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Sunday, January 06, 2019

MMRA Calendar for 2019

The MMRA (Munster Mountain Running Association) is the local branch of the IMRA (Irish Mountain Running Association) and their events have grown in popularity in recent years.

Traditionally they tended to be a bit hard core in that they were up the side of mountains and down again. In more recent years, they have added a lot more variety and there is something there for everyone. Some are still hard core, some are a lot more gentle on forest tracks.

I have just updated the MMRA page on the website with all the events for 2019 in the southern counties of Ireland.

The breakdown of events for 2019 is as follows : Cork 11, Tipperary 10, Limerick 8, Kerry 5, Wexford 5, Waterford 4, Clare 3, Kilkenny 3 & Carlow 2.

For insurance purposes, you must be a member of the IMRA to do these events and it costs just €10 for the year. There is also a requirement to carry some minimum gear like jackets.

If you want to try something different in 2019, you might consider an MMRA event.

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