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Saturday, August 06, 2022

Guest Post: Get Motivated to Run (again…) Pat Walsh

  ** Get Motivated to Run (again…) ** 

Many have lost their way the last 2 years and finding it difficult to resume. I hope this helps the many who have asked me for advise. If you are reading this and feel it is you, then trust me you are not alone. I’m meeting people every week expressing the same thing.

Find yourself again and find your way back to running. We lost friends, social groups, running routes and races for so long that many simply packed it in. Many are afraid to race, don’t want to race and that is understandable.

Many have lost the social outlet, or the time they used to run has been taken up with something else. Many have lost fitness and don’t know how to start again or dread the thought of it.

Few thoughts..

Why are you doing this and remind yourself of this on regular basis.

If you don't know why you are doing it, you are likely to give up too soon. You may want to lose weight, get healthy, fresh air, fight depression, get some head-space. Get out of the house and be sociable. Go back to where you once were. Be an example to your children.

No matter what the reason is, make sure you know why you want to run. Believe in yourself and just get out there again.

🎙 You could beat the world, you could beat the war
You could talk to God, go banging on his door
You can throw your hands up, you can beat the clock
You can move a mountain, you can break rocks 🎙

* Set a Goal 
It is much easier to stay motivated if you have a goal. Sign up for a race. If you are running already set a target finishing time. It can be well behind where you were 3 years ago but no-one cares. It is you today in the present moment and that is who you are. Old glories are fine and can be used as a mark of your potential once your running career resumes in a proper fashion.
Don't get obsessed with a time and lose the love of the run and maybe those around you. You might need them in the future.
If you are training for a Marathon remind yourself why you are really doing it before the hard miles kick in.

* Get a buddy 
Everything is easier and much more fun when you have a group to share it with. Running is a great way of making new friends. Schedule runs and you'll run out of excuses not to run when someone asks, "Are we running today?"

* Follow a Training Plan
Many beginners or those returning to running make the same mistake. They just put on their shoes and try to run for as long as they can. In five minutes or less, they run out of breath, switch to walking and swear not to do it again. Follow a plan
Same applies to experienced runners who have a goal. Get a plan, make a plan and stick to it

* Keep a diary 
Write everything down—record not only time and distance but also your feelings and emotions. It does help to look back and see how much you have progressed.

* Educate Yourself 
Try to learn as much as you can about running. Read websites and blogs, participate in forums. It will keep you interested, give you useful information, and make you feel part of the running community. Check out books and movies about runners. They can be fun motivational tools. If you are finding it hard trust me someone will have documented a similar struggle somewhere. We are runners, we moan…!

* Reward Yourself 
Training might be tough at times but it doesn't mean hard work leaves no room for a little treat. Celebrate your successes in training and racing. This doesn't necessarily mean throwing a pizza party or indulging in sweets and fast food. Buy something that will help you with your new hobby: a new running shirt, a pair of new shoes, a water bottle or a runner's watch.

* Enjoy It 
We all prefer to do things we enjoy. If you like something, you keep doing it. Every time you run, you learn something new about yourself, and this is priceless.

* Smile 
It may sound silly, but it works. Smile when you run—it tells your brain you are happy, and you should be. Think about all those people who would love to do what you are doing. As your body gets stronger, fitter and healthier, your life will get better. Isn't that reason enough to smile?

🎙 You can go the distance, you can run the mile
You can walk straight through hell with a smile.

Maybe this is all a bit too straight for some.. but.. no one can change this only yourself.

Have a nice weekend..

#pwr #keeponrunning

Results of the 5k parkruns in Cork - Sat 6th August 2022

Results of the 5k parkruns around the county on Saturday 6th August 2022. Between the 9 events, there were around 700 participants.

Ballincollig Regional Park: 196 this week, 234 last week. Long term average 294.

First 3 men & women...
1 Shane KEARNEY Male VM40-44 St Catherines AC 18:07
2 Nick HOGAN Male VM40-44 Sanctuary Runners 18:07
3 Michael O DONOGHUE Male VM40-44 18:58
5 Mairead ROCHE Female SW30-34 19:49
18 Jean KEYES Female VW40-44 21:36
27 Catherine FINCH Female VW45-49 22:44

Tramore Valley Park: 123 runners took part in this event. Last week was 88. The long term overage is 187 and is likely to drop gradually over the next few weeks.

First 3 men & women...
1 Christopher OREILLY Male SM30-34 17:14
2 Rory O' SULLIVAN Male VM45-49 St Finbarrs AC 17:34
3 Mark MCCOLGAN Male VM35-39 East End Road Runners 18:23
14 Kath CARTY Female VW40-44 Northside Running Group 20:00
27 Clare MADDEN Female VW35-39 Togher AC 22:54
42 Edel KELLEHER Female VW50-54 25:03

Glen River: 52 this week, 47 last week. The long term average is 79.

First 3 men & women...
1 Donal COAKLEY Male VM35-39 Leevale AC 19:27
2 Edward AHERN Male SM25-29 20:00
3 Cian MCCAFFERTY Male SM30-34 20:03
10 Deirdre HARRINGTON Female VW40-44 Edinburgh AC 24:43
12 Sandra WALSH Female VW50-54 24:48
15 Catherine DEENIHAN Female VW50-54 UCC Staff Athletics Club 26:19

Mallow Castle: 46 finishers this week, 61 last week. The long term average is 72.

First 3 men & women...
1 Paul WILLIAMSON Male VM40-44 Ballyfin AC 17:28
2 Tomás KIELY Male JM11-14 North Cork AC 18:31
4 Unknown
3 Emma FLYNN Female JW11-14 North Cork AC 19:18
9 Máire MCKENNA Female VW40-44 22:59
11 Claire CURTIN Female VW35-39 23:21

Youghal: The Pobalscoil na Tríonóide 5k parkrun in Youghal got 40 this week, 53 for last week. The long term average is 67.
First 3 men & women... This 5k parkrun is cancelled until the end of August 2022 due to building works at the Pobalscoil.
Youghal results... 

Macroom Desmense: 28 this week, 22 last week. Long term average is 53.

First 3 men & women...
1 Donal FALLON Male VM35-39 Cork Mental Health AC 20:40
2 Diarmuid HOLLAND Male VM45-49 21:54
3 Garry MORIARTY Male VM45-49 22:53
8 Nuala RYAN Female VW55-59 24:32
14 Carmel LEHANE Female VW40-44 26:19
16 Sinead MANDLIK Female VW35-39 Your Pace Or Mine 27:19

Clonakilty: 34 finishers this week, 68 finishers last week. Long term average 36.

First 3 men & women...
1 Dan JONES Male VM40-44 Great Western Runners 19:16
2 Donnacha WALSH Male JM11-14 20:13
3 Sam ORIORDAN Male JM15-17 Leevale AC 20:20
8 Clodagh CREEDON Female VW40-44 21:59
11 Eileen MCCARTHY Female VW55-59 Galway City Harriers 23:13
17 Mary BUGGY Female JW15-17 26:13

Glengarriff Woods: There were 62 finishers for this weeks 5k parkrun in Glengarriff Woods. It was 67  last week, long term average is 59.

Top 3 men & women...
1 Conor MURPHY Male VM45-49 Beara AC 19:15
2 Jer O'MAHONY Male VM40-44 21:02
3 Cathal MINEHANE Male VM40-44 21:21
10 Alice COPPINGER Female VW40-44 Bantry Athletic Club 23:18
14 Caroline O'SULLIVAN Female VW35-39 24:27
20 Jacquie O'SULLIVAN Female VW40-44 26:48

Bere Island: 120 this week, 102 last week, long term average of 46. 

First 3 men & women...
1 Stephen CROWLEY Male SM30-34 18:58
2 Sean TIMON Male JM15-17 19:17
3 Brendan FOLEY Male VM40-44 Horsforth Harriers 20:56
6 Ciara PEELO Female VW40-44 21:20
10 Michelagh MURPHY Female SW18-19 22:25
12 Méadhbh NÍ SHÚILLEABHÁIN Female JW11-14 23:30

Castlehaven: 40 finishers this week in Rineen Woods. 26 last week. Long term average 29.

First 3 women & men...
1 Catherine AIREY Female SW25-29 Highgate Harriers 23:33
3 Emer COURTNEY Female VW35-39 24:20
10 Sharon LEVIS Female VW40-44 26:51
2 Oliver STANLEY Male JM15-17 24:10
4 Colin MURPHY Male VM50-54 24:48
5 Senan BRISLANE Male JM15-17 24:50

Results of the Galtee Runners GR8KM race - Fri 5th Aug 2022

Ciara O'Neill of Leevale AC was the first woman home in a new course record time of 28m 47s

This years GR8KM race in Mitchelstown in NE Cork attracted a field of 156 runners and was organised by Galtee Runners AC. 

The women's race was won by Ciara O'Neill of Leevale AC who set a new course record of 28m 47s for the 8km course.

Top 3 men & women...

1 Peter Somba Dunboyne AC     24:08 SM 156  
2 Conor McCauley Leevale AC     25:15 SM 21  
3 Andrew Sheehan Clonakilty     25:30 SM 39  
16 Ciara O Neill Leevale AC     28:47 SF 92 Course Record
20 Michelle Kenny Leevale AC     29:23 SF 85  
41 Gwen Conroy Watergrasshill AC     32:51 SF 82

Full results HERE

1) Galtee Runners AC have several finish line galleries... Album 1 ... Album 2 ... Album 3 

Friday, August 05, 2022

Friday Jigsaw: Ballincollig 5k parkrun - 30th July 2022

For this weeks online jigsaw, we have a photo of a group of three runners at the 5k parkrun in the Ballincollig Regional Park on the 30th of July 2022. Photo by Joe Murphy.

You can find the 108-piece jigsaw HERE

Notice: GR8KM race in Mitchelstown, NE Cork - Fri 5th Aug 2022

The GR8KM organised by Galtee Runners AC coming up on Friday, the 5th of August 2022. As the name suggests, it is an 8 km road race on the roads around Mitchelstown and considering its proximity to the several major roads, it is likely to attract runners from North Cork, Limerick and Tipperary.

You can pre-enter HERE or you can enter on the evening of the race.

Thursday, August 04, 2022

Results & Photos of the Cork BHAA Novartis 5k road race - Wed 3rd Aug 2022

This years Cork BHAA Novartis 5k road race was held on Wednesday the 3rd of August 2022 with 283 runners taking part on what was a dry evening. As can be seen from the chart above, the numbers are down about 20% on the 2019 numbers. In fact, we'd have to go 20 years to 2002 to find a lower number.

On one hand, 283 is still a good number for a local road race and there would be a lot of other races that would be delighted to get 283 runners. It's just that it's not as good as it was.

The Cork BHAA races are some of the cheapest to enter with €5 for registered runners and €10 for non-reg so it's not the cost that is responsible for the drop.

Why does a race that got over 600 runners back in 2014 get less than half now?

Top 3 men & women...
1 John Meade 0/40A M1 00:15:58 Dept of Ed 
2 Alan O'Brien 0/40A M2 00:16:38 McCarthy Insurance Group
3 Michael Corbett 0/45B M3 00:16:42 Flextronics
14 Jane Buckley F1 00:17:40 Element Clothing
15 Martina Kiely 0/40I F2 00:17:46 Dept of Ed 
19 Michelle Kenny 0/40I F3 00:18:22 Dept of Ed 

Full results HERE


1) Joe Murphy has a gallery HERE

First 3 women in the Cork BHAA Novartis 5k (L-R) - Martina Kiely 2nd, Jane Buckley 1st & Michelle Kenny 3rd

Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Visually impaired runner Ross Gallagher completes his 100th 5k parkrun!

Well done to visually impaired runner Ross Gallagher from Kerry who completed his 100th 5k parkrun in Carlow Town last weekend! None of this would be possible of course without his team of guide runners so fair play to them.

I wonder if Ross is the first visually impaired runner in Ireland to complete 100 parkruns?

Results of the IMRA Trail Race in Garryduff Woods - Sun 31st July 2022

This 6.2km trail race in Garryduff Woods in Rochestown was held on Sunday the 31st of July 2022.

Top 3 men & women...
1 Nick Parkinson 2927 M45 0:32:05 Bishopstown Orienteering Club Cork
4 Leo Murray 2925 MJ 0:33:13 Togher AC Cork
5 Donal Collins 195 M45 0:33:33 Bweeng Trailblazers Cork
2 Roisin Howley 716 F 0:32:24 Clare
3 Kealey Tideswell 307 F35 0:33:07 Clonmel AC Tipperary
12 Michelle Kenny 2915 F40 0:36:39 Leevale Cork

Full results HERE

Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Article in the Echo about the recent BHAA Gas Networks Ireland 5k race

Vivian Foley, winner of the 5km, receiving his prize from Tom Hegarty, Network Operations Manager, Gas Networks Ireland. Picture: John Walshe

The Cork BHAA Gas Networks Ireland 5k road race was held recently in Blackrock in Cork City. Results & photos in this previous post.

The Echo had an article this evening titled "Age is just another number for Vivian Foley as he bags Blackrock 5k at 52". This was written by John Walshe of Ballycotton.

You can read the article HERE

Monday, August 01, 2022

Notice: West Waterford Greenway Half-Marathon - Sat 3rd Sept 2022

The Eurofins West Waterford Greenway Half-Marathon is coming up this year on Saturday the 3rd of September 2022 at 9am. This scenic half will certainly sell out so I would advise anyone that is interested to enter asap.

ENTRIES: You can enter the half-marathon HERE

From West Waterford AC.... On 3th September 2022 at 9am West Waterford Athletic Club will host our now annual Greenway Half Marathon.

Limited to 750 entries and entry fee is €35 online at

Entry fee inlcludes transport to the start line in Kilmacthomas and a dri fit tshirt !

Once again we are delighted to have local company Eurofins as our title sponsor for this unique event and we thank them for their commitment to this race and to our club. In conjunction with Waterford City and County Council this is a  13.1 mile race along the now famous old Waterford/Dungarvan Railway line.  

This fantastic amenity opened officially in 2017 and has already experienced visitors from all over the country and beyond. Users are amazed by this 47 km spectacular off-road cycling and walking trail along an old railway line between Waterford and Dungarvan.

As the map shows below, the half-marathon starts near Kilmacthomas and finishes in Dungarvan.

As it was an old railway line, the course is very slightly downhill overall and is certainly a LOT flatter than the average race on public roads.