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Coaching programmes for 2023...

The training programmes are tailored for each individual and require feedback on a weekly basis.

Updated 8th Nov 2022.


Entries currently open for the training programme for the 2023 Dungarvan 10-mile.

More info HERE

If interested, email: johndesmondrunning AT gmail DOT com


Other Programmes: There are also progammes for other distances.... beginners, 5k to 10k... 10-mile... half-marathon... Marathon. 

Please note that each training plan is tailored for each individual person, it's not a generic one-size fits all plan. The plan adapts according to the progress being made.

The plans are suitable for...

  • Beginners starting to run with the aim of reaching the 5k distance
  • Anyone that wants to improve their overall fitness
  • Anyone that wants to improve their race times from the 5k to the Marathon

While the plans are mainly based around big events like say the Cork City Marathon, any race can be be catered for.

For a tailored plan, it costs €90 per 12-week block. For specific events, it costs €105 for a 10-mile & half-marathon (14-weeks) and €135 for a marathon (18-weeks).

If interested, email: johndesmondrunning AT gmail DOT com

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For the plan to be of value...

a) You'll have to answer questions initially so that a suitable programme can drawn up. This will be based on your current training and experience and how much time you have available. It's a plan designed to suit your life and work schedule as opposed to the other way around.

b) You'll also have to provide feedback every week and the plan will be based on this.

c) You really do have to follow the plan. There is no point dipping in and out of the plan or be off doing something else every weekend when you're supposed to be doing a long run. The plan can be adapted to accommodate the occasional race but they must be occasional.

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