Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results & photos of the 2017 Mallow 10 mile road race...Sun 26th March 2017

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Results & photos of the 2017 Mallow 10 mile road race...Sun 26th March 2017

The weather was stunning for this years Mallow 10 mile road race with blue skies and sunshine for the race. As predicted, it made things a bit uncomfortable in sections where the temperatures seemed really high when the wind was to our backs.

In the closing few miles. the wind had a cooling effect but it was strong enough. Add in the odd few drags and I think a lot of people suffered in the closing stages.

Overall day, a great race and really well organised by Mallow AC.

1 Michael HARTY 53:00 M (1)MS (1) East Cork
2 Alan O'SHEA 53:05 M (2)MS (2) Bantry AC
3 John MEADE 55:03 M (3)MS (3) St Finbarrs AC
4 Alan O'BRIEN 55:07 M (4)MS (4) Eagle AC
5 Cathal O'CONNELL 56:33 M (5)M50 (1) St Finbarrs AC
6 Chris MURPHY 56:46 M (6)MS (5) Leevale AC
7 Niall O'RIORDAN 57:35 M (7)MS (6) West Limerick AC
8 Michael HARRINGTON 57:40 M (8)M40 (1) Bantry AC
10 Gary EGAN 58:00 M (9) M40 (2) An Bru AC
11 Ian KELLY 58:56 M (10) MS (7) West Limerick AC

9 Michelle FINN 57:51 F (1) FO (1) Leevale AC
15 Aoife COOKE 59:40 F (2) FO (2) Youghal AC
40 Deirdre GRADY 1:04:19 F (3) FO (3) Ennis Track AC
45 Adele WALSH 1:04:35 F (4) F40 (1) St Senan's AC
48 Sinead KEVANY 1:04:48 F (5) F40 (2) Midleton AC
71 Una MURPHY PLANT 1:06:34 F (6) F45 (1) Kinsale Tri Club
81 Helen SHEEHAN 1:07:58 F (7) F45 (2) Dromahane Road Runners
99 Margaret MURPHY 1:08:52 F (8) F35 (1) Mallow AC
104 Deirdre ANSBRO 1:08:52 F (9) F35 (2) Youghal AC
118 Caroline SPILLANE 1:09:41 F (10) FS (1)

The provisional results can now been seen on the chip timing website.

If you spot any errors or omissions, let them know asap.

Photos......... (Updated Wed 29th @3pm)
1) There is a small gallery on the Running in Cork Facebook page HERE
2) Andy O'Rourke Photography has 4 small galleries... #1 ... #2 ... #3 ... #4
3) Joe Murphy of Eagle AC has a large gallery HERE
4) Churchtown Roadrunners have two large galleries... #1 ... #2 
5) Steve Murphy of Mallow AC  has a small gallery on the race website.

Team Prizes...Updated
Criteria was that no prize winners in any category could be included in the team scores and that a team had to have 2 males and 2 females making up the scores.

1st Mallow AC  510 points....Scorers    Donal Murphy (53), Davis Sheehan (56), Aoife Carroll   (136), Antoinette Murphy (265)

2nd Eagle AC (684 points)... Scorers  Ruairi O’CALLAGHAN (20), Frank HILL (32), Geraldine CORCORAN (273), Grace O’LEARY (359)

Next 3 teams scores...Youghal AC 726 points,  Watergrasshill AC  764 points, St.Finbarr's AC 795 points

Lost & Found... Pair of sun glasses handed onto stage at Mallow 10 ml. John Holland (0852432115 )


Anonymous said...

Definitely quite tough out there today in the last few miles with wind in patches and a few drags

This is a top quality event. Very well organised, plenty of stewards, great spread afterwards plus a lovely souvenir top. Well done to all in Mallow AC.

Anonymous said...

An amazing day,i must take my hat off to mallow ac,what a top job you all did today,from top to bottom everything was perfect,thank you all

John Kissane said...

Great really we run event and really happy it went well for Mallow AC after the horrible accident last year.

I managed to leave an old-type garmin hr strap on the window sill the changing room to the side of the stage in case anyone came across it.

una Plant said...

Mallow Ac take a bow what a fantastic race so well organised and best of all the hall afterwards was teaming with generosity & warmth fabulous to believe people are that good to give up their time the tea coffee baking sandwiches were gorgeous Thank You

Unknown said...

Well done to Mallow AC. Take a bow. So so very well organised. I needed a hand with something afterwards and a gentleman from Mallow AC went out of his way to help me out. Thank you. See ye next year ��

Unknown said...

Hi John,

I think your comments summed up the event very well. Mallow A/C did a great job with the organisation. Unlike the recent Ballycotton 10 event, thankfully, we had the two water stations, and a bottle of water on the finish line. We sure needed water today!

A good size field too. Room for those of all ability levels.

It was my first time taking part in this event, and I really enjoyed the run.


Anonymous said...

The level of stewarding and The support they gave us was top class,especially Tom and Tina after clyda bridge,thank you so much

Anonymous said...

A very well organised run today.Plenty of water stops and such a grt turn out of people out cheering us on,a credit to Mallow.

Anonymous said...

There was a guy needed help at end by finish line paramedics were around him just wondering was he ok hope he was the people around him were amazing any information there

Anonymous said...

This event was so well organised, every last detail was thought right through. I can't recommend Mallow 10 highly enough. I've been to hundreds of races over many years and this one comes out top. No doubt I'll be coming back lads a let's not forget all these hard working ladies at the food and beverage tables, told ye I'd leave feedback...from a Tipp man.

Anonymous said...

Super run by Michelle Finn today. Aoife Cooke was good too. Other performances up front not in the same league.

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't need two water stations if you hydrated properly pre race.

Anonymous said...

In response to the question about the "man down", he is ok

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Great event, went without a hitch, well done to Mallow AC! Just as I came onto the main road heading down to the roundabout a car & horsebox passed down and I thought of last year...
Normally would prefer just a water point half way on a 10 miler, but with the hot day it actually seemed about right to me.
One thought I'd have is maybe it's the wrong time of the year to give a long sleeve top, as it's getting warmer. Perhaps a short sleeve or singlet might be better this time of the year? That said, Clon gave out a sleeveless top in December, so who knows! ;-)

John Desmond said...

A lot of races give out short sleeved dry fit tops so most people have them. The long sleeved ones are probably a bit more expensive and are more valued by runners in general especially for the cold winter runs.

Anonymous said...

Hi John,
We have your hr strap. Are you at the Munster Roads Championships and we can return?
Kind regards
Clive Aherne
Mallow AC

Anonymous said...

Personally I thought the long sleeved top was a nice change. Have a good few short sleeved and yes it maybe the wrong time of the year but will get plenty of use in the winter training for next years :)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this run. Loved the 2 water stops and loads of water at the finish line. Fantastic support out on the course. A lovely spread afterwards too. I will definitely be back again next year. Well done to all in Mallow AC.

Anonymous said...

Thank s and congrats to mallow a c on a really well run event, one of the best organised races I have entered. Long sleeve top looks great and makes a welcome change for winter runs

Anonymous said...

The finishing time of first man would have been good enough for joint ninth place in this year's Ballycotton "10". Meanwhile the finishing time of first woman would have won this year's Ballycotton "10".

Unknown said...

Well Done Mallow AC, it was so well run as usually, i too noticed the horse box going down the road and i thought oh no but thankfully the day was just perfect. I love the long sleeve tops and i have too many of the short one, the water was a must and necessary for us average runners (SUb 80). The grub was fantastic and well done again to all

colette said...

My first time doing the mallow 10. I really enjoyed it but for the heat lol. It was a great event . Well organized plenty of supporters and a big shout out to the group of Nurses who came out to cheer people on . I think it was at mile 8 cant remember name of Hospital but it was very welcome when legs were fading. Food and tea fantastic . The water stops were well and truly used. As welcome as the water at the finish line. . As previously posted thoughts of last year and the accident when on the main road. Thankfully all went well no major hitches maybe except for heat exhaustion Hope to be back next year, Well done to everyone involved. Long sleeve top very welcome. . ,