Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results & Photos of the 2024 Cork City Marathon - Sun 2nd June 2024

Sunday, June 02, 2024

Results & Photos of the 2024 Cork City Marathon - Sun 2nd June 2024

It looks as of the forecast was more or less spot on, blue skies and sunshine in the morning with some cloud rolling in around noon. The reality is that it was more hazy and broken sunshine than complete cover so in the end, it was another hot Cork City marathon. Let's hope they had enough water out on the course unlike last year.

In terms of numbers, it looks as if the number of finishers is up for the full marathon and half-marathon and down for the 10k. Between the three events, there are about 9000 finishers.

Marathon - Top 10 men & women...

1. 1474 Pawel KOSEK 1. M 1. M18-34 2:23:54 - €1000
2. 2259 David MANSFIELD 2. M 1. M35-44 Clonmel A.C. 2:24:33 - €900
3. 3 Tudor MIRCEA 3. M 2. M35-44 Clonliffe Harriers A.C. 2:25:21 - €800
4. 1698 Pablo GARCIA 4. M 3. M35-44 2:26:16 - €700
5. 2105 Chris JEUKEN 5. M 2. M18-34 Derg A.C. 2:26:26 - €600
6. 647 Barry TWOHIG 6. M 4. M35-44 St. Finbarrs A.C. 2:31:01 - €500
7. 985 Cillian O LEARY 7. M 5. M35-44 Raheny Shamrock A.C. 2:31:24 - €400
8. 356 Dawid GARSKI 8. M 3. M18-34 2:32:04 - €300
9. 2017 Shane COLLINS 9. M 6. M35-44 Leevale A.C. 2:32:20 - €200
10. 1664 Ciaran MC KENNA 10. M 4. M18-34 Star of the Sea A.C. 2:33:49 - €100
50. 1394 Aoife COOKE 1. F 1. F35- 44 Eagle A.C. 2:56:33 - €1000
75. 1782 Yuliya TARASOVA 2. F 2. F35- 44 3:00:57 - €900
94. 407 Andrea AZA VILLAMOR 3. F 1. F18-34 3:05:15 - €800
111. 268 Sandra MANNING 4. F 3. F35- 44 Leevale A.C. 3:08:44 - €700
117. 1573 Aleksandra ROGALSKA 5. F 4. F35- 44 3:09:49 - €600
136. 1574 Mary SLOCUM 6. F 1. F55-64 3:14:01 - €500
163. 247 Lisa CROWLEY 7. F 1. F45-54 Watergrasshill AC 3:16:14 - €400
172. 1494 Albane GIUSTI 8. F 2. F18-34 3:18:25 - €300
179. 963 April QUINN 9. F 5. F35- 44 Togher A.C. 3:19:21 - €200
184. 263 Niamh CAMERON 10. F 6. F35- 44 3:20:24 - €100

Half-Marathon - Top 5 men & women...
1. 5098 Dan WARD 1. M 1. M18-34 35:17 - €600
2. 3973 William MAUNSELL 2. M 1. M35-44 Clonmel A.C. 1:08:13 - €300
3. 5187 Peter Brandon SOMBA 3. M 2. M18-34 Ratoath A.C. 1:09:12 - €200
4. 4629 Gavin SWEENEY 4. M 2. M35-44 Togher A.C. 1:11:57 - €150
5. 4688 John MEADE 5. M 3. M35-44 St. Finbarrs A.C. 1:12:25 - €100
19. 3386 Niamh MOORE 1. F 1. F18-34 Leevale A.C. 1:21:21 - €600
22. 5519 Caroline LAMBERT 2. F 2. F18-34 1:22:05 - €300
30. 5695 Sally FORRISTAL 3. F 3. F18-34 St. Joseph's A.C. 1:23:32 - €200
31. 5172 Dee GRADY 4. F 1. F35- 44 Ennis Track A.C. 1:23:48 - €150
49. 4619 Catherine MURPHY 5. F 1. F45-54 Eagle A.C. 1:25:55 - €100

10k - Top 3 men & women...
1. 10372 Michael FRAWLEY 1. F 1. F18-34 19:41 - €400
2. 8730 Michal WOJCIK 1. M 1. M18-34 31:22 - €250
3. 11000 Paul MOLONEY 2. M 1. M35-44 Mallow A.C. 32:10 - €150
 27. 9568 Niamh O MAHONY 2. F 2. F18-34 An Ríocht A.C. 35:25 - €400
38. 10061 Sinead O'CONNOR 3. F 1. F35- 44 Leevale A.C. 36:16 - €250
51. 8065 Claire MC CARTHY 4. F 1. F45-54 Leevale A.C. 37:06 - €150

Full results of the marathon, half-marathon & 10k HERE


Updated Thurs 6th June at 6pm

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Marathon & Half-Marathon at Farranlea Park...
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Commercial photos...
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Sub 5-hour marathon finish for Caroline Chandley

Go Robin!

Just over 8k to go!

Good day for a march...

Czech Repubic on tour

"Don't mind if I do..."

Pat Walsh Running in disguise

A short 42.2km run today for Adolfo...

"Straight ahead for 200m, turn right. Run straight for 1.5kms before turning right onto Inchigannan Lane"

It's never too hot for a nice hat

The moment you realise you left the immersion on

Kanturk comes to town...

Where's the finish line???


The man from the Beara

"Go to Ireland"...they said, "'ll be cool"

Thumbs up!

On target???

Easy peasy...

Elaine Guinane & Ed Fitz ag Rith... 2-hours or bust


"It's that guy with the blog..."

Sharing is caring...

Gaillimh Abú

Welcome relief...

Pacing or racing, 3:15 is the target...

Even sub 3:15 marathon runners have time for a quick photo

4th place finish with a time of 3:08:44 for Sandra Manning of Leevale AC in the marathon

Arriba, Arriba … Andale, Andale

Gary O'Hanlon with a bad cut on his leg still managed to finish in a time of 2h 40m


C said...

Well run this year, plenty of water available, support on the route across the full was fantastic and atmosphere was super throughout, heat was tough at times this morning but a great race

Anonymous said...

No issues with organisation this year as far as I could see, plenty of water. The atmosphere on the half marathon route was brilliant, the people of Cork really came out on their droves to support this event. The heat was difficult but no doubt I'll be back again next year.

Anonymous said...

Lots of water this year. A great marathon, even though many suffered in the heat.

Anonymous said...

We all complained last year and rightly so, last year they got a lot wrong with the poor quality t-shirts, shortage of water and cutting corners with timber medals. Credit this year must go to Eamonn Hayes and his team. They corrected everything. Great goodie bag, lovely mug, good quality tops, good expo, an abundance of water and brilliant medals. The atmosphere all over the City this morning was brilliant, such positive energy. Well done to everyone who completed the 10K, Half Marathon and Full Marathon in very hot conditions.

Caroline said...

Ah thank you John..Great picture..thrilled today 🥳

Anonymous said...

Such a fantastic event today, brilliant atmosphere, really well organised and calm despite there being 1000s competing! Hats off to all involved in making it such a success

Anonymous said...

An amazing event today. Dare I say it, that finish on Pana is better than Dublin.

Anonymous said...

Superb..... We'll done Cork. Good price structure, half maybe a small bit price excessive. Full if entered early great price and 10k absolutely ideal. To just make the 2nd half a little less hilly and the weather gods less cruel and you have an event that I would have no problem making it as the national marathon.

Anonymous said...

Well done to all involved in organising!.I volunteered Friday (first time volunteering) and there was a lot of positive energy and feeling about the race even then.🙌🙌

Anonymous said...

Goodness that was special!! It’s days like that will put will put Cork City Marathon weekend firmly on the running destinations calendar! A huge thank you & congratulations to all involved in making this year so special!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the half marathon but the toilet situation at the start was crazy 200 + women mainly queuing at 10am before the race. 12 toilets only !! Most men peeing in the bushes! Some of us women had to back into the bush and pee too totally ridiculous. I was on my own and thankfully some kind older lady stood in front to give me some privacy. Plenty of toilets at the finish line and not one person waiting. Please take this into consideration for 2025. Throughly enjoy otherwise

Anonymous said...

First time running the full since 2011, support along the course was 100 times better, plenty of water, Dolores and Fozzy were great pacers. Musgraves to Model Farm Road makes or breaks it. Fair Play a great event

Anonymous said...

Not enough toilets at the start line, hundreds queueing before the marathon!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic event. Great goodie bag, t-shirt & medal, and unbelievable support from volunteers & spectators. Thank you to the locals who sprayed us with water, gave us jellies, orange segments & ice drinks. A special thank you to St. John's Ambulance volunteers in the City Hall who helped me after fainting.

Anonymous said...

What a great day for Cork running. The organisers should be so proud.

Anonymous said...

Toilet situation is something that could definitely be improved on, especially with the Marathon and 10k starting so close together. The Marathon runners under serious stress trying to get to the loo and loads of 10k people ahead of them. Some of the quicker lads definitely missed the start time as they couldn't then get to the front of the corral. Perhaps next year someone could be stewarding the bathroom and insure marathon bibs get preference? Just a suggestion

Anonymous said...

Well done to all the organisers and to the people of cork for fantastic support. First timer doing the half. The atmosphere n everything about the day was amazing
.take a bow cork. Eamonn English. Clonmel ac.roll on next year

Anonymous said...

Fantastic organisation, plenty of water, goodie bags excellent. The support on the HM course was superb, and the hose piped and portable shower were just great. I really like the mug which will get daily use. The t-shirt is nice. Kudos to the paramedics who were kept busy. My only quibble - maybe I'm being petty- is the widening of age categories to let the youth in e.g. 55-64 instead of 55-59 etc. I assume this was done to reduce the cost of prizes but it just rankled a little. Obviously your time is your time, and it's not about winning, but still...Overall I thought the organisers did a fantastic job.

Anonymous said...

Not enough toilets throughout. Had to go in ditch and also someone's house as waited for Miles and saw nothing...