrs AC F45 06:11.7
27 0:30:59 LUCEY, Tim Bandon AC M40 06:11.7
28 0:31:16 HUNTER, Nollaig Leevale AC F35 06:15.1
29 0:31:39 O'CALLAGHAN, David Eagle AC M40 06:19.7
30 0:31:50 O'REILLY, Kevin Ballincollig M 06:21.9
31 0:32:03 CAHILL , Seamus Eagle AC M45 06:24.5
32 0:32:06 MCGRATH, Grellan Eagle AC M40 06:25.1
33 0:32:15 O'CALLAGHAN, John Rising Sun AC M 06:26.9
34 0:32:18 MCCARTHY, Jerry Mallow AC M50 06:27.5
35 0:32:32 HORGAN, Mary Cork F 06:30.3
36 0:32:33 O'BRIEN, Tom Cork M 06:30.5
37 0:32:39 WALSH, Michael Midleton AC M40 06:31.7
38 0:32:42 O'CONNELL, Barry Kerry Pike M40 06:32.3
39 0:32:46 LEE, Elizabeth Cork F 06:33.1
40 0:32:49 BARRY, Liz Bandon AC F 06:33.7
41 0:32:51 MCGARRY, Sharon St. Finbarrs AC F 06:34.1
42 0:32:52 HAYES, Willie St. Finbarrs AC M50 06:34.3
43 0:32:57 LEAHY, Caitriona Eagle AC F 06:35.3
44 0:33:16 KENNEDY, Dan St. Finbarrs AC M55 06:39.1
45 0:33:22 QUIGLEY, John Eagle AC M50 06:40.3
46 0:33:23 O'LEARY, Liam St. Finbarrs AC M60 06:40.5
47 0:33:26 GYVES, Paddy Mallow AC M55 06:41.1
48 0:33:29 DUNPHY, John Cork M 06:41.7
49 0:33:35 BOAG, Kevin Mallow AC M45 06:42.9
50 0:33:36 O'MAHONY, David Ballincollig M 06:43.1
51 0:33:40 COTTER, Brian Bandon M 06:43.9
52 0:33:40 KIELY, Victor Blarney M 06:43.9
53 0:33:42 O'BRIEN, Tony Ballincollig AC M45 06:44.3
54 0:33:56 O'BRIEN, Patrick Skibbereen AC M40 06:47.1
55 0:33:57 MURPHY, Stephen Rising Sun AC M45 06:47.3
56 0:33:59 RYAN, James Blarney M40 06:47.7
57 0:33:59 ROCHE, Joe Eagle AC M40 06:47.7
58 0:34:16 WALSHE, John East Cork AC M55 06:51.1
59 0:34:20 AMBROSE, Neil Nohoval M 06:51.9
60 0:34:21 O'SULLIVAN, Michelle Macroom F 06:52.1
61 0:34:29 RYAN, John Glanmire M40 06:53.7
62 0:34:34 MURPHY, Mary St. Finbarrs AC F45 06:54.7
63 0:34:35 O'CONNOR, Pat Ballincollig M 06:54.9
64 0:34:49 KELLY, Donal Whitechurch M 06:57.7
65 0:35:23 NEVILLE, Martin Mallow AC M 07:04.4
66 0:35:29 RAMSELL, Ned Midleton AC M 07:05.6
67 0:35:34 O'SULLIVAN, Bernard Bandon AC M40 07:06.6
68 0:35:35 O'SULLIVAN, Mark Bandon AC MJ 07:06.8
69 0:35:50 O'BRIEN, Vincent Kinsale M 07:09.8
70 0:35:51 O'BRIEN, John Bandon AC M 07:10.0
71 0:35:59 KEARNEY, Batt Leevale AC M50 07:11.6
72 0:36:02 LINEHAN, Frank Togher AC M55 07:12.2
73 0:36:09 MURPHY, Aine Kerry Pike F45 07:13.6
74 0:36:10 LINEHAN, Ted Eagle AC M50 07:13.8
75 0:36:32 HAYDON, Michael Ballygarvan M50 07:18.2
76 0:36:32 O'DWYER, Kieran St. Catherines AC M50 07:18.2
77 0:36:38 CURTIS, Peadar Mallow AC M50 07:19.4
78 0:36:38 KIELY, Ger Cork M55 07:19.4
79 0:36:41 MOLONEY , Eamonn Bandon AC M45 07:20.0
80 0:36:46 RING, Gerard Carrigtwohill M 07:21.0
81 0:36:53 MURPHY, Sean Bandon AC M 07:22.4
82 0:36:53 CALLANAN, Liam Whitechurch M 07:22.4

83 0:37:02 KEOHANE, Pat Bandon M40 07:24.2
84 0:37:08 TWOHIG, Monica Eagle AC F40 07:25.4
85 0:37:08 O'LEARY, John Leevale AC M65 07:25.4
86 0:37:22 KELLY, Jason Whitechurch M 07:28.2
87 0:37:31 O'BRIEN, Michael Skibbereen AC M 07:30.0
88 0:37:42 HANRAHAN, Michael Midleton AC M 07:32.2
89 0:37:56 MULCAHY, Pat Bandon AC M 07:35.0
90 0:37:57 O'DONOGHUE, Donal Litle Island M40 07:35.2
91 0:37:58 O'CONNELL, John Ballincollig M55 07:35.4
92 0:38:05 HUDSON, David Donore Harriers M50 07:36.8
93 0:38:22 COUGHLAN, Niall Bandon M 07:40.2
94 0:38:27 O'CONNELL, Donie Midleton AC M55 07:41.2
95 0:38:34 BUCKLEY, Olan Inniscarra M 07:42.6
96 0:38:42 MCTIERNAN, Joan Donore Harriers F45 07:44.2
97 0:38:54 GAFFNEY, Peter Mallow AC M65 07:46.6
98 0:38:54 BUCKLEY, Tim-Joe Donoughmore AC M55 07:46.6
99 0:39:11 PHELAN, Kevin Eagle AC M 07:50.0
100 0:39:13 BOYD, Lina St. Finbarrs AC F40 07:50.4
101 0:39:15 COPITHORNE, Joe St. Finbarrs AC M50 07:50.8
102 0:39:16 HULL, Michael Midleton M 07:51.0
103 0:39:32 WEBB, George Rising Sun AC M65 07:54.2
104 0:39:37 O'DONNELL, Andrew Bandon M 07:55.2
105 0:39:47 O'FARRELL, Andrew Carrigaline M50 07:57.2
106 0:39:49 FITZGERALD, Eamonn Bandon M 07:57.6
107 0:39:53 MURRAY, Jimmy Rising Sun AC M60 07:58.4
108 0:39:56 MARRON, Rory Bandon M 07:59.0
109 0:40:04 MURPHY, Phil Bandon AC M45 08:00.6
110 0:40:15 MERRICK, Robert Bandon AC M 08:02.8
111 0:40:19 DOYLE, Kieran Bandon M 08:03.6
112 0:40:27 SEXTON, Michael Cork M 08:05.2
113 0:41:00 MULCAHY, Mary St. Finbarrs AC F45 08:11.8
114 0:41:20 HARRINGTON, Finbarr Bandon AC M40 08:15.8
115 0:41:21 O'HEA, Eugene Bandon M40 08:16.0
116 0:41:29 FITZGERALD, Gerry Bandon AC M55 08:17.6
117 0:41:32 O'CONNOR, Gerry Togher AC M50 08:18.2
118 0:41:36 HARRINGTON, Norma Mitchelstown F50 08:19.0
119 0:41:38 QUIGLEY, Aoife Cork F 08:19.4
120 0:41:54 MCCARTHY, Danny Midleton AC M55 08:22.6
121 0:41:55 COOMEY, Andrew Bandon M 08:22.8
122 0:42:05 COOMEY, Anthony Bandon M 08:24.8
123 0:42:15 BEAUSANG, Margaret Midleton AC F50 08:26.8
124 0:42:26 BUCKLEY , Claire Lucan Harriers F 08:29.0
125 0:42:34 MUCKIAN, Shiela Bandon AC F45 08:30.6
126 0:42:57 DOUGAN, Loretta Eagle AC F35 08:35.2
127 0:44:06 KELLEHER, Frank Cork M60 08:49.0
128 0:44:38 BUCKLEY, Michelle Newcestown F 08:55.4
129 0:45:44 VAN-BUEREN, Ronald Holland M50 09:08.6
130 0:45:56 CROTTY, Greg Youghal AC M 09:11.0
131 0:46:46 O'DONNELL, Liz Bandon F40 09:21.0
132 0:46:46 MASON, Catherine Cork F35 09:21.0
133 0:48:16 GLAVIN, Bernice Cork F45 09:39.0
134 0:48:48 O'MAHONY, Donal Cork M55 09:45.4
135 0:51:35 RYAN, Gillian Glanmire F35 10:18.8
136 0:57:38 TOHER, Mary Midleton AC F50 11:31.4
137 1:05:33 MORLEY, Cyril Cork M60 13:06.4

WHEELCHAIR: FORDE, Jerry Blarney-inniscarra AC M55 40:08

Organised by Bandon Athletic Club
Results produced by Ballycotton Running Promotions

(...with thanks to John Walshe of Ballycotton Running Promotions for providing the above results)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ballycotton 10 entries - Numbers 50 to 2,550 now up on their website!!
Most of you will know by now that the entries for this race next March have now closed (except for runners outside Ireland - their closing date is the 8th of Jan).

They have just put up a list of entrants for next year's race on their website. The majority of people in this list are non-club runners. Here is a brief intro to what they say...

ENTRIES 51-2,550
The first 2,500 entries received for the Ballycotton ‘10’ are now on the website. They go from number 51 to number 2550.
The remaining entries – members of affiliated clubs/anyone who ran a race in the 2007 Ballycotton Summer Series (received up to December 18) plus overseas – will appear as soon as they are processed. Please note if you don’t qualify under these headings that, unfortunately, your entry has not been accepted.
We will endeavour to have all these returned as soon as possible and once again we remind people that we cannot replace people who drop out and under no circumstances can race numbers be transferred

The link to the list of entries is

GOAL mile photos -
For anyone who did the GOAL charity mile at the CIT track in Cork on Christmas morning, there are now 41 photos up on the Eagle AC website. Here is the LINK.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Preview of the Bandon 5 mile road race - Sun 30th Dec (2pm)
Up to recently, this race used to take place on New Year's day. This year, it takes place on the last Sunday of the year, just 2 days before New Year's day. Last year, they got 134 entrants in what were very windy conditions. Going on the numbers attending recent races, and assuming that the weather is ok, I'd expect that they will get between 150 and 200 this year.

The flyer for the race is shown above. Click on it to see it in more detail.

The race...The sign on for this race is in the Bandon GAA grounds. There is plenty of parking space inside the grounds and if you get there early, there should be no need to park outside. If you are not sure of where the GAA grounds are, then follow these directions...
Assuming that you are coming from Cork, take the relief road left at the 1st roundabout as you enter Bandon (Petrol station on corner). Climb the hill and down the other side, right at the next T-junction and the GAA grounds are on your left just before re-join the road on the Western side of the town. See the X on the map below.

The course...The start is a bit of a run from the GAA club. Follow the other runners to the start. The start and 1st mile is mostly downhill or flat. Then you run through the town until you turn left and go past the GAA club. Here the hard work starts. There is a good climb after the 2 mile mark until you turn off left. Nothing too serious but enough to make you go into oxygen debt if you push too hard.
Once you turn off, you are on some nice quiet country roads until the finish. So, overall, it is probably not the fastest of courses but it's not too bad. Just remember to keep something in the tank for the 2nd half after the long hill at 2 miles.

....and one last thing, the finish is about 1 mile from the GAA club! You can return by 2 routes....up the hill past the start or through the town and follow the race route.

If you want to have a closer look at the course, I have put it up on the MapMyRun website. The link is HERE.

Results of the Belgooly 4 mile road race - Wed 26th Dec 2007 (Updated Mon 31st Dec)

The full results are now available. There are some missing times at the rear of the field due to the sheer number of people finishing. See below for race report and official results...

Yet again, another record crowd for a race. This year, there were about 500 people taking part, over 100 up on last year. I understand that there were some problems with the race this year, especially with the finishing chute getting full of runners. In fairness to the organisers, a lot more people turned up than they were expecting and it's a big jump up from the 300 or so that they used to get a few years back.

Update (17th Jan 2008)...There is a set of 120 photos of this race now up on the Internet. The shots were taken by Roy Cummins of St.Finbarr's AC and are now up on the photo gallery of the Eagle AC website. Here is the LINK.

In the meantime, here are some of the category prizewinners...

DICK COPITHORNE MEMORIAL 4-Mile Road Race, Belgooly, Co Cork
1 C O'Leary (Raheny) 19:41; 2 B MacMahon (Clonliffe) 19:55; 3 J Scott (Carraig na bhFear/USA) 20:13; 4 C O'Connell (St Finbarrs, M40) 20:45; 5 W Sosnowski (Eagle) 20:49; 6 K Ryan (Togher) 20:58.

M40: 1 N Curtin (Youghal) 21:54; 2 B O'Flaherty (Skibbereen) 22:23; 3 D Doyle (Eagle) 23:30.
M45: 1 D Carroll (Eagle) 23:59; 2 P Dinan (St Finbarrs) 24:25; 3 K Cooney (Midleton) 24:50.
M50: 1 M Murphy (St Finbarrs) 23:00; 2 P Withers (Duhallow) 23:17; 3 E McEvoy (St Finbarrs) 23:53.
M55: 1 M Tobin (Grange-Fermoy) 25:26; 2 D Kennedy (St Finbarrs) 27:06; 3 P Gyves (Mallow) 27:20.
M60: 1 M Dunne (St Finbarrs) 26:03; 2 L O'Leary (St Finbarrs) 26:20; 3 J O'Leary (Leevale) 33:05.
MJ: 1 R Lovell (unatt) 27:22; 2 B Geoghen (unatt) 27:35.

Team (outside of prize-winnes):
1 St Finbarrs (M Dunne, K O'Sullivan, D Murphy) 39;
2 Bandon (K Wilmot, P Murphy, T Laffan) 65.

1 H Leonard (Rathfarnham-WSAF, F35) 23:45; 2 M Murphy-Scott (Carraig na bhFear, F35) 23:50;
3 A-M Healy (Eagle, F35) 24:32; 4 N Roe (Eagle) 24:40; 5 A Donnelly (St Finbarrs, F45); 6 L O'Connor (Eagle).

F35: 1 N Hunter (Leevale) 25:57.
F40: 1 M Dinan (St Finbarrs) 25:33.
F45: 1 V Collins (unatt) 26:52.
F50: 1 M Lyons (St Finbarrs).
F60: 1 M Barry (Grange-Fermoy).
F65: 1 P Buckley (St Finbarrs).
Official Results...

The Annual Dick Copithorne Memorial 4 Mile Road Race, St. Stephen’s Day, 2007 – Results

1. Cillian O’Leary, Rahenney Shamrocks 19.41
2. Brian McMahon, Clonliffe Harriers 19.58
3. Jeff Scott, Kentucky 20.13
4. Cathal O’Connell, St. Finbarrs 20.45
5. Wieslaw Sosnowski, Eagle 20.49
6. Kieran Ryan, Togher 20.58
7. Kevin O’Connor, D.S.D 21.36
8. Noel Curtin, Youghal 21.54 1st O/40
9. Michael Dunne, St. Finbarrs 22.12
10. Kevin Wilmott, Bandon 22.15
11. Billy Flaherty, Skibbereen 22.23 2nd O/40
12. Shane Simcox, Mallow 22.28
13. Barry Donovan, Ballincollig 22.31
14. Kieran O’Sullivan, St. Finbarrs 22.33
15. David Muldowney, Eagle 22.35
16. Declan Murphy, St. Finbarrs 22.41
17. Mike Murphy, St. Finbarrs 23.00 1st O/50
18. Brian O’Connor, G/Fermoy 23.04
19. Michael Morgan, Ind 23.07
20. Philip Whithers, Duhallow 23.17 2nd O/50
21. Paul Tierney, Cork Triatlion 23.21
22. Declan O’Shea, Eagle 23.22
23. Declan Doyle, Eagle 23.30 3rd O/40
24. John Desmond, Eagle 23.35
25. Paddy Murphy, Bandon 23.37
26. Shane Maher, Grange/Fermoy 23.39
27. Dave Coakley, Togher 23.40
28. Gareth Hardcastle, Sherwsbury, Essex 23.43
29. Helen Leonard, Rathfarnam WSAF 23.49 1st Lady
30. Michelle Murphy, Kentucky 23.50 2nd Lady
31. Eamonn McEvoy, St. Finbarrs 23.53 3rd O/50
32. Tom Laffan, Bandon 23.56
33. Denis Carroll, Eagle 23.59 1st O/45
34. Kevin Edwards, Riverstick/Kinsale 23.59
35. Paul Kelleher, Macroom 24.12
36. Mark McMahon, W/M 24.14
37. Fergus Wall, Riverstick/Kinsale 24.20
38. Robert Williams, Fitness Works 24.21
39. Colm O’Leary, Prainha 24.25
40. Paul Dinan, St. Finbarrs 24.252nd O/45
41. Brian Murphy, Ind 24.26
42. Ann Marie Healy, Eagle 24.32 3rd Lady
43. Pat Murphy, Eagle 24.34
44. David Hickey, St. Finbarrs 24.35
45. Niamh Roe, Eagle 24.40 4th Lady
46. Tom Sheehan, Bandon 24.41
47. Nigel Bryan, Eagle 24.42
48. Alan Bateman, Ind 24.43
49. Mark Bullman, Donoughamore 24.44
50. Ann Donnelly, St. Finbarrs 24.45 5th Lady
51. Kevin Cooney, Midleton 24.48 3rd O/45
52. John Hussey, Ind 24.50
53. Linda O’Connor, Eagle 24.51 6th Lady
54. Niall McIntyre, Ind 24.56
55. Joe O’Sullivan, Bandon 25.08
56. Dan Dwyer, Belgooly 25.11
57. John Power, Belgooly Tidy Villages 25.13
58. Tim Lucey, Bandon 25.15
59. Colm O’Halloran, Abingdon 25.17
60. Colm Murphy, Ind 25.24
61. Ian O’Sullivan 25.27
62. David O’Callaghan, Eagle 25.27
63. Margo Dinan, St. Finbarrs 25.33 1st O/40
64. Catherine Cashell, Serpentine 25.34
65. Seamus Cahill, Eagle 25.46
66. Joe Murphy, Eagle 25.50
67. Kevin O’Leary, Ind 25.50
68. Philip Hayes, Ind 25.50
69. Robert Patterson, D/Way 25.50
70. Aiden Higgins, Ind 25.51
71. Nollaig Hunter, Leevale 25.52 1st O/35
72. Paul O’Toole, U.C.C. 25.54
73. Dermot Murphy, Cork 25.56
74. Eoin Harte Barry, Ind 25.57
75. Tom O’Brien, Ind 25.58
76. Cathriona Leahy, Eagle 25.59
77. Ml Dunne, St. Finbarrs 26.00 1st O/60
78. Dan Kennedy, St. Finbarrs 26.01 2nd O/55
79. Jerry McCarthy, Mallow 26.02
80. John O’Shaughnessy, C.T.C. 26.03
81. Mike McGrath, Eagle 26.06
82. John Quigley, Eagle 26.09
83. Mary Horgan, U.C.C. 26.12
84. Liam O’Leary, St. Finbarrs 26.14 2nd O/60
85. Brian Healy, Dunboyne 26.18
86. Declan O’Sullivan 26.19
87. Wesley McNamara, Ind 26.20
88. John O’Sullivan, Bandon 26.20
89. Joe Roche, Eagle 26.23
90. Andy Simpson, Barrow Runn 26.28
91. David McGready, Ind 26.31
92. Elizabeth Lee, Pri Tri 26.32
93. John O’Sullivan, M/town 26.42
94. Val Collins, Ind 26.45 1st O/45
95. Christina Broderick, Belgooly 26.46
96. Ronan Hoare, Ind 26.49
97. Darragh Moynihan, Ind 26.50
98. Tomas O’Sullivan, Belgooly 26.50
99. Paul O’Donoghue, R/K 26.50
100. Victor Kiely, Blarney 26.50
101. Niel Ambrose, Ind 26.50
102. Tom Callery, Clonmel 26.52
103. Michael Murphy, The Pro Shop 26.57
104. Brian O’Flaherty, U.C.C. 26.58
105. Paddy Gyves, Mallow 26.59 3rd O/55
106. Rory Jones, Ind 27.03
107. Roy Lovell, Ind 27.04 1st Jnr
108. John Walshe, East Cork 27.05
109. Sean O’Mahony, U.C.C. 27.07
110.Shane Higgins, Grange/Fermoy 27.08
111. Stephaine Lynch, G/Fermoy 27.13 1st Jnr
112. Bernard Geoghegan, Ind 27.13 2nd Jnr
113.Donnacha Cuttriss, Ind 27.13
114. John Scannell, Eagle 27.13
115. John Dunphy, Ind 27.13
116.Sharon McGarry, St. Finbarrs 27.13
117. Bernard O’Sullivan, Ind 27.18
118. Sean Lyons, Ind 27.20
119.Paul Cotter, Eagle 27.25
120. Aiden Burke, BHAA 27.27
121. Finbarr Jones, Courtbrack 27.28
122.Rick Prendergast, Castlemartyr 27.31
123. Angela McEvoy, St. Finbarrs 27.32
124. Thomas Murphy, Ind 27.35
125.Paddy Quinlan, C.T.C. 27.38
126. Martin Walsh, Belgooly 27.39
127. Damien O’Driscoll, Belgooly Tidy Villages 27.40
128.Colm Crowley, Fitness Works 27.41
129. Eoin McGettigan, M/Stown 27.46
130. Aiden Buckley, Eagle 27.46
131.Eoin O’Leary, Ind 27.48
132. John Crowley, Ind 27.49
133. Terry Higgins, Eagle 27.53
134. Seamus Butler, Duhallow 27.53
135. Fergal Quinlan, Ind 27.53
136. Pat O’Sullivan, Bandon 27.53
137. David O’Donovan 27.53
138. Eoin Griffen, St. Finbarrs 28.00
139. Rachel Kohler, Ind 28.00
140. Christy Walsh, Ind 28.00
141. John Collins, Mallow 28.00
142. Pat Murhpy, Ballymore/Cobh 28.04
143. Vincent O’Brien, Ind 28.04
144. Paddy Staunton, Ballincollig 28.06
145. Jasmin Norman, Ind 28.17 2nd Jnr
146. Anthony Barry, Ind 28.18
147. Mark Linehan, Glanmire 28.19
148. Noel O’Mahony, Ind 28.20
149. Stephain Curran, Ind 28.23
150. Pat O’Sullivan, Belgooly Tidy Villages 28.25
151. Kieran Curtin, Ind 28.30
152. Dave Cotter, Cork BHAA 28.31
153. Mike Bradley, Ind 28.33
154. Kevin Curran, Ind 28.35
155. Pat Enright, Ind 28.36
156. Colm Murphy, Ind 28.37
157. Michael Hayden, U.C.C. 28.41
158. Anthony Walsh, Cork BHAA 28.41
159. Meave McNulty, Carbery Har 28.48
160. ??????????? 28.50
161. Steve O’Halloran, Cork 28.51
162. Brendan O’Neill, St. Finbarrs 28.52
163. Ivan Cummins, C.T.C. 28.56
164. Nick Bent, Donoughamore 29.00
165. Gerry Marshall, Ind 29.01
166. Dan Mannix, Ind 29.02
167. Michael O’Sullivan, Ind 29.03
168. Teresa Murphy, Serpentine 29.04
169. John Canty, Ind 29.05
170. Ted Linehan, Eagle 29.06
171. Pat O’Mahony, Ind 29.07
172. John O’Connell, Belgooly 29.08
173. Tom Kelly, Ballymore/Cobh 29.11
174. Elaine O’Donoghue, R/K 29.12
175. David Merriman, Ind 29.12
176. Sean Twomey, Ind 29.16
177. Steve Madden, Ind 29.19
178. Laura Buckley, Eagle 29.19
179. Louise O’Shea, Grange/Fermoy 29.21
180. Paul Murphy, Ind 29.21
181. Colm Coleman, Ind 29.25
182. John O’Leary, Ind 29.26
183. Peader Curtis, Mallow 29.26
184. Valerie Fenton, 3D Tri 29.26
185. Monica Twohig, Eagle 29.26
186. ?????????? 29.29
187. Robert Hamiel, Youghal AC 29.30
188, Robert Gafney, Mallow 29.35
189. Frank Linehan, Togher 29.37
190. Eoin Power, Riverstick/Kinsale 29.37
191. Sylvia Dunne, Eagle 29.37
192. Niall McGrath, R/Kinsale 29.37
193. John Noonan, Ind 29.42
194. Dawn Kelly, Belgooly AC 29.45
195. Pat Santry, Ind 29.45
196. Mark Higgins, Silver Springs 29.45
197. Barry Gilley, Cobh 29.45
198. Eugene Hickey, Ind 29.45
199. Tom O,Riordan, Ind 29.45
200. John O’Leary, Leevale 29.45. 3rd O/60
201. Alan Aherne, Ind 29.45
202. Tony Foley, Ind 29.45
203. Tim Buckley, Donoughamore 29.45
204. Eamon Moloney, Bandon 29.49
205. Ger Hoey, Ind 29.49
206. Irene Hartigan, Ind 29.49
207. Stephen O’Connor, B/Hassig 30.08
208. Aiden Holland, Ind 30.08
209. Andrew Geaney, Apple 30.08
210. Peter Maher, St. Finbarrs 30.08
211. Olive Murphy, Serpentine 30.08
212. Louise Hayes, Carrigaline 30.08
213. Kate McCarthy, Ind 30.08
214. Mylie Murphy, Ind 30.09
215. Donal O’Donoughue, Ind 30.09
216. ??????????? 30.10
217. Con O’Shea, Ind 30.10
218. Malcolm McCormick, Ind 30.10
219. Michael Long, Ind 30.11
220. Shiela O’Mahony, Ind 30.11
221. Mary O’Sullivan, Ind 30.12
222. Peter Gafney, Mallow 30.13
223. Steve Murphy, Mallow 30.13
224. John Paul Deasy, Riverstick 30.14
225. Mary Halpin, Ind 30.15
226. Michael Sexton, Ind 30.16
227. Deaglan Healy, Ind 30.18
228. Fiona McMahon, Ind 30.18
229. Michael McCarthy, West Waterford 30.18
230. Colm Lyons, Ind 30.18
231. Jason Murtagh, Ind 30.18
232. Oonagh Crotty, Carrignavar 30.18
233. Michael Coomey, Ind 30.18
234. Marjorie Lynch, Togher 30.18
235. Alan Duggan, Ind 30.19
236. Tony O’Connell, Midleton 30.19
237. Ciarian Keogh, Dolphin RFC 30.24
238. Liam Callanan, Ind 30.24
239 Marie Murphy, Ind 30.24
240. Jimmy Nyhan, Ind 30.30
241. Liam O’Riordan, Belgooly Tidy Villages 30.30
242. Seamus Corkery, Belgooly Tidy Villages 30.30
243. Ronan O’Leary, Ind 30.30
244. Jim Murray, Rising Sun 30.37
245. Margaret Bradfield, Leevale 30.40
246. Eamonn Dwyer, Ind 30.42
247. Michael Collins, Ind 30.42
248. Ann Hickey, BHA 30.42
249. Denis Twomey, R/Kinsale 30.45
250. Oliver Long, Ind 30.49
251. Darra Bineid, Rochestown 30.50
252. Sam Russell, Ind 30.51
253. Sean Lehane, Dolphin RFC 30.52
254. Harry Russell, Ind 30.56
255. Paul Beechinor 30.57
256. Ken Harte, Ind 30.58
257. John Reynolds, Ind 31.06
258. Katie Fitzgerald, B/Collig 31.10
259. Joe Copithorne, St.Finbarrs 31.12
260. Lena Boyd, Ind 31.12
261. George Webb, Rising Sun 31.12
262. David Lawton, Ind 31.16
263. David O’Kelly, Ind 31.16
264. Monnie Morgan, Ind 31.16
265. Mark Cronin, Ind 31.16
266. Meave Trotter, Ind 31.16
267. Dan Dillon, Ind 31.25
268. Margaret Hegarty, Ind 31.25
269. Fergus Buckley, Ind 31.25
270. Ciarian Nolan, C.T.C. 31.26
271. Billy Menton, E.S.B. 31.27
272. Cathal Finn, C.T.C. 31.27
273. Mary Evans, R/Kinsale 31.28
274. Paul Kelly, Ind 31.28
275. David Skelton, Ind 31.28
276. Paul Hoare, Ind 31.31
277. Deirdre Quinlan, C.T.C. 31.34
278. John Henichon, Ind 31.34
279. Andrew O’Farrell, Pfizer 31.34
280. Claire Lucey, Ind 31.34
281. Bernard Laverty, Ind 31.35
282. Mick Walsh, Ind 31.36
283. Jim McMurty, Midleton 31.36
284. Martina Murphy, Ind 31.38
285. James O’Mahony, R/Kinsale 31.39
286. Kieran Santry, Ind 31.41
287. Padraig O’Regan, Ind 31.42
288. Morgan Russell, Ind 31.42
289. Brian Sexton, Ind 31.42
290. Niall Murphy, Ind 31.42
291. Chris Burke, C.T.C. 31.42
292. Paul O’Kelly, Ind 31.43
293. Ken Wyman, Ind 31.43
294. Tracy Morgan, Ind 31.43
295. Sarah Brady, Leevale 31.44
296. Christian Owdano, Ind 31.44
297. Ger Spillane, Ind 31.45
298. Kevin O’Connor, Ind 31.45
299. Raymond Madden, Ind 31.45
300. Diarmuid Doody, Ind 31.46
301 Kieran Crean, Ind 31.46
302. Una Buckley, Ind 31.47
303. Alfie Golden, Ind 31.47
304. Marion Lyons, St. Finbarrs 31.48 1st O/50
305. Catherine O’Sullivan, Mitchelstown 31.48
306. Vivienne Maher, R/Kinsale 31.50
307. Lorraine Fox, Ind 31.52
308. Coriona Connolly, Ind 31.52
309. John Noonan, Ind 31.52
310. Vince Hurley, C.T.C. 31.54
311. Mark Coupley, Ind 31.55
312. John Sheehy, Ind 31.55
313. Adam Bryan, Ind 31.58
314. Kevin Phelan, Eagle 32.00
315. Eddie Kelleher, Novartis 32.02
316. John Sexton, Donoughamore 32.05
317. Dan-Joe Kelly, Ind 32.09
318. Robert Tynan, Ind 32.14
319. Leonard Marshall, Ind 32.17
320. Dan O’Connor, Ind 32.23
321. Norma Harrington, Ind 32.26
322. Emma McDonald, U.C.C. 32.26
323. Kevin O’Driscoll, Eagle 32.26
324. Debbie Barber, Ind 32.26
325. Susie Harte Barry, Ind 32.26
326. Trisha Higgins, Ind 32.26
327. David Evans, R/Kinsale 32.26
328. Mark Fox, Ind 32.26
329. Ivan Cummins, C.T.C. 32.27
330. Ross Manion, Ind 32.27
331. Mark McCarthy, Dolphin RFC 32.27
332. Tomas Keogh, Dolphin RFC 32.27
333. Ailise McNulty, Carbery Harr 32.28
334. Con O’Callaghan, Ind 32.28
335. Marion Fitton, Private Hospital 32.28
336. Chris Scott, Hoofdarp AC 32.28
337. Lynette Litstra, Ind 32.28
338. Aiden Buckley, Ind 32.28
339. Paul Galvin, Ind 32.29
340. Cora Murphy, Ind 32.29
341. Mairead O’Donoghue, Ind 32.29
342. John Santry, Ind 32.29
343. Brian Murray, Ind 32.29
344. Dessie Gannon, Belgooly Tidy Villages 32.30
345. Sean Cunningham, Belgooly Tidy Villages 32.30
346. Carol Hodgins, Ind 32.30
347. Jerry O’Connor, Ind 32.30
348. Alister Howard, Ind 32.30
349. Fiona O’Riordan, Eagle 32.30
350. Denis Mulcahy, Ind 32.30
351. Mike Halpin, Belgooly T.V. 32.31
352. Claudia Pieper, Ind 32.35
353. Dave Cunningham, Ind 32.37
354. Rachel O’Callaghan, Ind 32.40
355. Deirdre Foley, Ind 32.46
356. Kathleen Maher, Riverstick/Kinsale 32.52
357. Robert O’Connor, Ind 32.58
358. Marie Creedon, C.S.O. 33.00
359. Margaret Coughlan, Ind 33.05
360. Maria Creegan, Ind 33.07
361. Aoife Quigley, Ind 33.11
362. Paul Sweeney, Ind 33.14
363. Bernice Galvin, Ind 33.18
364. Daniel McCarthy, Midleton 33.20
365. Frank Kelleher, Ind 33.24
366. Eileen Buckley, St. Finbarrs 33.29
367. Patricia Murphy, Ind 33.33
368. Adi Fahy, Carbery Harriers 33.38
369. Roy Loftus, Ind 33.41
370. Jill Black, Ind 33.43
371. Olive Santry, Ind 33.44
372. Donal Twomey, Ind 33.45
373. Jim O’Shaughnessy, Ind 33.49
374. Kieran McDonnell, Ind 33.49
375. Bernard Geoghan, Source 33.49
376. David Casey, Ind 33.49
377. Ray O’Leary, Ind 33.50
378. Brendan Hayes, G.S.K 33.51
379. Paul O’Mahony, Ind 33.52
380. Terezia Fodar, Ind 33.52
381. AnnMarie Dolan, Ind 33.53
382. Claire Nash, Riverstick/Kinsale 33.53
383. Jacinta O’Halloran, Ind 33.53
384. Fiacra Bracken, Ind 33.53
385. Eileen Hurley, Ind 33.54
386. Trevor O’Neill, BHA 33.54
387. Maria Joyce, Ind 33.55
388. Denis O’Brien, Ind 33.55
389. Ted Twohig, Donoughamore 33.56
390. Val O’Mahony, Ind 33.56
391. Kevin Cummins, Cork BHAA 33.56
392. Kevin Kelly, Ind 33.56
393. Brendan Keohane, B/Hassig 33.56
394. Ann Hayes, Eagle 33.57
395. Laura Murphy, Ind 33.57
396. Mairead Gabbett, Ind 33.57
397. Michelle Black, Ind 33.58
398. Gwen Lettis, Ind 33.58
399. Pat Kelly, Ind 33.59
400. Colette O’Donoghue, Riverstick/Kinsale 33.59
401 Eoin O’Mahony, Dolphin RFC
402. Jimmy Lordan, Dolphin RFC
403. Cian O’Flynn, Dolphin RFC
404. Denise Geary, Grange
405. Imeldia Reynolds, Ind
406. Joan Ennis, Ind
407. Garry Collins, Leevale
408. Pat Morrissey, Kinsale
409. Diarmuid Barry, Grange/Fermoy
410. Valerie O’Riordan, Ind
411. Jerry O’Dwyer, Ind
412.Carolyn O’Dwyer, Ind
413. Sharon Mitchell, Ind
414. Denis O’Brien, Ind
415. Patrick Lehane, Ind
416. Martin Coughlan, Ind
417. Cait Mehigan, Carbery Harrier
418. Marie Burke, Blackrock
419. Martina Burke, St. Finbarrs
420. Elizabeth Lee, Pri Tri
421. Renee O’Shea, Ind
422. Mary Toher, Midleton
423. Nora Dwyer, Ind
424. Donagh Dwyer, Ind
425. Ann Cummins, Ind
426. Eleanor Matson, Ind
427. Stephaine O’Kelly, Singapore
428. Brian McGrovy, Ind
429. Con O’Shea, Ind
430. Jenny Conroy, Ind
431. David Galvin, Ind
432. Alanna Landers, Ind
433. Judith Landers, Ind
434. Mary Hough, U.C..C
435. Helen Dempsey, Ind
436. Marie Buckley, Ind
437. Caoimhe Fahy, Ind
438. Rosaire Fahy, Ind
439. Rose Neenan, Ind
440. Geraldine Corcorran, Ind
441. Liz O’Callaghan, Ind
442. Niamh Heffernan, Ind
443. Mary Barry, Grange/Fermoy 1st O/60
444. Jim Costelloe, Ind
445. Donna O’Sullivan, Ind
446. Mags Cummins, Ind
447. Luke O’Leary, Ind
448. Shane O’Riordan, Belgooly
449. Linda Madden, Ind
450. Tom Keogh, Dolphin RFC
451. Helen O’Donoghue, Riverstick/Kinsale
452. Jenny O’Kelly, Ind
453. Eddie O’Kelly, Ind
454. John O’Kelly, Ind
455. Trish Cronin, Belgooly Tidy Villages
456. Mary Cast, Ind
457. Deirdre Cox, Belgooly Tidy Villages
458. Jan Power, Ind
459. Carmel Kirby, Ind
460. Patrick Corridan, Ind
461. Linda Egan, Ind
462. Regina Nolan, Ind
463. Pamela Buckley, St. Finbarrs 1st O/65
464. Paddy Buckley, St. Finbarrs
465. Mary Halpin, Ind
466. Ann Noctor, Ind
467. Louise Barry, Ind
468. Ann Sharkey, Ind
469. Mary Barry, Ind
470. Sinead Kelly, Ind
471. Margaret O’Mahony, Ind
472. Juliette Machin, Ind
473. Frank Kidney, Belgooly Tidy Villages
474. Rose Dwyer, Belgooly Tidy Villages
475. Yvonne Coleman, Belgooly Tidy Villages
476. Jerry Lawton, Belgooly
477. Donal O’Regan, Ind
478. Carmel Healy, Ind
479. Ger O’Riordan,(Mayor) Belgooly Tidy Villages
480. Danny Murphy, Belgooly Tidy Villages
481. Catherine Scannell, Belgooly
482. Ann Lawton, Belgooly
483. Noirin O’Connell, Ind
484. Martina Keirins, Ind
485. Nadia Corridan, Ind
486. Kim Corridan, Ind
487. James Corridan, Ind
488. Carmel Corridan, Ind
489. Eileen Keirns, Ind
490. Marion Kelly, Ind
491. Jane O’Kelly, Ind
492. Angela Foley, Ind
493. Eileen Coleman, Ind
494. Ann Daly, Belgooly Tidy Villages
495. Mary Corridan, Ind
496. Miriam Coleman, Belgooly Tidy Villages
497. Bronywn Corridan, Ind
498. David Granaleese, Ind
499. Philipa Granaleese, Ind
500. Geraldine Grennan, Ind
501. Mylene Cunningham, Ind
502. Joe Grennan, Ind
503. Irene Grennan, Ind
504. Isobelle Norman, Ind505.
506. John Malkivitch, Ind

Team Prizes;
1st; St.Finbarr’s 39 points: Michael Dunne, Kieran O’Sullivan, Declan Murphy
2nd: Bandon 65 points: Kevin Wilmott, Padraig Murphy, Tom Laffan
1st: Eagle 439 points: Cathriona Leahy, Laura Buckley, Monica Twohig
2nd: Serpentine 443 points: Catherine Cashell, Teresa Murphy, Olive Murphy

As some prizes have not been claimed, please ring John @ 086-1713500 or Rose @ 086-8411193 to make arrangements for collection.
Thank You

Belgooly Athletic Club would like to thank you all for competing, whether you ran, jogged, walked or crawled, your support was gratefully appreciated and a massive figure of €2806.00 was raised for the Bowel Cancer Treatment fund at Cork University Hospital. With a record entry this year, we would like to apologise to the last 100 competitors for not having their finishing times available, plans are already in place to rectify this situation for next year’s event.
The club would like also to thank all the stewards, officials, Jerry O’Dwyer and staff at C.U.H., Kinsale Guards and Timmy O’Donovan for their time and dedication in the smooth running of the 4 Mile Road Race.
Happy New Year to one and all!

The annual Kinsale Regatta 5 Mile Road Race takes place on Friday August 1st 2008

Some comments on the race.....

"It was a good run. Great atmosphere before and after. A nice way to shake some of the Christmas excess. :) "......Stephan

Friday, December 21, 2007

Preview of the Belgooly 4 mile road race - Wed 26th Dec 2007 (12 noon)
There is always a big turn out at this race every year. As well as the usual faces, there are plenty of people from other sports as well who do this race as a traditional run and may not do another race all year. Last year, they got about 370 runners and if the weather is ok this year, I'd expect them to easily exceed the 400 mark.

Directions and Sign-On...Belgooly is pretty easy to get to. From Cork, take the airport road South and head for Kinsale. Belgooly is on the way. Once you enter the village, you need to go past the church and then take the right at the only crossroads. Down about 200 metres on the left, you will see the GAA grounds and the sign-on is in there (see X on the map above).

Course description...The start is just on the Kinsale side of the crossroads in the middle of Belgooly. You run back towards Cork, through the village and up the hill past the church. For the first 2 miles, you are on the main road. It's a road you would never do normally as it is way too busy but with so many runners on the road, the cars have no option but to slow down.
Just after the 2 mile mark, you take a sharp left and you are now onto quiet country roads. There are some drags along this section though. Nothing too serious but some hills are steep enough to put you into oxygen debt if you push too hard. At about 3.6 miles, you rejoin the main road again and you have a straight run into the finish just outside the church.

Results...There will probably be a delay with the results. I hope to have them up here on this blog sometime around Monday, the 31st of December.

So,'s not the fastest of course's so don't expect any fantastic times. But this race is one that most people seem to use as their traditional Christmas run, with most of the regular runners in Cork taking part. The entry fee is €10 but €5 of this goes to charity. See the details from the flyer below for more details...


The Dick Copithorne Memorial Run

Belgooly Annual 4 Mile Road Race

St. Stephens’s Day – 12 noon – 2007

Belgooly Athletic Club Promotion

Entry Fee €10.00

€5.00 of entry fee will be donated to the Bowel Cancer Treatment Support Fund at Cork University Hospital

Accurate Course
Open to all Athletes
Joggers, Fun-Runners and Walkers welcome.
Special Category Permit
Start and Finish in Belgooly Village
Entries and Changing Facilities in Belgooly GAA Grounds
Entries on the Day will be taken until 11.45 a.m.


First 6 Men, First 3 Men O/40, O/45, O/50, O/55, O/60, First 2 Junior Men, First 2 Mens Team (3 to score)
First 6 Ladies, First Lady O/35, O/40, O/45, O/50, O/55, O/60, First 2 Junior Ladies, First 2 Ladies Team (3 to score)

First Wheelchair Athlete

Team Prizes outside all prize winners,
One prize per athlete

Enquires to John Copithorne, Belgooly, Co. Cork 086-1713500
Rose Copithorne, Belgooly, Co. Cork. 086-8411193

GOAL charity mile - Tues 25th of Dec 2007 (morning)

The traditional GOAL mile takes place on Christmas Day, the 25th of December at various locations throughout the country. All of them are during the morning time. You just turn up, make a donation to GOAL and run your mile. At the one in Cork City, there are several 1 mile runs and you can go as fast or as slow as you want to.

In the county of Cork, it takes place at 6 different locations.

Cork City....The GOAL mile takes place at the CIT track in Bishopstown. Start times between 10am and 12:30pm. They will have lanes 1&2 open especially for the event and the mile is extremely accurate.

Doneraile Forest Park, North Cork...This is a really nice location. It's an old country estate with lots of paths and mature trees. A great place for running or just go for a ramble around afterwards. The guy's in Mallow AC are behind this one and they have a link up on the MapMyRun website showing the mile course, see HERE.
Start times from 10am to 11:30am.

Ballydesmond, NW Cork...Meet in Church Grounds. 12 noon

Bantry, West Cork...The Square, 12.30pm

Ballynoe, Fermoy...Ballynoe, St Catherine's GAA, 11am to 12.30pm

Youghal, East Cork...Tower Park, 11am to 12 noon

For other locations outside Cork or to get more information, see the GOAL website.

Results of the Shanagarry Christmas 5km Road Race - Sun 23rd Dec 2007

A record crowd of 87 turned out for this race in what were cool ,windy but dry conditions. The wind was behind the runners for the 2nd half of the race while there seemed to be plenty of shelter in the first half.

So, here are the results (...thanks to a prompt e-mail from John Walshe, they are up here, just 2.5 hours after the start of the race)

21st Annual SHANAGARRY CHRISTMAS '5K' Sunday 23 December 2007. 12:00pm

Place Time Name Team Race Age Category min/mile
1 0:15:54 ZAKIS, Raivis West Waterford AC M 05:07.0

2 0:16:05 FAHY, Roy East Cork AC M 05:10.5
3 0:16:12 MCGRATH, Sean East Cork AC M 05:12.7
4 0:16:24 O'CONNELL, Cathal St. Finbarrs AC M40 05:16.6
5 0:16:43 CURTIN, Noel Youghal AC M40 05:22.7
6 0:16:54 SMITH, Danny Ballynonty AC M 05:26.3
7 0:17:00 MCCARTHY, Denis East Cork AC M45 05:28.2
8 0:17:01 MURPHY, Paddy Bandon AC M 05:28.5
9 0:17:22 MEADE, Eric East Cork AC M40 05:35.3
10 0:17:26 MCEVOY, Eamonn St. Finbarrs AC M50 05:36.6
11 0:17:45 O'RIORDAN, Brendan Eagle AC M 05:42.7
12 0:17:49 O'CARROLL, Frank East Cork AC M 05:44.0
13 0:17:53 O'KEEFFE, Marty Youghal AC M 05:45.2
14 0:17:55 O'REGAN, Noel Midleton AC M40 05:45.9
15 0:17:57 MAHER, Shane Grange-Fermoy AC M 05:46.5
16 0:17:59 MCKEOWN, Kieran Eagle AC M 05:47.2
17 0:18:01 DESMOND, John Eagle AC M40 05:47.8
18 0:18:05 HENNESSY, Tom Midleton M40 05:49.1
19 0:18:12 CASHMAN, Frank East Cork AC M55 05:51.4
20 0:18:49 O'SULLIVAN, Ian East Cork AC M 06:03.3
21 0:18:57 COONEY, Kevin Midleton AC M45 06:05.8
22 0:19:04 CARROLL, Denis Eagle AC M45 06:08.1
23 0:19:08 HICKEY, David St. Finbarrs AC M 06:09.4
24 0:19:12 O'SULLIVAN, Edmond Midleton AC M45 06:10.7
25 0:19:19 SWEENEY, Mary St. Finbarrs AC F45 06:12.9
26 0:19:34 O'CALLAGHAN, John Rising Sun AC M 06:17.7
27 0:19:36 LANE, Alan Glenbower AC MJ 06:18.4
28 0:19:43 WALSH, Michael Midleton AC M40 06:20.6
29 0:19:44 GEARY, Linda Midleton AC F 06:21.0
30 0:19:49 O'SULLIVAN, Sean Midleton AC M 06:22.6
31 0:19:53 CASHMAN, John Midleton AC M40 06:23.9
32 0:19:57 HEALY, Brian Dunboyne AC M45 06:25.1
33 0:20:02 HICKEY, Mark Blarney M 06:26.8
34 0:20:03 O'BRIEN, Patricia Ennis Track Club F 06:27.1
35 0:20:26 DUNPHY, John Cork M 06:34.5
36 0:20:28 SCANNELL, John Eagle AC M 06:35.1
37 0:20:34 O'SULLIVAN, Billy Midleton AC M 06:37.1
38 0:20:38 RAMSELL, Ned Midleton AC M 06:38.3
39 0:20:45 KIELY, Victor Blarney M40 06:40.6
40 0:21:09 WALSHE, John East Cork AC M55 06:48.3
41 0:21:14 COOKE, Tony St. Finbarrs AC M40 06:49.9
42 0:21:15 MURPHY, Esther St. Finbarrs AC F 06:50.3
43 0:21:17 KENNEDY, Dan St. Finbarrs AC M55 06:50.9
44 0:21:29 TWOHIG, Flor Eagle AC M40 06:54.8
45 0:21:30 MURPHY, Mary St. Finbarrs AC F45 06:55.1
46 0:21:30 DOOLEY, Michael Eagle AC M40 06:55.1
47 0:21:32 WILLIAMS, Adrian Midleton AC M45 06:55.7
48 0:21:35 O'SULLIVAN, Martin Ballincollig AC M50 06:56.7
49 0:21:39 KEARNEY, Batt Leevale AC M50 06:58.0
50 0:21:42 MCGREGOR, Colin Cloyne M45 06:58.9
51 0:21:45 TWOMEY, June Lisgoold F 06:59.9
52 0:21:51 KELLY, Tom Ballymore-Cobh AC M50 07:01.8
53 0:21:55 LISTON, Brighid Eagle AC F 07:03.1
54 0:21:57 MURPHY, Aine Kerry Pike F45 07:03.8
55 0:22:09 CONNOLLY, Vincent Midleton AC M50 07:07.6
56 0:22:12 TWOHIG, Monica Eagle AC F40 07:08.6
57 0:22:45 HENNESSY, Alan Midleton MJ 07:19.2
58 0:22:46 RING, Gerard Carrigtwohil lM 07:19.5
59 0:22:48 GEARY, Caroline Midleton AC F 07:20.2
60 0:22:56 O'CONNELL, Donie Midleton AC M55 07:22.8
61 0:22:57 COONEY, Tony Ballincollig AC M50 07:23.1
62 0:23:16 O'DONOGHUE, Donal Little Island M 07:29.2
63 0:23:22 O'MAHONY, Willie Youghal AC M60 07:31.1
64 0:23:55 SEXTON, Michael Cork M 07:41.7
65 0:24:03 MCCARTHY, Michael West Waterford AC M50 07:44.3
66 0:24:04 O'DOHERTY, Maura Midleton AC F35 07:44.6
67 0:24:06 MURPHY, Austin St. Finbarrs AC M55 07:45.3
68 0:24:16 DOWNING, John Cork M 07:48.5
69 0:24:28 CURTIN, Patricia Youghal AC FJ 07:52.4
70 0:24:44 MURRAY, Jimmy Rising Sun AC M60 07:57.5
71 0:24:59 MCMURTRY, Jim Midleton AC M60 08:02.3
72 0:25:07 MURPHY, Marie Youghal F 08:04.9
73 0:25:23 GARVEY, Colette Eagle AC F 08:10.1
74 0:25:46 MULCAHY, Mary St. Finbarrs AC F45 08:17.5
75 0:26:19 BYRNE, Sheila Eagle AC F40 08:28.1
76 0:26:20 O'RIORDAN, Fiona Eagle AC F35 08:28.4
77 0:27:00 O'CONNOR, Robert Cork M60 08:41.3
78 0:27:05 LINEHAN, Jennifer Cork F35 08:42.9
79 0:28:31 WALSH, Eilis Midleton AC F 09:10.6
80 0:28:34 KELLEHER, Gillian Cork F35 09:11.5
81 0:28:57 MCCARTHY, Joan Midleton AC F50 09:18.9
82 0:28:58 MCCARTHY, Danny Midleton AC M55 09:19.2
83 0:28:59 O'MAHONY, Alison Dublin F 09:19.6
84 0:30:03 O'LEARY, Claire Midleton AC F 09:40.2
85 0:32:01 NOLAN, Susan Glounthaune F35 10:18.1
86 0:33:46 TOHER, Mary Midleton AC F50 10:51.9

WHEELCHAIR: FORDE, Jerry Blarney-Inniscarra AC M55 26:58

Happy Christmas - and good running in 2008!

(...with thanks to John Walshe of Ballycotton Running Promotions for the results)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Preview of the Shanagarry Christmas 5km Road Race - Sun 23rd Dec (12 noon)

This race is usually a pretty low key event with only about 60 runners taking part. There are no big prizes or anything like that, it's just a very simple 5k race which is usually held every year on the weekend just before Christmas day. I have to admit that it is probably one of my favourite races in the year. I'm not sure why....maybe it's the small field, the quiet country roads, the scenic area, the tradition of it being a Christmas run or maybe it's just a combination of all of these.

Location...The race starts and finishes in the village of Shanagarry in East Cork. If you are not sure of where that it, it is on the road between Midleton and Ballycotton. See the top map. Cloyne and Ballycotton are shown for reference.

Course...See map below. You start in Shanagarry, just outside the Church (or just next to the finish line in the 5 mile race if you know where that is). You run back towards Cork, passing the garage and the road junction and after a pretty flat 1 km, you take a left. You are now onto real quiet country roads until you re-join the road to Ballycotton at about the 2.5 mile mark. Then it's left, back into Shanagarry, right past the garage and the 3 mile mark and the finish is in the little dip just outside the GAA club. Overall, the course is reasonably flat and there are no real hills to speak of.

If you want to have a closer look at the course, I have put the course up on the MapMyRun website. See HERE.

By the way, the forecast for Sunday is that it will be dry and mild with a strong Southery wind.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Busy Christmas week coming up -
Or at least, as busy as you want it to be. There are 4 events coming up in the week over Christmas and I'll do previews on each one over the next few days.
1) Sunday 23rd Dec.....5 km race in Shanagarry
2) Tuesday 25th Dec....GOAL charity mile at the CIT track, Doneraile Forest Park and other locations
3) Wednesday 26th Dec....Belgooly 4 mile Road Race
4) Sunday 30th Dec........Bandon 5 mile Road Race
Details to follow...........
Looking ahead to the next Spring and the 2008 Munster 10 mile Classic series -
See text below from the official press release announcing the start of the Munster 10 mile classic series. I'll be covering each one of these as we get closer to each each race. By the way, if you are thinking about doing the Cork City Marathon next year, these will give you an excellent foundation on which to build your training.

Announcing! The 2008 John Buckley Sports/Munster Ten-Mile Spring Classics!
For the sixth successive year runners have the opportunity to partake in the John Buckley Sports/Munster Ten-Mile Spring Classics Series as the four races in the area from January to April combine forces in this unique Series.
In the cycling world, the 'Spring Classics' are an integral part of the competitive year and seen as instrumental in the build-up to the more arduous Tours later in the season.
The aim of this ten-mile Series is to promote each race at the classic distance of ten miles, while rewarding the runners who complete all four races with a specially commissioned long-sleeve T-shirt. As well, there will be prizes for the leading male and female runners, which will be decided on the cumulative times over the four races.
Once again, John Buckley Sports has agreed to be overall sponsor of the Spring Series and if you wish to view their excellent website go to:
There is no additional entry fee for the Series - just run the four races (however - your entry must have been accepted for Ballycotton). Further details (including contacts) on the three races other than Ballycotton can be found below.
Marathon Deliveries/MALLOW '10'
- Sunday January 6th, 12.30pm.
Dunphy’s-Vivas Health/DUNGARVAN '10' - Sunday February 3rd, 1.00pm
BALLYCOTTON '10' - Sunday March 9th, 1.30pm.
Sonny Murphy Memorial KINABOY '10' - Sunday April 13th, 2.00pm.

Sunday January 6th: - Marathon Deliveries/Mallow '10', 12.30pm. Contact: John Holland 022-21280.
Mallow AC have been promoting a 10-mile race for a number of years, although this course has only been used since 2001. A nice flat loop, comprising of town and country roads, it has met with unanimous approval. Mallow is also well served with a good roads network, making the venue very central for people travelling from any part of the country.
Last year saw a record turnout of 386 runners and the message this year is to arrive in plenty of time so that the organisers can cater for the even-larger expected entry.
Since the closure of Irish Sugar, last year saw a new sponsor in Marathon Deliveries, a company fronted by well-known Mallow runner Peadar Curtis and once again they will be the overall backers for 2008.

Sunday February 3rd: - Dunphy’s-Vivas Health/Dungarvan '10', 2.00pm. Contact: James Veale 058-42059.
Formally a 10km race, the move to ten miles a few years ago proved to be a very successful one. A new course was introduced in 2004 and last year saw a huge turnout with a total of 516 finishers. With a new sponsor this year in the shape of Dunphy’s-Visas Health, the energetic West Waterford club have big plans for this race which is now their flagship event.
Starting and finishing near the excellent facilities of the Dungarvan Crystal Sports Centre, the course uses mainly country roads and also has a potential for fast times.
One of many races held in the area, the event is also part of the Michael Roche Carpets Spring Series. Please note that the race starts at 1pm and pre-entries are also welcome – details on
Sunday April 13th:- Sonny Murphy Memorial Kilnaboy '10' (Co. Clare), 2.00pm.Contact: Vincent McCarthy 065-6837875.
One of the oldest 'tens' in the country, outside of Ballycotton. Usually held on Easter Sunday, it now has settled on the second Sunday in April. The introduction of the Spring Series has also benefited this ‘Clare Classic’ which also attracted a record 260 finishers last year.
The slightly undulating circuit on the outskirts of The Burren contains some stunning early spring scenery, passing through the tourist village of Corrofin. The race is also an idea opportunity to enjoy an early-season break in ideal outdoor surroundings. Also, like Mallow, there is a 10km walk which starts at 1.30pm.
The three races featured above are all organised by enthusiastic runners themselves, so you can be sure of a warm welcome and a well-organised race, with free refreshments and free results afterwards. Give them your support, they deserve it - and we also need to keep these races going at the classic distance of 10 miles on the road!
Ballycotton 10 entries closed for all Irish entries -
Yesterday, the 18th of December was the closing date for all entries from Ireland for the 2008 Ballycotton 10 mile road race. The only people who can enter now are oversea's runners. They have until Tuesday, the 8th of of January to do so. The entry form and entry details can be found up on the Ballycotton website.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Results of the East Cork 3k Road Race (No.4 of 7) - Tues 18th Dec 2007

A crowd of 100 turned out for the 4th race in the series on what was a dry but very cold night. I'd guess that the temperature was only about 5 deg C but the Eastery wind made it feel colder. Despite the cold, conditions were still good for running with some very good times being recorded.

In keeping with the Christmas spirit, there was also a team of Santa's running! I'm not sure if it was cold enough for running in a red suit though! If anyone from that team reads this, please send on a photo and I'll put it up here. I was going to ask you but you had gone by the time I had changed.

So, on to the results...

East Cork AC 3Km Winter Series Race 4 18/12/07
1 Roy Fahy East Cork AC 9.32
2 Wieslaw Sosnowski Eagle AC 9.38
3 Noel Curtin Youghal AC 9.43
4 Noel Berkeley DSD AC 9.54
5 George Boyle UCC AC 9.57
6 Eric Meade East Cork AC 10.04
7 Denis McCarthy East Cork AC 10.06
8 Kevin O'Leary Glenbower AC 10.12
9 Ciaran Dunne Eagle AC 10.13
10 Marty O'Keeffe Youghal AC 10.16
11 Shane Maher Grange Fermoy AC 10.22
12 Tony Lilley Togher AC 10.27
13 Eoin Casey Glenbower AC 10.30
14 Brian O'Connor Grange Fermoy AC 10.32
15 Norman Kelly Eagle AC 10.39
16 John Desmond Eagle AC 10.46
17 Denis Carroll Eagle AC 10.51
18 Frank Cashman East Cork AC 10.54
19 Alan Lane Glenbower AC 11.07
20 Tom Cody Midleton AC 11.11
21 Edmond O'Sullivan Midleton AC 11.15
22 Phil McGrath East Cork AC 11.17
23 Daniel Walsh Glenbower AC 11.18
24 Kevin Cooney Midleton AC 11.19
25 Coran Swayne Midleton CBS 11.25
26 Niall O'Neill Midleton AC 11.27
27 Pat Fogarty ESB 11.28
28 Paudie O'Keeffe Midleton GAA 11.30
29 Matthew Boonaert Cork 11.34
30 Billy O'Sullivan Midleton AC 11.36
31 Laurence Courtney Eagle AC 11.39
32 Ned Ramsell Midleton AC 11.42
33 John O'Callaghan Rising Sun AC 11.46
34 Sean O'Sullivan Midleton AC 11.48
35 Trevor Mahoney Midleton 11.49
36 Pat Dunlea Midleton GAA 11.50
37 John O'Riordan Rising Sun AC 11.51
38 Mick Walsh Midleton AC 11.55
39 Peter Stanley Carrigaline 11.58
40 Brian Healy Dunboyne AC 12.00
41 Sally Drennan Midleton AC 12.01
42 Kevin McSweeney Midleton GAA 12.03
43 Liam Callanan Whitechurch 12.05
44 Paul Cleary Whitegate 12.08
45 Leslie Coughlan Midleton CBS 12.09
46 Dermot O'Sullivan East Cork AC 12.10
47 Paul Cotter Eagle AC 12.11
48 John Walshe East Cork AC 12.14
49 Eoghan Cotter Aghada 12.17
50 Gary Boyle Donegal 12.18
51 Joan Hough Midleton AC 12.22
52 Pat Walsh Midleton GAA 12.24
53 David O'Leary Midleton 12.25
54 James Cleary Whitegate 12.26
55 Niamh Walsh Youghal AC 12.27
56 Colman Quirke Midleton GAA 12.28
57 Trevor Collins Naas AC 12.29
58 Anthony Barry Glanmire 12.35
59 Kieran Rohan Midleton AC 12.37
60 Thomas Ryan Cloyne 12.42
61 Vincent O'Neill Midleton AC 12.45
62 Adrian Walsh Midleton 12.46
63 Vincent Hurley Midleton AC 12.46
64 John O'Halloran Glounthaune 12.48
65 Batt Kearney Leevale AC 12.50
66 Mark O'Keeffe Youghal AC 12.53
67 James Power Whitegate 12.57
68 Mary O'Keeffe Youghal AC 13.10
69 Vincent Connelly Midleton AC 13.11
70 Austin Murphy St Finbarrs AC 13.11
71 Joseph McCarthy Midleton AC 13.12
72 Caroline Geary Midleton AC 13.13
73 Peter O'Brien Glenbower AC 13.18
74 Liam Walsh Midleton GAA 13.20
75 John J Cotter Cobh 13.24
76 Mick McCarthy West Waterford AC 13.39
77 Elga Ryan Midleton AC 13.40
78 Donie O'Connell Midleton AC 13.42
79 Donal O'Donoghue Little Island 13.52
80 Maura O'Doherty Midleton AC 13.53
81 Keith O'Mahony Cork 13.56
82 Mark Copley Cork 13.57
83 Finbarr McCarthy Cloyne 13.58
84 Patricia Curtin Youghal AC 14.05
85 Willie O'Mahony Youghal AC 14.15
86 Pat Organ Midleton 14.16
87 Jimmy Murray Rising Sun AC 14.25
88 Marie Murphy Youghal AC 14.43
89 Carrie Higgins Carrigtwohill AC 14.44
90 Tim Geary Lisgoold 14.47
91 Billy Caball Cork 14.50
92 Catherine Halpin Dublin 14.58
93 Vincent Murray Midleton 15.10
94 Olive Hallinan Cloyne 15.19
95 Joan McCarthy Midleton AC 17.26
96 Mary Toher Midleton AC 17.42
97 Claire O'Leary Midleton AC 18.05
98 Daire Healy Ballycotton 19.25
99 Orla Kelleher Dungourney 19.56
100 Paula Morgan Midleton 19.57

(...with thanks to the Liam O'Brien of East Cork AC for the results. Liam sent them out very soon after the race so they were up here on the blog at 10:00pm, just 2.5 hours after the race)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Turkey Trot...Extra photos -
A load of extra photo's have now been added to the Eagle AC website. Originally, it was about 30 but now they have 190 up covering the start and finish of the race. Here is the LINK.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Preview of the East Cork AC 3km Road Race - Tuesday 18th of December (7:30pm).

It's hard to believe that this will be number 4 of 7 in the East Cork 3k series. Only 3 more after this and we'll be in mid-February and the evenings will really be starting to get longer.
By the way, the forecast for Tuesday is for it to be dry but very cold. Don't forget the hats and gloves for the warm-up / warm down.

Intro...The 4th race of 7 in the East Cork AC 3k series takes place in Midleton on Tuesday, the 18th of Dec at 7:30 pm. It is open to all club and non-club athletes. If you do 5 out of the 7 races in the series, you will recieve a special T-Shirt.

Directions...See the image on the left. The circle shown at the top is the roundabout that is on the Midleton Bypass.So, if you are coming from Cork, you need to take the 3rd exit and take the road South towards Whitegate. Almost immediately, you will pass a SHELL garage on the right. What you are looking for then is the 2nd turn right. The 1st one is a housing estate. Take the 2nd one and it will bring you down onto the 'Dark Road' which ends in a T-junction. Registration will be near here.

Course description...The course is basically 3 laps of a 1 km course. See the map...the start point, the 1km, 2km and finish points are shown. It can be a bit crowded at the start but it thins out after about 500 metres. By the way, you need to be carefull when you join the main road (bottom right hand corner on map). Even though you are running inside the hard shoulder, it is narrow at this point and it is easy to end up out on the main road.Overall, the course is pretty flat. There is a short little uphill section when you join the main road (bottom right on map) but otherwise there's nothing.

Reasons to do it...
a) It's a good speed session and should help you improve your breathing, fitness levels and speed.
b) Good excuse to get in a run on a dark Winter evening!!
c) It is a very good way to test your fitness level. As the course is identical every 3 weeks, you can see how your training is going. For example, if you are training for the Ballycotton 10 in March, then you should see your times improve by the time of the last one in February.

Additional info...
a) Entry fee is €3
b) If you are still not sure of where it is, then try this link and zoom in and out to get your bearings.
c) If you did this race last year then you might be interested in the following. I have put together a chart showing the finishing times for everyone in alphabethical order. The link is HERE.
d) Last year, 240 runners took part in the series with 11 people doing all 7 races. I'd expect the numbers this year to be up a good bit.
e) You can see the results from the 1st race in the series at this link...
The results of the 2nd race can be seen at this link...
The results of the 3rd race can be seen at this link...
f) Don't forget to wear a reflective bib/vest, it's compulsory!!
and finally

g) And this is in large letters because it's important!

Please remember that the race organisers depend on the goodwill of local residents so that this race can be held here. There was an incident at the 2nd race which did a lot of damage to this goodwill. Remember when parking not to cause an obstruction and don't do anything that would cause an offence to them.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Cork Harbour Cycle - Sun 6th of January 2008

Ok...not exactly running related ;o) but this is a cycle I have done a few times. Unfortunately, the Mallow 10 mile road race is on the same day but if you are not doing that race, you might consider this cycle. It's on a very flat 25 mile route around the inner habour.

Africa Direct is a Cork based charity and their aim is to help street children in Africa.

If you want more info and want a sponsorship card, try their website...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ballycotton 10 entries...Last call -
Next Tuesday, the 18th of December, is the closing date for entries for the following people....
a) Members of AAI registered running clubs
b) Anyone who did one of the one of the Ballycotton Summer series races in the Summer of 2007 - (Ballyandreen / Shanagarry / Churchtown South / Ballycotton)

Considering the busy Christmas post, you should really post your entry by Friday, the 14th of December at the latest. You can find the entry form at this LINK.

If you live outside Ireland, you have until January the 8th to get your entry in.

If you're not a member of a running club / didn't do any of the Ballycotton Summer series or live outside Ireland, then sorry, you're too late. The quota of 2,500 was filled at the end of last week (Fri 7th Dec).

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cork BHAA Leagues for 2007 -

About 12 months ago, I was asked by Mick Dooley of the Cork BHAA to put together a league based on the results of the BHAA races during 2007. I won't go into the rules here but basically, the higher a team finished in any of the A, B or C categories, then the more points they got.

Mens League...
In total, 45 teams took part during the year. Not suprisingly, those teams that were present at most of the races topped the table. There were 18 races during the year that had team competitions and the league results were...
1st - Midleton News with 80 pts. They had a team entered for 16 races.
2nd - UCC with 73 pts. (15 races)
3rd - Army with 71 pts. (15 races)
4th & 5th - There was a tie here with both the HSE and the Irish Prison Service both on 53 pts. (Both attended 14 races)

The full Mens league can be seen at this LINK

Womens League...
29 teams took part. The league winners were...
1st - Bank of Ireland with 73 pts. They attended 16 races.
2nd - HSE with 61 pts. (14 races)
3rd - Midleton News with 50 pts. (12 races)
4th - UCC with 46 pts. (12 races)
5th - Musgraves with 44 pts. (8 races)

And a special mention for Pfizer (Ringaskiddy) who finished in 6th place with 42 pts although they managed to attend 10 races, 2 more than Musgraves.

The full Womens league can be see at this LINK.

Note however that this league was just an experiment for 2007. It was just to see how it would work out. There were no prizes for the winners. Any queries about the leagues or feedback on whether you think it is a good idea or not should go to Mick Dooley of the Cork BHAA. You can post a comment on the link below if you want to and I'll let Mick know that they are there.
Results of the Cork BHAA 'Turkey Trot' - Sun 9th Dec 2007 (Updated Mon 16th Dec)

Looks like yet another record crowd turned out for this charity race last Sunday. Last year, they got 198 entries and donated a cheque for €1,600 to Cork Simon Community. This year, 253 runners turned out and the amount raised was €3,000, a big jump up from last year.

I was kind of suprised that so many turned out. Before I left for the race on Sunday morning, the wind was howling and the rain was pelting off the window. However, most runners still turned up and by the time the race started, there was no rain and the walkway, which was used for most of the race, was well sheltered from the worst of the elements. The only bad spot as such, weather wise, was the section between Mahon Point and the turn off by the CSO office / garage. It was about a mile long and there was a very strong headwind here. However, once we got back down onto the walkway, it was pretty sheltered again.

The stewarding was excellent this year, a big improvement on last year with 2 stewards present at the busy Mahon Point / B&Q traffic junction. We even had a Santa with a bright yellow safety jacket standing on a big rock to make sure we didn't run into it !! ;o)

The results are now up on their website. The link is HERE.

They have a few photo's as well up on their site, the link is HERE.

(Updated Mon 16th Dec) There are about 190 photo's up on the Eagle AC website. There are plenty of shot's of the start and finish of the race. The link is HERE.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Entries for the 2008 Ballycotton 10 reach 2,500 quota - Fri 7th of Dec
It's hard to believe but Ballycotton Running Promotions have reached their quota of 2,500 entries despite the fact that the entry forms only came out last Monday. So, they recieved the 2,500 entries in just 4 days!!

Entries are now open ONLY to the following people....
1) If you are a member of an AAI registered running club OR you ran one of the four 5 mile races in the Ballycotton Summer series (Ballyandreen, Shanagarry, Churchtown South, Ballycotton). If you qualify under these conditions, you have until Tuesday, the 18th of Dec to get your entry in.
2) If you are an overseas entrant, you have until the Tuesday, the 8th of Jan 2008.

So, if you don't qualify under conditions 1) or 2) above, then don't send your entry. By the way, there are no cancellations. They know that a percentage of the 2,500 will not make it on the day and they take this into account when estimating the number of people who will be there for the race.

The full statement from Ballycotton Running Promotions is shown below...
In just four days, the 2,500 race entry limit for the Ballycotton ‘10’ has been reached. This means the we cannot accept any more entries unless you are a member of an Athletics Association of Ireland club or have run one of our 2007 Summer 5-mile races or you live overseas.
Please DO NOT continue to send in entries if you don’t qualify as above. It only causes extra work and expense as all late entries will have to be returned.
It’s quite simple. You should know if you a member of an AAI club – the four Summer Series races were Ballyandreen, Shanagarry, Churchtown South, Ballycotton – and overseas means anyone living outside of the island of Ireland.
The closing date for club runners/Summer Series applicants is Tuesday December 18th and for overseas Tuesday January 8th (both by post only). Entries received after those dates will be sent back. Take into account Christmas delays when posting.
Ballycotton Running Promotions............07/12/2007

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Preview of the Cork BHAA 'Turkey Trot' 4 mile Road Race - Sun 9th of Dec 2007 (11am)

This is the last race of the year in the Cork BHAA calendar. This race is in aid of charity and there are none of the usual prize categories. When you enter, you must guess what your finishing time will be. The person who finishes closest to their estimated time wins. Needless to say, you cannot wear a watch.
Entries are taken at the Rowing Club clubhouse (shown as an X in the map above) which is right next to the 'Pairc Ui Chaoimh' GAA stadium.

The race takes part mostly along the old railway line footpath. You start on the Marina and after a short run, you cross onto the walkway. Just a word of caution here...the walkway can be busy with walkers, cyclists, kids, dogs, etc. Just remember that the runners don't have an exclusive right of way!
The race carries on out almost in a dead straight line along the path with a very gentle incline. At the end of the straight section, about the 1.8 mile mark, you go left and underneath the pedestrian footbridge. There is a short climb here up to the junction by the Mahon Point shopping centre. A sharp left here (by the Webprint building) and then downhill to the major road junction outside the entrance to Mahon Point and B&Q accross the road. You need to be very careful at this juction. There were no stewards at this junction last year and there were plenty of cars crossing this junction in every direction...just keep your wits about you here!
Then there is a slow uphill section until you reach the junction by the CSO office. Left here, left again just at the Texaco garage, run back down on to the walkway, sharp left then (almost stopping!) and then under the bridge and you run back towards the Marina on the walkway. The last mile is more or less flat with the finish close to Pairc Ui Chaoimh.

Guessing your time...
There are no real hills but there are enough drags to slow you down a bit. If you have done the last two BHAA 4 mile races then I would say that your time will be slower than the Marina 4 mile course in early November and faster than Inniscarra 4 mile course at the end of November.

...and finally...
I think the entry fee for this one is €10. They are also looking for any spare gloves and hats that you could donate. Prizes and refreshments are in the Rowing Club clubhouse.

If you want to check out the course in more detail, go to this link and zoom in.