Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: INFO : Greenway Code - Walk, Run & Cycle on the Left

Thursday, October 03, 2019

INFO : Greenway Code - Walk, Run & Cycle on the Left

As more and more walkways get established, it might be worth reminding people about the Greenway Code.

One of the key points is that all users should try to walk, run and cycle on the left.

This simple measure reduces the potential of collisions between users.


Anonymous said...

I always find that most runners and cyclists will stick to the left, people waking don’t seem to pay any attention to this.


I had this problem on the Blackrock greenway yesterday. Another runner heading towards me, he running on the right hand side of the path. I kept to my side and he muttered some annoyance as he passed me, as he had to move into the centre of the path..

Unknown said...

I honestly think that a lot of people don't even see those signs which say to keep left. Might take more notice if it was painted on the tarmac itself. I was at the Dungarvan greenway recently and it didn't seem to be as much of a problem.