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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Guest Post: Now is the winter of our discontent Pat Walsh

 ** Now is the winter of our discontent ** Pat Walsh
Running takes second place this week.
😰 If I am to have any credibility in writing these posts then I have to be honest to you all. No point in me putting a super gloss on a very serious situation. 

This past week has been a very tough one on everyone. Case numbers are too high, Deaths are rising at an alarming rate, Hospitals are full and that damning report on Mothers and Babies is absolutely shocking to any decent minded person. Shameful what went on in our country by those people.

If we cannot trust those in power and authority to protect the most vulnerable among us then we are a poor society. 😰

In time to come, there will be an enquiry into this pandemic as well and how it was dealt with. How we treated Care Homes, Hospitals, Frontline Workers, and Direct Provision Centres will all come under scrutiny. Who pulled the strings? Who knew what?
What did I do during this time? Did I do my best to help?

I say this to you now, only to help you to act and behave as best you can. You can say you did your best and have no regrets, in a time of great need in our country. Stick with it now for another while and give us all a chance. πŸ₯°

Thanks I had to get that off my chest but please don’t make my page another place of bickering and nastiness. I will delete any nasty comments. πŸ₯°

πŸƒπŸƒ Back to running
Some people have messaged about my plan last week and while they would like to take part, they are finding 4 sessions a week too hard to juggle with home working and home schooling and all other pressures.

No bother at all. Drop one session and add 1 mile to each of the other 3. I am only trying to encourage and whatever way you do it is fine. It is January and a long year ahead. Once you are doing any bit at all, we can pick it up from there.

I have been asked about my plan for the year. Yes I do intend pushing on to a 10mile mid-March. Yes I will be doing a race most months to keep me focused and YES an Autumn Marathon is a very likely possibility. I have to keep myself going. It isn't optional, it is mandatory. πŸ€“

When I say race, I do not mean you have to go flat out and kill yourself. I mean a good effort and take whatever time it is. Be thankful that you can run. Hopefully I will have company on these runs and maybe afterwards a Cuppa and a Bun. 🍩☕️

If you wish to follow along then you are more than welcome.
Any requests or suggestions for a post I am willing to have a go.
I will be back next week with something more running related and motivational I promise. We will bounce back from this.

In the meantime, get a run any day you can. You will feel better for it.
The head needs the fresh air and exercise. Walk a bit if you have to.
#Staysafe, #Stayactive, #Bekind and #KeepinTouch with friends and family. Who knows the difference a call or message may have. Everyone is struggling at the moment.

“Once upon a time at home
I sat beside the telephone
Waiting for someone to pull me through
When at last it didn't ring, I knew it wasn't you” πŸ“žπŸ“ž
#pwr #survive21

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