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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Guest Post: Survive 21 - Where to now Pat Walsh

 ** Where to now ** Pat Walsh

Hi folks I do hope everyone is safe and well.
This is an unprecedented time, tough on everyone at the moment and a huge test of our mental and physical resolve. We are in lockdown again in the coldest, darkest month of the year.

I am not about to start preaching or lecturing anyone. I will not try to diminish the situation, just outlining what I'm doing to cope.
If I can offer any support, inspiration, words of wisdom with this post them I am happy.
I ran at least 10 miles most weekends last year and had fun doing so. They were with friends, we laughed and chatted. When allowed we had a cuppa afterwards. That isn’t happening for a while yet.
I have changed to doing lots of short runs and taking a little rest from the long run for this month. I will explain why.

I find it hard on my own and I do think one long run on my own where I get wet and cold could turn me off for a while. It could test my resolve (which is poor) and I don’t need that right now. I could end up with a cold or very tired and I do not need that either.
So January is maintenance month, a chance to get out more often doing shorter runs. Pick a time, just do it, mark it as complete and move on. No early rising in the dark and pulling the curtain to see wind, rain, ice, snow. Feck life is hard enough at the moment.
Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a run. If you are going well and weather is ok then add a mile or 2. My mental health is under threat so I will be kind to myself.
I intend running a 10 Mile Race around Patricks Day / Weekend and I will have 6 weeks after January to add some miles and fine tune this. I can post a plan if you like next month. We are in this current phase until March so this is to keep ME going.

Plan attached here is my suggested for January.
I am following the “Bit Harder” plan
If you think it is too much then just do Km’s instead of miles and look for a 10k on Patrick’s Day.
Don’t go from nothing to a 10 mile. Never a good idea.
If you still love your long run and want to keep going then best of luck, just go easy on pace and don’t hurt the body. It would be the same for anyone pushing hard on speed work. Ask yourself what it is for. Not a great time to be injured or sick.

There is a PWR yearly plan that I am formulating.
I’m in charge of this. Where I do it and who I do it with, will depend on conditions at the time but I can commit myself to it, knowing if I have to do it around home and on my own it will still take place. IT WILL HAPPEN.

If weather is bad I can do it day before or day afterwards, but it will be done.
After 10 mile move onto Half-Marathon for Easter. 4th April
Bank Holiday weekend in May and June can be another 10mile and another Half.
That gives me a target from Mid-March to June of race every few weeks and train in-between.
If it coincides with a Virtual that I wish to support then I can do that.

If you ask why I am looking at long runs instead of short fast races?   
The answer is you are more likely to get injured doing fast stuff. I am trying to protect myself. Easy miles are less taxing on the body.
Maybe you might like to try something similar. I welcome comments or messages

We cannot change what is happening at the moment, you are in charge of your own response. Take responsibility for yourself.
Running gives me something to think about, plus some exercise and fresh air.
Don’t be hard on yourself. It is mad out there at the moment.
I will provide the encouragement, you have to find the motivation and the will-power.
Anyone in trouble do not hesitate to contact me.
Take care, keep safe, follow the guidelines, be kind to one another and keep in touch.
#pwr #Survive21 πŸ₯°


Garryvoe beach over the Christmas period

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