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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Provisional results for the National Marathon Championships

The Dublin City Marathon also doubles up as the national marathon championships. The provisional results are now available HERE

Note the word 'provisional'! The individual category results are unlikely to change but the team results can change by quite a bit by the time everything is checked.

Stats from the 2019 Dublin City Marathon...

For the 2019 Dublin City Marathon, there were almost 18,000 finishers and 37% of them were women.

Barry Smyth has trawled through the data and put together an interesting set of stats about the event. You can read it HERE

One of the most interesting stats is the age profile of the finishers. As you can see above, there is a peak around 40 years old.

It's significant also just how few younger adults there are.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019


... (John Walshe, The Echo, Tuesday October 29, 2019)

Marathon fever is in the air at the moment with the Dublin Marathon celebrating 40 years over the Bank Holiday Weekend. But for one Cork family, their marathon achievement came last month when a father, two sons and a daughter all completed the 26.2 miles of the Berlin Marathon.

Michael Dunne, 73, from Blarney is no stranger to the distance. He has 27 under his belt, 18 of them inside three hours. But on this occasion he was joined by sons Michael (junior) and Tadhg, and daughter Una (Nation).

Michael (junior), Michael (senior), Una and Tadhg Dunne at the Berlin Marathon.

Sitting in the front room of his home at Monacappa, Waterloo, Michael explains how it all came about: “It was Tadhg’s 40th birthday and he wanted to mark it in some significant way so he decided to run Berlin. When news spread, Una said to me ‘Dad, we can’t leave him over there on his own, I’m going to go – will you come as well?’ It was enough to get me thinking of running a marathon again and when I said it to Michael junior he was all for it.”

With an involvement in running going back all of 40 years, Michael Dunne has been an influential figure in the sport not only to his own family but to the St Finbarr’s club and to UCC where it all began. “I changed jobs from shift work to a day job and having had always an interest in fitness I started running. I used to go out in the evenings and run the half-mile out to what we called The Pond and back, and that’s where it started.”

Working as a general supervisor at UCC, it was the start of the running boom and a strong running culture was developing in the college. “You were interacting with people involved in all sports and I was part of a group that went out every day at lunchtime from the Maltings. You had people like Brendan O’Neill, Cathal O’Connell and Anthony Morrissey and then on a Thursday we would meet up with the John Buckley group which consisted of John, Ritchie Crowley, Pat Ryan, Derry O’Driscoll, along with Tim Goulding and Tim O’Donovan.”

Part of their training was up Kerry Pike and Cathal O’Connell – Cork’s most consistent marathoner of recent years – credits this as a fundamental part of his marathon development. Michael recalls on occasions the group was joined by Peter Maher, a two-time Canadian Olympian with a best marathon of 2:11:46: “The run was 10 miles and you learned very quickly. Peter was known as the ‘Big Dog’ and the saying was ‘if you can’t run with the Big Dog, you stay in the porch!'"

Michael ran the second Dublin Marathon in 1981 and achieved his fastest of 2:40:45 in 1989, a time which placed him 44th overall out of the 3,000 finishers. After joining St Finbarr’s AC, success followed, especially in the masters categories. “I was always competitive, whatever the category, and won the national marathon over-60 titles in both 2006 and 2007,” he recalls.

No doubt the sporting genes were always there as Michael is nephew of the late Mick Barry, the legendary bowl player. “I did a small bit of bowling myself, winning the county novice championship on one occasion,” he modestly says.

For Michael junior, along with his siblings, it was only natural to follow in his dad’s footsteps. “I suppose with me it was when the GAA finished. I played hurling and football with Blarney and it was at the Belgooly four-miler where we all used to go on St Stephen’s Day that I began.”

Now a Bandon-based Garda, Michael – also a member of St Finbarr’s - has 11 marathons to his credit with a best of 2:48. “I also won the Garda 10-mile road championship along with the cross-country in the Phoenix Park.” As well, he competed in the marathon on three occasions at the European Police Championships as part of the Irish team.

Due to work and family commitments, he hadn’t run a marathon for a number of years before Berlin. “This was a total experienced-ran marathon, a total bluff,” he explains. “The longest run I did was 18 miles so I knew I’d get to 30km easy enough but that in the last 10km the pressure would be on.” He still finished in a commendable time of 3:21 with the birthday boy, Tadhg, achieving his main objective of breaking four hours, his time of 3:58 an improvement of 10 minutes from Paris, his only other marathon.

Una, who had already run two Dublin marathons, ran with her father (who was hampered by a hamstring injury) with both crossing the line together in a chip time of 4:24. “It was an amazing marathon,” says Michael senior. “I had the St Finbarr’s singlet on and there were a few Cork supporters around the course shouting ‘come on the ‘Barr’s’ and I’d shout back ‘up the Rebels!”

Michael Dunne with his Berlin Marathon medal, pictured with wife May

Providing moral support were his wife May (mother of Michael and Una), another daughter Ann, and Tadhg’s wife and their four children. With such an entourage, finding somewhere to celebrate afterwards posed a problem. “We went to a couple of places and they were all full so Tadhg said to me, ‘did you ever hear of Five Guys Restaurant?’

“Well, he said it was Barack Obama favourite fast-food restaurant and around the corner was such a place, and in the Cork colours of red and white. We got the most beautiful beef burger, milkshake and chips I’ve ever had, so I must say that Barack Obama certainly knows his stuff!”

Waterford Half-Marathon Sells Out...

The annual Waterford Half-Marathon is one of the largest races in the SE of Ireland with some 2,500 runners. It is coming up this year on Saturday the 7th of December 2019.

As of this morning, it has now sold out.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Results & Photos of the 2019 Dublin City Marathon

A huge number of runners from all over Ireland descended on Dublin over the weekend for the annual marathon. Conditions for the event were almost perfect with cool conditions and autumn sunshine.

Dublin may not be the flattest of courses but it is held at a time of year when the conditions can be perfect. That can often result in a faster time than say running on a flat course on a hot day.

Irish men under 2:15...
Race Number Name Gender Pos Cat Cat Pos Club  Gun Time
25 Stephen Scullion Male 2 MS 2 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 02:12:01 ...(€3,500 for winning national championships & €5,000 time bonus. If he had run 3 seconds faster, he would have got an extra €2,000!)
24 Mick Clohisey Male 6 MS 6 RAHENY SHAMROCK A.C. 02:13:19 ...(€2,500 for 2nd in  national championships & €4,000 time bonus.)
28 Hugh Armstrong Male 8 MS 8 BALLINA A.C. 02:14:22 ...(€1,500 for 3rd in  national championships & €3,500 time bonus.)

Irish men from Munster under 2:35...
30 David Mansfield Male     22     MS     17 CLONMEL A.C. 02:25:03 ...(€600 time bonus.)
63 Mark Smith Male     29     M40     2     EAGLE A.C. 02:27:44 ...(€400 time bonus.)
3233 Andrew Sheehan Male     40     MS     23 LEEVALE A.C. 02:30:19 ...(€175 time bonus.)
56 Michael Corbett Male     43     M40 8     ST. FINBARRS A.C.02:31:00 ...(€175 time bonus.)
869 Jeremy O' Donovan Male     47     M40     9 EAST CORK A.C. 02:32:23 ...(€125 time bonus.)
4191 Pj Scollard Male     48     M40     10 WATERFORD A.C. 02:32:24 ...(€125 time bonus.)
4477 Jimmy Boland     Male     57     M35     14     CLONMEL A.C. 02:34:35 ...(€100 time bonus.)

Irish women under 2:40... 
Race Number Name Gender Gender Pos Category Cat Pos Club Gun Time
120 Aoife Cooke Female 8 F-- 1 EAGLE A.C. 02:32:34... (€3,500 for winning national championships & €7,000 time bonus).
114 Ann-Marie McGlynn Female 9 F35 1 LETTERKENNY A.C. 02:32:54

(€2,500 for 2nd in national championships & €7,000 time bonus).
113 Gladys Ganiel     Female     11F40 1 NORTH BELFAST HARRIERS     02:36:42
(€1,500 for 3rd in national championships & €3,000 time bonus).
131 Caitriona Jennings Female 14F35 3 LETTERKENNY A.C. 02:37:57 ...(€2,750 time bonus).
 117 Breege Connolly Female 15 F40 2 CITY OF DERRY AC SPARTANS 02:38:28
...(€2,500 time bonus).

Irish women from Cork and Munster...or close :o)
132 Jill Hodgins Female 22 F40 4 LEEVALE A.C. 02:49:36 ...(€300 time bonus).
128 Niamh Clifford Female 24 FS 14 STAR OF THE LAUNE A.C. 02:50:53 ...(€200 time bonus).
4173 Linda Grogan Female 28 F35 5 DUNDRUM AC 02:54:29 ...(€150 time bonus). 
1543 Sally Forristal Female 30     FS 16 ST.JOSEPH'S A.C. 02:55:00 ...(€150 time bonus).
683 Emma Furey Female 31 FS 17 ST. L.O'TOOLE A.C. 02:55:03 ...(€150 time bonus). 
123 Angela McCann Female 32 F45 3 CLONMEL AC 02:55:23 ...(€150 time bonus). 
416 Adele Walsh Female     34 F40 7 ST.SENANS A.C. 02:55:39 ...(€150 time bonus). 
136 Shona Keane Female     38 F35 7 DOONEEN A.C. 02:56:36 ...(€125 time bonus). 
1544 Katie Hickson Female 43 F40 12 ST.FINBARRS A.C. CORK TRIATHLON CLUB 02:57:23 ...(€125 time bonus).
 4025 Niamh Cronin Female 44 F40 13 ST.FINBARRS A.C. 02:57:28 ...(€125 time bonus). 
118 Siobhan O' Doherty Female 55 FS 24 BORRISOKANE A.C. 02:59:55 ...(€100 time bonus).

Results: You can browse through the full results...

Photos... (Updated Wed 13th Nov 10:24am)

1) Susan Parker Laste has a gallery HERE

2) Whooley Photographs has 3 albums... 336 photos ... 432 photos ... 361 photos

3) Lindie Naughton has a small gallery of the front runners HERE

4) Dublin City Marathon have 250 photos HERE
 and another batch HERE

5) Nicola Kavanagh has a gallery HERE

6) Derek Costello has 4 albums... Album 1 ... Album 2 ... Album 3 ... Album 4

1) Rohan and Rion has three videos...

7 mins of the lead runners....

46 mins of video...

30 mins of video...

46 mins of video...

2) Divya's Diaries has a 1h 21m video below...

Post marathon blues..

Here's a video for all of you who ran in the marathon over the weekend 😉

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Cork runner Aoife Cooke wins national marathon title in Dublin

Aoife Cooke from Youghal ran an amazing time of 2h 32m 34s in the 2019 Dublin City Marathon to win the national title.

This was a 14 minute improvement for Aoife over her previous best time of 2:47:37 for the distance which she set two years ago.

In terms of Irish marathon rankings, Aoife moves from 55th place to 5th.

Ann-Marie McGlynn who finished just 20 seconds behind Aoife moves up the 7th place just behind  Lizzie Lee.

Irish women under 2h 35m for the marathon...
1 2:22:23 NR Catherina McKiernan 1 Amsterdam 1 Nov 1998
2 2:26:47 Fionnuala McCormack 5 Chicago 13 Oct 2019
3 2:28:07 Carey May 1 Osaka 27 Jan 1985
4 2:29:01 Sonia O'Sullivan 8    Flora    London 17 Apr 2005
5 2:32:34 Aoife Cooke   Dublin 27 Oct 2019
6 2:32:51 Lizzie Lee 17 Berlin 27 Sep 2015
7 2:32:54 Ann-Marie McGlynn 27 Oct 2019

8 2:32:56 Regina Joyce-Bonney 7    Scottsdale AZ 4 Dec 1982
9 2:33:28 Nicola Duncan 1 London 13 Apr 2014
10 2:33:59 Marie Davenport 16 New York NY 6 Nov 2005
11 2:34:15 Sinead Diver 2 Melbourne 12 Oct 2014
12 2:34:19 Maria McCambridge 2 Dublin 27 Oct 2014
13 2:34:49 Monica Joyce 2 Sacramento CA 2 Dec 1984

Results of the Bandon 5k - Sun 27th Oct 2019

This 5k in Bandon attracted a modest field of 99 runners.

1 Naoise O Flaitheartaigh Bandon AC 15:57    SM    61
2 Eric Curran    Leevale AC  15:58 SM    54
3 Sean McGrath    East Cork AC 15:58 SM    87
8 Michelle Finn    Leevale AC 17:21 SF    85
13 Carmel Crowley Bandon AC   20:15 F50    100
16 Linda O'Connor Carrigaline 20:42 F45    24

Full results

Irish results from the World 24 hour championships

The World 24 hour Championships in France were held this weekend and the Irish women have finish in 10th place with the Irish men in 17th.

See below for the Irish finishers.... Remember, 160kms is about 100 miles!

Women’s Results:
24th Amy Masner -219.548Km
29th Lorraine McMahon -215.668Km
67th Sinead Kane -185.848Km
132nd Louise Smart- 104.473Km

Men’s Results:
49th Eoin Keith - 223.123Km
54th Eddie Gallen - 220.141Km
100th Alex O’Shea - 198.377Km
172nd  Padraig Mullins - 131.311Km
188th Aidan Hogan - 107.455Km

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Team Ireland at the World 24 Hour Championships in France - Sat 26th-Sun 27th Oct 2019

The World 24 hour Championships are being held this weekend in Albi in France and there is a large Irish team taking part. The team with most of the support team are pictured above.

Not only that but half of the team are also from Cork! ...Pictured below.

You can follow the hourly updates live at this link...

Guest Post: GOING FOR THE MAGIC 40-IN-A-ROW... by John Walshe

Guest Post: GOING FOR THE MAGIC 40-IN-A-ROW (John Walshe)

For 13 dedicated runners, tomorrow’s KBC/Dublin Marathon will be a momentous occasion as they will be taking part in the iconic event for the 40th consecutive year.

A total of 1,420 runners finished the first Dublin City Marathon on October 27, 1980, but only this ‘bakers dozen’ remain who have taken part every year since. Seven are from Dublin and there is only one Munster representative, Seamus Cawley from Rathkeale in County Limerick.

He was just 21 years of age when he dipped under the magical three-hour barrier on that Bank Holiday Monday in 1980 with a time of 2:59:34.

He would go on to run 2:35:56 in 1984, knocking another half-minute off of that time 12 months later, and was comfortably inside three hours in the first 17 of his Dublin marathons. He also featured in the old Cork City Marathon, finishing in eight position in 2:35:46 in the last of that series which concluded in 1986.

His slowest time in Dublin was back in 2013 when he had to walk some of the way because of a tear in his knee, but he still finished in four hours and 22 minutes.

Last year, he recorded a commendable chip time of 3:37:06 – over 11 minutes faster than the year before - and although troubled by injury in recent months the 60-year-old Cawley, who runs for West Limerick AC, will be happy to get around again for a remarkable 40th time.


(Times from recent years are gun times)

1980: 2:59:34
1981: 2:42:43
1982: 2:55:33
1983: 2:37:04
1984: 2:35:56
1985: 2:35:24
1986: 2:41:41
1987: 2:40:19
1988: 2:40:43
1989: 2:48:32
1990: 2:49:18
1991: 2:39:57
1992: 2:39:45
1993: 2:42:47
1994: 2:50:00
1995: 2:52:43
1996: 2:56:10
1997: 3:33:04
1998: 2:58:32
1999: 2:53:41
2000: 2:56:40
2001: 2:53:54
2002: 2:58:32
2003: 3:02:17
2004: 3:06:22
2005: 3:02:49
2006: 3:05:47
2007: 3:05:00
2008: 3:10:58
2009: 3:19:09
2010: 3:19:51
2011: 3:26:34
2012: 3:28:49
2013: 4:22:01
2014: 3:40:21
2015: 3:31:04
2016: 3:35:19
2017: 3:49:25
2018: 3:37:56

Friday, October 25, 2019

Controversy as Blind runner Sinead Kane not selected for Irish Ultra team

The World 24-Hour Championships are coming up in France at the end of October and there is some controversy about the selection of the Irish team.

Sinead Kane from Youghal has less than 5% vision and cannot run without a guide runner. Even though she has run the qualifying standard, it was deemed that she could could not take part as a competitive entrant as she had 'assistance'.

The International Association of Ultra Runners (IAU) says Athletics Ireland was informed in July that it had the option of selecting Kane effectively as a "non-scoring" individual.

This story has been covered by the BBC News website and the Echo website in recent days.


Update Fri 25th Oct 2019: After taking legal action against the IAU, Sinead will now be representing Ireland at the World 24 hour championships in France this weekend.

Men’s Team - Aidan Hogan (Team Captain), Eddie Gallen, Padraig Mullins, Eoin Keith & Alex O'Shea

Women’s Team - Amy Masner, Yvonne Naughton, Sinéad Kane, Lorraine Mahon & Louise Smart

2020 Dingle Marathon is closed already...

It's interesting to see that the 2020 Dingle Marathon and Half-Marathon is closed already! This event which is held in September opened just a few weeks back and all the places have now sold.

Every year, it seems to sell out earlier and earlier. Not too long ago, it was still open until the Spring. Now it's back to October of the previous year.

As an event, it's different from the usual type of marathon or half-marathon. For example, the Charleville Half-Marathon is on around the same time but that is more of a race. People are running that one for a time or as part of their build up to Dublin.

Dingle is more of an event than a race. For many, it's part of a weekend away or a day out in what is one of the most scenic parts of the country.

I never did the half in Dingle but I did the full marathon several times. On a nice sunny day, it's a lovely scenic course albeit a little hilly. It's really nice to run on small narrow roads without any of the tourist buses or cars, especially around Slea Head. It should probably be no suprise that its' so popular.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Weather Forecast for the 2019 Dublin City Marathon

The big event next weekend is of course the 2019 Dublin City Marathon on Sunday 27th October.

After a spell of heavy rain on Friday and early Saturday, high pressure will start to build across the country. By Sunday, the weather should be settled with clear skies, sunshine and light winds.

It's worth noting that the high pressure system will be bringing down cold air from the north and it will feel quite a bit colder than of late.

The temperature should be down around 6 deg C for the start of the marathon and it will struggle to get into double figures by the afternoon.

It is probably close to ideal conditions for running a marathon. It's nice and cool, it's dry and there should be loads of spectators out in the sunshine.

In terms of gear, if you're racing then wear just s singlet. If you want to get around then a short or long sleeve top should suffice. If you feel a bit chilly waiting at the start line then that's perfect.

There should be a light wind from the WNW but it's unlikely to be much of a factor.

I've run Dublin in weather conditions like this before and it's really doesn't get much better.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

RIP - Tadhg Twomey of Kncknacurra AC and Bandon AC

Someone sent on a note to say that Tadgh Twomey of  Kncknacurra AC and Bandon AC had passed away.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam

More info on RIP.IE

Large quantity of Dublin Marathon clothing stolen

It looks as if a large quantity of hats and jackets intended for race stewards and volunteers for this weekend's Dublin Marathon have been stolen from a van in Dublin.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Raheny Garda Station on 01 6664300, the Garda Confidential Line on 1800-666-111 or any garda station.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Results & Photos of the Rebel Run - Sun 20th Oct 2019

Members of Kanturk Road Runners at the 2019 Rebel Run
Weather conditions were almost perfect for this years Rebel Run in Cork City with 563 taking part in the 10k and 381 in the 5k.

1    Senior    Donal COAKLEY (#971)    00:33:28    00:33:28
2    Senior    Christopher MURNANE (#1134)    00:35:46    00:35:46
3    Open    Colm CAREY (#582)    00:36:05    00:36:05
1    Senior    Grainne O DONNELL (#1066)    00:39:08    00:39:08
2    Senior    Siobhan O LEARY (#366)    00:40:43    00:40:43
3    Over 40    Linda O CONNOR (#126)    00:42:36    00:42:36

1    Open    Sheldon KIRKWOOD (#492)    00:17:58    00:17:58
2    Over 40    David MAHONY (#1155)    00:18:30    00:18:30
3    Open    Damien O RIORDAN (#153)    00:19:18    00:19:18
1    Open    Noreen MACKEY (#726)    00:19:34    00:19:34
2    Open    Sharon HAYES (#728)    00:20:20    00:20:20
3    Junior    Hana FASKA (#708)    00:21:34    00:21:34

Full results

Photos... (Updated Tues 22nd Oct 10am)
1) There will be 7 albums going up on the Running in Cork Facebook page.
...a) Pre-race
...b) 5k finish (1st batch)
...c) 5k finish (2nd batch)
...d) 10k finish (also some 5k)
...e) 10k finish (2nd batch)
...f) 10k finish (3rd batch)
...g) 10k finish (4th batch)

2) Derek Costello has two albums around the 4 mile mark.
... Album 1 and Album 2

3) Mick Dooley has a few HERE

4) Joe and Anne Murphy have three galleries... Album 1 ... Album 2 ... Album 3 

5) The organisers have 200+ photos HERE

Donal '10 things I think about the Rebel Run' Coakley winning the 10k race
Togher AC on tour

Happy Feet, Happy Out
The Buttevant Girls

Celebrity endorsement for the 2020 event

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Results & Photos of the Ballincollig 5k parkrun - Sat 19th Oct 2019

329 turned out for this weeks 5k parkrun in Ballincollig Regional Park.

1 Diarmaid NOLAN    18:19    SM30-34    M1
2 Patrick CARROLL    18:23    SM30-34    M2
3 Liam COTTER    18:31    JM15-17    M3 Bishopstown Orienteering Club
20 Mairead PEREZ    21:22    VW45-49    F1
35 Karen SCULLY    22:43    VW40-44    F2
45 Ruth JARVIS    23:29    VW40-44    F3 Zero to Hero Runners

Full results

1) Colette Ryan has a gallery HERE

Results & Photos of the Glen River 5k parkrun - Sat 19th Oct 2019

60 turned out for this weeks 5k parkrun in the Glen in Cork City. That's down a bit on usual and is probably as a result of the Rebel Run coming up on Sunday.

1 Brian LINEHAN    20:06    VM55-59    M1
2 Fergal BRENNAN    20:16    VM40-44    M2
3 Andrew BURNS    21:57    SM30-34    M3
7 Ursula KILKELLY    24:17    VW45-49    F1
9 Gillian COTTER    24:23    VW45-49    F2    St Finbarrs AC
14 Niamh SHEEHAN    26:28    SW30-34    F3    Togher AC

Full results

1) The organisers have a gallery HERE

Notice: Rebel Run 10k & 5k in Cork City - Sun 20th Oct 2019

This 10 km & 5km road race is coming up in Bishopstown on Sunday, the 20th of October 2019 at 9:30am.

Please note that this is now SOLD OUT!

This is the dry fit top for the event...

Latest info below....

Rebel Run Update from the organisers....

Friday, October 18, 2019

Entries to the 2020 Adare 10k open...

The Adare 10k in Co Limerick is coming up on Sunday the 23rd of February 2020 at 1pm.

This is one of the most popular races in Limerick and it sells out every year. It also attracts a large number of runners from Cork as well as Limerick, Tipperary and Clare.

Entries are now open. More info HERE

Update: 15th Oct... 350 places gone
Update: 16th Oct... Over 500 gone
Update: 17th Oct... Over 690 gone
Update: 18th Oct... 950 gone. Sold out!

Limit is 950

CPR course at the Glen parkrun - Sat 19th Oct 2019

Now that the Glen River parkrun have their own emergency defibrillator, they are starting to get volunteers trained up.

They have a few places for a CPR course on Saturday the 19th of October between 12 noon and 2pm.

If you are interested in attending then contact them via their website...

Talk by Kate Veale in Ballynoe - Fri 18th Oct 2019

This talk in the village of Ballnoe in NE Cork is coming up on Fri 18th Oct 2019. This is about 5kms to the south of Conna.

Ballynoe Community Council, in conjunction with St. Catherine’s Athletic Club, are privileged to host one of the country’s top athletes currently preparing to qualify and compete in the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Kate Veale is an athlete with incredible achievements at the mere age of 25. Kate was a gold medal winner at U18 in the National cross country and went on to compete at European level in 2011. Her focus switched to racewalking, winning medals at the European Youths and Youth Olympics while still only in 4th year of secondary school in Dungarvan. Her meteoric rise came crashing down when she sustained a hip injury. The combination of youthful ambition, incredible talent meet with the harsh reality of serious injury and has lead Kate on a journey since of reaching the depths of despair physically and mentally. Thankfully she has found her strengths in dealing with such adversity and is back on course and is attempting to qualify for Tokyo 2020. Kate has spoken out on her own behalf on how horrific it can be to deal with the mental turmoil she endured. She published an article last March detailing her struggles, she certainly made an impact as she has since been in touch with athletes and non-athletes from all over the world who have identified with her honesty and vulnerability.

Kate Veale has so graciously accepted our invitation to come to Ballynoe on October 18th, and give a firsthand account of her career highs and her physical and mental lows and her new found insights into how to cope and deal with both. Hope you will come and join us in Ballynoe Hall on the evening of Friday the 18th October to hear Kate speak. This is part of Ballynoe Community Council’s Mental Health and Wellbeing initiative, in conjunction with St. Catherine’s Athletic Club.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Irish results from the 2019 Chicago Marathon

As per usual, there was a big contingent of runners from Ireland at the 2019 Chicago Marathon.

The Irish women faster than 3h 45m and the Irish men faster than 3h 45m are shown below. You may have to click on the images to enlarge them.

As outlined in a previous post, Fionnuala McCormack from Wicklow ran a time of 2h 26m and was 10 minutes ahead of the first Irish man!

There are no clubs listed so it's kind of hard to see where everyone is from. Have a look and see if you recognise anyone.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Fionnuala McCormack finishes 5th in Chicago Marathon in the 2nd fastest Irish time ever

In an amazing performance, Fionnuala McCormack from Wicklow finished 5th today in the Chicago Marathon in a time of 2h 26m 47s.

This was the second fastest time ever by an Irish woman for the distance and is a big improvement over her previous best time of 2h 31m 22s. Only Catherina McKiernan has run a faster time.

Irish women under 2h 35m for the marathon...
1 2:22:23 NR Catherina McKiernan 1 Amsterdam 1 Nov 1998
2 2:26:47 Fionnuala McCormack 5 Chicago 13 Oct 2019
3 2:28:07 Carey May 1 Osaka 27 Jan 1985
4 2:29:01 Sonia O'Sullivan 8    Flora    London 17 Apr 2005
5 2:32:51 Lizzie Lee 17 Berlin 27 Sep 2015
6 2:32:56 Regina Joyce-Bonney 7    Scottsdale AZ 4 Dec 1982
7 2:33:28 Nicola Duncan 1 London 13 Apr 2014
8 2:33:59 Marie Davenport 16 New York NY 6 Nov 2005
9 2:34:15 Sinead Diver 2 Melbourne 12 Oct 2014
10 2:34:19 Maria McCambridge 2 Dublin 27 Oct 2014
11 2:34:49 Monica Joyce 2 Sacramento CA 2 Dec 1984

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Results & Photos of the Bere Island 5 mile race - Sat 12th Oct 2019

The main man Jerry Forde on Bere Island in West Cork
From Beara AC.... A sunny and bright October afternoon on Bere Island and where else in the world would you want to be. Bere Islanders were delighted with the turn out of 94 runners on this new tough hilly course that heads deep (and up) into the island.

Andrew Butcher and Kevin Gleeson renewed their rivalry from Allihies three weeks ago but neither could match the pace of Owen Fletcher from Clonsilla, Dublin who covered this hilly course in 30m 33s after running a modest 25 minute in the local parkrun. 

1    0:30:33    FLETCHER, Owen    Clonsilla    MS    06:06.5    265
2    0:32:58    O'SULLIVAN, Andrew    Castletownbere    MS    06:35.5    119
3    0:34:48    GLEESON, Kevin    Castletownbere    MS    06:57.5    122
13    0:38:19    MURPHY, Nina    Beara AC    FS    07:39.6    107

15    0:39:56    ANDERSON, Helen    Clonakilty    F40    07:59.0    268
20    0:41:10    HURLEY, Maria    Bantry AC    F50    08:13.8    134

1) Joe and Anne Murphy has two galleries... Start ... near the finish

Full results with prize list below...

1    0:30:33    FLETCHER, Owen    Clonsilla    MS    06:06.5    265
2    0:32:58    O'SULLIVAN, Andrew    Castletownbere    MS    06:35.5    119
3    0:34:48    GLEESON, Kevin    Castletownbere    MS    06:57.5    122
4    0:34:54    CORNFORTH, Anthony    Beara AC    M50    06:58.7    46
5    0:35:01    MURPHY, Conor    Beara AC    M40    07:00.1    57
6    0:35:29    SMITH, Raymond    Kenmare AC    M50    07:05.6    261
7    0:36:54    MCCARTHY, David    Douglas Meet Train    MS    07:22.6    103
8    0:37:04    MURPHY, Ben    Beara AC    M40    07:24.6    138

Results of the Ballincollig 5k parkrun - Sat 12th Oct 2019

335 runners turned out for this weeks 5k parkrun in Ballincollig Regional Park.

1 Diarmaid NOLAN    18:36    SM30-34    M1
2 Keith SWEENEY    18:50    SM25-29    M2
3 Thomas NELSON    18:51    SM25-29    M3    Queens Triathlon Club
6 Carol FINN    19:16    SW30-34    F1
11 Riina KUUSELO    19:49    VW40-44    F2    Knowle and Dorridge Running Club
26 Anna KLIMEK    21:01    VW35-39    F3    Polish Runners Club Ireland

Full results

Results & Photos of the Glen River 5k parkrun - Sat 12th Oct 2019

86 runners turned out for this weeks 5k parkrun in the Glen in Cork City, a welcome increase after a decline in numbers for the last four weeks. This weekend is pretty quiet in terms of local races so that no doubt helped to boost the numbers a bit.

1 Florent CHEVALLIER    19:43    SM30-34    M1
2 Edward AHERN    20:00    SM20-24    M2
3 Richard BOURKE    20:50    VM40-44    M3    St Finbarrs AC
4 Anita LOCKE    20:58    SW30-34    F1
18 Gillian COTTER    24:48    VW45-49    F2    St Finbarrs AC
26 Catherine SHEEHAN    26:25    VW60-64    F3

Full results

1) The organisers have a gallery HERE

Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge breaks 2 hour marathon barrier

One year to the day after setting a new marathon record in Berlin, Eliud Kipchoge broke the 2 hour barrier for the marathon today in Vienna, Austria. The course was flat 9.6km sections in a shaded park.

Accompanied by a team of rotating pacers, Kipchoge crossed the finish line in 1h 59m 40s.

Kipchoge's last attempt at breaking the 2 hour barrier was back in 2017 when he ran 2h 00m 25s.

While this time won't be an official marathon record due to the team of pacers, Kipchoge still holds the official record of 2h 01m 39s which he set in Berlin in 2018.

Some of the high high pacers on his team were Bernard Lagat, Lopez Lomong, Matthew Centrowitz, Paul Chelimo, and the talented Norwegian siblings Henrik, Filip, and Jakob Ingebrigtsen.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Greenway from Waterford City to New Ross gets the Green light

The Waterford Greenway opened fully in March of 2017 and it has been hugely popular with walkers, cyclists and runners. The 46km path from Waterford City to Dungarvan has given an economic boost to the region and many other projects around the country are now trying to copy it.

Wexford County Council have just announced that they are going ahead with the development of a Greenway from Waterford City to New Ross. This 24km section which follows an old railway line is expected to open in the Autumn of 2021.

This is a very important development for a number of reasons.

1) Dungarvan to New Ross... It effectively extends the Waterford Greenway so that it now goes from Dungarvan in West Waterford to New Ross in Co.Wexford, a distance of roughly 75kms.

There is a gap of 5kms / 3 miles in Waterford City which might reduced in time by more walkways.

2) Barrow Way... One important feature of the new Greenway is that it goes beyond New Ross and crosses the River Barrow via an old rail bridge.

By getting to the east bank of the Barrow, the Greenway is only 15kms or so from St.Mullins and the end of Barrow Way.

The track along the Barrow Way starts at Lowtown, Co. Kildare and ends at St. Mullins, Co. Carlow covering a distance of 114 kilometres or 70 miles. The path takes in the towns of Monasterevin, Athy, Carlow, Leighlinbridge, Bagenalstown, Goresbridge, Graiguenamanagh and St Mullins.

You can seen now how things are beginning to join up. By extending the Barrow Way, there will be a walking and cycling trail from Lowtown in Kildare to Dungarvan in West Waterford, a distance of roughly 200kms.

3) Extension to Cork??...... In a few years time, there will a Greenway from Midleton to Youghal in East Cork. The obvious question is if there is a way to connect it to the Greenway in Dingarvan?

Many of the new Greenways follow old railway lines.

The map above shows the old line going from Dungarvan to Cappoquin, Lismore, Fermoy and Mallow. It may be feasible in the future to have a Greenway along this route.

In an ideal world, it would be great to have a new Greenway from Youghal going north to Lismore or Cappoquin along the banks of the Blackwater river to join a new Greenway there. It might be easier said than done though as it wouldn't follow a previous route or trail.

A more direct route from Youghal to Dungarvan would require a hillier route and again, there are no old railway routes to take advantage of.

We'll have to wait and see what happens but it's great to see all these new greenways popping up. In running terms, they provide a safe training environment and a nice alternative to public roads.

RIP: Cork runner Frankie Devlin

A bit of sad news this time about the death of Cork runner Frankie Devlin.

Frankie Devlin was a member of Midelton AC and used to be a regular at all of the local races in East Cork and West Waterford back in the 90's.

My own memory of Frankie from that time was that she always ran in her Midleton AC singlet and always seemed to have a smile on her face. I think she was in the F40 or F45 category at the time and as a handy runner, she often featured in the category prizes.

Details about the funeral arrangements on the RIP.IE website

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.

Notice: Bere Island 5 mile race - Sat 12th Oct 2019

This 5 mile road race on Bere Island in West Cork is coming up on Saturday the 12th of October 2019. In terms of location, it must be one of the most scenic spots in the county.

This is a brand new race on the calendar and takes place in the centre of the island.

Entries... The race starts at 2:30pm and it costs €12 on the day. You can also pre-enter online for €10.60 by going to this LINK

For more info, see below...

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Notice: Sports Nutrition Workshop in Watergrasshill - Fri 11th Oct 2019

Watergrasshill AC are hosting a Sports Nutrition workshop on Friday the 11th of October 2019. The venue is upstairs in the Fir Tree bar in the centre of Watergrasshill.

This might be of interest to many runners and the venue is just a few hundred metres off the M8 motorway.

From Watergrasshill AC... We are very excited to announce that Sharon Madigan, (Head of Performance Nutrition at the Sport Ireland Institute) is coming to join us at Watergrasshill AC on Friday 11th October at 7pm, upstairs in the Fir Tree, to impart some of her Nutritional expertise on us.

Perfectly timed with Dublin only a few weeks away, but also for anyone who is interested in how they can be fueling for training efficiently.

Charge of €5 per person, payable on the night.

Open to members & non members (€10 charge for non members)

Monday, October 07, 2019

New junior parkrun for the north side of Cork City???

Update Mon 7th Oct 2019: For anyone interested in setting up a new junior 2km parkrun in Gurranabraher, there will be  public meeting about it on Friday 11th Oct 2019. See below...


Sunday, October 06, 2019

Results & Photos of the Cork BHAA Cork to Cobh 15 mile road race - Sun 6th Oct 2019

The main race this weekend was of course the Cork BHAA Cork to Cobh 15 mile road race. Conditions were pretty much perfect for this race with blue skies and sunshine with a tail wind most of the way from Cork to Cobh.

1 Michael Corbett 0/45B M-1 01:21:50 Musgrave M-B-1
2 Mark Smith 0/40A M-2 01:21:57 Eagle A.C.
3 Michael Morgan 0/40A M-3 01:22:50 St Finbarrs Ac
4 John Meade M-4 01:23:31 Dept of Ed
9 Aoife Cooke F-1 01:27:11 Aoife Cooke Fitness
54 Niamh Cronin 0/40I F-2 01:40:46 Ronan Daly Jermyn Solicitors
61 Katie Hickson 0/40I F-3 01:41:15 Glenside
67 Riina Kuuselo 0/40I F-4 01:44:06 St Finbarrs

Full results

Photos to follow...(updated Wed 9th Oct @ 9am)
1) There will be 5 albums going up on the Running in Cork Facebook page
...a) Album 1 of 5
...b) Album 2 of 5
...c) Album 3 of 5
...d) Album 4 of 5
...e) Album 5 of 5

2) Derek Costello has two albums... Start and Mile 10

3) Joe Murphy has 4 albums... Album 1 ... Album 2 ... Album 3 ... Album 4

There were 809 finishers this year which is a welcome increase.

The man from the Beara
Beep Beep...
There's always time to pose for a photo...
Photographer Andy O'Rourke on the other side of the lens for a change...

Are we there yet??? ...Are we there yet??? ...Are we ther...

Home Sweet Home...

West Waterford AC on tour...
Grand day for a walk...
The Mallow Girls...