Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the first Ballycotton 10 mile road race...12th March 1978

Friday, March 10, 2017

Results of the first Ballycotton 10 mile road race...12th March 1978

On Sunday the 12th of March 1978, 31 runners turned out to take part in the very first Ballycotton 10 mile road race. Little did they know then that it would be the start of one of the most popular races in the country.

As you can see below, eight of the original 31 are entered for the race next Sunday.

BALLYCOTTON ‘10’, Sunday March 12th, 1978 – 3pm start

1  Richie Crowley (St Finbarrs)        50:22
2  Liam O’Brien (Midleton)        51:03
3  Dick Hodgins (Leevale)    R.I.P.    51:28 
4  Noel Shannon (Leevale)        51:41
5  Michael Walsh (Leevale)        52:03
6  Jerry Murphy (Leevale)        52:34
7  John Buckley (St Finbarrs)        52:58
8  Kevin Treacy (Loughrea)        53:28
9  Paul Mulholland (Midleton)        53:52
10 Denis Manning (St Finbarrs)        53:58
11 Jack O’Callagahn (Leevale)         54:17
12 Liam Horgan (Leevale)    R.I.P.    54:59
13 Batt Kearney (Leevale)        55:31 (entered for Sunday)
14 Joe O’Flynn (Leevale)    R.I.P.    55:33
15 Jack O’Leary (St Finbarrs)        55:59 (entered for Sunday)
16 Michael Murphy (Leevale)        56:20 (entered for Sunday)
17 Michael Joyce (St Finbarrs)        56:26
18 John Delaney (Leevale)        57:11
19 Jerry Martin (Midleton)    R.I.P.    57:26
20 Donal Burke (St Finbarrs)        57:37 (entered for Sunday)
21 John Walshe (Midleton)        57:49 (entered for Sunday)
22 Flor O’Leary (St Finbarrs)        57:55
23 Kurt Tretner (Darmstadt, West Germany)    58:52
24 Tony Flanagan (Leevale)        59:58
25 Denis Forde (St Finbarrs)        62:22
26 Dan Kennedy (St Finbarrs)        62:53 (entered for Sunday)
27 Rory Walsh (Youghal)            62:54
28 John O’Leary (Leevale)        62:55 (entered for Sunday)
29 Peter Lee (Youghal)            66:06
30 Willie O’Mahony (Youghal)        67:21 (entered for Sunday)
31 Tom Houlihan (Midleton)        78:26 

Results courtesy of John Walshe of Ballycotton Running Promotions


Anonymous said...

Those times seem very impressive with so many under 60 minutes. With so many advances in running and research into better techniques and racing programs, it seems very unlikely that almost 80% of the competitors will be under an hour in the Ballycotton 10 in 2017. Have the clocks got slower or the miles got longer in the last 39 years?

John Desmond said...

The big difference between now and then is that back in 1978, it was mostly young men who were running. i.e. in their 20's and early 30's. Now most are aged 30 and over.

The basics of running haven't changed. You need to put in the training if you want to run fast. Newer techniques and gear will only bring marginal improvements.

Anonymous said...

Very true John.You can get all the latest gear, gadgets garmins etc, but unless you put in the work you won,t get the results. Quality of runners has dropped a little bit compared to years gone by. I actually ran Ballycotton in 50.50 and was only just inside top 15. Would have been between 3rd and about 8th nowadays with my time.Think i was born at wrong time!