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Munster Mountain Running Association.......The MMRA are the Munster branch of the Irish Mountain Running Association. Traditionally, they have organised races which go up and down mountains and hill but recently, they have organised various trail races in woods to broaden the appeal of their events.

For insurance reasons, you must be a registered MMRA/IMRA member to take part in events. This costs €10 for the year.

You can register for the MMRA / IMRA online and bring a print off confirmation to sign up for membership but the MMRA prefer if you just turn up with the filled out paper form.

Races are just pay on the day in Munster, no pre registration required. Pre-entry is required only for the big events like Ballyhoura and Loop de Loop.

A list of MMRA events can be seen further down this page.

For more information on the IMRA, go to their website...

Please note, you must purchase annual IMRA membership online for €10 to take part in any of the MMRA events. Once this annual €10 fee is paid, most of the races in the series cost just €5 each.

You will not be able to run if you turn up at your first race without having purchased online registration.

MSL = Munster Summer League
MHM = Munster Half-Marathon
MLD = Munster Long Distance 
MC = Munster Championship

Wed Jun 6    8:00 PM    Tracton Woods    MSL    IMRA Race    200m    7.00km    5
Sat Jun 9    11:00 AM    Silvermines - Killoscully Half-Marathon    MHM    IMRA Race    850m    21.50km    8
Wed Jun 13    8:00 PM    Mt. Hillary    MSL    IMRA Race    320m    8.80km    6
Sun Jun 17    1:00 PM    Mangerton    MC    IMRA Race    700m    9.60km    7
Sun Jun 24    9:00 AM    Galty Crossing    MLD    IMRA Race    1500m    32.00km    10
Wed Jun 27    8:00 PM    Lough Curra    MSL    IMRA Race    400m    7.50km    6
Wed Jul 4    7:30 PM    Lisvarrinane    MSL    IMRA Race    275m    9.00km    5
Sun Jul 8    11:00 AM    Clonmel Trail    MSL, SEL    IMRA Race    300m    10.00km    7
Wed Jul 11    8:00 PM    Kilworth Woods    MSL    IMRA Race    100m    6.00km    3
Wed Jul 18    7:30 PM    Cullaun (Slieve Feilim)    MSL    IMRA Race    300m    7.00km    5
Sun Jul 22    1:00 PM    Carrauntoohill Classic    MC    IMRA Race    1100m    15.00km    10
Wed Jul 25    8:00 PM    Slievereagh (Kilfinnane)    MSL    IMRA Race    300m    8.80km    5
Wed Aug 1    8:00 PM    Rochestown Woods    MSL    IMRA Race    180m    5.60km    3
Sun Aug 5    1:00 PM    Seefin (Comeraghs)    MC, SEL    IMRA Race    600m    12.00km    8
Wed Aug 8    7:00 PM    12 O'Clock Hills    MSL    IMRA Race    250m    5.60km    5
Sat Aug 11    11:00 AM    Galtee Half-Marathon    MHM    IMRA Race    1107m    21.10km    10
Wed Aug 15    7:30 PM    Warrenscourt Forest (Kilmurry)    MSL    IMRA Race    100m    8.00km    4
Sun Aug 19    1:00 PM    Galtymore    MC, IC    IMRA Race    1100m    11.50km    10
Sun Aug 26    11:00 AM    Keeper Hill    MSL    IMRA Race    550m    13.00km    7
Wed Aug 29    8:00 PM    Clare Glens    MSL    IMRA Race    190m    9.60km    5
Sun Sep 2    1:00 PM    Mt Brandon    MC    IMRA Race    700m    9.00km    8
Sat Sep 15    8:00 AM    Glen of Aherlow Ultra Trail Run  IUC    IMRA Race    1500m    63.30km    10
Sat Sep 15    10:00 AM    Glen of Aherlow Trail Marathon    MLD    IMRA Race    1000m    42.20km    10
Sat Sep 15    12:00 PM    Glen of Aherlow Trail Half-Marathon   MHM    IMRA Race    500m    21.10km    8
Sat Oct 6    11:00 AM    Nagles Half-Marathon    MHM    IMRA Race    650m    21.10km    9
Sat Oct 13    10:30 AM    Kilfinane Handicap        IMRA Race    270m    10.50km    6
Thu Oct 25    7:30 PM    Currabinny Woods Halloween Race        IMRA Race    70m    5.00km    3

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