Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Fundraiser: 250km Run for Marymount... by David O'Keeffe

Saturday, January 09, 2021

Fundraiser: 250km Run for Marymount... by David O'Keeffe

 250km Run for Marymount during January 2021... by David O'Keeffe

For the month of January I will be running a total of 250km, or roughly 8km a day, in support of Marymount Hospice. As some of you will know, the cause has meant a lot to me since my mom passed away two years ago. I will never forget the care Marymount provided, nor the empathy, compassion and kindness shown to my family during the most difficult time of our lives. The hospice has faced significant financial difficulties this year due to the halting of fundraising activities. It is hugely important to me that its vital services not be jeopardised, and that patients and families continue to be supported, as my family was. Any donation, however small, would therefore be very much appreciated!

I'll post updates on my Instagram page, so feel free to follow along @davidok98!

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