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Friday, March 31, 2017

2017 Brighton Half-Marathon found to be too short

The 2017 Brighton Half-Marathon was held last February and just over 8,000 people took part. The race website announced today that they had been contacted by UK Athletics to say that they had analysed GPS data and that the course was in fact 146 metres too short! It seems as if the course was short in 2016 as well.

In 2012, the very same race was found to be roughly 500m too long.

Many of these course measurement errors are being picked up now because so many people are running with GPS watches. Other events like the Manchester Marathon have also found to be measured incorrectly.

In a statement, the organisers said.......

“We can’t apologise enough for this mistake. I know it’s hugely disappointing to everyone who trained so hard. I also know that for some, the news will be devastating as it affects race times, personal bests and records. Our thoughts are very much with the runners. I’m so sorry that their remarkable achievements and the money raised for good causes may be overshadowed by this error.”

“We are a team of runners ourselves so we fully understand the impact of this news. We are really upset that this mistake has happened and we take full responsibility for this situation. We remain committed to making the 2018 Brighton Half Marathon a great event.”


Further info...
BBC Sport

Notice...MMRA Claragh Mtn 7km trail race in Millstreet - Sun 2nd Apr 2017

This 7km trail race in Millstreet is coming up next Sunday the 2nd of April at 6pm. It's probably one of easiest in terms of mountain runs and is a good introduction. It is however tougher than the usual trail races that take place in various woods like Corrin or Kilworth.

One of the unusual aspects of the race is that it starts in the town of Millstreet. From there, you look up at Claragh and it's hard to imagine that you'll be doing a race that will take you to the summit and back. It's also hard to imagine that it is only 7kms but it is.

This 7km trail race is organised by the Munster Mountain Running Association and here is some info from them.....

The race is on Sunday evening at 6pm and has an entry fee of €5. Note that a €10 one-off annual registration charge also applies if it's your first race if the year.

Carpark and registration is opposite St. Patrick's Church on the main road going through the town (R582). Please arrive no later than 5:30pm to ensure you can be registered in time.

The route is a 7k out and back route, starting in the village with an initial road section before turning on to forest trail and emerging from the trees close to the summit of Claragh mountain where you might be able to sneak a peak at the beautiful scenery below.

This is a lovely race which is well supported locally with a real community feel to it and there will be tea and sandwiches in the hall afterwards.  

Gradient isn't that steep! :o)

Event page:

Thursday, March 30, 2017

3 part interview with top Japanese marathon runner Yuki Kawauchi

In the world of marathon running, one of the most colourful and famous participants is Yuki Kawauchi of Japan. While most of the top marathon runners are full-time professionals, Kawauchi is an amateur as he works in an office during the day and trains in his spare time.

He is famous for some of his race tactics, training and post race antics including shaving his head because of the dishonour he felt when he failed to run well in a marathon.

He recently ran a marathon in 2:09:11 and is a contender for the Japanese team for this summer’s London World Championships.

The blog Japan Running News has just published a long three piece interview with him. He outlines his own training, how he runs ultras to train for a marathon and some advice for those doing their first marathon. Remember that a full marathon is 42.2kms.

"I ran longer than 45 km two days in a row and jogged more than 40 km three times in a single week. In the fall I even started doing ultra long-distance jogs on flat ground. In October I ran 100 km in about 7 1/2 hours. Leading up to Fukuoka I did a lot of 50 km jogs which I hadn’t usually done in the past. "

"I think that people who run enough to avoid getting injured after their first marathon are more likely to have a future than those who do it with insufficient mileage."

Part 1 ... Part 2 ... Part 3

New 5k parkruns starting soon in Listowel and Clonmel

As can be seen from the map above, there are quite a number of 5k parkruns in Munster and soon, there will be two more.

On Saturday the 22nd of April 2017, a new 5k parkrun will be starting in Listowel in Co.Kerry. It will be held in Listowel Town Park and it will be on a tarmac surface.

Listowel has a population of about 5,000 people so there are probably enough runners locally to support a parkrun here. The numbers will probably be pretty small though. Newcastle West in Co.Limerick is about 20 miles away and has a similar population. The parkrun there gets an average of 19 runners per week.

On Saturday the 20th of May 2017, there is a new 5k parkrun starting in Clonmel, Co.Tipperary. This one will be at Powerstown Racecourse which is at the northern edge of the town.

This one is different from Listowel in that the population of Clonmel is close to 16,000 people so numbers won't be an issue. The big question here is what impact it will have on the local road races? Clonmel Athletic Club have been organising local road races for years and host a very successful 4k and 6k series. While the entry fee is usually only €5, a free local 5k parkrun every Saturday morning could be an issue.

Both parkruns will have start times of 9:30am and are of course free.

Slowly but surely, new parkruns are popping up every year. In Cork, there is still no sign of Tramore Valley Park in Cork City opening up. As for other locations in Cork, Doneraile Park in North Cork is an obvious venue but this is being used by many clubs, schools and charities at present for fundraising. A free 5k parkrun there would have a big impact.

As most of you know, there is no shortage of events on the calendar at the moment and at times, it seems as if there are too many. As more of these free 5k parkruns start up, they are bound to have an impact on existing races.

If you are interested in any parkrun  then go to their website...

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Man runs 1:11 Half-Marathon in a business suit

At the recent New York City Half-Marathon, 36 year old Chris Estwanik ran the 13.1 mile course in a time of 1 hour 11 minutes and 36 seconds. That pace was just under 5m 28s per mile.

It all started as a bet that he could set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest half marathon while wearing a suit. The previous record was 1:18:13.

Japanese runner Yuki Kawauchi has run 1:06:42 in formal attire but that was achieved on a non-certified course and doesn’t stand as an official record.

The long slow decline of Irish Athletics

There was an article a few days ago on the Buzz dot ie website titled "Irish athletics is becoming an invisible sport" and it's hard to disagree with a lot of what was written there.

Here are a few of the quotes...

David Gillick who won Gold in the 400m at the European Indoor Championships in 2005 and 2007 said....“It’s the reality of where athletics sits in the psyche of the Irish public. Go back a few weeks earlier to the national indoor champs – there weren’t many people there. To be honest, it was an empty stadium and that was disappointing. That’s maybe where athletics is right now.”

It's not just an Irish problem either. The International governing body conducted a survey two years ago found ..."that the average age of athletics fans watching on television is 55".

In terms of media presence, the article said..."But athletics has become increasingly ghettoised in terms of media coverage. Go on to newspaper websites and you’ll find it buried in the ‘Other Sport’ category."

The full article can be read here...

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Notice...Blackwater 10 mile road race nr Fermoy - Sun 21st May 2017

This is the third year of this 10 mile road race in the village of Clondulane, just east of Fermoy in Co.Cork. It is coming up on Sunday the 21st of May 2017.

The big change this year is that there is a new route! See details below.

All proceeds go towards the charity Breakthrough Cancer Research and the local national school.

The entry fee is €21.20 which includes the online surcharge. The race will be chip timed and there is also a dry fit top for all entrants.

All of the information is on the race website...
You need to enter before the 14th of May to make sure you get the dry fit top.

2017 Course.....

The new route is shown above and the 2015/16 route is shown in red dots. The race takes in a loop of Clodulane first before heading up the N72. It now takes in the village of Coolagown before returning back the same route to Clondulane.

The profile of the old route is shown below. After the initial ascent, there was an extra 20m of climbing just after the 4 mile mark. This is where you turned left off the N72. You then lost all of that height advantage is the space of a mile. You then had several small drags over the last 3 miles.

With the new route shown below, the start is flatter. The ascent is still there but without the extra 20m climb as you turn right instead for Coolagown. The big change though is that there is a gradual descent which is spread out over about 2 miles which should make for a fast finish.

Overall, the new course this year should result in much faster times.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Results & photos of the 2017 Mallow 10 mile road race...Sun 26th March 2017

The weather was stunning for this years Mallow 10 mile road race with blue skies and sunshine for the race. As predicted, it made things a bit uncomfortable in sections where the temperatures seemed really high when the wind was to our backs.

In the closing few miles. the wind had a cooling effect but it was strong enough. Add in the odd few drags and I think a lot of people suffered in the closing stages.

Overall day, a great race and really well organised by Mallow AC.

1 Michael HARTY 53:00 M (1)MS (1) East Cork
2 Alan O'SHEA 53:05 M (2)MS (2) Bantry AC
3 John MEADE 55:03 M (3)MS (3) St Finbarrs AC
4 Alan O'BRIEN 55:07 M (4)MS (4) Eagle AC
5 Cathal O'CONNELL 56:33 M (5)M50 (1) St Finbarrs AC
6 Chris MURPHY 56:46 M (6)MS (5) Leevale AC
7 Niall O'RIORDAN 57:35 M (7)MS (6) West Limerick AC
8 Michael HARRINGTON 57:40 M (8)M40 (1) Bantry AC
10 Gary EGAN 58:00 M (9) M40 (2) An Bru AC
11 Ian KELLY 58:56 M (10) MS (7) West Limerick AC

9 Michelle FINN 57:51 F (1) FO (1) Leevale AC
15 Aoife COOKE 59:40 F (2) FO (2) Youghal AC
40 Deirdre GRADY 1:04:19 F (3) FO (3) Ennis Track AC
45 Adele WALSH 1:04:35 F (4) F40 (1) St Senan's AC
48 Sinead KEVANY 1:04:48 F (5) F40 (2) Midleton AC
71 Una MURPHY PLANT 1:06:34 F (6) F45 (1) Kinsale Tri Club
81 Helen SHEEHAN 1:07:58 F (7) F45 (2) Dromahane Road Runners
99 Margaret MURPHY 1:08:52 F (8) F35 (1) Mallow AC
104 Deirdre ANSBRO 1:08:52 F (9) F35 (2) Youghal AC
118 Caroline SPILLANE 1:09:41 F (10) FS (1)

The provisional results can now been seen on the chip timing website.

If you spot any errors or omissions, let them know asap.

Photos......... (Updated Wed 29th @3pm)
1) There is a small gallery on the Running in Cork Facebook page HERE
2) Andy O'Rourke Photography has 4 small galleries... #1 ... #2 ... #3 ... #4
3) Joe Murphy of Eagle AC has a large gallery HERE
4) Churchtown Roadrunners have two large galleries... #1 ... #2 
5) Steve Murphy of Mallow AC  has a small gallery on the race website.

Team Prizes...Updated
Criteria was that no prize winners in any category could be included in the team scores and that a team had to have 2 males and 2 females making up the scores.

1st Mallow AC  510 points....Scorers    Donal Murphy (53), Davis Sheehan (56), Aoife Carroll   (136), Antoinette Murphy (265)

2nd Eagle AC (684 points)... Scorers  Ruairi O’CALLAGHAN (20), Frank HILL (32), Geraldine CORCORAN (273), Grace O’LEARY (359)

Next 3 teams scores...Youghal AC 726 points,  Watergrasshill AC  764 points, St.Finbarr's AC 795 points

Lost & Found... Pair of sun glasses handed onto stage at Mallow 10 ml. John Holland (0852432115 )

Looking ahead to the Mallow 10 mile road race...Sun 26th March 2017

Update......This is the satellite photo as of 9am on Sun 26th March. Some clouds are likely to be generated as the days goes on but overall, it should be very sunny. As a result, the heat is likely to be a factor especially in sections where the easterly wind is to the runners backs.


The big race this weekend is of course the Mallow 10 mile road race. With well over 1000 runners expected to descend on the North Cork town, it should be an excellent race. Entries to the race closed some time back which is a testament to its popularity.

Number Pick-Up......For those who have entered, you can pick up your number on the morning of the race.

Sunday 26th 09:30 am to noon Number pickup: Mallow Red Cross Centre, New Road.

The Red Cross Centre is next to the Youth Centre which is the usual race HQ. See the race website for maps.

Weather.....There is a High Pressure system over the country at present which means dry weather. This is the chart for Sunday.

As with all high pressure systems in the Northern Hemisphere, it is rotating clockwise so that means that any winds will be from an Easterly direction.

The temperature is expected to be around 14-15 deg C and it may well be other words, if you are racing it then just wear a singlet or a short sleeved dry fit top. Forget about the long sleeves or jackets.

This is what the wind looks like in relation to the course...

The wind is unlikely to be a big issue. However, note that it will be to your back from miles 4 to 6.5.
If the weather is sunny then the cooling effect of the wind will be absent here as it's to your back. By the time you reach 4 miles, you'll be well warmed up so you may feel the heat along this stretch. Note that there is a water station at 3.5 miles. If you skip this station, the next one isn't until 7.5 miles.

From miles 7.5 to the finish, it will be a headwind so it will have a cooling effect. It's strength will depend on how exposed the road is and it may have an impact on your speed.

More info from Mallow AC......

Pacers…Pacers from 60 to 95 minutes in 5 minute increments. Please use these as a guide as to where to line up in the starting corral based on your expected finish time.

Water…There will be 2 water stops on the course at approximately 3.5 miles and 7.5 miles. Water will also be available at the finish.

Remember, the race starts at 12:30pm.

All the latest info and updates will appear here and on the race website...

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Results of the Ballincollig 5k parkrun...Sat 25th March 2017

There was a recovery in the numbers this week with 282 people taking part in the parkrun in Ballincollig Regional Park. This was possibly one of the nicest mornings so far with blue skies and sunshine present for the event.

1 Conor DOLAN    17:16    SM30-34    M1
2 Brian LINEHAN    19:04    VM50-54    M2
3 Pat O'CONNOR    19:09    VM45-49    M3 Eagle A.C.
11 Elaine O' DONOGHUE    20:47    VW35-39    F1    Riverstick/Kinsale AC
27 Diane DUFFY    22:35    VW35-39    F2
30 Debbie CORCORAN    22:43    VW35-39    F3  

The results of the 41st edition can be seen HERE

1) The organisers have a small gallery HERE

Results of the Baltydaniel National School 5k run in Doneraile Park...Sat 25th March 2017

This 5k in Doneraile Park in North Cork was organised by Baltydaniel National School on Saturday the 25th of March 2017. Despite the blue skies and sunshine, the numbers were down 50% this year with 175 finishers as opposed to 353 last year.

While 175 is still a pretty good number, the drop might be a sign of the sheer number of 5k's held in Doneraile Park now as fundraisers for various schools, clubs and charities. Just two years ago, this race had 447 finishers.

1     Bjorn Downes     Mooreabbey Milers         17:36     SM     58
3     John Hogan     Mallow AC         18:16     SM     176
4     Eoin Healy     North Cork AC         19:07     SM     147
2     Martina Kiely     St Finbarrs         18:03     SW     98
6     Mei-Ming Cronin     Mallow         19:18     SW     175
20     Aine Sheehan     Fermoy         22:33     SW     48

Full results below....

Friday, March 24, 2017

Running in Cork Facebook page passes 12,000 'Likes'...

Over the last fortnight, the Running in Cork Facebook page passed the 12,000 'Likes' mark. As of today, it now has 12,100 followers which is pretty huge considering it's mainly just about running and races in Cork.

When I checked the stats this morning, it said the Page had reached just over 165,000 people in the last 28 days.

Over the last few years, Facebook has changed a lot. As more and more users and pages popped up, they have restricted more of what users can see.

What this means is that with 100 followers, you're basically talking to yourself and a few friends. With 1000, you're starting to be heard but your reach is limited. With 10,000, you really start to be a presence reaching huge numbers of people.

To make sure you see the posts, then either visit the page directly or try and 'Like' or 'Share' some of the posts. That way, you are engaging with the page and Facebook knows you are interested in seeing it.

If you're on Facebook and you haven't followed it yet then go to

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Notice...Dromahane 5k run nr Mallow - Sat 8th Apr 2017

The annual Dromahane 5km race is coming on Saturday the 8th of April 2017 with a 6pm start. This race is slightly different from the norm in that it's a point to point 5k as opposed to a loop. Runners are taken by bus to the start line in Glantane 5kms away and they run back to Dromahane.

From the organisers Dromahane Roadrunners AC.....Sat 8th Apr 2017 @18:00

Dromahane Roadrunners are delighted to announce our 3nd annual 5K timed race from Glantane to Dromahane in aid of Dromahane Community park and Dromahane N.S.

Registration - Friday 7th Apr 19:30 to 21:30 Hickey's Bar, Dromahane.
                      - Saturday 16:00 to 17:30 Community Hall, Dromahane.

Entry....  €10 per person (over 16s only).

Prizes for 1st ,2nd & 3rd Men and Women €60 €40 €20 and also a prize of €50 for Men and Women for breaking the course record. The men's record is held by Tim O'Connor of An Ríocht AC and stands at 15:52. The Women's record is held by Carol Finn of Leevale and stands at 18:47.

Shuttle buses from Community Hall in Dromahane to the start in Glantane - with ample seating.

Refreshments after the race in Dromahane community hall.

You can find out more about the course at this LINK. It includes a course map, directions and a profile of the route including some photos.

Dromahane is just a few kms to the south-west of Mallow town and is easy to access from the N20 Cork-Limerick road.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Notice...Castleisland 10 miler & 5k - Sun 9th Apr 2017

The annual 10 mile road race in Castleisland in Co.Kerry is coming up on Sunday the 9th of April 2017. This might be of particular interest to runners in Kerry, NW Cork and Limerick.

There is also a 5k option if anyone fancies the shorter distance.

More info on the race website...

Results of the Courcey Rovers 10k Dawn Run...Fri Mar 2017

This was one of the more unusual runs on the calendar. Courcey Rovers held a 10k run on St.Patrick's Day at 6:15am in Ballinspittle near Kinsale. 55 people took part.

1. Liam Lyons 41:23
2. Ciaran Deasy 42:17
3. John Nyhan 46:06
1. Suzanne Foley 42:32
2. Mari Burke 47:08
3. Ann Barnford 47:47

The full results can be seen HERE

Results of the Shandrum NS 5k in Doneraile Park...Sat 18th March 2017

There are a steady stream of 5k's in Doneraile Park throughout the year and this one was organised on behalf of Shandrum National School and their local GAA club. A total of 147 people took part.

The race was slightly unusual in that the first person home was female as opposed to the usual male. Mei-Mei Cronin often features highly in the 5k races in Doneraile Park and has finished as the first woman in the past. This is I think the first time she has won a race outright.

1 Mei-Ming Cronin F 19:29
2 Ursula Bluett F 21:27
3 Deirdre Keane F 22:52
1 Cathal Boles M Shandrum AC 19:48
2 Cathal Twomey M Eagle AC 20:25
3 Richard Lombard M 20:39

The full results can be seen HERE

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Togher AC secure Council Grant of €1,200

Cork County Council recently announced the recipients of  just over €216,000 in grant funding to community groups all over the Ballincollig-Carrigaline Municipal District.

Under the section titled 'Amenity Fund', Togher Athletics Club managed to secure a grant of €1,200.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Results of the Rylane Community Park 4 mile fun run - Sun 19th March 2017

This low key 4 mile fun run in Rylane attracted 116 people...about 40 runners and the rest were walkers.

1    Sean O Sullivan    West Muskerry AC    SM        26:34    14
2    Dave Condon    Leevale AC    SM        27:03    6
3    Anthony Ahern    Rylane    SM        27:16    15
10    Alison Harrison    Coachford    SW        33:00    8
13    Laura Sexton    Rylane    SW        33:37    442
15    Deb O Donovan    Cork    SW        36:38    483

1) Joe Murphy of Eagle AC has a gallery HERE

Full results below...

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Results of the Lee Fields 4 mile road race...Sun 19th March 2017

The Lee Fields 4 mile road race in Cork City attracted a field of 289 runners this year on what was a dry overcast day. This is almost identical to late 2015 when 294 finished the race.

1 Tim O'CONNOR (374)     20:42     Male  (1)
2 Keith Lynch (559)     21:37     Male  (2)
3 Mark CRONIN (473)     21:49     Male  (3)
10 Carol Finn (724)     24:25     Female  (1)
32 Ali O Connor (848)     27:07     Female  (2)
35 Mary KELLEHER (440)     27:24     Female  (3)

Photos...(Updated Mon 20th at 2pm)
1) Derek Costello of Eagle AC has a gallery HERE
2) Photos near the finish line on the Running in Cork Facebook page... 1 (20:42-33:45) ... 2 (33:45 plus) ... 3 Presentation Photos ...
3) There is a gallery from Mick Dooley HERE

Full results below...

Results of the Cloyne 4k...Sun 19th March 2017

227 runners turned out for this 4k race in Clyne in East Cork.

1    0:12:47    MCGRATH, Sean    East Cork AC    M    05:08.5 
2    0:13:33    TIERNEY, Conor    East Cork AC    M    05:27.0
3    0:13:36    O'S-HOURIHAN, Josh    Leevale AC    M    05:28.2  
6    0:14:26    DAVOREN, Freda    Leevale AC    F    05:48.3
15    0:15:34    O'NEILL, Nollaigh    Leevale AC    F45    06:15.7 
25    0:16:11    KENNEALLY, Julie    Youghal AC    F    06:30.5

1) Pat Walsh Running has a gallery HERE

Full results below...

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Results of the Ballincollig 5k parkrun...Sat 18th Mar 2017

There was a big drop in numbers for the 5k parkrun this week in Ballincollig Regional Park for some reason. A total of 220 people took part, down a third on last week. Usually the big drops are because of bad weather but this morning was fine. Perhaps it's because of the Lee Fields 4 mile race on Sunday or maybe people are away for the weekend? Or maybe there are a few sore heads after St.Patrick's Day :o)

1    Richard DOYLE    18:16    VM40-44    M1
2    Neilus HEALY    18:46    SM30-34    M2
3    Barry O'MAHONY    19:16    SM30-34    M3    Piranha TC
44    Suzanne TWOMEY    23:42    VW35-39    F1
47    Emma O'MAHONY    23:53    SW30-34    F2    Crusaders Athletic Club
48    Eilis CONSIDINE    24:01    VW35-39    F3

The results of the 40th edition can be seen HERE

Friday, March 17, 2017

Events this weekend...Sat 18th & Sun 19th March 2017

Lots to choose from this weekend. On Saturday, there are the usual 5k parkruns as well as a 5k in Doneraile Park. On Sunday, there is plenty to choose from including a 4 mile race at the Western side of Cork City.

5k Parkrun...Sat 18th (9:30am)...€free...various locations...  
Cork...Castle Demense, Macroom // Showgrounds, Clonakilty // Bere Island, Beara Peninsula) // Glengarriff // Castlehaven // Ballincollig Regional Park...
Waterford...Tramore // Limerick...University of Limerick & Newcastle West // Kerry...Killarney & Tralee // Clare...Kilrush & Clarisford // Tipperary...Templemore

Cork...Sat 18th (11am)...Shandrum NS & Juvenile GAA 5k fun run in Doneraile Park...€10...

Cork...Sun 19th (9:30am)...Cloyne Commons 4k...€5...

Cork...Sun 19th (10:30am)...Lee Fields 4 mile road race in Cork City...€10 pre-entry / €15 on the day... Dry fit top for first 200 to register... info...

Waterford...Sun 19th (11am)... Dungarvan 10k road race... €8... Organised by West Waterford

Kerry...Sun 19th (12 noon)...Tiny Steps for Preemie Babies 5k/10k run/walk...€20...Top of Coom, Kilgarvan...

Cork...Sun 19th (2pm)...Rylane Community 4 mile fun run/walk... €12...

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Comparing the top 100 of the 2017 Ballycotton '10' to the 1987 top 100

Someone sent on the top 100 times of the 1987 Ballycotton '10' and it makes for an interesting comparison with the 2017 event.

Some key points...

1) In 2017, three men ran under 50 minutes. In 1987, it was fourteen.

2) The time for the 50th finisher in 2017 was 57m 45s. In 1987, the 50th person was 54m 08s.  The time for 50th place in 1987 would have finished in 16th place in 2017.

3) The time for the 100th finisher in 2017 was 59m 50s. In 1987, the 100th person was 56m 46s...roughly 3 minutes faster. The time for 100th place in 1987 would have finished in 42nd place in 2017.

As for why the times were so much faster back then? Basically, it mostly due to the fact that in 1987, most of those in the top 100 were young men who ran a lot. The age profile of the average runner now is older.

The 1987 results can be seen below...

Confusion over laps mars 3000m track race in Canada

This 3000m indoor track race was held in Canada last weekend. While the college runners should have run 15 laps of the 200m track, the counter went from “8” to “6” during the race. This in turn caused the final lap bell to sound 200 meters early. Skip to 3:15 in the video to see what they thought was the last lap.

Black and Shaffer started dueling for the win as Thibeault stayed behind in third place. Shaffer did not complete the race, while Black started back up again and finished fourth.

The organisers apologised for the mistake but the results will stand.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Entry list and stats for the Mallow 10 mile road race

The 2017 Mallow 10 mile road race is coming up on Sunday the 26th of March and the entry list has now been published. The links are up on the race website...

Club & Gender balance : As you can see from the chart below, about 55% of the entrants are members of a club. The percentage of women entered is 46% which is close to the 45.1% percentage that took part in the recent Dungarvan 10 mile road race.

Category breakdown: This is the breakdown of entries by age. Again, no major suprise with the bulk of runners aged 35 and over. The Senior category would be made up of those aged 20 to 34 and it's probably safe to say that the vast majority are probably in the 30-34 age bracket.

Just one curious point. Notice how there are more Over 40 women than O40 men? Back in February of this year, I put up the stats for the Dungarvan 10 mile road race and I noticed something similar. I thought it was just a one off thing but it's not. For whatever reason, there seems to be a peak in women in the 40-44 age category while the peak for the men is in the 35-39 age group. As to why there are so many women aged 40-44 running, I have no idea.

This is the breakdown of the entries by club (5 or more)
The host club Mallow AC take the top spot and are followed by Eagle AC with 42, Grange Fermoy AC with 32 and St.Finbarr's AC & Watergrasshill AC with 28.

For the latest info and updates, go to the race website...

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Notice...Ballintotis 4 mile road race in East Cork - Thurs 20th Apr 2017

After a long winter of dark evenings, it's time to look ahead to the upcoming summer season of evening road races. In Cork, the tradition has been that the Ballintotis 4 mile opens the summer season of evening races and the Ballycotton 5 at the end of August brings it to a close.

This year, the Ballintotis 4 mile will be held on Thursday the 20th of April 2017 at 8pm. Last year, they  managed to attract just over 1000 runners which is a huge number for an evening road race.

In 2015, they introduced chip timing to cope with the increasing numbers and they will be using it again this year. They will have timing mats at the start and finish line so everyone will get an accurate time.

Preview......You can see a preview of the course HERE

Online Entry...You can pre-enter the race here...

You can also enter on the evening of the race.

Please note there is no online entry for walkers, who register on the evening of the race in Ballintotis

Here is some info from the organisers...

2017 Ballintotis '4' Mile Road Race
Chip timing at start and finish will again be used for this year's race which takes place on Thursday April 20th. On line entry will be open from Tuesday March 14th until 12 midnight on Monday April 17th. Thereafter there will still be the opportunity to register at Race HQ in Ballintotis Community Centre. Registration will be open there from 5pm to 7pm on the evening prior to the race and again from 1pm onwards on race day Thursday April 20th. Entry fee is 10 euro (plus administration fee if availing of the convenient on line entry).

The race offers great value for money with a very attractive prize structure overall and a full list of category prizes as well as the opportunity to win one of the many spot prizes on offer. Castlemartyr Resort will again sponsor the top prize of a Years Membership of their Leisure Centre for the overall race winner and ladies winner. Trabolgan Holiday Village have again confirmed that they will sponsor a  Family Weekend Away for the both the race runner up and ladies runner up.

Further good news emerged when McCarthy & McGrath, Main Street Midleton announced they will again sponsor a souvenir for all who take part on the night. Thanks to this great gesture by Miah and the team, everybody who takes part will now receive a free running buff to commemorate the occasion. The organisers extend a sincere word of gratitude to Miah for again coming on board as sponsor of these very attractive running buffs.

Again there are several more opportunities to come on board as sponsors in various capacities. Please call 086-8778182 if you can help.

Canadian Ed Whitlock dies aged 86

Over the last decade or so, Ed Whitlock from Canada set a multitude of age related records. In 2003 when he was 72 years old, he ran a marathon in 2h 59m 10s. In 2016, he became the first person aged 80 and over to break 4 hours for the marathon.

He passed away on Monday from Prostate cancer aged 86.

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Results & photos of the 2017 Ballycotton 10 mile road race...Sun 12th March 2017

The 40th edition of the Ballycotton 10 mile road race was held on what turned out to be a nice sunny Sunday in March. There was one small light shower before the race but it didn't amount to much.
Here are the top 10...

 1 Mick CLOHISEY     Raheny Shamrock A.C.     M    49:20
2 Sergiu CIOBANU     Clonliffe Harriers A.C. M    49:46
3 Kevin MAUNSELL     Clonmel A.C.     M     49:54
4 Alan O'SHEA         Bantry A.C.     M    51:46
5 Michael HARTY     East Cork A.C.     M     51:50
6 Louis MCCARTHY     Rathfarnham W.S.A.F. A.C.     M    52:12
7 Sean MCGRATH         East Cork A.C.     M     52:38
8 Paul STEPHENSON     Rathfarnham W.S.A.F. A.C.     M      52:54
9 Mike CARMODY         An Bru A.C     M     53:00
10 Barry DONOVAN     Leevale A.C.     M     53:14
1 Siobhan O’DOHERTY     Borrisokane A.C.     F    58:09
2 Jill HODGINS         unatt/Cork     F40         58:50
3 Grace LYNCH         Iveragh A.C.     F    59:18
4 Dee GRADY         Ennis Track Club     F     1:01:46
5 Sinead TANGNEY     Sportsworld A.C.     F     1:01:53
6 Katherine CASHELL     St. Finbarrs A.C.     F     1:03:08
7 Lorraine BOLSTER     Mallow A.C.     F     F35    1:03:12
8 Adele WALSH         St. Senans A.C.     F40    1:03:30
9 Fiona SANTRY         East Cork A.C.     F     FO     1:03:46
10 Adrienne JORDAN     Crusaders A.C.     F     F40     1:05:01

The results from the chip timing company are now available HERE

Remember that the results are still provisional. There are bound to be a few errors in there. Contact the chip timing company if you find any. Once the dust has settled, the full official results will go up on the Ballycotton 10 website.

Thoughts on the new baggage area? While the new narrow path was a bit of a bottleneck, runners didn't really have an issue getting to the start line. From my vantage point near the start, the start seemed to take about as long as it usually does with 3000 or so people passing. It certainly wasn't as bad as last year.

Any suggestions for improvements?

The special dry fit top for the 40th anniversary was a nice touch.

Photos...(Updated Sat 18th Mar 1pm)
1) There are 106 pre-race photos on the Running in Cork Facebook page HERE
2) Finish area...(100m to go)
a) 2017 Ballycotton 10 finish (1 of 8) - 49:20-1:01:45
b) 2017 Ballycotton 10 finish (2 of 8) - 1:01:45-1:08:45
c) 2017 Ballycotton 10 finish (3 of 8) - 1:08:45-1:15:30
d) 2017 Ballycotton 10 finish (4 of 8) - 1:15:30-1:23:45
e) 2017 Ballycotton 10 finish (5 of 8) - 1:23:45-1:31:30
f) 2017 Ballycotton 10 finish (6 of 8) - 1:31:30-1:40:00
g) 2017 Ballycotton 10 finish (7 of 8) - 1:40:00-1:48:30
h) 2017 Ballycotton 10 finish (8 of 8) -1:48:30 and above

3) Joe Muphy of Eagle AC has a gallery of photos near the one mile mark HERE 
4) Andy O'Rourke Photography has 4 small galleries ... #1 ... #2 ... #3 ... #4
5) Lindie Naughton has 21 photos HERE
6) Breaking News dot ie has a video of the first 3 men finishing and the mass start.... HERE
7) Pat Walsh Running has a gallery HERE
8) Bweeng Trailblazers have a gallery HERE
9) Dave O'Brien Photography has two albums... #1 ... #2
10) Ger Broderick has a gallery HERE
11) Denis O'Flynn has a nice gallery HERE 
12) East Cork Camera Group has a gallery HERE

Category results below...

Weather forecast for the 2017 Ballycotton 10

It looks as if the weather forecast for the 2017 Ballycotton 10 mile road race is pretty reasonable. It is expected to be broken sunshine, about 11 deg C and a breeze from the North-West.

As you can see from the map, the breeze will only be a factor in the first half of the race and it's shouldn't be too strong as it is coming overland as opposed to in from the sea.

If you are going for a time, then a singlet and short sleeve top is advisable. Leave the jackets and extra layers in the baggage area.

As always, get there early.....park early and get to the start line at least by 1:15pm.

Just remember that there is a new baggage area and you will be approaching the start and leaving the finish via the coastal road, not the usual narrow path.

Update...Sunday 12th Mar 8am...

This is the latest satellite photo as of 8am on Sunday morning.

 It was raining in East Cork from about 10pm to 2am last night. In that time, about 5mm of rain fell which may make the fields for parking a bit muddy.

The photo shows the weather front with the rain clearing away to the East. The next front is out in the Atlantic and is of no concern for today. There are plenty of isolated clouds which will produce some showers but these will be mainly confined to the west coast and should mostly dissipate as they move east.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Results of the Ballincollig 5k parkrun...Sat 11th Mar 2017

There was another large turn out for this weeks 5k parkrun in Ballincollig Regional Park with 333 people taking part. As you can see from the chart above, it used to be around the 200 mark in the last quarter of 2016. Now, it seems to have settled down to around 300 per week.

1    Cillian O'LEARY    16:17    VM35-39    M1    Raheny Shamrock AC
2    Conor DOLAN    16:40    SM30-34    M2
3    David CRAIG    18:29    VM35-39    M3
21    Maeve COTTER    22:38    VW35-39    F1    Eagle A.C.
27    Noirin KELLEHER    23:08    VW50-54    F2
34    Edel BUCKLEY    23:29    SW30-34    F3

The results of the 39th edition can be seen HERE

A look at some of the contenders for the 2017 Ballycotton ‘10’

In this article, John Walshe of Ballycotton Runing Promotions looks at the elite field for the 2017 Ballycotton '10' race and who might take the title.

Mick Clohisey (Raheny) – ran for Ireland in the marathon at the Rio Olympics, former Irish cross-country, 10,000 metres and 10km road champion, finished 10th in the European Clubs cross-country last month and also won the Enniscorthy 10km in 29:59. Second in Ballycotton back in 2010 in 50:39, no doubt will be expecting a much faster time on this occasion.

Sergiu Ciobanu (Clonliffe) – Won Ballycotton five years in a row from 2011 to 2015, fastest time on the course of 48:58. Current Irish marathon champion, having won the title at Dublin last October

Michael Harty (East Cork) – third last year in 50:00, hoping to break that barrier this year. On top form at the moment, having won the Irish Masters cross-country at Waterford and breaking the course record when winning the Adare 10km since returning from altitude training in Kenya

Alan O’Shea (Bantry) – former winner of Ballycotton ‘10’ in 2007, third two years ago. Won the Dungravan 10-miler last month and currently building up for the Rotterdam Marathon in a month’s time.

John Mason (Canada) – a 2:22 marathon runner, trained with Michael Harty in Kenya.

Other entrants include Kevin Maunsell (Clonmel); Sean McGrath (East Cork); Mike Carmody (An Bru); Philip Harty (West Waterford); Ben Thistlewood and Barry Donovan (Leevale).

Siobhan O’Doherty (Borrisokane) – won Ballycotton three years ago in 57:32, won Dungarvan 10-mile last month in exactly the same time. Also finished second on three occasions in Ballycotton.

Aoife Cooke (Youghal) – last year’s winner in 59:57, ran a personal best of 58:30 when finishing third in Dungarvan. Ran a personal best for four miles last Sunday when winning the Killeagh race in 22:17.

Jill Hodgins (Cork) – Second in Ballycotton three years ago, also took second spot in Dungarvan last month in 58:14.

Other entrants include: Dee Grady (Ennis TC); Grace Lynch (Iveragh).

Ballycotton 10 Start & Finish area

In an earlier post, we had a look at where the parking was and how the buses would drop off runners at the barricade near the old church. This time, we have a look at how things are organised beyond the barrier and at the start / finish area.

Starting from left to right...You walk beyond the barrier at the old church and you will see Ballycotton National School on your right after about 300 metres.

There will be a large Marquee here which can be used for changing or for leaving your gear if you so wish. There will also be toilets located here. Womens changing is usually in the squash courts. Up in the school, there is a hall which will have...

1) A help desk in case you forgot your number / chip or have some other issue
2) Ballycotton '10' merchandise for sale
3) Refreshments after the race...usually tea and biscuits
4) Prize giving

By the way, you don't have to go into the hall. You got your race number for your singlet in the post and that is all you need for the race. There is no requirement to go in and register or anything like that.

From here, it is about 800 metres to the start line. As you approach it, there will be a barricade across the road.

Only elite runners are allowed beyond the barrier and they will use that area for warming up prior to the race. The majority of runners will take the small road right and up the arrows on map above.

You will pass through a small housing estate and at the end, you follow the signs to the new changing area by the Pitch & Putt course.  Please note that this is a change from previous years.There should be someone there handing out plastic bags with labels.

This is probably the best area to leave your tracksuit tops / warm gear. Remember, you will want to wear something warm for after the race as you walk back towards the school / buses.

From here, it's down a small hill and join the field for the start of the race. You should try and be here for about 1:15pm.

This is the start of the Ballycotton 10...narrow and packed! Once you get to the start area, you will see that they have it split up into the various estimated finishing times. You should go to your zone early and stay there. If everyone did this, it would be ideal as the faster runners would get away first leaving plenty of space for the runners behind.

Note that chip timing is used so your time doesn't start until you pass under the start line gantry. 

Once you finish the race, you will be handed a bag with the famous Ballycotton race mug and you will be directed back up the hill to the road where the gear is left. You will be offered water, bananas and Mars bars here before you get to the gear area..

You now return towards the National School / Buses, staying well in on the left so that you don't impede the slower runners coming in.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Results of the first Ballycotton 10 mile road race...12th March 1978

On Sunday the 12th of March 1978, 31 runners turned out to take part in the very first Ballycotton 10 mile road race. Little did they know then that it would be the start of one of the most popular races in the country.

As you can see below, eight of the original 31 are entered for the race next Sunday.

BALLYCOTTON ‘10’, Sunday March 12th, 1978 – 3pm start

1  Richie Crowley (St Finbarrs)        50:22
2  Liam O’Brien (Midleton)        51:03
3  Dick Hodgins (Leevale)    R.I.P.    51:28 
4  Noel Shannon (Leevale)        51:41
5  Michael Walsh (Leevale)        52:03
6  Jerry Murphy (Leevale)        52:34
7  John Buckley (St Finbarrs)        52:58
8  Kevin Treacy (Loughrea)        53:28
9  Paul Mulholland (Midleton)        53:52
10 Denis Manning (St Finbarrs)        53:58
11 Jack O’Callagahn (Leevale)         54:17
12 Liam Horgan (Leevale)    R.I.P.    54:59
13 Batt Kearney (Leevale)        55:31 (entered for Sunday)
14 Joe O’Flynn (Leevale)    R.I.P.    55:33
15 Jack O’Leary (St Finbarrs)        55:59 (entered for Sunday)
16 Michael Murphy (Leevale)        56:20 (entered for Sunday)
17 Michael Joyce (St Finbarrs)        56:26
18 John Delaney (Leevale)        57:11
19 Jerry Martin (Midleton)    R.I.P.    57:26
20 Donal Burke (St Finbarrs)        57:37 (entered for Sunday)
21 John Walshe (Midleton)        57:49 (entered for Sunday)
22 Flor O’Leary (St Finbarrs)        57:55
23 Kurt Tretner (Darmstadt, West Germany)    58:52
24 Tony Flanagan (Leevale)        59:58
25 Denis Forde (St Finbarrs)        62:22
26 Dan Kennedy (St Finbarrs)        62:53 (entered for Sunday)
27 Rory Walsh (Youghal)            62:54
28 John O’Leary (Leevale)        62:55 (entered for Sunday)
29 Peter Lee (Youghal)            66:06
30 Willie O’Mahony (Youghal)        67:21 (entered for Sunday)
31 Tom Houlihan (Midleton)        78:26 

Results courtesy of John Walshe of Ballycotton Running Promotions

Popular spots for spectators for the Ballycotton 10 race

The map above shows some of the popular spots on the course for people who may want to watch the Ballycotton 10 Mile Road Race.

Note that you will not be able to drive anywhere near the village of Ballycotton itself. You will be stopped a long way out and be directed to one of the car parks.

Dublin runner Katie Cooke runs to cope with Epilepsy

Katie Cooke is a 19 year old student from Cherrywood in Dublin and has to contend with up to 15 convulsions a day due to epilepsy. In the past, she has been confined to a wheelchair and was completely dependent on other for help. She now runs every day to help her cope with her condition.

She is also no ordinary runner as she has clocked 16:52 for a 5k and 36:38 for a 10k. She has completed the Dublin City Marathon in under 4 hours while having to deal with several convulsions along the way.

Her running partner is Dr Colin Doherty, a neurologist at St James’s Hospital with a special interest in the treatment of epilepsy.

There is an article in the BBC News website about Katie and it's worth a read.

RTE have also done a radio programme on Katie and they have a 40 minute podcast on their website. It's worth listening to if you have a quite moment during the day.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Lee Fields 4 mile race entries pass the 150 mark

The Lee Fields 4 mile race in Cork City is coming up on Sunday the 19th of March 2017. Just a reminder that there are dry fit tops for the first 200 to register and as of Thurs 9th March, it's around the 160 mark.

If you want a dry fit top then make sure to register asap. More details in this previous post.