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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Looking ahead to the 2019 Dungarvan 10 mile road race...Sun 3rd Feb 2019

The big race in Munster this weekend of course is the Dungarvan 10 mile road race and there are well over 1000 runners from Cork making the journey. The entry list is HERE

The weather conditions for the race look like it will be around 7-8 deg C with a breeze from the west. The big question is whether a rain bearing weather front will pass over during the race?

In terms of race conditions, it's probably going to feel pretty chilly. With that westerly breeze, the 7 deg C may feel like 4-5 deg C.

A short sleeve top might be ok if you are racing. A long sleeve top with maybe a singlet over it if your aim is just to get around.

As for the wind, it's likely to be from the west. Out on the course, it's likely to be a headwind between miles 3 and 5. Otherwise, I'd expect it won't be a major factor.

As for the course, it is the same as last year. The preview can be seen  here...

In terms of clubs, these are the ones with 20 or more entrees....

213 - West Waterford AC
102 - Clonmel AC
87 - Mallow AC
74 - Midleton AC
59 - Eagle AC
59 - United Striders AC
57 - Watergrasshill AC
53 - Kilkenny City Harriers
53 - Youghal AC
47 - Ballymore Cobh AC
43 - St.Finbarr's AC
43 - Waterford AC
43 - Aghada RC
41 - St.Nicholas AC
38 - Bweeng Trail Blazers
38 - Grange Fermoy AC
37 - Ballintotis Fit4Life
34 - St.Catherine's AC
31 - Slaney Olympic AC (Wexford)
30 - Saturday Road Runners (Waterford)
27 - Togher AC
27 - Leevale AC
26 - Bridevale AC (Rathcormac)
23 - Happy Feet (Blarney)
21 - North Cork AC

Looking ahead to the weather next weekend... Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd of Feb 2019

As well as all of the usual events next weekend, there are two big ones to note.

On Saturday the 2nd of February, there will be a brand new 5k parkrun in Mallow! This has generated a lot of interest and should attract good numbers.

On Sunday the 3rd of February, there is of course the annual John Treacy 10 mile road race in Dungarvan which will attract around 3,000 or so runners.

The big question as always is of course about the weather... what will it be like next weekend?

Update Thurs 31st Jan 2019... At this stage, the forecast for Saturday looks pretty good. There is a gap between the weather fronts on Saturday so it should be a sunny day with light winds.

It will however be very cold and will never get much above freezing. The biggest fear really on Saturday is ice on the various parkrun courses and having to drive there. Keep an eye on the various Facebook feeds to see if any of the parkruns in Cork are cancelled.

Sunday is a different story though. There is a weather front crossing the country as show above and the question is what time will it arrive and clear?

The current forecast as of Thursday is that Sunday morning will be wet in Dungarvan and the rain will have largely cleared by the time the race starts at 1:30pm.

The problem however is that there is always some uncertainty as it's a few days away. That weather front could arrive a few hours earlier or later.

The one consistent thing is that the temperature will likely be around 8 deg C with a westerly breeze. Cool but not freezing. Grand as long as you're running but you wouldn't want to be standing around too long.

Once we get to Saturday, the variables get smaller and the forecast should firm up to be a lot more accurate. We should have a good idea then as to what time that front will cross over.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

New 5k parkrun for Mallow in 2019

Update! The new 5k parkrun in Mallow will be starting on Saturday the 2nd of February 2019 at 9:30am.

Update eile! See the new course below...

Mallow Town 5k parkrun... This is the approx route. See the start in Green. You do a loop of the town park.......then west along the river bank...under the bridges and then north. This is an out and back section with a climb at the northerly end. Then it's back to the town more loop...and past the start line to the finish. Follow the arrows and it's pretty clear.

It is a mix of surfaces with tarmac, gravel and grass.

Being next to the River Blackwater, it may be subject to flooding at times so a few Saturdays are likely to be lost during the year.

The course was measured by John Holland of Mallow AC who measures a lot of the races courses in the North Cork area.

This will be the eight parkrun in the county.

Like all parkruns, it will be...
1) On an accurately measured 5k course.
2) Be on every Saturday at 9:30am.
3) Be completely free.

If you would like to be involved and help out with this free event then send an email to john.kissane (at) parkrun dot com & he'll put you in touch with the event director.

The Cinque Mulini... a cross country race with a difference

Last Sunday the 27th of January 2019, the annual Cinque Mulini cross country race was held in San Vittore Olona, Italy. This however was no ordinary cross country race. Along the 9.8 km course for men and 5.5 km for women, participants have to negotiate fields, farm yards and buildings!

It is described as follows..."The athletes would run through the buildings, the wheel slowly turning under the weight of water flowing down from the nearby Alps. The runners emerge to cross a narrow wooden foot bridge, then continue round the farm buildings, through a yard and through another building, passing through a doorway beneath a mural of the Virgin Mary. It was–is–a race with a character of its own: uniquely Italian, beautiful and poignant, and loaded with history."

Since it was first held in 1933, it has attracted some of the worlds top runners.Legend has it that when Seb Coe ran there in 1980, he mistook the the 'Cinque Mulini' (Five Mills) for 5 miles and thought it was a road race he had entered!

Top US runner Jenny Simpson said this of the event..."When I got to Italy and saw the course for the first time, my initial reaction was “this is absurd.” We were literally running through fields, in and out of ditches, and of course, through someone’s house and mills. I knew the course was different but seeing is believing."..... "But the entire experience was so worth it and I have the best memories from the event ."

There is a really good article about the race which is worth a read on the Tracksmith website...

Race website...

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Guest Post : Irish 10-Mile Rankings for John Walshe

John Walshe of Ballycotton has put together an extensive list of the top Irish performances in 10 mile road races in 2018. As you can see, quite an amount of work has gone into it. If anyone spots any errors or omissions, be sure to let John Walshe know. 

(Updated 29th Jan 2019)

All performances - where known - under 55 minutes men (75 in total) and under 65 minutes women (47 in total) are included. No doubt, there will be some omissions and any additions and corrections can be sent to me at: jowalshe AT eircom DOT net

48:41 Kevin Seward (Clonliffe) Portsmouth Oct 21
49:10 Hiko Tonasa (DSD) Duhallow Apr 8
49:13 Sergiu Ciobanu (Clonliffe) Duhallow Apr 8
49:19 Stephen Scullion (Clonliffe) Frank Duffy (Swords) Sep 2
49:22 Mick Clohisey (Raheny) Cobh Apr 29
49:27 Kevin Maunsell (Clonmel) Dungarvan Feb 4
49:32 Mick Clohisey Roscommon Jul 7
49:47 David Flynn (Cloniffe) Dungarvan Feb 4
50:04 Emmett Dunleavy (Sligo) Dungarvan Feb 4
51:05 Thomas Hayes (KCH) Kilcock Aug 19
51:16 Gary O’Hanlon (Clonliffe) Stook Nov 18
51:27 Niall Shanahan (An Bru) Ballyroan Dec 8
51:30 Tim O’Donoghue (East Cork) Cork City Sep 8
51:35 Alan O’Shea (Bantry) Dungarvan Feb 4
51:43 Thomas Hayes Portsmouth Oct 21
51:46 Sean Hehir (Rathfarnham-WSAF) Enniscorthy Jun 24
51:48 Alan O’Shea Mallow Mar 25
51:48 Conor Bradley (City of Derry) Kilcock Aug 19
52:17 James McCarthy (East Cork) Dungarvan Feb 4
52:22 Paddy Hamilton (Slieve Gullion R) Frank Duffy (Swords) Sep 2
52:37 Trevor Power (Waterford) Mallow Mar 25
52:43 Freddy Sittuk (Raheny) Phoenix Park Jul 14
52:46 Cillian O’Leary (Raheny) Phoenix Park Jul 14
52:56 Mike Carmody (An Bru) Dungarvan Feb 4
52:59 Tomas Fitzpatrick (Tallaght) Phoenix Park Jul 14
53:02 John Travers (Donore) Bundoran Mar 10
53:04 James McCarthy Mallow Mar 25
53:07 David Mansfield (Clonmel) Kilsheelan Mar 11
53:08 Alan O’Brien (Eagle) Mallow Mar 25
53:17 Alan O’Shea Duhallow Apr 8
53:17 Colin Merritt (unatt, M45) Dungarvan Feb 4
53:18 Colin Maher (Ballyfin) Roscommon Jul 7
53:21 Mark Hoey (Leevale) Dungarvan Feb 4
53:24 Martin Doody (Limerick, M40) Mallow Mar 25
53:28 Keith Shields (Foyle Valley) Bundoran Mar 10
53:36 Colin Merritt Mallow Mar 25
53:37 Colin Maher Phoenix Park July 14
53:40 Conan McCaughey (North Belfast) Bundoran Mar 10
53:42 Trevor Power Dungarvan Feb 4
53:47 Willie Stephens (Coolquill) Ballynonty Aug 29
53:48 Peter Mooney (Inverse, M40) Trim Feb 4
53:53 Mark Kirwan (Raheny) Frank Duffy (Swords) Sep 2
53:54 Tom Lupton (Portlaoise) Mallow Mar 25
53:57 Michael Morgan (St Finbarrs, M40) Dungarvan Feb 4
54:00 Conor McCauley (Leevale) Kilcock Aug 19
54:02 Andrew Sheehan (Leevale) Dungarvan Feb 4
54:02 Niall Sheehan (Gowran) Ballyroan Dec 8
54:04 Kevin Baker (Mullingar) Trim Feb 4
54:05 Barry Harron (Finn Valley) Bundoran Mar 10
54:09 Willie Stephens Moyglass Sep 9
54:11 Paddy O’Toole (Westport) Roscommon Jul 7
54:13 Kevin O’Leary (East Cork) Cork City Sep 8
54:13 Brian Geraghty (Sli Cualann) Kilcock Aug 19
54:16 Colin Merritt Cobh Apr 29
54:16 Michael Morgan Mallow Mar 25
54:21 Barry Sheil (Longford) Roscommon Jul 7
54:23 John Meade (St Finbarrs) Dungarvan Feb 4
54:26 Niall O’Riordan (An Bru) Dungarvan Feb 4
54:28 Jeremy O’Donovan (unatt, M40) Mallow Mar 25
54:29 Eskander Turki (Monaghan Town) Castleblaney Jul 21
54:32 Jeremy O’Donovan Dungarvan Feb 4
54:35 Kevin O’Leary Dungarvan Feb 4
54:38 Trevor Power Kilsheelan Mar 11
54:41 Scott Rankin (Foyle Valley) Fergals (Davagh) Oct 20
54:44 Colin Merritt Cork City Sep 8
54:44 Michael Morgan Kilcock Aug 19
54:47 Freddy Sittuk Monaghan Aug 12
54:47 Gary Condon (Sli Cualann, M45) Trim Feb 4
54:48 Isku Ousman (Monaghan Town) Monaghan Aug 12
54:49 Noel Murphy (Waterford) Dungarvan Feb 4
54:49 Freddy Sittuk Mullingar Jul 28
54:50 Eoin Sugrue (unatt, M45) Mallow Mar 25
54:50 John Meade Cork City Sep 8
54:52 Michael McMahon (Raheny) Mullingar Jul 28
54:55 Fergal Whitty (Donore, M40) Dungarvan Feb 4
54:55 Rory Chesser (Ennis TC) Kilnaboy Apr 8
54:56 Noel Murphy (Waterford) Mallow Mar 25
54:57 Kevin O’Leary Mallow Mar 25
54:58 Michael Corbett (St Finbarrs, M40) Duhallow Apr 8

56:47    Laura O’Shaughnessy  (DSD)    Dungarvan    Feb 4
57:47    Maria McCambridge (DSD, F40)    Trim    Feb 4
57:59    Siobhan O’Doherty (Borrisokane)    Dungarvan    Feb 4
58:28    Lizzie Lee (Leevale, F35)    Cobh    Apr 29
59:20    Jill Hodgins (Leevale, F40)    Mallow    Mar 25
59:20    Ruth Fitzgerald (Waterford)    Kilmeaden    Nov 17
59:36    Grace Lynch (Iveragh)    Duhallow    Apr 8
59:46    Adrianna Melia (Longford)    Trim    Feb 4
60:24    Jill Hodgins    Cork Ciy    Sep 8
60:35    Ruth Fitzgerald (Waterford)    Dungarvan    Feb 4
60:37    Lizzie Lee    Stook    Nov 18
60:44    Jill Hodgins    Cobh    Apr 29
60:52    Fiona Santry (East Cork)    Dungarvan    Feb 4
60:59    Jane-Ann Meehan (Athenry)    Trim    Feb 4
61:09    Jane-Ann Meehan    Mullingar    Jul 28
61:23    Ruth Fitzgerald    Dunhill/Fenor    Mar 19
61:35    Fiona Stack (Raheny)    Trim    Feb 4
61:56    Jane-Ann Meehan    Craughwell    Mar 25
62:19    Adele Walsh (St Senans, F40)    Dungarvan     Feb 4
62:28    Sorcha Kearney (St Finbarrs)    Dungarvan    Feb 4
62:40    Jane Bandila (Dunboyne)    Kilcock    Aug 19
62:48    Fiona Santry    Mallow    Mar 25
62:51    Maria McCarthy (Farranfore-MC, F40)    Castleisland    Apr 22
62:53    Aine O’Reilly (Mullingar, F40)    Mullingar    Jul 28
62:57    Fiona Santry     Duhallow    Apr 8
62:58    Linda Byrne (DSD)    Enniscorthy    Jun 24
63:06    Sandra Lynch (Kilcoole, F40)    Trim    Feb 4
63:26    Sorcha Kearney    Mallow    Mar 25
63:34    Tara Kennedy (Raheny, F40)    Kilcock    Aug 19
63:36    Adele Walsh    Mallow    Mar 25
63:39    Maria McCarthy    Kilsheelan    Mar 11
63:42    Tina McDonald (unatt)    Trim    Feb 4
63:51    Joan Flynn (Mullingar)    Trim    Feb 4
63:52    Madeline Loughnane (Thurles C, F35)    Ballynonty    Aug 29
63:57    Maria McCarthy     Dungarvan    Feb 4
64:09    Grainne Ni Uallachain (GCH, F40)    Craughwell    Mar 25
64:13    Pauline Curley (Tullamore, F45)    Ballyroan    Dec 8
64:16    Madeline Loughnane    Moyglass    Sep 9
64:19    Tara Kennedy    Trim    Feb 4
64:24    Isobel Oakes (unatt)    Stook    Nov 18
64:26    Sinead Brody (GCH)     Craughwell    Mar 25
64:27    Katie Hickson (unatt, F40)    Dungarvan    Feb 4
64:38    Grainne O’Callaghan (North Cork)    Mallow    Mar 25
64:40    Ann Geary (Midleton, F35)    Dungarvan    Feb 4
64:48    Claire O’Brien (Watergrasshill)    Dungarvan    Feb 4
64:56    Eimear Fitzmaurice (Mayo)    Trim     Feb 4
64:59    Carol Finn (Leevale)    Duhallow    Apr 8

Monday, January 28, 2019


Press release for any parents or teachers interested...


‘Teen Talks' will tour Cork County promoting positive mental health

Cork, 28 January 2019:  Teen Talks, a Cork County Council initiative to promote positive mental health, fitness and well being to young people across Cork, was officially launched today (Monday) at County Hall, Cork.

Addressing key issues for students and young people today, Teen Talks will take place in North, East and West Cork in February and March, and will discuss health, nutrition, fitness and well being, as well as social media use and mental health issues.  A fantastic line of speakers has been secured for the Teen Talks series including personalities like Kathryn Thomas, Anna Geary and Derval O’Rourke as well as former MMA fighter, positive mental health advocate and suicide survivor Graham McCormack and author, entrepreneur and fitness guru, Pat Divilly.

Cork BHAA Merck-Millipore 5k in June cancelled

Just a short post to say that I have been informed that the Cork BHAA Merck-Millipore 5k race in Carrigtwohill on the 12th of June 2019 has been cancelled.

Cork... Wed 12th (8pm)... Cork BHAA Merck-Millipore 5k... €5 reg / €10 non-reg... Carrigtwohill... CANCELLED...

A closer look at the 5k parkrun on Bere Island in West Cork

The 5k parkrun on Bere Island in West Cork started back in August of 2014 and the latest one on Saturday the 26th of January 2019 was its 240th edition.

The numbers for each one are shown above and the one really remarkable thing is that they seem to have only missed one Saturday in all that time. At the start of March 2018, the 'Beast from the East' brought cold icy conditions to all of Ireland and most of the parkruns had to be cancelled that weekend.

Also shown is the start of the Glengarriff 5k parkrun which is the closest event. The dip shown there is actually in December where as Glengarriff started in January of 2016. It's doesn't seem to have had any impact on the Bere Island numbers. 

The one obvious feature of the Bere Island parkrun is that it's in a pretty exposed location. There must have been days when it was wet and miserable but they still ploughed on regardless. It's a credit to the organisers for the obvious amount of work they put into it.

The numbers as you can see fluctuate quite a lot. In the winter months, they're often down to 20-30 where as in the holiday season in August, there are obvious spikes with all the visitors.

The Bere Island parkrun also has the distinct advantage of being the most scenic 5k parkrun in the country... once the sun is shining! :o)

According to the Bere Island parkrun website, a total of 1548 registered runners have taken part to date and that doesn't account for all the unregistered people. That's pretty amazing considering it's on an island and not the mainland.

The average number per week for all 240 events is 45.6 which again is good considering it's on an island.

I have calculated the average number per week for every year since it started and the chart is shown below. As you can seen, the numbers are actually remarkably consistent. 2015 was the peak year but not really by much. It's not really growing or shrinking, it's just pretty much steady. The actual average for 2018 was 46.7 which is very close to the long term average.

If you're down in West Cork in 2019, consider giving the Bere Island 5k parkrun a try.

1) Website...

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Parkrun numbers in Cork - Sat 26th Jan 2019

A grand total of 779 people turned out for the various 5k parkruns in Cork on Saturday the 26th of January. This was down on the 963 of last weekend which was probably due to the damp weather.

Ciara Mageean sets new indoor mile national record

 At the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix on Saturday 26th of January, Ciara Mageean set a new national record for the indoor mile with a time of 4m 28.31s.

In fact, Ciara was also the holder of the previous record of 4m 28.40s which she set back in 2016.

As you can see from the time below for the top 7 Irish women, Ciara is the only Irish woman to have run under 4m 30s.

1 4:28.31 NR Ciara Mageean 6 NBG New York NY 26 Jan 2019

1 4:28.40 NR Ciara Mageean  6 Millrose New York NY 20 Feb 2016
2 4:30.06 NR Roísín McGettigan 4 Reebok    Boston MA 7 Feb 2009
3 4:30.41 Sinéad Evans 2 NBG New York NY 8 Jan 2000
4 4:32.29 Mary Cullen 1    NBG New York NY 20 Jan 2007
5 4:33.16 Síofra Cléirigh Büttner 1r4 Staten Island NY 10 Feb 2017
6 4:33.4h Monica Joyce 1 Inglewood 10 Feb 1984
7 4:33.49 Sonia O'Sullivan 1 Boston MA 20 Jan 1991

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Results & Photos of the Ballincollig 5k parkrun - Sat 26th Jan 2019

Despite the damp weather, 409 still turned out for the 5k parkrun in Ballincollig Regional Park.

1    Neilus HEALY    17:39    VM35-39    74.69 %    M    1        New PB!    10   
2    Anthony SHEERIN    18:05    SM25-29    71.34 %    M    2        First Timer!    1   
3    Nick HOGAN    18:19    VM35-39    73.43 %    M    3        PB stays at 00:17:40    4   
4    Martina KIELY    18:53    VW35-39    79.44 %    F    1    St Finbarrs AC
16    Claire O'HALLORAN    20:59    VW45-49    77.20 %    F    2        New PB!    6   
28    Amy O'KEEFFE    21:51    SW25-29    67.73 %    F    3

Full results of the 136th edition

1) Colette Ryan has a gallery HERE
2) Joe Murphy has a gallery HERE

Results & Photos of the Glen River 5k parkrun - Sat 26th Jan 2019

The numbers were down slightly for this week 5k parkrun in the Glen in Cork City with 127 turning out, a drop of 24 of the record of 151 set last weekend. A band of rain crossed over Cork from about 9am to 11am and this probably convinced a few to give it a skip.

1 Ken INCE    18:39    VM35-39    M1 Watergrasshill AC
2 Tobi GRAB    19:26    VM40-44    M2 Leevale AC
3 Trevor COLLINS    19:31    VM40-44    M3 VMware Running Club
24 Imelda LYONS    23:41    VW40-44    F1
35 Aileen BUCKLEY    25:02    SW20-24    F2
39 Ashley GEARY    25:26    SW30-34    F3

Full results of the 10th Glen parkrun

1) Mick Dooley has a small gallery HERE
2) The organisers have a gallery HERE


Friday, January 25, 2019

Running events on Sat 26th & Sun 27th Jan 2019

This is one of those weekend where it's actually pretty quiet here in Cork except for the usual 5k parkruns.

Sat 26th (9:30am)... 5k parkruns - Various locations - Free
Cork - Ballincollig, Glen River, Macroom, Clonakilty, Rineen Woods, Glengarriff Woods, Bear Is /// Limerick - University of Limerick, Newcastle West, Mungret /// Kerry - Killarney, Tralee, Listowel, Inch /// Clare - Ennis, Kilrush, Clarisford /// Tipperary - Clonmel, Templemore /// Waterford - Tramore /// Kilkenny - Kilkenny Castle /// Carlow - Carlow town /// Wexford - New Ross, Gorey, Johnstown ///

Clare... Sat 26th (11am)... East Clare 5k... €?... location?... Part of the Run Clare Series...

Sun 27th (9:30am)... 2k Junior parkruns - Various locations - Free
Cork - Cobh /// Limerick - Shelbourne Park /// Kerry - Tralee /// Wexford - Heritage Park ///

 Carlow ... Sun 27th (11am)... Charlie Curran Memorial Run 5 mile... €15... Carlow Town... SOLD OUT...
Kerry... Sun 27th (11am)... Kerins O'Rahillys GAA 10k & 5k... 5k & 10k €25... Tralee...
Tipperary... Sun 27th (11am)... CBS Secondary 5k & 10k Fun Run... €10... Nenagh...
Wexford... Sun 27th (12 noon)... Tara Bishop 5k Memorial Fun Run... €donation... Ballymurn...
Tipperary... Sun 27th (12:30pm)... Borus 5k fun run/walk... €10... Fr Sheehys GAA... 
Waterford... Sun 27th (1pm)... St.Paul's Parish Frank Leahy 5 mile... €12... Waterford City...

Please note that there is a cold front passing over Munster on Saturday morning which is likely to bring a few hours of rain. Sunday looks a lot better.

Friday Fun... 104


Thursday, January 24, 2019

Sonic the Hedgehog completes 100 marathons and raises 40,000 Euro for charity

If you have done any of the marathons in Cork and Dublin over the last few years, you may have noticed someone running in a 'Sonic the Hedgehog' outfit.

That was none other than Neilie Hall of Ballynonty AC in Tipperary who was raising funds for the South Tipperary Hospice Movement. Over the last few years, he has raised over 40,000 Euro!

Neilie also recently completed his 100th marathon and was the first Tipperary man to do so.


A closer look at the Castle Demense 5k parkrun numbers in Macroom...

The 5k parkrun in the Castle Demense in Macroom was the very first one on Cork and it started way back in May of 2013. The numbers per week since then are shown below but it's hard to really see the trend due to all the variability.

I've included a few key dates like the start of the Tramore Valley Park and Ballincollig parkruns. Both of these attracted runners closer to the city and seemed to have a short term impact on Macroom.

According to the Macroom parkrun website, the latest stats show the weekly average is 52.4 for all 218 events to date. An impressive 2,149 registered runners have taken part in the last 5 years and that doesn't include all those who hadn't registered.

To get a true picture of how Macroom is doing, I calculated the average for each year and plotted them.

As you can see after the initial surge in 2013, the number dropped in 2014 and 2015. Since then, it has gradually increased although it dropped a bit in 2018.

The 2018 average was 56.7 which is still ahead of the long term average of 52.4.

No parkrun is of course possible without the army of volunteers who make the event possible every week. It's a credit to them for what they have done as they head towards their 300th event in a few months time.

If you're interested in giving it a try then it's on at 9:30am every Saturday morning. You'll find more info on this website...

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Entry list for the 2019 Dungarvan 10 mile race

The list of entries for the 2019 Dungarvan 10 mile road race has just been released.


This is a breakdown of the larger clubs...

213 - West Waterford AC.... An amazing number considering a lot of their members will be tied up with the running of the race. They have more members entered for the race than most clubs have members! :o)
102 - Clonmel AC
87 - Mallow AC
74 - Midleton AC
59 - Eagle AC
59 - United Striders AC
57 - Watergrasshill AC
53 - Kilkenny City Harriers
53 - Youghal AC
47 - Ballymore Cobh AC
43 - St.Finbarr's AC
43 - Waterford AC
43 - Aghada RC
41 - St.Nicholas AC
38 - Bweeng Trail Blazers
38 - Grange Fermoy AC
37 - Ballintotis Fit4Life
34 - St.Catherine's AC
31 - Slaney Olympic AC (Wexford)
30 - Saturday Road Runners (Waterford)
27 - Togher AC
27 - Leevale AC
26 - Bridevale AC (Rathcormac)
23 - Happy Feet (Blarney)
21 - North Cork AC
19 - Waterford Tri Club

Monday, January 21, 2019

Poll for the best Half-Marathon in Munster in 2018

Thanks to everyone for the nominations.

Charleville Half-Marathon (Sept 2018)
Cork City Half-Marathon (June 2018)
Dingle Half-Marathon (Sept 2018)
Clonmel Half-Marathon (Aug 2018)
Clonakilty Half-Marathon (Dec 2018)
Run Killarney Half-Marathon (July 2018)
Cahir Half-Marathon (July 2018)
Rosscarbery Surf, Turf 'n' Tar Half-Marathon (May 2018)
Waterford AC Half-Marathon (Dec 2018)
Waterford Greenway Half-Marathon (Sept 2018)
East Cork Harbour Half-Marathon (Aug 2018)
The poll for the best Half-Marathon in Munster in 2018 is now open.

Visit this link to vote...

We'll close it at the end of the month.

Poll for the best 10 mile race in Munster in 2018

Thanks to everyone for the nominations.

John Treacy 10 mile road race in Dungarvan (Feb 2018)
Kingdom Come 10 mile in Castleisland (Apr 2018)
Mallow 10 mile (March 2018)
Duhallow 10 mile in Newmarket (Apr 2018)
Blackwater 10 mile in Clondulane nr Fermoy (May 2018)
John Buckley Sports 10 Miler in Cork City (Sept 2018)
Sonia O'Sullivan 10 mile in Cobh (Apr 2018)
Killarney 10 mile (Sept 2018)

The poll for the best 10 mile race in Munster in 2018 is now open.

Visit this link to vote...

We'll close it at the end of the month.

Poll for the best 10k race in Cork in 2018

Thanks to everyone for the nominations.

Courtmacsherry 10k (June 2018)
Rebel Run 10k (Oct 2018)
Thomas Kent 10k in Castlelyons (Nov 2018)
Crosshaven 10k (March 2018)
Cork BHAA UCC 10k (Apr 2018)
Bweeng 10k (May 2018)
East Cork Harbour Marathon 10k (Aug 2018)
Rosscarbery Surf, Turf 'n' Tar 10k (May 2018)
The poll for the best 10k race in Cork in 2018 is now open.

Visit this link to vote...

We'll close it at the end of the month.

Poll for the best 5 mile race in Cork in 2018

Thanks to everyone for the nominations.

Coachford 5 mile (July 2018)
Kinsale Regatta 5 mile (Aug 2018)
GR8KM in Mitchelstown (Aug 2018)
Millstreet 5 mile (June 2018)
Cork BHAA Army-Navy 5 mile (Oct 2018)
Midleton 5 mile (May 2018)
Carrigaline 5 mile (Feb 2018)
Churchtown 5 mile (Aug 2018)
Skibbereen 5 mile (Nov 2018)
The poll for the best 5 mile race in Cork in 2018 is now open.

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We'll close it at the end of the month.

Poll for the best 4 mile race in Cork in 2018

Thanks to everyone for the nominations.

Ballintotis 4 mile (Apr 2018)
Lee Fields 4 mile (June 2018)
Killeagh 4 mile (May 2018)
Great Glenville 4 mile (Nov 2018)
Boherbue to Kiskeam 4 mile (Apr 2018)
Buttevant 4 mile (May 2018)
Inniscarra 4 mile (June 2018)
Rathcormac 4 mile (Aug 2018)
Belgooly 4 mile (Dec 2018)
Clonakilty 4 mile (Aug 2018)

The poll for the best 4 mile race in Cork in 2018 is now open.

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We'll close it at the end of the month.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Poll for the best 5k race in Cork in 2018

Thanks to everyone for the nominations.

Togher 5k (Dec 2018)
Newmarket 5k (Dec 2018)
Cork BHAA John Buckley Sports 5k (May 2018)
Carrigtwohill 5k (Barrycourt Castle) (July 2018)
Dan Byrne Memorial 5k in Doneraile Park (June 2018)
Doneraile AC 5k (June 2018)
Emer Casey 5k in Youghal (Apr 2018)
Youghal AC 5k (July 2018)
Bweeng 5k (May 2018)
Conna 5k (Aug 2018)
Shandrum AC 5k (Dec 2018)
St.Lukes Home 5k in Mahon (Sept 2018)
Coolagown 5k (June 2018)
Rosscarbery Steam Engine 5k (Oct 2018)
Banteer 5k (July 2018)
Cheetah Run 5k in Fota Wildlife Park (May 2018)
Cloyne 5k (July 2018)

The poll for the best 5k race in Cork in 2018 is now open.

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We'll close it at the end of the month.

Results of the Cloyne Commons Challenge 4k - Sun 20th Jan 2019

Cloyne Commons Challenge 4k Series Race 3

1 0:12:50    O'BRIEN, Kevin    East Cork AC    M
2 0:13:02    MCKEOWN, Kieran    Watergrasshill AC    M40
3 0:13:14    O'SHEA, Barry    Midleton AC    M
16 0:14:34    SANTRY, Fiona    East Cork AC    F
27 0:15:13    O'BRIEN, Claire    Watergrasshill AC    F
35 0:16:17    O'NEILL, Nollaig    Leevale AC    F45

Full results below...

Cloyne Commons Challenge 4k Series Race3
Sunday 20 January 2019. 9:30 am
Results for All Competitors in finish order.    Pace    Race    Race
    Place    Time    Name    Team    Race Age Category    min/mile       
    1    0:12:50    O'BRIEN, Kevin    East Cork AC    M    :02:12.    922    1
    2    0:13:02    MCKEOWN, Kieran    Watergrasshill AC    M40    :22:39.    941    2
    3    0:13:14    O'SHEA, Barry    Midleton AC    M    :43:06.    276    3
    4    0:13:23    FLAITHEARTAIGH, Naoise    Bandon AC    MJ    :43:26.    950    4
    5    0:13:29    HARTY, Brian    East Cork AC    M    :23:40.    106    5
    6    0:13:33    SWORDS, Graham    East Cork AC    M    :50:29.    979    6
    7    0:13:36    HARRINGTON, Shane    East Cork AC    M    :10:36.    955    7
    8    0:13:45    INCE, Ken    Watergrasshill AC    M    :10:56.    130    8
    9    0:13:55    SHEEHAN, Nigel    Youghal AC    M    :17:58.    317    9
    10    0:13:59    CROWLEY, Tim    East Cork AC    M    :44:47.    63    10

Record numbers for 5k parkruns in Cork

A record 963 people took part in 5k parkruns in County Cork on Saturday the 19th of January 2019, breaking the previous record of 952 set the previous week. The first Saturday of the year attracted 829.

With the new Mallow 5k parkrun starting in February, the magic 1,000 mark should be broken on a regular basis.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Big numbers again for the Ballincollig 5k parkrun - Sat 19th Jan 2019

A grand total of 478 people turned out for this weeks 5k parkrun in Ballincollig Regional Park. While that is down on the record 533 of last week, it's still the second highest ever.

1 Mark SMITH    16:41    VM40-44    M1 Eagle A.C.
2 Rory O' SULLIVAN 17:12    VM40-44    M2 St Finbarrs AC
3 Connor MC CRORY 18:31    VM35-39    M3
6 Martina KIELY    19:16    VW35-39    F1 St Finbarrs AC
46 Megan O'RIORDAN    22:13    SW25-29    F2
66 Elaine GUINANE    23:04    VW40-44    F3 Eagle A.C.


1) Joe Murphy has a gallery HERE

Record numbers for the Glen River 5k parkrun - Sat 19th Jan 2019

A record 151 runners turned out for this weeks 5k parkrun in the Glen on the north side of Cork City, a 38.5% jump on last weeks numbers.

1 Finbarr O'DWYER    17:38    VM45-49    M1 Leevale AC
2 Conrad DALY    19:32    SM30-34    M2
3 Conor KELLY    20:01    SM20-24    M3
19 Emer O'LEARY    22:56    VW35-39    F1
23 Lauren MURPHY    23:17    JW15-17    F2
24 Megan MURPHY    23:21    JW15-17    F3

Full results...

1) 15 photos from Mick Dooley HERE

Post race review of the Ballyhoura Midnight Challenge Half-Marathon

For some unknown reason, I signed up for this half-marathon back in November of 2018. Pretty soon all the available places for the half (~100) and the full (~200) were snapped up and it closed weeks ago. Last night, I found myself at the start line at 2:30am ready to trek around the trails and byroads of the Ballyhoura Mountains in Co.Limerick. This review is to give any readers a flavour of what it was like.

Why?... The first question I guess is why? Why do a trail half-marathon at 2:30am in the morning? I guess the main reason is that it was something different. If you've done a lot of half-marathon races then a lot of them are the same.... race... medal ... t-shirt. This is something different. It's a challenge event as opposed to a race. The objective was just to complete the course rather than fixate on some finish time.

Organisation... The event was orgainsed by the MMRA (Munster Mountain Running Association) and I have to say it was a well organised event. The full marathon started at midnight from Kinfinane while the half-marathon runners were taken by bus to the half way mark in the town land of Ballyorgan. The course was very well signposted and there were race stewards at critical junctions. Post race, there was a full Irish breakfast.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Guest Post : John O'Leary at 80... by John Walshe

 Cork runner John O'Leary has been a regular on the road race circuit for many years and is still going strong. John Walshe of Ballycotton wrote a very nice piece about him in a recent edition of the Evening Echo.

(By John Walshe, Cork Evening Echo 17/01/2019)

In recent weeks, a lot of publicity surrounded the Operation Transformation Nationwide Walks which took place throughout the country.

It’s a time of new resolutions as thousands literary put their best foot forward, as the many pictures in the press and social media portrayed – summed up by the tweet from one of the organisers, Karl Henry, which said: “All ages out moving, smiling and energized!” 

One man who was certainly doing that last Sunday was well-know Cork runner John O’Leary. Having celebrated his 80th birthday a month ago, John looks like rewriting the record books in the months ahead, if his performance in the FMC 5km (Cork BHAA) road race is anything to go by. 

But what is more remarkable is the way he went about it. As his regular lift to the race was unavailable, John walked the three miles from his home in Douglas to Kent Railway Station where he caught the train to Little Island. Stepping out again to walk to the race headquarters at the local community centre, he was lucky to acquire a lift from a fellow runner.

He then proceeded to run the 5km race, finishing in a time of 25:29 which meant he had a third of the 420-plus finishers in his wake. This was his best time over the distance since June 2017.

To put John’s time into perspective, the recent edition of Athletics Weekly magazine contained the UK Road Rankings for 2018. The fastest M80 over 5km was Edmond Simpson with a time of 24:51, just over a half-minute quicker.

The fastest M80 time over 10km last year in the UK was 56:21 by Jim Conagahan – a time already surpassed by John O’Leary who on New Year’s Day at Beaufort, near Killarney, recorded 53:13, over three minutes faster.  

John was in his thirties when he first took up running, as his initial sporting involvement was with Douglas Hall soccer club, both as a founder member and as a coach.

His first race was an international four-mile event at Loughrea back in 1977, and he remembers the first cross-country medal he won: “It was a County Novice ‘B’ race and one of my team-mates on the Leevale team that day was Marcus O’Sullivan, who would go on to win three World Indoor titles,” he recalled.

The following year, John ran the Shanagarry ‘5’ and so started an incredible sequence that saw him take part in a total of 154 consecutive races in the Ballycotton Summer Series. But not alone did he reach that colossal number, he also achieved first place in his age category in a staggering 123 of these events.

If anyone needed inspiration and encouragement for the year ahead, look no further than this remarkable 80-year-old for whom the word ‘legend’ is certainly merited.

Corkman Eoin Keith finishes 2nd in Britain's Toughest Ultra

One of the top Irish Ultra runners Eoin Keith has just finished 2nd in the Montane Spine Ultra, aptly described as Britain's more brutal race. The mountainous course runs some 430kms (268 miles) along the Pennine Way from Sheffield to the Scottish borders.

Eoin, who is from Cobh completed the mountainous course in 4 days,2 hours,18 minutes and 23 seconds which was the 3rd fastest time ever.

Eoin, the Irish 24-hr record holder will now take a well earned rest before starting training to try and regain his national 24-Hr title at Belfast 24 hour in the summer.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Running in Cork Facebook page hits 15,000 Likes!

As well as this website, there is also the Running in Cork Facebook page which is one of the largest in Munster.

Recently, it passed the 15,000 'Likes' mark!

It's pretty amazing at times to see just how some news items take off. For example, the recent post about the new 5k parkrun coming up in Mallow was very popular reaching around 17,000 people on Facebook.

If you're on Facebook and you're not following it, then have a look here...

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Wibblies are 5 years old!

The Wibbly Wobbly Wonders Running Club have just passed their 5th anniversary!

The club started back in January 2014 with an emphasis on beginners and have helped hundreds to take up running with their Couch to 5k programmes.

Based in Ballyvolane on the north side of Cork City, they cater for people of all abilities. If people just want to walk, they do that. If people want to jog a bit, they cater for them.

They also cater of course for runners and have a very active social scene which helps gel the club together.

5 years old and still going strong!

Results & Photos of the MMRA Corrin Hill Trail Race - Sun 13th Jan 2019

There was a big turnout of 167 runners for this years MMRA trail race on Corrin Hill near Fermoy.

1 Paul Tierney 918    M    0:26:52    MMRA Cork
2 Paul Minogue 22    M    0:28:44    Clonmel AC Tipperary
3 Paul Gallagher 905    M40    0:28:50    St Finbarr's AC Cork
28 Deirdre O'Gorman 866    F    0:33:22    Tipperary
29 Anita Locke 921    F    0:33:42    Kerry
31 Kealey Tideswell 610    F    0:33:54    Clonmel AC Tipperary


1) The MMRA have 9 galleries up on their Facebook page.

More info about the MMRA events in Cork and Munster HERE

Start video below...

Monday, January 14, 2019

Cork County Council approve plan for East Cork Greenway

Update : Mon 14th Jan 2019. Cork County Councillors have just approved plans for a new greenway route between the towns of Midleton and Youghal. The route which is just over 13 miles in length is along the old railway route which closed back in 1988.

Over 300 submissions have been received by the Council following a public consultation last year.

The most vocal opponents have been the local Green Party who want a separate greenway and want the rail line reopened.

However another local East Cork politician Cllr Mary Linehan Foley said “If we don’t take this Greenway project, there’s nothing going to happen to the railway between Youghal and Midleton. It’s never going to reopen as a railway line.”

The Council wwill now seek funds from the Government's €53m greenway fund, and to then lease the line from Irish Rail.

The greenway is estimated to cost between €10 to €15m. While it is unlikely to be the same tourist attraction as say the Waterford Greenway, it should still be very popular.

The projected cost of reopening the track is in the region of €150-170 million and that's not including operating losses which would be ongoing.

There is at present a lot of interest in various greenway projects around the county following the success of the new greenway in Waterford which attracted over quarter of a million visitors in its first year.

Big numbers for 5k parkruns in Cork last weekend... Sat 12th Jan 2019

A grand total of 952 people took part in 5k parkrun in the county of Cork last Saturday (12th Jan 2019). The chart above shows the breakdown for each of the parkruns for the last three weeks.

With its record numbers last week, Ballincollig is pretty much the flagship event with 533 taking part.

The Glen River parkrun on the north side of Cork City has lots of potential as it's close to where a lot of runners live. Last weekend, it got 109 and has plenty of potential to attract more.

The ones that caught my eye was the Glengarriff parkrun in West Cork. They had 70 participants in an area where the population is pretty low. It just goes to show that once a parkrun starts, people are willing to travel to it.

Add in the 400 odd from the 5k Cork BHAA race in Little Island on Sunday and the big numbers at the Corrin Hill trail race near Fermoy and somewhere in the region of 1,400 to 1,500 people took part in a running event last weekend.

Nominations open for the best races in Cork & Munster in 2018

Now that the new year has started, it's time to look back and consider what were the best races of 2018?

The categories are...

1) Best 5k race in Cork

2) Best 4 mile race in Cork

3) Best 5 mile race in Cork

4) Best 10k race in Cork

5) Best 10 mile race in Munster

6) Best Half-Marathon in Munster

The 10 mile and Half are for Munster as people tend to travel a lot further for longer races.

Leave a comment as to which is the best race in each category and why?


Sunday, January 13, 2019

Results of the Cork BHAA FMC 5k road race... Sun 13th Jan 2019

A grand total of 427 runners turned out for this years Cork BHAA FMC 5k road race in Little Island. It was a very mild sunny morning and it was hard to believe it was mid-January with the thermometer up around 10 deg C.

As you can see from the chart above, the numbers were up 8% this year so the BHAA have got 2019 off to a good start. I was looking at the Cork BHAA stats for 2018 and the numbers were down for a majority of their events last year.

1 Anthony Mannix M1 15:49 Dell-EMC M-A-3
2 Eric Curran M2 15:55 Heineken
3 Jeremy O Donovan 0/40A M3 15:59 Eli Lilly
18 Claire Mccarthy 17:06 Temp Reg
34 Niamh Moore F1 18:05 HSE F-A-1
43 Claire O'Brien F2 18:35 Dept of Ed F-A-2

Full results

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Results & Photos of the Glen River 5k parkrun... Sat 12th Jan 2019

This weeks 5k parkrun in the Glen Park on the north side of Cork City attracted a field of 109 runners on what was a lovely mild morning.

This was actually my first time ever being in the Glen Park itself. Considering its proximity to the northern ring road, the park was suprisingly quiet and early on a Saturday morning, the only people about were those walking dogs or going for a stroll. It really is a nice spot for a parkrun.

The Glen is kind of one of those parks where a lot of people might know where it is but wouldn't give it a second thought. If you're looking for something different, I'd encourage you to visit it and try it out the parkrun for yourself.

1 Gary GRANT 20:12 SM30-34 M1    Hyde Park Harriers
2 John KISSANE    20:21    VM50-54    M2 UCC Staff Athletics Club
3 Fergal BRENNAN 20:29    VM40-44    M3
18 Emer O'LEARY    23:32    VW35-39    F1
21 Eilis MANNION 23:51    VW40-44    F2
24 Eimear KENNEDY 24:30    SW30-34    F3

Full results

1) There are 2 albums up on the Running in Cork Facebook page...
...a) Start and 1st big lap
...b) Finish 

Waiting for the first finishers

Record numbers for the Ballincollig 5k parkrun - Sat 12th Jan 2019

An amazing 533 people turned out for this weeks 5k parkrun in Ballincollig Regional Park, breaking the previous record of 448 which was set on the 21st of Jan 2017. That particular one was in the middle of that years Operation Transformation programme where as this year, that TV programme is just starting.

500+ seems to be well ahead of this time last year so it probably down to a growing popularity of the parkrun rather than it swelling due to the TV programme.

That figure of 533 is also the exact same figure for the peak number for the Tramore Valley Park which was back on the 23rd of June 2016.

1 Shane KEARNEY    17:53    VM35-39    M1
2 Nick HOGAN    18:38    VM35-39    M2
4 John LONGAN    19:36    SM25-29    M3
3 Martina KIELY    19:07    VW35-39    F1 St Finbarrs AC
6 Ailbhe MCDAID    19:47    SW30-34    F2
21 Linda O SULLIVAN    21:03    VW45-49    F3

Full results

1) Colette Ryan has a gallery of photos HERE
2) Joe Murphy has a gallery HERE

Behind every successful parkrun is a team of volunteers