Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results & photos of the 2017 Ballycotton 10 mile road race...Sun 12th March 2017

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Results & photos of the 2017 Ballycotton 10 mile road race...Sun 12th March 2017

The 40th edition of the Ballycotton 10 mile road race was held on what turned out to be a nice sunny Sunday in March. There was one small light shower before the race but it didn't amount to much.
Here are the top 10...

 1 Mick CLOHISEY     Raheny Shamrock A.C.     M    49:20
2 Sergiu CIOBANU     Clonliffe Harriers A.C. M    49:46
3 Kevin MAUNSELL     Clonmel A.C.     M     49:54
4 Alan O'SHEA         Bantry A.C.     M    51:46
5 Michael HARTY     East Cork A.C.     M     51:50
6 Louis MCCARTHY     Rathfarnham W.S.A.F. A.C.     M    52:12
7 Sean MCGRATH         East Cork A.C.     M     52:38
8 Paul STEPHENSON     Rathfarnham W.S.A.F. A.C.     M      52:54
9 Mike CARMODY         An Bru A.C     M     53:00
10 Barry DONOVAN     Leevale A.C.     M     53:14
1 Siobhan O’DOHERTY     Borrisokane A.C.     F    58:09
2 Jill HODGINS         unatt/Cork     F40         58:50
3 Grace LYNCH         Iveragh A.C.     F    59:18
4 Dee GRADY         Ennis Track Club     F     1:01:46
5 Sinead TANGNEY     Sportsworld A.C.     F     1:01:53
6 Katherine CASHELL     St. Finbarrs A.C.     F     1:03:08
7 Lorraine BOLSTER     Mallow A.C.     F     F35    1:03:12
8 Adele WALSH         St. Senans A.C.     F40    1:03:30
9 Fiona SANTRY         East Cork A.C.     F     FO     1:03:46
10 Adrienne JORDAN     Crusaders A.C.     F     F40     1:05:01

The results from the chip timing company are now available HERE

Remember that the results are still provisional. There are bound to be a few errors in there. Contact the chip timing company if you find any. Once the dust has settled, the full official results will go up on the Ballycotton 10 website.

Thoughts on the new baggage area? While the new narrow path was a bit of a bottleneck, runners didn't really have an issue getting to the start line. From my vantage point near the start, the start seemed to take about as long as it usually does with 3000 or so people passing. It certainly wasn't as bad as last year.

Any suggestions for improvements?

The special dry fit top for the 40th anniversary was a nice touch.

Photos...(Updated Sat 18th Mar 1pm)
1) There are 106 pre-race photos on the Running in Cork Facebook page HERE
2) Finish area...(100m to go)
a) 2017 Ballycotton 10 finish (1 of 8) - 49:20-1:01:45
b) 2017 Ballycotton 10 finish (2 of 8) - 1:01:45-1:08:45
c) 2017 Ballycotton 10 finish (3 of 8) - 1:08:45-1:15:30
d) 2017 Ballycotton 10 finish (4 of 8) - 1:15:30-1:23:45
e) 2017 Ballycotton 10 finish (5 of 8) - 1:23:45-1:31:30
f) 2017 Ballycotton 10 finish (6 of 8) - 1:31:30-1:40:00
g) 2017 Ballycotton 10 finish (7 of 8) - 1:40:00-1:48:30
h) 2017 Ballycotton 10 finish (8 of 8) -1:48:30 and above

3) Joe Muphy of Eagle AC has a gallery of photos near the one mile mark HERE 
4) Andy O'Rourke Photography has 4 small galleries ... #1 ... #2 ... #3 ... #4
5) Lindie Naughton has 21 photos HERE
6) Breaking News dot ie has a video of the first 3 men finishing and the mass start.... HERE
7) Pat Walsh Running has a gallery HERE
8) Bweeng Trailblazers have a gallery HERE
9) Dave O'Brien Photography has two albums... #1 ... #2
10) Ger Broderick has a gallery HERE
11) Denis O'Flynn has a nice gallery HERE 
12) East Cork Camera Group has a gallery HERE

Category results below...

M40: 1 R Cross (Crusaders) 54:40; 2 M Corbett (St Finbarrs) 55:00; 3 W Sosnowski (unatt) 55:21.
M45: 1 S O’Neill (Rathfarnham-WSAF) 53:30; 2 Colin Merritt (Carraig na bhFear) 53:37; 3 Gary Condon (Sli Cualann) 53:43.
M50: 1 Cathal Connell (St Finbarrs) 56:19; 2 C Burke (St Abbans) 56:58; 3 Ronan Boland (Eagle) 60:45.
M55: 1 T Payne (Tinryland) 58:49; 2 J Kenny (Kilmurry-Ibrick NC) 64:27; 3 B Feery (Fethard) 65:42.
M60: 1 Eamonn McEvoy (St Finbarrs) 64:36; 2 M Murphy (St Finbarrs) 65:38; 3 Neilus Aherne (Midleton) 68:17.
M65: 1 W Ebisch (Atletiek Helden) 77:18; 2 D O’Connell (Midleton) 83:43; 3 Ken Higgs (Eagle) 84:35.
M70: 1 Michael Dunne (St Finbarrs) 78:06; 2 J Motherway (unatt) 88:38; 3 N O’Leary (Belgooly) 89:42.
M75: 1 John O’Leary (Leevale) 92:52; 2 P Gaffney (Mallow) 93:51; 3 T Dunne (Grange-Fermoy) 94:41.
MJ: 1 L Ecock (Celbridge) 70:30; 2 D Ecock (Celbridge) 75:39; 3 S McGrath) 83:50.
Team: 1 Rathfarnham AC 25: 2 East Cork AC 25; 3 Leevale AC 53.

F35: 1 L Bolster (Mallow) 63:12; 2 J Kirwan (Slaney Olympic) 66:04; 3 K Hickson (unatt) 67:20.
F40: 2 A Walsh (St Senans) 63:30; 3 A Jordan (Crusaders) 65:01.
F45: 1 Una Plant-Murphy (unatt) 66:29; 2 Orla Crosbie (St Finbarrs) 68:58; 3 Fionnuala Desmond (Leevale) 69:35.
F50: 1 Joan Ennis (Grange-Fermoy) 65:19; 2 O O’Rourke (Ballymore-Cobh) 66:56; 3 H Gilroy (Midleton) 70:37.
F55: 1 Mary Sweeney (St Finbarrs) 70:50; 2 J O’Kennedy (Sli Cualann) 75:34; 3 M Hurley (Bantry) 78:07.
F60: 1 C Kennedy (GCH) 66:16; 2 N Reilly (Drogheda & Dist) 73:53; 3 R Ebisch (Atletiek Helden) 81:20.
F65: 1 M Lynch (Raheny) 78:14; 2 P Browne (Star of the Sea) 92:24; 3 E O’Donoghue (unatt) 99:09.
F70: 1 B McDonnell (Mullingar) 1:56:26; 2 Maggie Dunne (Grange-Fermoy) 1:58:06.
Team: 1 St Finbarrs AC 49; 2 Galway City Harriers 90; 2 Midleton AC 97.


Derek said...

Looks like I'm missing from the results :-(

Unknown said...

Very happy with the dry fit top, would be happy to pay extra for one if it becomes a regular thing.
On the race itself, there are just too many people doing it. 1,500 would be a more appropriate number given the lack of room near the start line. Also the suggested time slots near the start line are bunched too close together so people just ignore them. Using pacers would help people start where they should. Was about 2/3 back at the start line and took about three miles to get past slower runners, no chance of a PB like that.

Runner said...

I got to the small lane and with 10 Mins to go and made it up to the front easy enough. All went smooth, no need to change anything

Anonymous said...

One suggestion for improvement - limit the number of entries to 750-1000. This would make if a far more enjoyable experience for everybody and is a more realistic number that the start can cope with in such a limited space. I cant understand how this was recently voted the second best 10miler in munster. I can only assume patrons were feeling nostalgic at time of voting.

James said...

Water should have been the first thing to be handed to you after the finish. Everything else superb - T-shirt was a very nice surprise.

John O'Sullivan said...

Great event well organised. We'll done to everyone involved.

Unknown said...

I am not showing as a finisher only my 1st split time showing - but I have the mug & t-shirt to prove it!

Ronan said...

Having the water first after the finish line would be great. Having to wait until after the mugs, food, t-shirts etc. was very tough.

Marco Petrassi said...

Wrong time for me.. I done it in 1hr 09 seconds.. I'm down for 1 hr 2 mins.. Cén fáth? I started 3 rows back..

Onin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

You're probably just placed way off you're actual time, like me.

Anonymous said...

I had an amazing day, thank you John Walshe and all in Ballycotton Running Promotions.

Unknown said...

Well done to the organisers and the support staff for all their hard work!

I thought that the changes made to the start and finish worked well.

Thanks also John for your great web site.


susan said...

great race , great support and atmosphere, always expect delays at start , found the finish a bit disorganised , water needs to be readily available at the finish line, but overall A great race

Anonymous said...

Warm and windy but enjoyed it hugely. Well done to all the organisers and thanks to all the volunteers

Brian Ahern said...

Much better this year John. You had a fine perch up high at the start!!! Heat was intense.

Unknown said...

Great race, really well organised. Huge thanks to all involved much appreciated by the runners

Gary Condon said...

This is my 6th year travelling the 300 mile round-trip to Ballycotton from Dublin, and every year it has proven itself as the best 10 mile race in the country. Don't change Ballycotton - everything is perfect. The organization is first-class. It is we, the participants, who screw things up.

The greatest frustration reported in Ballycotton every year is the congestion at the start. But that's just down to the participants being unrealistic and somewhat selfish. It's the 'Ballycotton is congested therefore I must go to the front to avoid the congestion' logic that perpetuates the problem and if the participants lined up where they should, as they do in many races across the country, we would all have an equally great race race experience, from the front to the back.

Please don't change!

Anonymous said...

Great race as usual. Love the t-shirt. Agree with the above that it would be better get the water before the mug etc. Please don't limit the numbers to 1000-1500. The large numbers add to the atmosphere. Thanks to everyone involved in organizing today.

Una French said...

I'm missing from full results looks like I only ran 5 miles would really appreciate it if it could be looked into no. Is 278

Anonymous said...

Great race. Very tough but good atmosphere. And the organisation in general was brill but thought the water would never come at the end. Bit silly handing this out last.

Anonymous said...

Are the people saying limit the numbers volunteering to not register next time so!? Turn up to the start line area earlier like anyone else if you are sub 65 mins or so. The crowding is well known about and creates the atmosphere, would they prefer to run on the M8 motorway?

Anonymous said...

Fab run , loved it . Was a bit of a sqeeze til mile 3 with slow runners in the way , but sure nothing ye can do about that. I would suggest another water station at 8 mile , esp in the heat..i also hear lots of people saying the count down in meters at the end is a killer ! I agree.. found it very off putting.. and no water at the end until after you collected your mug etc. That was completely wrong. Water should have been handed out asap..

John Desmond said...

If anyone has any issues with times or errors in the results, they should contact the chip timing company. They're the ones who will do all the corrections.

Derek said...

I contacted the timing company about my missing/incorrect time and they fixed it in less than an hour.

Anonymous said...

great Race as usual, an occasion as well as an event. Nice t-shirt was a nice bonus at the end. two possible improvements, IMO, show the time slots clearly at the start, as it is a narrow street the expected finishing times were not displayed clearly and this adds greatly to the congestion for 1st 2 miles. Also, dont think there is a need to display the last KM in 200m slots, for us 'slower' runners, its torture!! Thanks BRP for a great event.

Haille said...

Excellent organization from the Gardai and Stewart's from Cloyne, to the volunteers at the car parks. Line up at the start went fine.Fabulous to have closed roads for race. Baggage drop off and collection went very well. Entry price at €15 superb, got finisher mug and t shirt as well as number and booklet posted out.It is easily known that the race is organized by an established athletic club. Other race organizers please note the entry fee which for other 10 milers can easily be €25.Well done on outstanding Organisation and for even laying on the sunshine

Unknown said...

I think the bag drop worked well. The simple fact is that Ballycotton is a small place so there is going to be some congestion, no matter what is done. Water should definitely have been right at the finish and an additional water stop on the route. As already mentioned, the countdown at the end in metres was horrible. I understand that it's well intended, but I think it ends up making it more difficult psychologically...great event though and the addition of the t-shirt to the famous mug, was appreciated

John Kissane said...

Great event & lovely to get a run in the sunshine although I know not everyone would agree! The changes to the start got rid of the problems from last year it looks like.

The only bit of feedback I'd pass on is that a few friends who finished when there were queues after the finish line would have given anything to get the water first rather than the mug, banana etc.

Thanks a lot to the organisers, the volunteers & the people of Ballycotton!

Unknown said...

The problem is that everyone turns up early and there are just too many people there. I favour a lower number and if I can't get in every year so be it. People train hard to set a time and it's a bit of a lottery with the crowds. 1500 people would still create a decent atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to all involved in the organization. This was a most enjoyable run - weather perfect. Stewarding very efficient (and friendly) and signposting along the road from Midleton and in Ballycotton itself all very helpful. The cramped space is always a problem - no solution to that, short of knocking down houses! (But it means you feel warm as you queue for the start!) It would have been better to have had access to water straight away after the finish, rather than after collection of the mug and teeshirt (nice shirt). Looking forward to next year.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday was marvellous. I managed to break 80 minutes for the first time so I am delighted. I echo the sentiments on water, I only took on a medium amount at midway and was parched near the end. Possibly there should be 2 water stations, I guess there are reasons for not doing that. This is only a small quibble, maybe next year make sure water is the first thing people get,
I think the large crowd makes the day. its great to be running with people around you all the time. I was at start at 1:10 and there was plenty time to pick a spot further up. There are plenty races with less crowds so if its an issue for people, well.....

Anonymous said...

Its a lovely race, well done to all involved, did a lot right!

However one massive problem.
Numbers are way too large for the roads, we could even put up with 1 mile limited movement, but this course is FAR too small for the numbers you allow to run. I might have started a bit far back but the amount of slow runners in the first half of lineup is a joke! People just do not start where they should. Some of those in the first half of the lineup might as well have been walking! 5Miles of being limited on pace is just crazy, cannot really say I raced it.

Unknown said...

First Ballycotton run, in fact first ten mile run :) Great day out, well organised, good atmosphere. Would echo the comments above about the water, would have appreciated it first thing. Hopefully see you next year

Anonymous said...

Great race 3rd time doing it and the best IMO yet. Great value at €16 and would agree that the numbers is what adds to the whole Ballycotton aura. Would also agree with water at the end. But only a small quibble. Thank you to all involved.

Maura neville said...

Such a great place first time in ballycotton will be back one suggestion if I may I was gasping for water at the end mugs should have been last water bottles first thank you for a lovely day down there

Anonymous said...

Excellently run race. It would be hard to drop the numbers as its hard enough to get in as it is. It does take people to place themselves correctly, a lot people push their way up to the front and are no where near good enough and straight away that can start a bottleneck. Then there are clubs who decide to run in a line together. And you can see from the photos the gaps those clubs are causing less than 500m into the race. Lines of blue going across the road. At least let the field thin out before taking up the road. If a bit of running etiquette was followed the start wouldn't be half as crazy

Anonymous said...

What a great day we had at Ballycotton. Fantastic race, fantastic atmosphere.
The larger numbers add to the event. Will definitely be back. Well done to all the organisers, and you even organised the weather too.

Mairead said...

Great day have to agree with previous comments re water at the end....maybe next year we could get that first....well done to all who volunteered and made it another fantastic day out!

Anonymous said...

My first 10 mile race and what an event to pick. Beautiful weather, fantastic location and an extremely well run event. Well done to the organisers and volunteers - will definitely be back next year.

Michael Harty said...

Well done and thanks Ballycotton Running Promotions..Top job as always

Anonymous said...

All these people crying out to cut the numbers in half are the very people that i can imagine come crying out when they dont get it. This would also cut out a lot of serious athletes as they could not get in. Great race and should stay that way.

Ted O'Leary said...

Great race again, well done to john Walshe and all the crew. The new baggage area worked very well, and the weather was brillant for running.
looking forward to next year.

Anonymous said...

Chip timing, lots of info on the parking/bag drops etc, waters, bananas, mugs, the honour of running a race with Olympic level runners and even a dry fit top this year! Small improvements apart (water first thing at the end!), nothing else could have been better.
If you want to do your PB, you need to get down early and position yourself well before starting time. However, compare to last year, I started way behind and my net time was roughly the same. I was a bit slower in the first Km, but after that, times on each km were the ones I expected.
Well done to organizers, wish other races were so full of athmoshpere, joy and reward at such reasonable entry fee.

Pierce de C said...

Never. never. never as Big Ian said.
Quit cribbing. Closed road. Lovely top. Great buzz. Well stewarded.
Probably not the place for a PB but such is life. And lovely scenery too. Chill out and enjoy the buzz. Go raibh maith agaibh go lèir

Darren said...

I am sure the logic behind putting the water last was to prevent a build up of runners close to the finish line and to move the crowd away as far as possible ,Ballycotton Running Promotions know their stuff !

Anonymous said...

Great race and a big thank you to all the organisers and volunteers and spectators. Only suggestion might be to have a few wave starts to manage the numbers and narrow street. Would be preferable to reducing numbers

Unknown said...

Too much wind on the front 5, too much heat on the back 5!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the torture, it shows you are almost home.

Anonymous said...

One small suggestion - as well as having someone calling out split times it would be great if someone called out current race positions at maybe 5 or 6 miles. For people either side of the cut-off for the much-sought-afterTop 100 T-shirts it would be be an added incentive to dig deeper to move up a few places (or to hang on!).

Thanks on a great race as always. I've been coming on and off since 1989

Unknown said...

(sorry if I'm commenting twice, internet problem!) 3rd year doing the event. Thought the change in baggage area was a great improvement and route to the start line after what happened last year, so well done to the organisers on that! No delay at all at the baggage area before or after for me this year. The t-shirt was a nice surprise too, delighted with it! Hoping to get to do it again next year!

Anonymous said...

First timer here! Great buzz around around Ballycotton and the weather was excellent.

Great organisation and the support was a great help.

The t-shirt was bonus, wasn't expecting it.

I would agree with the water at the finishing line!

9/10 - 1 point dropped for no water when crossing the finishing line and no showers (which I knew about by would have loved a quick shower afterwards).

Anonymous said...

Definitely agree, certain clubs running in a line was a joke and no run etiquette

Anonymous said...

The event organisers did the best they could. Great teamwork on the day.
I could go on and on about whats good but here are they problems:

too many runners - a lot of people cannot race it, took me over 3miles to not be delayed.

Also agree with some of the comments above, a certain non professional running club with members casually taking up the width of the roads, chatting as if they are out on a stroll, totally ignoring the delay they are causing. They simply do not care about anyone not in their group.

Marty said...

A big thank you again this year to all the organisers of the ballycotton 10. Having to organise over 4000 people for a race is no easy task but you were brilliant this year once again and looked after everyone very well. I'm already looking forward to the 10 next year.

Anonymous said...

2965 finishers, is that a record for Ballycotton?

Was the first split at 5 miles? I can't remember.

I'm really delighted with my first ever Ballycotton 10 tee shirt!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to everybody involved in the race last Sunday, as always a great day & race. Ballycotton Running Promotions take a bow. I have to agree with some of the comments regarding some runners taking up the width of the road, totally ignoring the fact that others may need to pass them out.
Again thanks so much to everybody involved on Sunday, very much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Third time doing the Ballycotton 10 and this year was the best so far, the improvements made were great. Mighty to have such a big crowd, gave it a wonderful atmosphere and I never felt alone.. Supporters were their usual self and really made it. Was thrilled to get a tee-shirt as I was not expecting that. All in all another great run. Thanks to everyone involved you are a mighty community, and long may that continue. Till next year..