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Monday, July 30, 2007

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Preview of the Cork BHAA 'Novartis' 5 km Road Race - 8th Aug 2007.

This 5 km road race takes place at 8pm on Wednesday evening, the 8th of August. Registration is in the Novartis plant and the start and finish points are just outside the entrance.

Directions - If you are not sure of where to go, then just follow the signs for the car ferry from Cork city. As you enter Ringaskiddy, take the first right and go up the hill. The Novartis plant is about 1 km up this road on the right.

Course details - This is a hilly 5 km race yet it seems to produce some fast times. The start and finish are more or less in the same spot and the course is a 5 km loop. There are 2 main hills, one is a long drag by the 1 mile mark as you pass Pfizers and the 2nd one is a short hill just at the finish. For a closer look at the course, check out this link...
Preview of the Kinsale 5 mile Road Race - 3rd of August 2007. (Updated 31st July)

This 5 mile road race takes place at 8pm next Friday evening, the 3rd of August. Registration is at the GAA grounds which are above the town.

Directions - When you enter the centre of Kinsale, the harbour is on your left. At the next T-junction, go straight ahead rather than following the road around to the left. At the next T-junction, take the left and drive up the hill. Near the top of the hill, you'll see the GAA grounds. Registration is usually here. Click on the image above for a more detailed look.
Course - This has a reputation of being one of the fastest 5 mile courses around. Basically, the first 2 miles are more or less downhill and the last 3 miles are very flat alongside the river. The finish is in the town itself.
For a better look at the course, click on this link...
Info from Flyer...(Updated 31st July) Kinsale Regatta 5 Mile Road Race, Friday August 3rd @ 8.00 p.m. sharp Promoted by Belgooly Athletic Club, Entries taken at Kinsale GAA Grounds, Changing Facilities and Showers available at the Grounds.

Entry Fee €10.00, €5.00 of fee donated to COPE FOUNDATION
Accurate Course, Permit Granted. Entries taken on the night, Entries close @ 7.45 p.m.

The race will start at the GAA Grounds and finish near the Bank of Ireland. The race is open to all athletes, Joggers, Fun-Runners & Walkers.

PRIZES.....1st 6 Men, 1st 6 Ladies, 1st 3 Men O/40, 1st 3 Men O/45, 1st 3 Men O/50, 1st 2 Men O/55, 1st 2 Men O/60, 1st 3 Juniors, 1st Men’s Team (3 to score).
1st Lady O/40, 1st Lady O/45, 1st Lady O/50, 1st 3 Juniors, 1st Wheelchair Athlete.

One Prize per Athlete, Presentation of Prizes & Refreshments at Muddy Maher’s Bar. Details from Rose @ 086-8411193 or John @ 086-1713500, MAIN SPONSOR TOBIN PAVING SERVICES

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Results of Newmarket to Kanturk 5 Mile Road Race - 29th July 2007

Place /Time /Name /Team /Race Age Category /min/mile
1 0:25:03 O'SHEA, Alan Bantry AC M 05:00.5

2 0:25:26 O'CONNELL, Cathal St. Finbarrs AC M40 05:05.1
3 0:25:38 MCGRATH, Sean East Cork AC M 05:07.5
4 0:26:06 RYAN, Kieran Togher AC M 05:13.1

5 0:26:38 O'CONNOR, Tim Riocht AC M 05:19.5
6 0:27:22 FITZGERALD, Arthur Farranfore-Maine Valley AC M 05:28.3
7 0:27:32 O'SHEA, Michael Iveragh AC M45 05:30.3
8 0:27:39 O'SHEA, Patrick Iveragh AC M55 05:31.7
9 0:27:54 DONOVAN, Barry Ballincollig AC M 05:34.7
10 0:28:25 BARRETT, John Gneeveguilla AC M40 05:40.9
11 0:28:39 O'DONOGHUE, John-Niall Gneeveguilla AC MJ 05:43.7
12 0:28:45 MCMAHON, Ronan Ballincollig AC M 05:44.9
13 0:28:50 MURPHY, Ed Gneeveguilla AC M 05:45.9
14 0:28:52 MURPHY, Declan St. Finbarrs AC M 05:46.3
15 0:28:55 BARRY, Fergal Gneeveguilla AC M 05:46.9
16 0:29:01 WITHERS, Philip Duhallow AC M50 05:48.1
17 0:29:09 CODY, Tom Midleton AC M50 05:49.7 7
18 0:29:12 BORIAN, Peter USA M40 05:50.3
19 0:29:15 MANGAN, Mike Star Of The Laune AC M50 05:50.9
20 0:29:16 VAUGHAN, Donal Rising Sun AC M40 05:51.1
21 0:29:20 COFFEY, Donal Millstreet AC M 05:51.9
22 0:29:26 MADDEN, Gary West Limerick AC M 05:53.1
23 0:29:40 HUFF, Tony Ballynonty AC M55 05:55.9
24 0:29:43 CARROLL, Denis Eagle AC M45 05:56.5
25 0:29:58 DESMOND, John Eagle AC M40 05:59.5
26 0:30:31 O'SULLIVAN, Sean Midleton AC M 06:06.1
27 0:30:43 O'RIORDAN, Graham Ballincollig AC M 06:08.5
28 0:30:47 SWEENEY, Mary St. Finbarrs AC F45 06:09.3
29 0:31:27 MORIARTY, Joe Tralee M 06:17.3
30 0:31:40 BUTTIMER, Anthony Kilbrin M40 06:19.9
31 0:31:43 MCMAHON, Mark West Muskerry AC M 06:20.5
32 0:31:53 MURPHY, Joe Eagle AC M50 06:22.5
33 0:32:09 O'KEEFFE, Derek Eagle AC M 06:25.7
34 0:32:12 MURPHY, Humphrey Riocht AC M40 06:26.3
35 0:32:38 ROE, Niamh Eagle AC F 06:31.5
36 0:33:11 NYHAN, Thomas Rising Sun AC M 06:38.1
37 0:33:16 BOAG, Kevin Mallow AC M45 06:39.1
38 0:33:17 HANRAHAN, Michael Midleton AC M 06:39.3
39 0:33:19 MEEHAN, Ger Tulla AC M45 06:39.7
40 0:33:28 BERMINGHAM, Paudie Charleville M 06:41.5
41 0:33:38 MURPHY, JJ West Muskerry AC M45 06:43.5
42 0:33:57 GYVES, Paddy Mallow AC M55 06:47.3
43 0:34:00 HEALY, Brian Dunboyne AC M45 06:47.9
44 0:34:02 MURPHY, Dermot Cork M 06:48.3
45 0:34:07 GUINEY, Dan Duhallow AC M45 06:49.3
46 0:34:14 MURPHY, Stephen Mallow AC M45 06:50.7
47 0:34:15 BARRETT, Breeda Gneeveguilla AC F40 06:50.9
48 0:34:17 TWOMEY, Jerry Duhallow AC M50 06:51.3
49 0:34:25 SHINE, Donie Duhallow AC M50 06:52.9
50 0:34:27 MURPHY, Mary St. Finbarrs AC F45 06:53.3
51 0:34:29 O'CALLAGHAN, Barry Mallow AC M 06:53.7 1
52 0:34:29 LYONS, Dave Mallow AC M 06:53.7
53 0:34:30 O'SHEA, Mick Duhallow AC M40 06:53.9
54 0:34:36 TWOMEY, Paul Grenagh M 06:55.1
55 0:34:37 WALSHE, John East Cork AC M55 06:55.3
56 0:34:48 GRIFFIN, Joe Ballybunion M 06:57.5
57 0:34:49 KIELY, Michael Rising Sun AC M60 06:57.7
58 0:34:51 NEVILLE, Martin Mallow AC M 06:58.1
59 0:35:33 FITZGERALD, Maura Farranfore-Maine Valley AC FJ 07:06.4
60 0:35:43 COONEY, Tony Ballincollig AC M50 07:08.4
61 0:35:51 BARRETT, Tom Gneeveguilla AC M40 07:10.0
62 0:35:57 GUINEY, Jerry Duhallow AC M 07:11.2
63 0:36:01 HEFFERNAN, Maura Liscarroll AC F 07:12.0
64 0:36:18 MCCARTHY, Danny Midleton AC M55 07:15.4 4
65 0:36:21 O'CONNOR, Darmuid Boherbue M40 07:16.0
66 0:37:14 BUCKLEY, Conor Dernigree MJ 07:26.6
67 0:37:29 BUTLER, Seamus Duhallow AC M 07:29.6
68 0:37:30 O'KEEFFE, Terry Slaney Olympic AC M70 07:29.8
69 0:37:40 DENNEHY, Alison Millstreet AC F 07:31.8
70 0:37:40 FOLEY, Stephen Blarney M 07:31.8
71 0:37:49 O'SULLIVAN, Demot Mallow M 07:33.6
72 0:37:52 MCCARTHY, Michael West Waterford AC M45 07:34.2
73 0:38:09 ORGAN, Christina Kilmurry-Ibrickane NC AC F40 07:37.6
74 0:38:16 TWOMEY, Donal West Muskerry AC M 07:39.0
75 0:38:17 CASHMAN, Miriam Duhallow AC FJ 07:39.2
76 0:38:36 O'CONNOR, Irene Riocht AC F 07:43.0
77 0:38:45 O'RIORDAN, Donal Kisheam MJ 07:44.8
78 0:38:49 LAWTON, Jerry Belgooly AC M50 07:45.6
79 0:38:55 WEBB, George Rising Sun AC M65 07:46.8
80 0:39:10 MOYNIHAN, Denis Boherbue M 07:49.8
81 0:39:31 O'FARRELL, Gerard Dernigree M 07:54.0
82 0:39:50 BRENNAN, John Duhallow AC M 07:57.8
83 0:40:06 MURPHY, Maurice Mallow AC M 08:01.0
84 0:40:07 FEEHAN, Miriam Newmarket F 08:01.2
85 0:41:06 O'LEARY, Andrew Wexford M 08:13.0
86 0:41:40 ADAMSON, Mike Liscarroll M55 08:19.8
87 0:41:55 NEENAN, Willie Millstreet AC M70 08:22.8
88 0:41:59 BARRETT, Helen Gneeveguilla AC F40 08:23.6
89 0:42:01 HAYES, Cormac Blarney M 08:24.0
90 0:42:05 HEDDERMAN, Kevin Blarney M 08:24.8
91 0:42:15 FEEHAN, Nora Newmarket F 08:26.8
92 0:42:16 MORRISSEY, Breda Eagle AC F50 08:27.0
93 0:42:39 CULLINANE, Eileen Riocht AC F45 08:31.6
94 0:42:52 DINEEN, Grainne Gneeveguilla AC FJ 08:34.2
95 0:43:49 O'MAHONY, Eve Blarney FJ 08:45.6
96 0:43:59 O'LEARY, Martina Gneeveguilla AC F35 08:47.6
97 0:44:29 BROWNE, Shane Duhallow AC M 08:53.6
98 0:46:10 MCCARTHY, Joan Midleton AC F45 09:13.8
99 0:47:37 O'MAHONY, Paul Blarney MJ 09:31.2
100 0:47:37 BRENNAN, Una Duhallow AC MJ 09:31.2
101 0:48:56 TWOHIG, Juliet Duhallow AC F 09:47.0

102 0:49:00 SHEEHAN, Anne Kanturk F 09:47.8

(...with thanks to John Walshe of Ballycotton Running Promotions for providing these results)
A quick look at the Newmarket to Kanturk 5 mile Road Race - 29th of July 2007

This race took place at 2pm on a Sunny afternoon with the tar melting on the road! There was a modest breeze which seemed to be roughly behind us for most of the race. The total entry was 103.

Accuracy - When I finished the race, I was suprised to see my time. It just seemed too fast. I had been hillwalking on Saturday, the previous day and I felt a bit tired in the last 2 miles. I thought for sure that the course was a bit short. So, on the way back from Newmarket, I measured the course in the car. The mile markers were still out on the road so I could check them as I went along.
First of all, the 1 mile mark was a bit too short, maybe 50 metres or so. But the markers for 2,3,4 and 5 miles all seemed spot on. So, the distance seemed fine, exactly 5 miles.

Profile - So, I put the run up on the website MapMyRun (link = ) . See the profile shown above. The reason why times are so fast is that there is a gradual fall of ground and you drop about 250 feet over the 5 miles. Hence, it's reputation as a fast course.

Overall - It seemed like a nice race. Course is fine except I wonder if it would be better later in the day?
Just 2 cribs...1) The entry fee of €12 which I think is excessive. It's fine for prize winners but its not fair on people further down the field who have no real chance of getting into the prizes and 2) Medals! Fine for kids but not for adults. The vast majority of the medals handed out will go straight into the bin.
But they are just minor cribs Overall, it's a good fast course and a nice race to have in this part of the county.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Garretstown 10 Mile Road Race.........Did anyone do this race on Saturday? What did you think of it? What was the course like? Hilly? Accurate? Big/small crowd? Were there refreshments and prizes afterwards?

Just click on the 'Comment' below or send me an e-mail to the address shown in the menu bar on the right.

Comments recieved so far.....

"Done this race this morning, really good run tough start but the rest was fine lovely run i must say well done to all involved in organizing it really enjoyed my run in this one.
...they had prizes yesterday after wards in herlihys bar in ballinspittle they also had a few water stations along the 10 mile run it was all bottled water that was handed out to the runners the good stuff ballygowan not like what you'd get at some events that have a big field, i think it was 50/60 runners took part yesterday not more than that, anyway very enjoyable event."

"I ran in the Garrettstown 10 and enjoyed it but it was a very tough course. There was a very long tough climb (about 1.5 miles) up the Old Head of Kinsale. Comparing the times of the top finishers with the Ballycotton 10 it seemed to me that everyone had about 6 minutes added to their time for this run. There were prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd male and female but no age categories - my only hope! It was well organised. "

Updated 14th August 2007...the results are now available. Click on the following link...

Friday, July 27, 2007

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On the right hand menu bar, I have added my e-mail address in case anyone wants to contact me directly and I have put up a 'Poll' about the Cork City Marathon just to see how this feature works.
Preview of Road Races this weekend

Sunday 29th July 2007 (2pm)...Newmarket to Kanturk 5 mile Road Race
I never did this race but it seems to have a bit of a reputation. I was told that it is probably 2nd only to Kinsale in terms of being a fast course.
Directions...Take the N20 road North from Cork towards Limerick. At the roundabout near Mallow, take the left for Killarney (N72). Just look out for signposts for the turn off for Kanturk.
Once in Kanturk, just keep going to Newmarket.
Course details...You register in Newmarket. I was told that it was in a local pub but I'm not sure if this is still the case. Just look for runners and ask for directions. The race starts up a hill and you basically run on the main road to Kanturk which is 5 miles away. See map above. The course has no real hills and runs in roughly NW-SE direction. The weather forecast for Sunday shows a light NW wind so that means that the runners will have the wind behind them for 5 miles. At the finish, there are buses to take you back to Newmarket although I am told that some run back to Newmarket as part of their warm down!
(Note. Fri 27th 9:30pm - Someone left a comment to this post about the IMRA mountain race on Mangerton in Kerry on Sunday. If you are interested, click on the link marked 'Comment' below.)
Preview of road races this weekend

Saturday 28th July at 10 am...Garretstown 10 mile Road Race. This is the first time that this race has been run. It would seem to be a fundraising event for a local playground in Ballinspittle. They have a website for the event

Website looks good but there is very little information on it. They don't even have the start time listed!! No mention of prizes or whether refreshments are available either. I sent them an e-mail looking for info but I got no reply. I can't imagine that they will get much of a crowd for this one.
If you are interested in trying it, it is on at 10am and the entry fee is €15. Registration is at the GAA pitch in Ballinspittle. A map of where it is located is available at this link,-72.103271&sspn=4.743621,9.019775&ie=UTF8&z=12&iwloc=addr&om=1
Results of Churchtown South 5 Mile Road Race - 26th July 2007

A big crowd of 269 turned out for 3rd race in the Ballycotton Summer series in Churchtown South in East Cork last night. The results are now up on the Ballycotton website.

The link for the results is

(Updated 27th July 23:30. The overall standings in the Ballycotton Summer Series are now available at this link... )

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Preview of the Churchtown South 5 Mile Road Race - Thurs 26th of July 2007

The 3rd race in the Ballycotton Summer series takes place next Thurdsay evening, the 26th of July at 8pm. Last year, they got 237 entries for this race. Going on recent races, I'd expect that they should get between 250 and 300 for this one.

Course - It is roughly 2 laps of a 2.5 mile course. When you run the course, you would think that it should be a fast course as there seem to be very few hills. However, while there are no obvious steep hills like Ballyandreen or Shanagarry, there are some long drags in it which have the same net effect. For my money, it is as tough a course as either of the first two in the series.

Directions - If you are new to the local race scene, try the following route. From Cork, take the usual route to Ballycotton (...shown above in Yellow). When you get to the centre of Cloyne, the main road takes a 90 degree left. You need to take the turn off right which will take you straight ahead past the old round tower. Just stay on this road (...shown above in Orange) and you will end up in Churchtown South.

Just a might be an idea to turn up a little early just in case parking is an issue! Parking is provided in a field but with all the rain that we have had of late, this may not be possible? Remember the Ballycotton 10!!

If you want to have a look at the course or see where Churchtown South is, click on the following link....

If you did both the Ballyandreen and Shanagarry race, you can find your current position in the Summer series by clicking on this link...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Results of Donoughmore 7 Mile Road Race - Fri 20th July 2007

Donoughmore Athletic Club - 25th DONOUGHMORE '7' - Friday 20 July 2007. 8:00 pm

Place Time Name Team Race Age Category min/mile
1 0:37:12 BYRNE, Pat Tinryland AC M 05:18.8

2 0:37:22 MERRITT, Colin Army M35 05:20.2
3 0:37:36 SOSNOWSKI, Wieslaw Eagle AC M 05:22.2
4 0:37:46 O'CONNELL, Cathal St. Finbarrs AC M40 05:23.6
5 0:38:25 RYAN, Kieran Togher AC M 05:29.2
6 0:39:24 O'DONOVAN, Colm Tower M 05:37.6
7 0:39:41 O'CONNOR, Tim Riocht AC M 05:40.0
8 0:39:48 LAFFAN, Tom Bandon AC M40 05:41.0
9 0:40:11 KELLEHER, Tony Eagle AC M35 05:44.3
10 0:40:23 O'SULLIVAN, Kieran Garda M 05:46.0

11 0:40:37 WILMOT, Kevin Bandon AC M 05:48.0
12 0:40:43 BLACKBURN, Thomas Bilboa AC M40 05:48.9

13 0:40:53 MURPHY, Timmy Togher AC M 05:50.3
14 0:41:09 SWEENEY, Gavin Army M 05:52.6

15 0:41:11 O'REGAN, Noel Midleton AC M40 05:52.9
16 0:41:16 O'LEARY, Fergal Eagle AC M 05:53.6
17 0:41:25 SLATTERY, Liam North Cork AC M 05:54.9
18 0:41:29 O'DONOVAN, Barry Ballincollig AC M 05:55.5
19 0:41:39 CURTIN, Noel Youghal AC M40 05:56.9

20 0:41:55 MCCARTHY, Eugene Inchigeela M35 05:59.2
21 0:43:07 BYCZEV, Stanislaw Midleton AC M45 06:09.5
22 0:43:11 CODY, Tom Midleton AC M50 06:10.0
23 0:43:22 HUFF, Tony Ballynonty AC M55 06:11.6
24 0:43:35 MURPHY, Paddy Bandon AC M 06:13.5
25 0:43:43 BRENNAN, Lucy Sligo AC F45 06:14.6
26 0:43:55 O'ROURKE, Grafton Army M 06:16.3
27 0:44:08 WITHERS, Philip Duhallow AC M50 06:18.2

28 0:44:12 O'REGAN, Micheal Twomey Transport M35 06:18.7
29 0:44:16 GRIFFIN, John Blarney Woolen Mills M35 06:19.3
30 0:44:39 CARROLL, Denis Blarney Woolen Mills M45 06:22.6
31 0:44:59 O'BRIEN, John Unattached M 06:25.5
32 0:45:15 VAUGHAN, Donal Rising Sun AC M40 06:27.7

33 0:45:19 MCMAHON, Mark Phoenix Clinic M35 06:28.3
34 0:45:29 O'FLYNN, Ted St. Finbarrs AC M45 06:29.7
35 0:45:36 SWEENEY, Mary St. Finbarrs AC F45 06:30.7

36 0:45:40 HAYES, Willie St. Finbarrs AC M50 06:31.3
37 0:45:50 O'SULLIVAN, Sean Midleton AC M 06:32.7

38 0:45:54 WALSH, Joe Ballinacurra M 06:33.3
39 0:46:00 TWOMEY, Pat Twomey Transport M55 06:34.2

40 0:46:11 O'REGAN, Billy Grange-Fermoy AC M40 06:35.7
41 0:46:13 GUNNING, Peter Midleton AC M45 06:36.0

42 0:46:15 CASHMAN, John Midleton News M40 06:36.3
43 0:46:20 MARCHESI, Julian UCC Bhaa M40 06:37.0
44 0:46:41 COONEY, Kevin Midleton AC M45 06:40.0

45 0:46:48 MORIARTY, Joe Tralee M 06:41.0
46 0:46:53 RAMSELL, Ned Midleton News M35 06:41.7
47 0:46:54 HANRAHAN, Michael Midleton AC M 06:41.9
48 0:46:59 SHEEHAN, Denis Mallow AC M40 06:42.6

49 0:47:08 KELLEHER, Denis Midleton News M40 06:43.9
50 0:47:11 O'TOOLE, Paul UCC Bhaa M40 06:44.3

51 0:47:13 MURPHY, Declan Donoughmore AC M 06:44.6
52 0:47:14 AHERNE, Neilus Midleton AC M50 06:44.7
53 0:47:18 BULMAN, Mark Donoughmore AC M40 06:45.3
54 0:47:21 MURPHY, Tim Cork M40 06:45.7
55 0:47:33 MURPHY, Joe Eagle AC M50 06:47.5
56 0:47:39 BYRNE, Eddie Eagle AC M40 06:48.3
57 0:47:42 DOOLEY, Mick Irish Prison Service M40 06:48.7

58 0:47:48 FINN, Denis Duhallow AC MJ 06:49.6
59 0:47:51 COOKE, Tony Twomey Transport M40 06:50.0
60 0:47:59 MCCARTHY, Jerry Mallow AC M50 06:51.2
61 0:48:13 DALY, Pat Donoughmore AC MJ 06:53.2
62 0:48:17 FINN, Michelle Duhallow AC FJ 06:53.7

63 0:48:20 LENIHAN, Brian Cork M40 06:54.2
64 0:48:32 DUGGAN, Loretto St. Marys AC F 06:55.9
65 0:48:49 NEEDHAM, Arthur Fermoy M 06:58.3

66 0:48:52 MULLINS, Mike Charleville M40 06:58.7
67 0:48:53 KELLEHER, Hanorah Donoughmore AC F40 06:58.9
68 0:48:58 MURPHY, J.J. Phoenix Clinic M45 06:59.6
69 0:48:59 TWOMEY, Donal Phoenix Clinic M35 06:59.7
70 0:49:00 O'RIORDAN, Ann Phoenix Clinic F35 06:59.9
71 0:49:01 MCDONNELL, Edward Mallow AC M35 07:00.0

72 0:49:04 CURLEY, Kieran Youghal AC M45 07:00.5
73 0:49:11 O'BRIEN, Patrick Blarney Woolen Mills M40 07:01.5
74 0:49:14 SCANNELL, John Eagle AC M35 07:01.9
75 0:49:20 DRENNAN, Sally Midleton AC F40 07:02.7
76 0:49:28 DOHERTY, John Grenagh M 07:03.9
77 0:49:33 HOLLAND, John Mallow AC M55 07:04.6
78 0:49:36 O'BRIEN, Tom Unattached M35 07:05.0
79 0:49:38 O'LEARY, Liam St. Finbarrs AC M60 07:05.3

80 0:49:40 GYVES, Paddy Mallow AC M55 07:05.6
81 0:49:47 O'HANLON, Don Cork M 07:06.6
82 0:49:51 MURPHY, Padraig Donoughmore AC M 07:07.2
83 0:49:51 JONES, Finbarr Courtbrack M 07:07.2
84 0:50:04 O'DONNABHAIN, Donnchadh Cobh M 07:09.0
85 0:50:10 FINN, Mary Millstreet AC F45 07:09.9
86 0:50:13 DUNPHY, John Cork M35 07:10.3

87 0:50:14 DUKELOW, Fiona Midleton AC F35 07:10.4
88 0:50:20 COLLINS, Andrew Douglas M40 07:11.3

89 0:50:26 COTTER, Dave Cork Painters M55 07:12.2
90 0:50:31 O'HANLON, Clare Eagle AC F 07:12.9
91 0:50:36 O'SULLIVAN, Dan Donoughmore AC M 07:13.6
92 0:50:42 MURPHY, Dermot Cork M 07:14.4
93 0:50:49 LINEHAN, Ted Cork M50 07:15.4
94 0:50:57 MURPHY, Denis Bweeng M 07:16.6 25
95 0:51:04 O'SULLIVAN, Johnny Mitchelstown M35 07:17.6

96 0:51:05 NYHAN, Thomas Unattached M 07:17.7
97 0:51:11 KIELY, Victor Blarney M40 07:18.6
98 0:51:13 BRADY, John Charleville M50 07:18.9
99 0:51:14 QUIGLEY, John Eagle AC M50 07:19.0
100 0:51:14 HONOHAN, Eugene Donoughmore AC M 07:19.0

101 0:51:15 DINEEN, Pat Donoughmore AC M45 07:19.2
102 0:51:18 MORLEY, Hugh Eagle AC M40 07:19.6
103 0:51:21 SHINE, Donie Duhallow AC M50 07:20.0
104 0:51:23 O'CALLAGHAN, Barry Mallow AC M35 07:20.3
105 0:51:28 CONNOLLY, Tom Mallow AC M35 07:21.0

106 0:51:31 LISTON, Brighid Eagle AC F 07:21.4
107 0:51:31 MCEVOY, Angela St. Finbarrs AC F40 07:21.4
108 0:51:39 MCEVOY, Eamonn St. Finbarrs AC M50 07:22.6
109 0:51:40 TWOMEY, Jerry Duhallow AC M50 07:22.7
110 0:51:42 KELLY, Tom Ballymore-Cobh AC M50 07:23.0
111 0:51:50 O'SHAUGHNESSY, Maeve Limerick F35 07:24.2
112 0:51:51 LENIHAN, Frank Togher AC M55 07:24.3
113 0:52:04 TWOMEY, Paul Grenagh M 07:26.2
114 0:52:14 CONROY, Rob Cork M 07:27.6
115 0:52:17 KELLY, Maurice Carrigaline M35 07:28.0
116 0:52:21 O'SULLIVAN, Michael Donoughmore AC M 07:28.6
117 0:52:22 RYAN, Pat Glantane M40 07:28.7
118 0:52:23 BRENNAN, Michael Dept Of Education M 07:28.9
119 0:52:31 HICKEY, Brendan Millstreet M35 07:30.0
120 0:52:35 O'CONNOR, Christy Donoughmore AC M 07:30.6
121 0:52:41 BUCKLEY, Aidan Cork Painters M40 07:31.4
122 0:52:49 O'MAHONY, Pat Cork M40 07:32.6
123 0:52:50 BUCKLEY, Mary Donoughmore AC F40 07:32.7
124 0:52:51 WALSH, Adrian Midleton M 07:32.9
125 0:52:55 KIELY, Michael Rising Sun AC M60 07:33.4
126 0:53:00 HORGAN, Daniel Dripsey MJ 07:34.2
127 0:53:02 MURPHY, Siobhan Pfizer F 07:34.4
128 0:53:02 MULLANE, Kieran EMC M40 07:34.4
129 0:53:12 MURPHY, Christy Carraig na bhFear AC M50 07:35.9
130 0:53:18 BURKE, Colm Cork M 07:36.7
131 0:53:22 O'SULLIVAN, Dominic Cork M45 07:37.3
132 0:53:31 HAWKINS, Tom Loughrea M 07:38.6
133 0:53:56 O'RIORDAN, Dan Newmarket AC M45 07:42.2
134 0:54:04 O'LEARY, Neilie Belgooly AC M60 07:43.3
135 0:54:12 QUILLIGAN, Kevin Mallow AC M45 07:44.4
136 0:54:18 MURPHY, Aine UCC Bhaa F45 07:45.3
137 0:54:18 GAFFNEY, Peter Mallow AC M65 07:45.3
138 0:54:30 O'CALLAGHAN, Tim Glanmire M40 07:47.0
139 0:54:40 FALSEY, Maura Kilmurry-Ibrickane NC AC F45 07:48.4
140 0:54:41 O'SULLIVAN, Jim Carraig na bhFear AC M 07:48.6
141 0:54:48 COONEY, Tony Ballincollig AC M50 07:49.6
142 0:54:53 LINEHAN, Mark Glanmire M 07:50.3
143 0:54:55 MURRAY, David Donoughmore AC M 07:50.6
144 0:54:58 FLANAGAN, Eamon Youghal AC M35 07:51.0
145 0:54:59 BARRY, Laurence Donoughmore AC M 07:51.2
146 0:55:00 SEXTON, Sean Blarney M45 07:51.3
147 0:55:02 SCANNELL, Liam Rylane M 07:51.6
148 0:55:04 TWOMEY, Christy Donoughmore AC M40 07:51.9
149 0:55:10 MCCARTHY, Michael Carrigaline M45 07:52.7
150 0:55:32 MURPHY, Mary St. Finbarrs AC F45 07:55.9
151 0:55:32 BUCKLEY, Tim-Joe Donoughmore AC M55 07:55.9
152 0:55:38 MURPHY, Pat Donoughmore AC M 07:56.7
153 0:55:38 MURPHY, Michael Donoughmore AC M 07:56.7
154 0:55:39 CREMIN, Denis Gneeveguilla AC M45 07:56.9
155 0:55:42 TWOMEY, June Midleton AC F 07:57.3
156 0:55:45 O'BRIEN, Patrick Charleville M60 07:57.7
157 0:55:46 MORRISSEY, John Donoughmore AC M35 07:57.9
158 0:55:55 KEARNEY, Darren Midleton M 07:59.2
159 0:55:57 WALSH, Mary Pfizer F35 07:59.4
160 0:55:58 O'MAHONEY, Vincent Carrigaline M40 07:59.6
161 0:56:18 TWOHIG, Monica Eagle AC F40 08:02.4
162 0:56:35 WHITE, Alan DPS M 08:04.9
163 0:56:35 GOULD, Eric Cork M 08:04.9
164 0:56:53 COADY, Chris Waterford M 08:07.4
165 0:56:57 NAGLE, Dan Mallow AC M60 08:08.0
166 0:57:10 FINN, Gail Duhallow AC FJ 08:09.9
167 0:57:15 O'REGAN, Patrick Charleville M60 08:10.6
168 0:57:15 ARMSTRONG, Sean Limerick M35 08:10.6
169 0:57:21 EGAN, Deborah Donoughmore AC F 08:11.4
170 0:57:28 O'DONOGHUE, Donal Little Island M40 08:12.4
171 0:57:30 UI CHONGAILLE, Maire Donoughmore AC F45 08:12.7
172 0:57:31 HICKEY, Anne Dept Of Education F40 08:12.9
173 0:57:33 DELANEY, Susan Swords F 08:13.2
174 0:57:34 KELLEHER, Edel Eagle AC F35 08:13.3
175 0:57:37 MURPHY, Larry Donoughmore AC M 08:13.7
176 0:57:38 O'SULLIVAN, Michael Donoughmore AC M 08:13.9
177 0:57:49 LAWTON, Jerry Belgooly AC M50 08:15.4
178 0:57:55 KELLY, Bernie Galway City Harriers F45 08:16.3
179 0:58:04 DUNNE, Tony Grange-Fermoy AC M65 08:17.6
180 0:58:27 DUCHNICZ, Adam Carrigtwohill M 08:20.9
181 0:58:29 WEBB, George Rising Sun AC M65 08:21.2
182 0:58:48 HUGHES, Fiona Pfizer F35 08:23.9
183 0:59:00 O'DRISCOLL, Kevin Pfizer M55 08:25.6
184 0:59:08 HORGAN, Margaret Donoughmore AC F45 08:26.7
185 0:59:11 BREEN, John Joe Buttevant M45 08:27.2
186 0:59:17 O'BRIEN, Denise Midleton F 08:28.0
187 0:59:23 CREMIN, Robbie Pfizer M 08:28.9
188 0:59:34 LINEHAN, Catherine Glanmire F45 08:30.4
189 1:00:04 DUNNE, Maggie Grange-Fermoy AC F60 08:34.7
190 1:00:17 O'CALLAGHAN, Brian Blarney M35 08:36.6
191 1:00:19 SHEEHAN, Adrian Donoughmore AC M 08:36.9
192 1:00:19 KIELY, William Courtbrack M 08:36.9
193 1:00:32 CREAN, Kieran Courtbrack M 08:38.7
194 1:00:53 MORRISSEY, Martin Cork City Council M 08:41.7
195 1:00:55 MUCKIAN, Shiela Bandon AC F45 08:42.0
196 1:01:05 O'DRISCOLL, Chris Cork BHAA M55 08:43.4
197 1:01:15 FOX, Mark EMC M35 08:44.9
198 1:01:25 O'RIORDAN, Fiona Eagle AC F35 08:46.3
199 1:01:26 FOLEY, Rose Cork F50 08:46.4
200 1:01:58 CREEDON, Marie CSO F40 08:51.0
201 1:02:40 TWOMEY, James Donoughmore AC M 08:57.0
202 1:02:51 FITZGERALD, Evelyn Cork F 08:58.6
203 1:03:32 SEXTON, Michael Blackrock M35 09:04.4
204 1:03:51 O'CALLAGHAN, John (The Rocket) Glanmire M40 09:07.1
205 1:04:19 HEADERMAN, Kevin Donoughmore AC M 09:11.1
206 1:04:42 NEENAN, Willie Millstreet AC M70 09:14.4
207 1:05:10 KELLEHER, Frank Cork City Council M60 09:18.4
208 1:05:27 O'SULLIVAN, Catherine Mitchelstown F 09:20.9
209 1:08:53 MANNIX, Amy Army F 09:50.3
210 1:10:44 HEALY, Paul Donoughmore AC M35 10:06.1
211 1:11:53 BURCHELL, Alan Cork M45 10:16.0
212 1:13:38 O'CONNELL, Orla Donoughmore AC F 10:31.0
213 1:13:39 LUCEY, Grainne Donoughmore AC F 10:31.1
214 1:15:02 JORDAN, Shane Blarney-Inniscarra AC MJ 10:43.0
215 1:15:03 O'ROURKE, GĂ©aroid Donoughmore AC M 10:43.1
216 1:15:55 SEXTON, Cian Blarney-Inniscarra AC MJ 10:50.6
217 1:15:57 GLAVIN, Bernice Cork F45 10:50.8
218 1:19:43 MURPHY, Anne Rising Sun AC F40 11:23.1

(with thanks to John Walshe of Ballycotton Running Promotions for providing these results)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Spar 1 mile challenge results...

Just came accross this by accident......if you did the recent Spar 1 mile challenge which took part on the 7th of July, you can check your time by going to the following website...

The results show your time as well as your position for your age group, your county, etc.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Preview of the Donoughmore 7 Mile Road Race - Fri 20th of July, 2007.

The 25th Donoughmore 7 Mile road race will be held next Friday evening at 8pm. For anyone who has not done this race before, here are the directions...

Directions...Donoughmore is about 15 miles NW of Cork City. If you are coming out the Ballincollig bypass or the Carrigrohane straight, look for directions for Nad / Banteer / Kanturk. If you follow the signposts, you should end up on the N579 road. Stay on this road for about 10 miles and keep a lookout for the turn off right to Donoughmore. The village is about 2 miles off the N579 road.
See map above. If in doubt, click on the link below for the course map and zoom out and adjust to examine the route.

Course....From what I remember of it, it is a tough enough course. Plenty of hills but nothing too serious. Some people may find 7 miles to be a bit long but it is only three quarters of a mile beyond the 10 km distance so it's not so bad. The race is on quiet country roads and if you get a nice sunny Summers evening, there are nice views of the Boggeragh Mountains nearby. The only busy section is the 2.5 miles along the N579 road but it should be ok.

To have a closer look at the course, check out this link.......

They usually get about the 200 mark at this race. Entry fee is €10 but for that, you get a T-Shirt and there is an impressive array of prizes on offer for all the different categories. So overall, a well organised race run by Tim-Joe Buckley and the guys at Donoughmore AC.
Flyer for the Donoughmore 7 Mile Road Race - Friday 20th July 2007

For a larger image, click on the text above.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Results of Fermoy 5 mile Road Race - 15th July 2007

This race was held on Sunday, the 15th of July in Fermoy at 2pm. Probably not the best time of day to have a race as it was warm and the traffic on the Mallow road was very busy.

If anyone is interested in knowing what route the course took, I have put it up on the MapmyRun website, the link is

So, on to the results...

Grange-Fermoy AC & Quinn Healthcare FERMOY '5' Sunday 15 July 2007. 2:00pm

Place Time Name Team Race Age Category min/mile
1 0:25:46 ZAKIS, Raivis West Waterford AC M 05:09.1

2 0:26:13 MERRITT, Colin Togher AC M35 05:14.5
3 0:27:03 O'SULLIVAN, Eoin Togher AC M 05:24.5
4 0:27:46 SMITH, Danny Ballynonty AC M 05:33.1
5 0:28:05 HAYES, Frank East Cork AC M35 05:36.9
6 0:28:35 O'SULLIVAN, Gary Grange-Fermoy AC M35 05:42.9
7 0:29:16 HEALY, Barry Youghal AC M 05:51.1
8 0:29:40 MURPHY, Timmy Togher AC M 05:55.9

9 0:29:55 O'CARROLL, Frank Carrigtwohil M 05:58.9
10 0:30:23 CODY, Tom Midleton AC M50 06:04.5
11 0:30:35 O'CONNOR, Brian Grange-Fermoy AC M 06:06.9
12 0:30:43 DESMOND, John Eagle AC M40 06:08.5
13 0:30:54 MCCARTHY, Charles Grange-Fermoy AC M 06:10.7
14 0:30:58 CARROLL, Denis Eagle AC M45 06:11.5
15 0:31:08 GRIFFIN, John Carraig na bhFear AC M35 06:13.5
16 0:31:20 MAHER, Shane Grange-Fermoy AC M 06:15.9

17 0:31:35 HUFF, Tony Ballynonty AC M55 06:18.9
18 0:31:40 CODY, Shane Grange-Fermoy AC M 06:19.9
19 0:31:45 TOBIN, Maurice Grange-Fermoy AC M55 06:20.9
20 0:31:56 O'FLYNN, Ted St. Finbarrs AC M45 06:23.1
21 0:32:06 GEARY, Linda Midleton AC F 06:25.1
22 0:32:32 NYHAN, Mark Fermoy M40 06:30.3
23 0:32:33 O'MAHONY, James Youghal AC M 06:30.5
24 0:32:54 BYRNE, Graham Fermoy M 06:34.7
25 0:32:59 BULMAN, Mark Donoughmore AC M40 06:35.7
26 0:33:00 O'DWYER, Noel Ballynonty AC M 06:35.9

27 0:33:01 O'REGAN, Billy Grange-Fermoy AC M40 06:36.1
28 0:33:42 O'CONNOR, Kealan Grange-Fermoy AC M 06:44.3
29 0:33:44 HANRAHAN, Michael Midleton AC M 06:44.7
30 0:33:56 HENNESSY, Michael Fermoy M 06:47.1

31 0:33:59 O'BRIEN, Patricia Grange-Fermoy AC F 06:47.7
32 0:34:09 O'BRIEN, Patrick Skibbereen AC M40 06:49.7
33 0:34:18 CHAMBERS, Cathal Fermoy M 06:51.5
34 0:34:48 NEEDHAM, Arthur Fermoy M 06:57.5
35 0:35:11 DOYLE, Kevin Fermoy M 07:02.1

36 0:35:21 O'CONNOR, Fergus Fermoy M 07:04.0
37 0:35:28 MCCARTHY, Jonathan Fermoy M 07:05.4

38 0:35:35 JORDAN, Colm Fermoy M 07:06.8
39 0:35:38 MURPHY, Dermot Cork M 07:07.4
40 0:36:05 GUINEY, Dan Newmarket M45 07:12.8

41 0:36:19 FLYNN, Darren Grange-Fermoy AC M 07:15.6
42 0:36:27 BERMINGHAM, Paudie Charleville M35 07:17.2
43 0:36:31 WALSHE, John East Cork AC M55 07:18.0

44 0:36:57 NEE, John FBA M 07:23.2
45 0:36:58 DOYLE, Brid Grange-Fermoy AC F 07:23.4

46 0:37:09 FITZGERALD, Mary Grange-Fermoy AC F 07:25.6
47 0:37:11 DWYER, Jamie Kilworth M 07:26.0
48 0:37:30 FREEMAN, Sean Fermoy M45 07:29.8

49 0:37:49 RUSSELL, Liam Fermoy M 07:33.6
50 0:37:52 TOBIN, Karen FBA F 07:34.2
51 0:38:18 CONNOLLY, Tom Mallow AC M35 07:39.4
52 0:38:39 KEARNEY, Batt Leevale AC M50 07:43.6
53 0:38:58 HIGGINBOTHAM, Barry Mitchelstown M 07:47.4
54 0:39:05 MCCARTHY, Michael West Waterford AC M45 07:48.8

55 0:39:12 JOHNSON, George Fermoy M 07:50.2
56 0:39:15 O'MAHONY, Alan Glanmire M 07:50.8
57 0:39:18 SANTRY, Paul Fermoy M 07:51.4
58 0:39:18 KEARNEY, Michael Fermoy M35 07:51.4
59 0:39:25 BREEN, John-Joe Buttevant M 07:52.8

60 0:39:39 DUNNE, Tony Grange-Fermoy AC M65 07:55.6
61 0:39:43 LEOPOLD, Greg Glanmire M 07:56.4
62 0:40:00 O'DONOGHUE, Donal Little Island M40 07:59.8
63 0:40:03 BUCKLEY, Tim-Joe Donoughmore AC M55 08:00.4
64 0:40:04 SKUSE, George Grange-Fermoy AC M45 08:00.6

65 0:40:08 WEBB, George Rising Sun AC M65 08:01.4
66 0:40:13 O'NEILL, Linda Mitchelstown F 08:02.4
67 0:42:16 DALY, Malcolm FBA M 08:27.0
68 0:42:47 DUNNE, Maggie Grange-Fermoy AC F60 08:33.2
69 0:43:14 O'BRIEN, Denise Midleton F 08:38.6
70 0:44:23 O'DWYER, Michael St. Catherines AC M40 08:52.4
71 0:45:33 MEE, Oonagh FBA F 09:06.4
72 0:46:08 AHERN, Tim Carrigtwohill M 09:13.4
73 0:46:23 MCNAMARA, Jason Grange-Fermoy AC M 09:16.4

74 0:47:35 LEITH, Jo Fermoy F35 09:30.8
75 0:48:06 O'CONNOR, Jonathan Cork M 09:37.0
76 0:51:05 BREEDY, Aisling FBA F 10:12.8
77 0:51:05 CLIFFORD, Mike FBA M 10:12.8
78 0:51:42 POWER, Janette FBA F 10:20.2

79 0:51:42 RIORDAN, Eoin FBA M 10:20.2
80 0:52:15 SIMMS , Cathriona Midleton AC F 10:26.8
81 0:52:16 FITZGERALD, Sinead Midleton AC F 10:27.0

WHEELCHAIR: FORDE, Jerry Blarney-Inniscarra AC M55 39:31

All proceeds to Fermoy MS & Fermoy CLM

(With thanks to John Walshe of Ballycotton Running Promotions for providing the above results)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Preview of Fermoy Road Race - Sun 15th of July.

I don't know much about this one. I was told that it is in aid of local charities in Fermoy. It is supposed to use the same route as the old BHAA race which used to take place in Fermoy which I think it started near the bridge on the old Cork/Dublin road in the centre of the town and went out in a loop to the North West of Fermoy.

Race starts at 2pm.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Results of Corkbeg 5 mile Road Race - 12th July 2007

A record crowd turned out for this race on what was a very humid evening. Usually, this race attracts about 60 runners and over the course of 5 miles, there are usually big gaps in the field. Not so tonight, with 102 taking part. Every race this summer seems to set a new record for the number of entrants, I presume that it must be as a result of the interest in the Cork City Marathon?

Anyway, click on the image above to get a bigger image.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Results of Cork BHAA 'EMC' 5 km Road Race - 11th July 2007

Looks like they got another big crowd for this race in Killumney, Ovens, with 261 attending.

For the full results, click HERE

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Preview of Corkbeg 5 mile Road race - Thursday 12th of July
The Corkbeg 5 mile road race is on next Thusday, the 12th of July at 8pm. It is usually a small race with about 60 people taking part. The fact that it is on the next night after the EMC race in Ovens means a lot of people will give it a skip.
Course - It is hilly enough although nothing major. Most of the race is run on the main road to Whitegate which seems to be getting busier every year, probably due to all the new houses down there. There are however a number of race stewards at the obvious crossing points and it is a pretty safe course. There are some nice views of the outer harbour along the course.
Directions - From the roundabout on the Midleton bypass, head South for Rostellan and Whitegate. After you pass the ESB power station, you will drop down into Whitegate. Take the next right and after about 400 metres, you will see some small wooden buildings on your right. The registration is in one of these buildings, next to the Pitch and Put course clubhouse. The start and finish are very close to the clubhouse.

For a map of the course, click on
Preview of the Cork BHAA EMC 5km Road Race...
There are 2 road races on this week. The EMC 5km race on Wednesday and the Corkbeg 5 mile race (see above) in East Cork on Thursday. Of the 2, the EMC will get a much bigger crowd with perhaps 200-300 attending. The Corkbeg race will probably be about 60-80?

Anyway, about the EMC race. The sign on is at the Eire Og GAA grounds in Killumney, Ovens. Race starts at 8pm.

Directions - If you coming from the City, take the Ballincollig bypass. At the end of the bypass, you pass the EMC plant on your left, the road narrows and you then need to take the next left. You will see a pub at this junction (I think it's the Ovens Bar or maybe 'Desmonds' (no relation ;o). About 800 metres later, you come to the village of Killumney with an old church straight ahead. Take the right here and the Eire Og grounds are on the right just up the road. There is usually plenty of parking inside the grounds.
Course - The course is basically a one and a half lap loop. The start is 1 mile from the GAA grounds so you can use this as part of your warm up. Just follow everyone else and head for the start which is on the N22 Cork to Macroom road. Ok, it's not the nicest of starts with the heavy traffic but as soon as the race starts, you are back on to quiet roads again after a few hundred metres. When you do the 2nd loop, you will be using the hard shoulder which is fine as the crowd will have thinned out by then.
2 points to note......
1) The only hill / drag is near the road junction, just before the 1 and 3 mile mark. This is shown on the map as the point on the bottom left corner (South-West)
2) When you re-join the N22 near the pub (top right corner), the hard shoulder is very narrow here for about 100-200 metres and you need to be careful.
For a closer look at the course, check out the map at
Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle.... has nothing to do with running ;o) but I did this yesterday (Sat 7th) in aid of Kerry Mountain Rescue. I'd recommend it to anyone who has an interest in cycling or anyone who does cycling as part of their cross training program. It is very well organised and if the weather is good (like yesterday), it is a stunning cycle with incredible scenery along the way. This was it's 24th year and I guess that it is on in July every year.

The photo on the left shows the cyclists descending from the mountain pass between Waterville and Sneem with Kenmare Bay to the right.

The photo on the right shows the start in Killarney at 8am with Jackie Healy-Rae TD giving us a few words of encouragement. He advised us to get around safely, to avoid any potholes and that we should ring him if we saw any, especially around Caherciveen ;o)
Finishing 30th in races...
30 seems to be my lucky number at the moment, I finished 30th in the Stryker 4 mile race in Carrigtwohill last week and I was 30th in the Shanagarry 5 mile race the previous week.

For the Shanagarry race, they had a special prize for coming 30th as it was their 30th year of holding the race. See cert seems almost a shame to spend it, maybe I should frame it instead !!

What do I buy for 30 Euro in an Army surplus store???

....maybe a balaclava for those long Winter runs...???

(....ehhhh........although on 2nd thoughts, maybe not ;o)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Results of BHAA 'Stryker' 4 mile road race - 4th July 2007.
A record entry of 319 turned out for the Stryker race last night. Pretty amazing really when you consider that the weather was poor and it looked like it could rain at any moment. Most of the BHAA races seem to be getting big numbers at the moment which is great. I presume this is due to an influx of people who had trained for the Cork City Marathon and relay?

Anyway, enough waffle, click HERE for the results.
Spar Mile Challenge....6th and 7th of July.
I only heard about this last night at the Styker race. There are number of one mile runs which are sponsored by Spar, being run throughout the Country. The following events will take place in Cork...
Friday, July 6th at the Mardyke Track
Saturday, July 7th in Bandon Town Park, 1-5pm,

Saturday, July 7th at the CIT Track, 11-3pm
Saturday, July 7th in the Ballincollig Regional Park, 11-12pm

It would seem that there will be several runs at each event with people of the same standard running together. So, for example at the CIT track, those running sub 6 mins should start at 12 noon or 2pm. Those running between 6 and 7 minutes should start at 11:30 and 12:45 and so on. A full list of start times is available at the following website

It would seem as if you can register on the day.
Newmarket to Kanturk Race...A visitor to this blog (Derek) posted the following question in the comment section of a previous post
"Anonymous said... when is newmarket to Kanturk? I really like that course.Derek 5/7/07 12:25 PM "

Derek, if you look at the right hand side of this page, you will see that I have a 'Race Calendar' of all the upcoming races in the Cork area for the next 2 months.

The Newmarket to Kanturk race is on at 2pm on Sunday, the 29th of July. From what I hear, it seems to be a very fast course with a slight fall downhill. Others I have talked to say that it is a nice course.

John Desmond

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Preview of the BHAA Stryker 4 mile Road race..........this race takes place in the town of Carrigtwohill in East Cork on Wednesday, the 4th of July at 8pm. Sign on is in the community hall which is in the Eastern side of the town, about 400m from the start and finish. The course itself is reasonably flat and there are no major hills as such.

To see the course and where it is located, click on this link...

Monday, July 02, 2007

Mallow AC website.....I found this over the weekend. I'm not sure but I think it might be new? Anyway, for anyone in the Mallow catchment area, you can get plenty of info about the club there.
They have a lot of the old results for the previous Mallow 10 mile and 10 km races listed there as well under the results section.

The link to the website is