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Monday, May 30, 2016

Course announced for the new Ballincollig 5k parkrun

There will be a new 5km parkrun starting the Ballincollig Regional Park on Saturday the 18th of June. With the cancellation of the weekly parkrun in Tramore Valley Park in Cork City, this one should prove to be very popular.

When it was first announced, there was some debate about parking and what the route might be? Well, this is it...

As you can see, it's not starting from the West end or the East end of the park but rather in the middle where the allotments are located. The course goes clockwise and consists of two loops.

Parking is available in the Lidl car park as well near the local school and church.

The course is very flat and level so it should be a fast one!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Notice...Glanmire GAA 4 mile road race - Wed 15th June 2016

This 4 mile road race is coming up on Wednesday the 15th of June in Glanmire near Cork City.

Located just to the north-east of Cork City, it is within easy access for a lot of people. For anyone coming off the M8 motorway, just take exit 18.

Race entries will be taken at Glanmire GAA club which is right alongside the main road in Sallybrook...

The 4 mile route takes in a loop to the east of Glanmire. Both the start and finish points are only a short distance from the GAA grounds.

From the organisers...Brief Synopsis of Route....The route will begin at, the Brook Inn Glanmire and will continue along the main road west to Riverstown Cross (R639). Runners will then turn left and head towards the Sars pavilion and turn right to follow the old “New Line” road (Marwood Avenue). At the end of  this road they will turn right onto the “New Line road” (Copper Valley Vue) and continue up to “Toby Burkes Cross”. The route will then turn left up the hill where it meets the Knochraha/Blosomgrove road and then turns left and heads back down to meet “New Line” road at the junction with O Connell Transport offices (Caseys Cross). The route turns right and heads to the roundabout at Brooklodge where the runners will keep to the right of said roundabout,(The runners will then keep to the right hand side of the road until the completion of the race). and continue to Hazelwood Cross.

All proceeds are going to the local suicide awareness group 'SAFE'

Pre-entry......If you want to pre-enter this race then you can do so HERE.

Preview.....A full preview of the course with maps and photos can be seen HERE

The race is sponsored by Source Fitness who are based in Silversprings in Tivoli.

From the Sponsor....Source Health & Fitness is one of the largest fitness centres in Munster and possesses a vast array of facilities. We have classes & activities to suit each individual need and fitness level. Classes include; Spinning, Aqua, Zumba, Circuits, Bootcamp, Yoga, Pilates, Metafit, BLTP, Sculpt & Tone, Toning, Abs, Line Dancing.

We pride ourselves on having the experience required to deliver top class instruction on all aspects of fitness. We believe we have something for all fitness levels and pride ourselves on being a professional and friendly centre where our member’s needs are our top priority. You will always get a good workout, no matter when you train!

Notice...East Ferry 5 mile road race in East Cork - Fri 10th June 2016

In terms of race courses, this must be one of the nicest in Cork. Located just south of Midleton in East Cork, this is just a short drive from Cork City.

I've used this area for training runs in the past and it really is a lovely location. I think a lot of people drive south of Midleton on the road to Whitegate unaware of what a stunning spot East Ferry is. On a sunny summers evening, there is no better spot for a race.

The race HQ is at the local national school. It has an Athletics Ireland permit and has been measured properly by Jones Counter. After the race, there will be the usual refreshments.

Preview......Have a look at the preview for the course...

You'll get a good idea from the photos of what a nice location it is.

Notice...Dunmanway 10k road race in West Cork - Sun 19th June 2016

This 10k road race is coming up in Dunmanway in the heart of West Cork on Sunday, the 19th of June 2016 at 11am. This is one of the largest races in the region and has also been voted the best 10k race in Cork in the past.

The online entry fee for the race is €12 which includes chip timing. The entry fee on the day is €15. Organised by local club Doheny AC, the 10k course has been accurately measured by Jones Counter and has an AAI licence.

Considering the number of runners within the immediate catchment area and the fact that it's only a 45-50 minute drive from Cork City, the organisers hope that this year's race will be as successful as previous years.

You can pre-register by entering online HERE.

Info on the race website...

Preview......A full preview of the course with photos, maps and directions can be seen HERE 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Results of the Ballyandreen 5 mile road race...Thurs 26th May 2016

A total of 622 runners turned out for this years Ballyandreen 5 mile road race, the first of four in the 2016 Ballycotton Summer Series. That is the second highest number ever and just 32 shy of the record.

In terms of AAI clubs taking part, these were the main ones...Midleton AC 70, Ballintotis Fit4Life 46, Eagle AC 29, Ballymore-Cobh AC 22, Mallow AC 21, Watergrasshill AC 20, Youghal AC 19, St.Finbarr's AC 18, East Cork AC 16, St.Catherines AC 14, Carrigtwohill AC 12 & St.Nicholas AC 10.

The chart above shows the total number per year plus the numbers breaking 30 mins, 35 mins and 40 mins.

1     0:24:46        HARTY, Michael    East Cork AC    M    04:57.1
2     0:26:51        MCGRATH, Sean    East Cork AC    M    05:22.1
3     0:27:09        CORBETT, Michael    St. Finbarrs AC    M40    05:25.7
22    0:29:10    COOKE, Aoife    Youghal AC    F    05:49.9
53     0:31:21    SANTRY, Fiona    East Cork AC    F    06:16.1
55     0:31:33    MACKEOWN, Rosaleen    Leevale AC    F40    06:18.5

The full results can be seen HERE

1) Jonathan Kenneally of Eagle AC has a large gallery HERE

Aoife Cooke of Youghal AC...First woman home
Michael Harty of East Cork AC takes an early lead. Photo : Jonathan Kenneally

Start of the race...

Thursday, May 26, 2016

An Irishman Abroad interview with Rob Heffernan

In this podcast, Jarlath Regan catches up with Rob Heffernan as he prepares for this 5th Olympics in Rio....

.......(Adverts from 30:00 to 34:00 if you want to skip those)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Is there a problem with rubbish at road races???

Someone left this message recently...

"Interesting letter on page 31 of the Sunday independent. It should be highlighted and if the letter was over the top it should be said it was over the top. I've no idea if this happens after our road races in Cork but the letter most certainly says it does."

This is the letter...

Now before we circle the wagons and dismiss everything Maurice Fitzgerald has said, let's look at it in more detail.

'Our countryside and cities are being destroyed by marathons and road races and the huge amounts of litter they leave behind'.... Really?? For most road races that are 10kms or less, they don't hand out any water out on the course. Any cups or bottles of water that are given up at the finish line will usually be cleared away and there is no sign afterwards that a race was even held.

'Many runners think the rules regarding litter disposal are suspended when a race is going on, that laws regarding the disposal of rubbish are neither here nor there, as they unashamedly throw their rubbish on the ground for others to pick up'....'Paper and plastic cups are also part of the rubbish of runners who throw them on the ground at will'........Anyone involved in road races will know that's it's impossible to run with a cup of water. You grab a cup...get one or two gulps at most....and then drop it on the ground. All this happens within 50 metres of the water station. The runners know this, the organisers know this. The cups are then picked up once the race has passed. Done properly, there is usually no sign that there was even a water station at that location.

As can be seen above, some of Maurice Fitzgerald's comments are ill informed and he's on a bit of a rant.

However, he does in his defense make one valid point....'Water bottle after water bottle can be seen thrown all over when the race is over'.

The thing about water bottles is that they can be carried and they may be disposed of anywhere. While pacing the Dingle marathon, I've seen plastic bottles hurled into fields which I'm sure delighted the local farmers. In the Clonakilty Marathon, I've seen bottles being flung into the woods and I'd be pretty sure that they are still there to this day. 95% of runners might be responsible and drop off the empty bottle at the next water station but the irresponsible 5% can create a right mess.

Another issue is that of the race or event organiser. Are they all responsible? Will they go out and try to pick up any rubbish left behind?

And if water bottles are top of the list in terms of rubbish then energy gels wrappers are definitely second.

So does Maurice Fitzgerald have some valid points? Do you agree with all of it?...part of it?...or none of it? Should race organisers be held more accountable for any rubbish that is generated?

Click on the Comment link below.

Liam O'Brien & The Ballyandreen '5'

Anonymous article by a well informed source ;o) .......

He will be there as usual on Thursday night, taking entries and inputting them into the laptop. Making sure the results are correct. And at the CIT the following night for the Graded Leagues, he will again oversee operations. Just as he did last Saturday and the two previous weeks at the Munster Schools T&F. And then there’s the Cork City Sports on June 28th. For a man who achieved so much, all the way to an Olympic semi-final, he now gives back equally if not more to the sport that has been enriched by his involvement for close on half a century. In case you didn’t know (and he won’t tell you), the
following are his achievements in this particular race.

1981: 24:25 First
1982: 24:19 First
1983: 24:24 First
1984: 24:36 First
1985: 24:28 First
1986: 24:21 First
1987: 24:17 First
1988: 24:13 First
1989: 24:23 First
1990: 24:15 First
1991: 24:23 First
1992: 24:26 First
1993: 24:14 First
1994: 24:00 (course record) First
1995: 25:15 (M40 course rec) First
1996: DNF
1997: 25:17 First
1998: 25:49 Third

Total number of Summer Series 5-mile races ran by Liam from 1977 to 1998: 67
Total number won: 59

(Photo source : Gearóid Ó Laoi)

Notice...Ballyandreen 5 mile road race - Thurs 26th May 2016

The Ballycotton 5 mile Summer Series starts at 8pm on Thursday evening with the Ballyandreen 5 mile road race in East Cork. This is the first of the 4 races in the series and there is a special plaque for anyone who goes on to complete all 4 races. In addition, there are Top finisher T-shirts for the top 50 men and top 30 women in the series when it concludes in August.

Location / Getting there......this piece is for the new runners. Ballyandreen is located a few kms to the west of Ballycotton. If you don't know that area then follow these directions...

Take the main road to Ballycotton in East Cork. It is well signposted from Midleton. Just as you enter the village, you will see an old church on your right....

Take the right here and drive up the hill. Keep going for about 2 kms and you will get to a crossroads where you will be directed to a parking area by the race stewards. It's very simple, you can't get lost.

1) The entry fee is €5. Try and bring the exact amount as it helps speed things up.
2) If you are new, they will need a few details from you like your age, club or area where you live, etc.
3) The location for entries is in a small yard just off the road. Depending on which field they use for parking, this can be 300-600 metres from the parking area.

Time.......The thing about Ballyandreen is that things are spread out a bit. Depending on which field they use on the night, parking can be 300-600 metres from the registration point and it's about another 200 metres down to the start line.

The best option and the one that would really help the organisers would be to arrive early....say before 7pm. You have loads of time then to wander down to enter...head back up to your car.....get changed.....and then head down to the start line.

Where people get caught every year is that they arrive at say takes about 8 minutes to walk down to the registration point.......big queue.......then they are in a mad rush to get back up to the car, get changed and get back down to the start on time.

So get there early or if you can't help arriving late, then get changed beforehand and jog down to the registration with the €5 entry fee in your hand.

Course...........The start point is near the registration point. The initial half mile has a good bit of uphill running it with a downhill section near the 1 mile mark. After that it's not too bad although there is a very steep downhill section near the 2 mile mark, almost too steep to really run on properly. Then it's out onto the main road and head west towards the 3 mile mark. The 4th mile is without doubt the hardest. There is a bit of a drag just after the 3 mile mark but you are soon running downhill again.

However, just after 3.5 miles, you take a sharp left and the 'Beast of Ballyandreen' welcomes you!!
Panoramic view from the top of the 'Beast'....high above the valley floor....
...although at this stage, you'll probably be half-dead and unlikely to notice

It basically is a 500 metre slog up a tough 'little' hill. You'll be glad to see the 4 mile mark because after that, the last mile is a complete contrast. After an initial flat stage, you soon start running downhill, through the crossroads, past where the race started and all the ways towards the finish near the coast for what will probably be your fastest mile.

Overall........A 5 mile road race in the quiet countryside of East Cork. If the term classic applies, then this is it.

Additional info from the organisers.... 
BALLYANDREEN ‘5’ – Thursday night

Entries for Thursday night’s Ballyandreen ‘5’ mile road race will be taken in Market Green Shopping Centre, Midleton, (same place as the recent Midleton race) on tomorrow (Wednesday) night from 6pm to 7.30pm.

Entry fee is €5 and people can collect their number when they enter which will facilitate both runners and organisers as it is expected to be extremely busy on race night.

On Thursday evening, entries will be taken as usual in Ballyandreen from 6pm onwards and once again runners are urged to arrive as early as possible. Also, if possible, to have the correct fee (€5) which helps to speed things up.

Parking will be in the usual farmers’ field which will be signposted. As cattle will be using this field in the days after the race, we would ask that people don’t leave any rubbish (water bottles, etc) when they leave. For the same reason, we would appreciate if other events would not distribute flyers on car windscreens as they can also be a nuisance to collect afterwards.

- Ballycotton Running Promotions

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Details of the Ballycotton Summer Series...May to Aug 2016

The Ballycotton Summer Series is the oldest road race series in the country and it's hugely popular every year. The dates and times are always the same...4th Thursday of every month from May to August....Starts at 8pm except for the last one which is 7:30pm. The top 50 men and top 30 women in the series get finishers t-shirts.

Every race usually gets around 500 runners so it's advisable to get to each one well before the start time. This map shows the locations of each race...

Previews of each course......
1) Ballyandreen 5m...(May)...HERE
2) Shanagarry 5m...(June)...HERE
3) Churchtown South 5m...(July)...HERE
4) Ballycotton 5m...(August)...HERE

Monday, May 23, 2016

Irish Marathon Teams announced for Rio Olympics

It has just been announced that the following athletes will represent Ireland in the Marathon at the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Women: Lizzie Lee, Fionnuala McCormack, Breege Connolly.
1st Reserve: Gladys Ganiel (North Belfast AC)
2nd Reserve: Barbara Sanchez (Clonliffe Harriers AC)

Men: Kevin Seaward, Mick Clohisey, Paul Pollock (Sergiu Ciobanu loses out).
1st Reserve: Sergiu Ciobanu (Clonliffe Harriers AC)
2nd Reserve: Sean Hehir (Rathfarnham WSAF)

Lizzie Lee of Leevale heading to the Olympics in Rio

Team have also been selected for the European Championships Half Marathon which will take place in Amsterdam in July. Both Mark Hanrahan and Claire McCarthy from Cork have both been picked.

Sergiu Ciobanu           Clonliffe Harriers AC
Mick Clohisey            Raheny Shamrocks AC
Mark Hanrahan           Leevale AC
Gary Murray             Clonliffe Harriers AC
Paul Pollock              Annadale Striders AC
Kevin Seaward           St Malachy's AC

Breege Connolly         North Belfast AC
Gladys Ganiel             North Belfast AC
Maria McCambridge   Dundrum South Dublin AC
Claire McCarthy         Leevale AC

Claire McCarthy & Mark Hanrahan...selected for the European Championships

Irish Times article on the selection 
Coach Jerry Kiernan lashes out at selection decision 

Notice...Millstreet 5 mile road race - Fri 24th June 2016

The Willie Neenan Memorial 5 mile road race is coming up in the town of Millstreet in NW Cork on Friday, the 24th of June at 8:15pm.

It's an area of the county where there isn't a huge number of races so it should be of interest to runners in both Cork and Kerry.

For the last two years, this was a 10k race but this year it changes to a much faster 5 mile course. When it was a 10k race, the race had a height difference of about 60 metres between the highest and lowest points on the course. With the new 5 mile route, that's down to about 25 metres.

The entry fee is €12 if you pre-enter online HERE. You can also enter on the day for €15. Race HQ is the GAA community hall which is directly across from the church at the western end of the town.

Organised by Millstreet AC, the course has been accurately measured by Jones Counter and has an Athletics Ireland licence.

Course Preview........A full preview of the course with maps, directions, photos, etc can be seen HERE

Notice...Courtmacsherry - Timoleague 10k road race - Fri 24th June 2016

This 10 km road race in West Cork is coming up on Friday the 24th of June 2016 at 8pm. In terms of flat fast 10k courses, this is about as fast as they get.

The race starts in the seaside town of Courtmacsherry, then follows the estuary road to Timoleague before doing a small loop and returning to Courtmacsherry again.

On a nice summers evening, it's a great spot for a race. Located just to the south of Bandon, it's well within the catchment area of a lot of runners including those in Cork City.

The entry fee is €15 and you can enter online HERE. On the Friday evening, entries will be in Courtmacsherry Hotel.

From the organisers......
Annual Courtmacsherry-Timoleague 10km Road Race (Athletics Ireland Licensed Event)

Officially measured, chip timed flat and fast coarse just 45 minutes from Cork city. The course runs along side the beautiful Courtmacsherry bay and if you want to set a personal best this is the course to do it on.

Prizes For Men, Women
Men & Women Over 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60,
Wheelchair Athlete and Team (4 to count)

Main Prizes:
Overall Men & Women 1st Place €100, 2nd Place €50, 3rd Place €30.
€100 bonus to winners if course record is broken.
Men: 31.38 Women: 35.25

Register online or on the day at Courtmacsherry Hotel 5.30-7:30pm.

Entry €15
email for more info.
Followed by refreshments and BBQ.

Preview......A full preview of the race with maps, directions, photos, etc can be seen HERE

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Results of the Freemount Macra 4 mile fun run...Sun 22nd May 2016

Just 21 turned out for this 4 mile fun run in Freemount in N.Cork in what was described by the organisers as 'wet and windy conditions'.

1. Sean Twohig    24’37
2. John Collins    25’01
3. Carol Finn    25’34
4. Liam Buckley    25’50
5. David O’Connor    26’45
6. Pa Cronin    29’46
7. Claire Heffernen    30’57
8. Eileen Heffernan    31’09

9. Michael Hedigan    31’09
10. Jerry Hannon    32’29
11. David O’Brien    33’11
12. Humphrey Hickey    34’38
13. Maura O’Kelly    35’00
14. Adrian Curtin    37’27
15. Bernard Cassidy    38’05
16. Pat Conory    38’05
17. Mary Anne Murphy    38’45
18. Niall Flahive    39’07
19. Majella Buckley    49’36
20. Kay Miller    49’44
21. Claire Withers    49’44

Results of the Emer Casey 10k road race in Youghal...Sun 22nd May 2016

A large crowd of 428 runners turned out for this years Emer Casey 10k road race in Youghal on Sunday the 22nd of May 2016.

1    Eric    CURRAN    M    Leevale AC    00:32:29
2    Danny    SMITH    M    Ballynonty AC    00:33:13
3    Tony    KELLEHER    M45    Togher AC    00:33:49
12    Aoife    COOKE    F    Youghal AC    00:35:39
23    Evelyn    CASHMAN    F45    Youghal AC    00:39:54
29    Mary    SWEENEY    F55    St. Finbarrs AC    00:40:19

The full results can be seen HERE