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Monday, January 04, 2021

Guest Post: Happy New Year... by Pat Walsh

 ** Happy New Year **
Apologies no Friday post but honest I have lost track of the days of the week. πŸ€“
Few easy solo miles locally this morning (as per regulations) gave me a chance to think and reflect. After fuelling last night on Jameson and crisps, the body was not in much form for a run but I felt I had to start the Year properly.

I brought the phone with me and took a few pictures on the way. It gave me a chance to recover as well and then go again.
Things are bad at the moment and we all must be careful and considerate. Your mental health is so important and how you look at this situation and how you react to it. Try to stay positive and try to get some exercise and fresh air.

Do you see the countryside and the open road as a great place to explore and keep your sanity or do you feel locked in with no exit in sight. Your decision.
I came home feeling better and was nice to pass so many people out exercising who made a special effort to smile and offer a greeting.  It was like everyone knew that every smile would help one another to get through this tough time.

I would love to be writing training plans and setting goals and challenges but for the moment staying sane is my New Years Resolution. Look after one another please and be kind.

Keep in touch, stay safe and please God I will see most of you at some stage before the Year is out. πŸ₯°πŸ€ž
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