Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Weather 10-Day Trend: Fri 15th to Sun 24th Jan 2021

Friday, January 15, 2021

Weather 10-Day Trend: Fri 15th to Sun 24th Jan 2021

 The weather for the next 10-days can essentially be broken up into three blocks.

After a band of rain crosses over Ireland late Friday, the dominant feature for the weekend is a weak high pressure system to the south-west of Ireland. This will keep things dry and it should be fairly pleasant for Saturday and Sunday with mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine.

This high pressure system doesn't hang around however and on Monday and Tuesday, a low pressure system will cross the country bring mild and wet weather.

By Wednesday next week, this low pressure system will become stalled over the North Sea for a few days which in turn will bring down cold air over Ireland. It doesn't mean it will be freezing but it will certainly feel cold.

In summary... this weekend should be nice so make the most of it. Next week will be a mixed bag but there will be plenty of dry spells to get a run in. The week starts mild but turns cooler midweek.

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