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Sunday, July 29, 2007

A quick look at the Newmarket to Kanturk 5 mile Road Race - 29th of July 2007

This race took place at 2pm on a Sunny afternoon with the tar melting on the road! There was a modest breeze which seemed to be roughly behind us for most of the race. The total entry was 103.

Accuracy - When I finished the race, I was suprised to see my time. It just seemed too fast. I had been hillwalking on Saturday, the previous day and I felt a bit tired in the last 2 miles. I thought for sure that the course was a bit short. So, on the way back from Newmarket, I measured the course in the car. The mile markers were still out on the road so I could check them as I went along.
First of all, the 1 mile mark was a bit too short, maybe 50 metres or so. But the markers for 2,3,4 and 5 miles all seemed spot on. So, the distance seemed fine, exactly 5 miles.

Profile - So, I put the run up on the website MapMyRun (link = ) . See the profile shown above. The reason why times are so fast is that there is a gradual fall of ground and you drop about 250 feet over the 5 miles. Hence, it's reputation as a fast course.

Overall - It seemed like a nice race. Course is fine except I wonder if it would be better later in the day?
Just 2 cribs...1) The entry fee of €12 which I think is excessive. It's fine for prize winners but its not fair on people further down the field who have no real chance of getting into the prizes and 2) Medals! Fine for kids but not for adults. The vast majority of the medals handed out will go straight into the bin.
But they are just minor cribs Overall, it's a good fast course and a nice race to have in this part of the county.

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Anonymous said...

agree with the medal comment cheap and tacky. Straight in the bin!