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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Guest Post: Goal Setting... by Pat Walsh

** Goal Setting **

If you think I am losing it and asking you to try this at the moment, then that is fair enough.
If you have so much on your plate that you cannot think past the next hour, next day then I do understand and feel for you.
In an attempt to put some positivity into the situation, I ask you all to think of a Goal.

Don’t make it too hard, don’t make it too long, don’t make it too fast.
Do not set yourself up to fail… plan to achieve. I am doing this for me to help me cope. If it helps even 1 other person I am pleased.

A Goal can give us something to train for and put us more in control of our own situation.
We are all in different places at the moment in regards to free time and access to a safe area to run in. I do appreciate that and if it is impossible for you to run at the moment then find peace with that.
If you are running, then a short term goal might help the next few weeks.
So many miles per week, so many runs per week. Anything to help you.
I published a plan for January a few weeks back and bar a hiccup week I am still near enough to that. The aim is a 10mile around Patrick’s day and I will put up the next part of the plan next week.
If 10 mile seems too far then maybe you might consider a 10k.
 πŸ“’πŸ”­If you have plans for later in the year and wondering how this is all affecting you, then I urge you to stop worrying. Nobody knows how the Year will work out and what situation we will find ourselves in. If you had a Marathon I mind, then just keep running for the moment and see how the next few months go. A steady weekly mileage base is ideal for later in the Year and maybe you can set a weekly goal that way. There is enough pressure on our daily lives at the moment, don’t make it worse by setting a hard plan and failing.
The feeling of self-control will help you. Yes there are restrictions and limits in place but by taking charge of your destiny at the moment you will feel that:
I still can do something
F*ck those in charge they won’t hold me back
I decide what I do
I am still active
I will be awesome when racing returns

πŸ›‹2πŸƒ I am aware that many are inactive for a while and if you would like some form of a Couch to 5K plan then I have no trouble putting one together for you. It is a traditional time of the Year for many to think of taking up running but some prefer to wait until April when evenings are longer and easier to run in.
Small wins πŸƒπŸ’ž
If you do something that you are pleased with and proud of, then please feel free to share with me publicly or privately. You forced yourself out to run and when home you are delighted and want to tell the world. FEEL FREE πŸ‘
Anyone needing help or advice please ask.
After a week of level 6 negativity, I am back on level 3. Thanks everyone for the support. If you are in trouble yourself don't be afraid to reach out.
Respect and obey guidelines please, we owe it to those on the frontline. We will be back. I will see you all again.

"We will rebuild, reconcile and recover and every known nook of our nation and every corner called our country, our people diverse and beautiful will emerge, battered and beautiful. When day comes we step out of the shade, aflame and unafraid" 

Amanda Gorman at US Presidential  Inauguration speech last week.
#pwr #survive21

Friday, January 29, 2021

Friday Fun: Online Jigsaw of the 2016 Cobh 4 mile road race


For this weeks online jigsaw, we're going back to August 2016 and the Cobh 4-mile road race.

You can find the 176-piece jigsaw HERE

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Guest Post: Next Week... by Pat Walsh

 ** Next week **
It was a tough week and I found it difficult. I picked up an injury which limited my running and that was no help either. I am ok and talking to others I find I am not alone in feeling the past week was a rough one.
I didn’t do my usual Friday post as I couldn’t muster the positivity needed to help lift others.  I run for fun, I run to help, I run for company and chats. Thanks for some beautiful messages wondering was I ok.. I am and much appreciated. πŸ’žπŸ’ž
One friend suggested that even by sharing this it might help others and let them know they are not alone.

Chatting last night I promised someone I would make an effort today to post some positivity. A new week a new chance
Trump is gone and there is a chance of some normality in the world.
The evenings are getting brighter.
My family are healthy.
My running shoes are getting a rest.
The vaccine is being rolled out.
I can still walk and it gives more time to take a few photos, even stop for a chat with people I meet.

I appeared on Running in Cork Weekly Jigsaw. I am officially famous.. JD you are a messer. Feel free to put me together again..

We start Week 3 of my running plan posted 2 weeks ago.
It is tough going but don’t give up, you are not alone.
We will all run together again.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Interview: Ciara Mageean pays tribute to Jerry Kiernan

The Off the Ball team chat with Ciara Mageean about her former coach Jerry Kiernan.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Weather 10-Day Trend: Fri 22nd to Sun 31st January 2021

 The weather for the next 10-days can be broken down into two halves.

From Friday the 22nd to Monday the 25th of January, there is a low pressure system stuck over the north of the UK and  that is going to bring down cold air over Ireland. There may be showers but the overall weather pattern is for cold but bright conditions with plenty of sunshine. 

On Tuesday the 26th, that's all going to change when the weather fronts return from the Atlantic.

This will bring in a succession of weather fronts which means lots of showers although it will be much milder.

It's not going to be raining all of the time so it's a cast of make the most of the time between the fronts. There's a hint of some respite the following weekend but it looks short lived.

In summary... Cold, bright and dry from Saturday to Monday. Mild and wet from Tuesday on. Make the most of the weekend.

Friday Fun: Online Jigsaw - Jerry Forde & Pat Walsh

For this weeks online jigsaw, we have a nice one of Jerry Forde and Pat Walsh!

You can complete the 192-piece jigsaw here...

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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Jerry Kiernan ...RIP


It was a shock to hear that Jerry Kiernan passed away today at the age of 67. 

In the 80's and early 90's, he was one of the best runners in the country winning the Dublin marathon in 1982 and 1992. He is probably best known for finishing ninth in the marathon at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. He was also the seventh Irishman to run a sub-four-minute mile. 

Here are some of his personal bests...

1500m... 3m 41.90s - Dusseldorf - 1976
One-Mile... 3m 59.12s - London - 1976
3000m... 7m 54.70s - Belfast - 1987
5000m... 13m 32.71s - Cork - 1981
10000m... 28m 55.9s - Dublin - 1981
10-Miles... 47m 04s - Ballycotton 10m - 1983
Half-Marathon... 1h 03m 15s - San Diego, USA - 1985
Marathon... 2h 12m 20s - Los Angeles, USA - 1984

Jerry Kiernan also ran in a lot of road races all over the country. The photo above shows him crossing the finish line at the Mallow 10-mile road race.

In later years, Jerry became one of the best distance running coaches in the country and was a regular on RTE television when athletic events were being covered..

Ar dheis DΓ© go raibh a anam

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Profile: Runner Jill Biden


On a day where Joe Biden is inaugurated as the President of the United States, I thought it might be interesting to note that his wife Dr. Jill Biden is a long time runner.

Jill Biden started running back in the early 90's when she was aged 40. Over the years, she has completed numerous races and has a time of 4 hours and 30 minutes for the marathon.

In a 2010 interview with Runners World magazine, she said... "I started running after Joe and I were asked to kick off a Komen Race for the Cure in the early ’90s. After sounding the horn, we ran to get out of everyone’s way, and I got so winded that I said, “I’m going to start running.” My first run was around my neighborhood in Delaware—about a third of a mile. I kept increasing the distance until I got the bug."

Excerpts from the interview...

What did you like about it?
It was such a feeling of freedom. I love running outside. It was a good feeling. I mean, I felt good about myself, and so that’s why I continued. I started when I was, what, 40, so I’ve been running almost 20 years. And I’ve been pretty consistent with it. I mean, I’ve had things in my life happen where I’ve had to slow down a little bit, but I’ve always gone back to it.

How many Susan G. Komen races have you participated in?
Oh, I’m not sure about the exact number—probably a handful or so. Over the years I’ve also completed several 5K, 10K, and half-marathon races for other cancer charities.

In addition to your work with Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure, you’ve been very involved in breast-cancer awareness. Why is it such an important issue for you?
Back in the early ’90s, I had several friends who got breast cancer. One died. I felt like I had to do something, and I couldn’t just sit by. Being an educator, I thought, Well, maybe there’s something I could do in education. So I started the Biden Breast Health Initiative, and I have health-care professionals go to high schools in Delaware, and we talk to them about good health practices, breast self-examination, and early detection. So not only is that awareness created for them, but they take that message home to their moms and grandmoms, and they start a dialogue. We’ve reached more than 10,000 young women.

What’s typical for a daily workout? Where do you usually run and how many miles?
Well, you know, my goal is five miles at a nine- to 10-minute pace five days a week. But between teaching and administration responsibilities, I barely make that any more. Like, for instance, this morning I had a breast-cancer event here [at the house, the Vice President’s Residence at the United States Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C.] at breakfast. I knew I was limited for time, so I did a little over four miles on the treadmill. I try to adapt my workout to where I am—I could be in another city or country—so it often depends on what I’m doing. I also try to incorporate a little bit of weight training, because I think that’s really good for your bones. That’s my basic workout.

How do you change your training when you’re preparing for a race, as you are now?
When I’ve done races, I’ve been pretty disciplined about setting up a plan for myself and then following that plan on a daily basis. That’s how I got ready for the 1998 Marine Corps Marathon, which is the only one I’ve done. I’ve done several half-marathons and 10-mile races. In the next couple months, I would love to train for the Army 10-Miler [in Washington, D.C.], and so I feel like I could work up to that.

So what’s your best time?
My best time was my only time [the Marine Corps Marathon]. I finished in 4:30:32. My goal was 4:30, so I feel like I met that goal and I was ecstatic. I have to say it was one of the highlights of my life. I saw my family at several spots along the way. And I tell you, at the end of that race, I felt like I could run five more miles. My adrenaline was through the roof.

So now do you run with the Secret Service?
Oh, yeah. That’s another big change in my life now—I usually have someone ahead of me and someone behind me. But they’ve been great. I just say to them, “I need to pretend you’re not here,” because I love to run by myself, and they’re pretty respectful of that.

Are the Secret Service in cars or are they actually running?
No, these guys are runners. I mean, these guys are fit, and they’re good runners.

You said you love to run by yourself. Why is that? Is it because you use that time to think or is it meditative for you?
I think that running creates a sense of balance in my life. And it really calms me down. It’s a great feeling to just get out and lose myself in a run. I think that’s why I continue to run because, as you know, once you get that, you kind of crave that time for yourself.


Monday, January 18, 2021

Government announce €250k funding package for trail improvements in Cork


Minister for Rural and Community Development, Heather Humphreys T.D., today (Monday, January 18th) announced almost €3.2 million in funding for 173 projects under the Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme. This is a 20% increase in funding for outdoor projects compared to 2020.

The funding package includes over €250,000 for trails in Co.Cork.

The scheme provides funding for the development, promotion and maintenance of outdoor amenities such as trails, walkways, cycleways, and blueways.

A list of the projects in Cork are shown below...

Cork ...Camden Fort Trail Walking trail development Crosshaven, Co Cork €20,000.00

Cork ...White Bay Upgrade of walking trail to improve harbour water access White Bay €20,000.00

Cork ...Repairs and marketing of Moanbaun Woods Upgrade the existing entrance and design and print new maps Moanbaun Woods €18,000.00

Cork ...Mount Hillary Car Park and Picnic Area Development of carpark and picnic area Banteer, Co Cork €20,000.00

Cork ...The Warren Cliff Walk Repairs to Cliff Walk Rosscarberry €20,000.00

Cork ...Island Wood Redevelopment of walks along with improving disability access and to develop a sensory path. Newmarket €20,000.00

Cork ...Belgooly Walkway Improvement works Belgooly, Kinsale Co Cork €20,000.00

Cork ...Avondhu Blackwater Partnership Avondhu Blackwater Way Upgrade of signage and trail Clogheen €16,453.34

Cork ...IRD Duhallow Old Butter road Improvement works to trail (Phase 2) Old Butter Road Kerry €20,000.00

Cork ...IRD Duhallow Old Butter road Improvement works to trail (Phase 1) Old Butter Road €20,000.00

Cork ...SECAD Partnership Ballinascarthy Loop Walk Signage and minor enhancement works Ballinascarthy €19,571.00

Cork ...West Cork Dev Castlefreke Trails Installation of signage and promotion of trail Castlefreke, Cloonakilty, Co. Cork. €17,099.86

Cork ...West Cork Dev Fastnet Trails – Goleen Village Expansion of trails and carpark and
facilities development Goleen, Co. Cork. €19,512.00

 The full press release can be seen HERE

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Guest Post: Now is the winter of our discontent Pat Walsh

 ** Now is the winter of our discontent ** Pat Walsh
Running takes second place this week.
😰 If I am to have any credibility in writing these posts then I have to be honest to you all. No point in me putting a super gloss on a very serious situation. 

This past week has been a very tough one on everyone. Case numbers are too high, Deaths are rising at an alarming rate, Hospitals are full and that damning report on Mothers and Babies is absolutely shocking to any decent minded person. Shameful what went on in our country by those people.

If we cannot trust those in power and authority to protect the most vulnerable among us then we are a poor society. 😰

In time to come, there will be an enquiry into this pandemic as well and how it was dealt with. How we treated Care Homes, Hospitals, Frontline Workers, and Direct Provision Centres will all come under scrutiny. Who pulled the strings? Who knew what?
What did I do during this time? Did I do my best to help?

I say this to you now, only to help you to act and behave as best you can. You can say you did your best and have no regrets, in a time of great need in our country. Stick with it now for another while and give us all a chance. πŸ₯°

Thanks I had to get that off my chest but please don’t make my page another place of bickering and nastiness. I will delete any nasty comments. πŸ₯°

πŸƒπŸƒ Back to running
Some people have messaged about my plan last week and while they would like to take part, they are finding 4 sessions a week too hard to juggle with home working and home schooling and all other pressures.

No bother at all. Drop one session and add 1 mile to each of the other 3. I am only trying to encourage and whatever way you do it is fine. It is January and a long year ahead. Once you are doing any bit at all, we can pick it up from there.

I have been asked about my plan for the year. Yes I do intend pushing on to a 10mile mid-March. Yes I will be doing a race most months to keep me focused and YES an Autumn Marathon is a very likely possibility. I have to keep myself going. It isn't optional, it is mandatory. πŸ€“

When I say race, I do not mean you have to go flat out and kill yourself. I mean a good effort and take whatever time it is. Be thankful that you can run. Hopefully I will have company on these runs and maybe afterwards a Cuppa and a Bun. 🍩☕️

If you wish to follow along then you are more than welcome.
Any requests or suggestions for a post I am willing to have a go.
I will be back next week with something more running related and motivational I promise. We will bounce back from this.

In the meantime, get a run any day you can. You will feel better for it.
The head needs the fresh air and exercise. Walk a bit if you have to.
#Staysafe, #Stayactive, #Bekind and #KeepinTouch with friends and family. Who knows the difference a call or message may have. Everyone is struggling at the moment.

“Once upon a time at home
I sat beside the telephone
Waiting for someone to pull me through
When at last it didn't ring, I knew it wasn't you” πŸ“žπŸ“ž
#pwr #survive21

Friday, January 15, 2021

Friday Fun: Online Jigsaw - Start of the 2017 Donoughmore 7 mile

For this weeks online jigsaw, we go back to 2017 and the start line of the Donoughmore 7 mile race.

To complete this 144 piece jigsaw, click HERE

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Weather 10-Day Trend: Fri 15th to Sun 24th Jan 2021

 The weather for the next 10-days can essentially be broken up into three blocks.

After a band of rain crosses over Ireland late Friday, the dominant feature for the weekend is a weak high pressure system to the south-west of Ireland. This will keep things dry and it should be fairly pleasant for Saturday and Sunday with mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine.

This high pressure system doesn't hang around however and on Monday and Tuesday, a low pressure system will cross the country bring mild and wet weather.

By Wednesday next week, this low pressure system will become stalled over the North Sea for a few days which in turn will bring down cold air over Ireland. It doesn't mean it will be freezing but it will certainly feel cold.

In summary... this weekend should be nice so make the most of it. Next week will be a mixed bag but there will be plenty of dry spells to get a run in. The week starts mild but turns cooler midweek.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Haulbowline Island Amenity Park opens Fri 15th Jan 2021

After a long wait, the Haulbowline Amenity Park near Ringaskiddy in Cork Harbour will finally open to the public on Friday the 15th of January 2021.

According to a press release, the Haulbowline Amenity Park includes... "4km of harbour side walkways, a 1km jogging circuit and numerous seating areas to stop and take in the views of Cork Harbour. The park has also been extensively landscaped with over 200 trees, wildflower areas and is rich with biodiversity and wildlife."

The park will be open to the public from 9am to 4.30pm in the winter months, with spring and summer hours to be decided in due course. Visitors should be aware that the park gates will be locked at closing time. 

The press release also mentions that ..."Cork County Council and An Garda SΓ­ochΓ‘na would like to remind the public that the park is currently only open to those living within 5km of Haulbowline and that Covid-19 travel restrictions will be enforced."

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Consultation on proposed uprade to the Mahon to Passage West Greenway - Jan 2021


Cork City Council are now carrying out a public consultation about the upgrade of the Greenway from Mahon to Passage West. This is one of the most popular spots in Cork for running, walking and cycling.

In this post, we will look at what is being proposed in two parts...Parking and Routes.

* * *

Parking... Due to the popularity of the current Greenway in Rochestown, the car parks at Harty's Quay and Hop Island are often full and overflowing at the weekends.

a) They propose extending the current car park at Harty's Quay which should roughly double the capacity there. This area is currently an area of young trees so there may be some objections on that front.

b) The second area to the East will be next to the outdoor gym area and will probably be accessed from the existing Harty's Quay car park. I'd imagine that the Council will want to avoid another entrance/exit near such a busy road junction.

The car park which is currently grass will be hugely important for the new proposed cafΓ© at the old stationmasters house which is just to the east.

c) The third area is located about 250m to the West on what is currently an area covered in grass.

There might be objections from some arguing that more parking just encourages more car ownership but there is going to be a huge demand for car parking for this Greenway in the years ahead.

d) The other new car park is the proposed extension to the existing one at the entrance to Hop Island which is about 500m east of Harty's Quay. Again, this is a car park which overflows at busy periods and any additional spaces are welcome.

Routes... There are five proposed routes for the Greenway in the area from Harty's Quay to Hop Island. Three of these are viable options and two make no sense at all.

Option 1... 

In the near future, the old stationmasters house shown on the map above will be turned into a cafΓ© and this is likely to be hugely popular. The old railway platform is still there and is likely to be a feature on the improved Greenway.

Rochestown railway station with the old platform and the stationmasters house in the background

With option 1, the new Greenway will go north (left in the photo above) of the railway platform, the old stationmasters house and along the back of some houses. It will stay alongside the waters edge for about 250 metres before cutting through the Green area of an estate and out onto the existing Greenway.

View of the proposed Greenway running behind the houses


Option 2...

With option 2, the new Greenway will stay next to the water for 400m before emerging through what is now a vacant site and out onto the existing Greenway.

One of the features of any Greenway for many people is the ability to get away from cars, noise and pollution. This is the best option in those terms.

View across Douglas Estuary to Jacobs Island and Mahon

View of Hop Island and Little Island beyond

One might wonder why there isn't an option for the new Greenway to stay next to the water as far as Hop Island?

View of the shoreline from Hop Island towards Harty's Quay. Currently not an option.


Option 3...

With this option, the existing Greenway is widened and the road is moved slightly to the south. This is probably the option that causes the least disruption but is also one of the most boring in terms of the Greenway being beside a busy road.

There is also an issue with residents parking their cars on the footpath/Greenway at the western end and this is very likely to continue with option 3.

Option 4...

Options 4 & 5 are the brain dead options. They propose putting the Greenway at the southern side of the main road and users will have to cross the road twice to use it! 

Option 5...

Option 5 is similar except it crosses the road at a different point.

The obvious question is why would anyone bother crossing the road to use 250m / 400m of Greenway when they can just stay on the footpath on the northern side of the road???

Another big issue with options 4 & 5 is that from a safety point of view, it encourages users to cross a busy road twice when they really don't have to.

My understanding is that for funding purposes, a Greenway needs to meets certain specifications and this includes a 3-metre width. Options 4 & 5 look like a box ticking exercise in putting the new Greenway anywhere rather than where it might be most useful.

Hop Island to Passage West... For the rest of the Greenway, it's just a case of widening it to I presume 3-metres from the existing 2-metres or so.

"East of Hop Island Car Park, it is proposed to widen the Passage Railway Greenway up as far as the end of this phase of the works at the Cork City/Cork County Boundary. It is proposed to enhance this section of the Passage Railway Greenway as an avenue for biodiversity/wildlife, provide community recreational facilities and improve the vista of the adjacent foreshore. "

Engineers doing a survey on the Hop Island to Passage West Greenway - Jan 2021

Consultation Page... To make a submission, have a look at the Cork County Council website which also has some drawings...

In summary... This welcome improvement to the existing Greenway is expected to be completed sometime in 2022. Of the five route options, only 1, 2 or 3 look realistic with option 2 being the best.

If you are a user of the Greenway in this area then consider making a submission to support it.

Submissions close at 5pm on Friday 5th Feb 2021.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Guest Post: Survive 21 - Where to now Pat Walsh

 ** Where to now ** Pat Walsh

Hi folks I do hope everyone is safe and well.
This is an unprecedented time, tough on everyone at the moment and a huge test of our mental and physical resolve. We are in lockdown again in the coldest, darkest month of the year.

I am not about to start preaching or lecturing anyone. I will not try to diminish the situation, just outlining what I'm doing to cope.
If I can offer any support, inspiration, words of wisdom with this post them I am happy.
I ran at least 10 miles most weekends last year and had fun doing so. They were with friends, we laughed and chatted. When allowed we had a cuppa afterwards. That isn’t happening for a while yet.
I have changed to doing lots of short runs and taking a little rest from the long run for this month. I will explain why.

I find it hard on my own and I do think one long run on my own where I get wet and cold could turn me off for a while. It could test my resolve (which is poor) and I don’t need that right now. I could end up with a cold or very tired and I do not need that either.
So January is maintenance month, a chance to get out more often doing shorter runs. Pick a time, just do it, mark it as complete and move on. No early rising in the dark and pulling the curtain to see wind, rain, ice, snow. Feck life is hard enough at the moment.
Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a run. If you are going well and weather is ok then add a mile or 2. My mental health is under threat so I will be kind to myself.
I intend running a 10 Mile Race around Patricks Day / Weekend and I will have 6 weeks after January to add some miles and fine tune this. I can post a plan if you like next month. We are in this current phase until March so this is to keep ME going.

Plan attached here is my suggested for January.
I am following the “Bit Harder” plan
If you think it is too much then just do Km’s instead of miles and look for a 10k on Patrick’s Day.
Don’t go from nothing to a 10 mile. Never a good idea.
If you still love your long run and want to keep going then best of luck, just go easy on pace and don’t hurt the body. It would be the same for anyone pushing hard on speed work. Ask yourself what it is for. Not a great time to be injured or sick.

There is a PWR yearly plan that I am formulating.
I’m in charge of this. Where I do it and who I do it with, will depend on conditions at the time but I can commit myself to it, knowing if I have to do it around home and on my own it will still take place. IT WILL HAPPEN.

If weather is bad I can do it day before or day afterwards, but it will be done.
After 10 mile move onto Half-Marathon for Easter. 4th April
Bank Holiday weekend in May and June can be another 10mile and another Half.
That gives me a target from Mid-March to June of race every few weeks and train in-between.
If it coincides with a Virtual that I wish to support then I can do that.

If you ask why I am looking at long runs instead of short fast races?   
The answer is you are more likely to get injured doing fast stuff. I am trying to protect myself. Easy miles are less taxing on the body.
Maybe you might like to try something similar. I welcome comments or messages

We cannot change what is happening at the moment, you are in charge of your own response. Take responsibility for yourself.
Running gives me something to think about, plus some exercise and fresh air.
Don’t be hard on yourself. It is mad out there at the moment.
I will provide the encouragement, you have to find the motivation and the will-power.
Anyone in trouble do not hesitate to contact me.
Take care, keep safe, follow the guidelines, be kind to one another and keep in touch.
#pwr #Survive21 πŸ₯°


Garryvoe beach over the Christmas period

Saturday, January 09, 2021

Fundraiser: 250km Run for Marymount... by David O'Keeffe

 250km Run for Marymount during January 2021... by David O'Keeffe

For the month of January I will be running a total of 250km, or roughly 8km a day, in support of Marymount Hospice. As some of you will know, the cause has meant a lot to me since my mom passed away two years ago. I will never forget the care Marymount provided, nor the empathy, compassion and kindness shown to my family during the most difficult time of our lives. The hospice has faced significant financial difficulties this year due to the halting of fundraising activities. It is hugely important to me that its vital services not be jeopardised, and that patients and families continue to be supported, as my family was. Any donation, however small, would therefore be very much appreciated!

I'll post updates on my Instagram page, so feel free to follow along @davidok98!

Friday, January 08, 2021

Friday Fun: Online Jigsaw - Wibblies at the Lee Fields 4 mile...March 2017

For this weeks online jigsaw, we go back to 2017 when Mick Dooley took a photo of the Wibbly Wobbly Wonders running group at the Lee Fields 4 mile race in Cork City.

The 176-piece jigsaw can be found here...

There is a selection of previous jigsaws on this page HERE

Thursday, January 07, 2021

Weather 10-Day Trend: Fri 8th Jan 2021 to Sun 17th Jan 2021

The weather for the next few days will be dominated by a high-pressure system to the west of Ireland. This will keep things just above freezing on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th with a cold wind from a northerly direction.

The high-pressure area will gradually drift further south and by Sunday, the winds will change around the west which will introduce a slight rise in temperatures.

By Monday, this westerly breeze will pick up some moisture as it passes over the ocean resulting in much cloudier weather. With the clouds, the temperature will about rise reaching almost double figures in the process. This will feel much milder compared to the weather we've had for the last fortnight or so.

From Tuesday to Sunday next week, we'll be on the border of low pressure and wet weather to the north and high pressure and dry weather to the south. The result is that it will be a mixed bag. We're likely to get showers but nothing too significant. We're also likely to have some dry spells. The temperatures are likely to stay in the high single figures.

Weather for running... Obviously with the very low temperatures from Friday to Sunday morning, icy roads and footpaths may be an issue during the early morning. Next week, there will be plenty of opportunities to get some runs in.

Looking at the longer term, the jet stream is still meandering about us so there may well be more cold spells over the next few weeks. We've only another 9-weeks or so to get to the middle of March when the worst of the winter weather should be behind us.

Monday, January 04, 2021

Guest Post: Happy New Year... by Pat Walsh

 ** Happy New Year **
Apologies no Friday post but honest I have lost track of the days of the week. πŸ€“
Few easy solo miles locally this morning (as per regulations) gave me a chance to think and reflect. After fuelling last night on Jameson and crisps, the body was not in much form for a run but I felt I had to start the Year properly.

I brought the phone with me and took a few pictures on the way. It gave me a chance to recover as well and then go again.
Things are bad at the moment and we all must be careful and considerate. Your mental health is so important and how you look at this situation and how you react to it. Try to stay positive and try to get some exercise and fresh air.

Do you see the countryside and the open road as a great place to explore and keep your sanity or do you feel locked in with no exit in sight. Your decision.
I came home feeling better and was nice to pass so many people out exercising who made a special effort to smile and offer a greeting.  It was like everyone knew that every smile would help one another to get through this tough time.

I would love to be writing training plans and setting goals and challenges but for the moment staying sane is my New Years Resolution. Look after one another please and be kind.

Keep in touch, stay safe and please God I will see most of you at some stage before the Year is out. πŸ₯°πŸ€ž
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Friday, January 01, 2021

Friday Fun: Online Jigsaw - Shanagarry 5k 2016


This weeks online jigsaw is from the 2016 Shanagarry 5k road race which was traditionally held on the last Saturday before Christmas Day.

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