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Monday, January 14, 2019

Cork County Council approve plan for East Cork Greenway

Update : Mon 14th Jan 2019. Cork County Councillors have just approved plans for a new greenway route between the towns of Midleton and Youghal. The route which is just over 13 miles in length is along the old railway route which closed back in 1988.

Over 300 submissions have been received by the Council following a public consultation last year.

The most vocal opponents have been the local Green Party who want a separate greenway and want the rail line reopened.

However another local East Cork politician Cllr Mary Linehan Foley said “If we don’t take this Greenway project, there’s nothing going to happen to the railway between Youghal and Midleton. It’s never going to reopen as a railway line.”

The Council wwill now seek funds from the Government's €53m greenway fund, and to then lease the line from Irish Rail.

The greenway is estimated to cost between €10 to €15m. While it is unlikely to be the same tourist attraction as say the Waterford Greenway, it should still be very popular.

The projected cost of reopening the track is in the region of €150-170 million and that's not including operating losses which would be ongoing.

There is at present a lot of interest in various greenway projects around the county following the success of the new greenway in Waterford which attracted over quarter of a million visitors in its first year.


anonymous said...

When I see how many people take the midleton train to/from Cork and little island I think it's a no brainer that the line should be reopened to Youghal. It's also better for the environment.

Anonymous said...

That midleton train is barely used.most people get off at little only has 2 carriages and is never full. A green way is prob better for the environment then a train that is emitting toxic fumes

Anonymous said...

This is great to see happen John. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Having walked The Waterford Greenway last year it's incredibly exciting news. Hoping now they will push on and get it open as soon as possible

Unknown said...

I get the train everyday from Carrigtwohill, it's busy for three or four trains each day. If it was profitable irish rail would be all over it. There is no proposal from Irish rail to reopen the track. It's also a single track from Glounthaune so this would be a problem also. The greenway doesn't preclude the line reopening in the future. If they didn't do the greenway nothing would happen with the line.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine this will be a big boost for the local area around East Cork. Hopefully Youghal will see a big benefit.

Anonymous said...

There are 7,000 people living in Youghal, there is 15,000 in Midleton with a predicted 20,000 by 2025. Midleton is running on a loss. the 10km Midleton section from Glounthan cost €7m a km when built, allowing for construction inflation say €8m per km today. Midleton to Youghal is 23km therefore construction would be €184,000,000 thats €184 million!!! for 7,000. The romantic view of people going to Youghal with the 2 kids in the summer for a spin is not realistic. A train ticket for 2 adults and 2 kids return would be circa €40 minimum. Obviously OAPs travel free!!! So, when you look at the financial FACTS its clear... The only option was a Greenway or Irish rail would have disposed of the old line and it would have been sold back to adjoining landowners for a nominal amount of money. It was never a Greenway or Railway, it was Greenway or nothing.

anonymous said...

Barely used? You obviously never get the train at busy times as I do daily.