Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Weather Forecast for the 2019 Dublin City Marathon

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Weather Forecast for the 2019 Dublin City Marathon

The big event next weekend is of course the 2019 Dublin City Marathon on Sunday 27th October.

After a spell of heavy rain on Friday and early Saturday, high pressure will start to build across the country. By Sunday, the weather should be settled with clear skies, sunshine and light winds.

It's worth noting that the high pressure system will be bringing down cold air from the north and it will feel quite a bit colder than of late.

The temperature should be down around 6 deg C for the start of the marathon and it will struggle to get into double figures by the afternoon.

It is probably close to ideal conditions for running a marathon. It's nice and cool, it's dry and there should be loads of spectators out in the sunshine.

In terms of gear, if you're racing then wear just s singlet. If you want to get around then a short or long sleeve top should suffice. If you feel a bit chilly waiting at the start line then that's perfect.

There should be a light wind from the WNW but it's unlikely to be much of a factor.

I've run Dublin in weather conditions like this before and it's really doesn't get much better.

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