Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Fionnuala McCormack finishes 5th in Chicago Marathon in the 2nd fastest Irish time ever

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Fionnuala McCormack finishes 5th in Chicago Marathon in the 2nd fastest Irish time ever

In an amazing performance, Fionnuala McCormack from Wicklow finished 5th today in the Chicago Marathon in a time of 2h 26m 47s.

This was the second fastest time ever by an Irish woman for the distance and is a big improvement over her previous best time of 2h 31m 22s. Only Catherina McKiernan has run a faster time.

Irish women under 2h 35m for the marathon...
1 2:22:23 NR Catherina McKiernan 1 Amsterdam 1 Nov 1998
2 2:26:47 Fionnuala McCormack 5 Chicago 13 Oct 2019
3 2:28:07 Carey May 1 Osaka 27 Jan 1985
4 2:29:01 Sonia O'Sullivan 8    Flora    London 17 Apr 2005
5 2:32:51 Lizzie Lee 17 Berlin 27 Sep 2015
6 2:32:56 Regina Joyce-Bonney 7    Scottsdale AZ 4 Dec 1982
7 2:33:28 Nicola Duncan 1 London 13 Apr 2014
8 2:33:59 Marie Davenport 16 New York NY 6 Nov 2005
9 2:34:15 Sinead Diver 2 Melbourne 12 Oct 2014
10 2:34:19 Maria McCambridge 2 Dublin 27 Oct 2014
11 2:34:49 Monica Joyce 2 Sacramento CA 2 Dec 1984


Anonymous said...

Fabulous run by Fionnuala, up to now im sure she will have felt she had underachieved in the marathon given her cross country pedigree. Delighted for her. I believe she is no.3 on the all time list though. Sinead Diver ran 2:24:11 in London 2019. Alan

Anonymous said...

Hasn't sinead diver gone under 2.30 as well?

John Desmond said...

I think perhaps since Sinead Diver has declared for Australia, her faster times since then probably don't count for Irish records.

Anonymous said...

Sinead Diver still Irish, so she would be 2nd in my book. Declared for Australia because Athlectics Ireland would'nt pick her, pity because she would be real medal hope.

John Desmond said...

These are the full records...

Sinead's recent times don't seem to have been counted as she is now running for Australia.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough, but she is still 2nd fastest Irish Women, (official record's or not).Think she would have prefered to run for Ireland. Bit like the rugby, unless you play in Ireland you won't get selected for the national team, which to me is a silly rule.