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Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Guest Post: Diary Entry 6th Aug 2022 Pat Walsh

Diary entry 6/8/2022

Rise early for our Saturday Morning run. 

Planned start for 7.30am, alarm for 6.15 to allow for some breakfast and headspace, but you are staring at the ceiling and it is still only 4.45am. Still not bright, but not dark, the birds are starting to sing and you are thinking while I love them, will I have to listen to this for the next hour and a half? That is why aftershoks earbuds were invented and so a little music.

Breakfast of champions, Bran Flakes, Tea and a slice of toast with jam. Wow we are living like Kings these days but the carbs will be needed later to fuel the engine. Get the gear on, is it vest or t-shirt weather? Big decision. Ahh we need the vitamin D and the day is good so opt for the vest. Could be a long winter yet. Bit of sun lotion needed to be safe.

Mobilise, stretch and it is still only 6.50 so what do we do. 

Bit of Katy Perry to start movement, she is the buzz.

Plants need watering and dishwasher needs emptying and that is as good a warm up as anyone needs. The peace at this time of the day is beautiful.

Arrive to meet the buddies in the car park…Hmmm

Olympic scoring charts are needed here.. on a scale of 1 to 10
Strength of smile, delighted to meet the crew  = 9.5
Actual conviction of how happy we are  = 3.5
Bright colour gear to keep us safe = 8.5
Determination of resolve = 8.0

Good to go, Garmin watch primed and ready for action, grand day for it, glad I brought the sunglasses.

Body parts

First few miles we go through a litany of, My calf, My hamstring, My shoulder and they are only the muscles..!!  please don’t go into the actual parts of the body that are creaking. We persevere.. We are runners after all. We don’t complain.

Few miles in and things are thawing out. Real runners feel better after 4 or 5 miles. Conversation like the seasons is variable. No Late Late Show (Thank God) and the GAA county season is over, but now local club rivalries are taking over and that needs a bit more diplomacy. 

Great to be hating Tipp and Kerry but when 2 of your running buddies are from the next village that you might be playing then it is easier to stay quiet. Where are you going tonight? Any Plans? What are you wearing? Do you need a loan of black highheels (not mine I may add). 

Jaysus the things that are talked about to pass the miles would fill one of the great books of our time. 

Could be a good evening for a BBQ.

The countryside is glorious at the moment, most of the corn is cut, the montbretia is flowering in the ditches and the blackberries are ripening. Must come back later and gather a punnet. Always good to have some in the freezer.

Nearly there.

The wonder of running. How is it, no matter what distance you plan to run, the body will feel tired with a mile to go? 

How does it know there is a mile to go, only your head sent a message down and it decided it better make you feel tired in case you go want to go on. Amazing


When you run your first step, how does your body know how long you intend to run for? Only your head knows and that is the source of most issues. Conquer the head and you can conquer the road.

And so we finish. 

Glad it is over. Thanks for support and the chats. We should do this again…! Ha.. we are doing it every week for the last 20 years.Great to have it done, …wasn’t too bad at all, … easier than last week. We will be fine when we get to a race..! Drink the water and stretch a little.

Anyone going for cuppa and a bun? I would murder a breakfast bap. Horsebox coffee or a sit down place? Where has a nice brownie? My buddy needs an Oat Milk Latte🥰. Serious decisions

Head home before 10am after a long run, cuppa and the best of company. We are awesome really and we know it. 

The day / weekend has been set up.

Only real runners can empathise with the above ramble. No lightweights 🤣

'Cause we are all chained to the rhythm' 

At least when I am declared mad you will be able to pinpoint when it started to go wrong


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