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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Guest Post: Almost a Summer Pat Walsh

** Almost a Summer **

As we reach the longest day and hopefully the best of the weather what is ahead for you?

If you have done a decent long race recently and thinking ahead to the Autumn then it is important to keep the effort going. Keep up your long runs and increase them when possible. 

Don’t take an extended break and find yourself trying to get going again.

By running when you can throughout the Summer, then it does allow leeway for time off for holidays or social occasions.

Hopefully it won’t happen but if an injury or a tired spell comes along you have an opportunity to rest up.

If you are more the short run person basically same applies, go when you can, enjoy it, get your races in and don’t stress on the times.

In Ireland we really don’t get a very hot summer but heat is relative. If you are training and running in anything more than 8 to 10 degrees above your normal then you will suffer.
So, run but don’t be killing yourself if it is hot.

Water Water everywhere but never forget to have it in you and with you.

Race but know that a 5 mile on a  very hot or humid day isn’t going to produce a PB.

Getting nutrition and hydration right for an evening race on a week night can be tricky. Not too full but not hungry, enough water drank during the day to last the race but not a load of it sloshing around in your time. It takes practise to see what suits you best.

Slow down sometimes on training runs and just soak up the atmosphere, the scenery, the life going on around you. ‘Have a moment during the run and capture a beautiful image in the mind’ as my friend AB tries to have. Store them in the memory bank.

Life can take funny turns so appreciate the health we have to get out there.

Smile and greet other runners. It helps both people involved.

Thanks for kind comments on my very minor setback recently. I’m grand, I’m fine and hoping to get moving again soon. I was on the bike which is a great help. Few pics attached from my recent spins.

Beautiful East Cork. 🚴

'There's not enough rope to tie me down
There's not enough tape to shut this mouth.....
No, wild hearts can't be broken.

Have a lovely weekend and do something memorable and nice.


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