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Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Is it time to reduce single use plastic at races???

This week, the MMRA (Munster Mountain Running Association) announced the introduction of a reusable cup to eliminate the use of plastic cups at their races.

"As part of our drive to reduce single use plastic, we will not be providing cups for tea, coffee, juice & water after races.

Runners will need to either bring their own cup or they can pick up the fancy new MMRA Keep Cup for €5 and the AGM or next race. The cups are a good handy size and have a sensible screw on lid and a name tag box so you don’t get mixed up with other runners.

Will we also be using compostable bags for any litter. We will also strive to use reusable markings and reduce the need for plastic tape as much as possible from 2020."

Change of culture??? ......This is a welcome initiative by the MMRA and should cut back on the amount of waste that is generated.

If race organisers and runners are honest with themselves then we have to admit that races do generate a fair bit of waste. Consider all those plastic bottles handed out, all those plastic cups for water, tea and coffee for drink and plastic plates for food.

There is no valid argument from a cost point of view because all of these plastic items are so cheap. It will take a change of culture with race organisers taking the lead and runners buying into it.

Cork BHAA??? Other organisers???....... Is it time for race organiers to follow the example of the MMRA? It might be hard for say clubs organising one off races to justify it but it might make more sense for large organisations holding multiple events per year.

Well Cork BHAA, how about it???

Will others follow the example of the MMRA?


Dave said...

Do I run the race with the cup in my hand or do I put my name on it and leave it at the finish to make sure I get a drink of water at the end.

Anonymous said...

That's fine for mmra races where 30 to 40 people turn up, but for larger events it's just not feasible or cost effective

Colette said...

The MMRA had the forethought to put a tab along the spine of the mug so people can put their name on it.
And you will find that in recent years, there are far more than 30 or 40 people turning up to the MMRA Races, it should be commended that they are applying the Leave no trace policy!
A cost effective alternative would be the use of compostable cups. There are solutions available, we just need people to come on board with a change from the norm!

Liam said...

The numbers running the race dont's the individual runner making the effort to bring their own cup that matters.. it's a great idea..