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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ballycotton 10 entries - Numbers 50 to 2,550 now up on their website!!
Most of you will know by now that the entries for this race next March have now closed (except for runners outside Ireland - their closing date is the 8th of Jan).

They have just put up a list of entrants for next year's race on their website. The majority of people in this list are non-club runners. Here is a brief intro to what they say...

ENTRIES 51-2,550
The first 2,500 entries received for the Ballycotton ‘10’ are now on the website. They go from number 51 to number 2550.
The remaining entries – members of affiliated clubs/anyone who ran a race in the 2007 Ballycotton Summer Series (received up to December 18) plus overseas – will appear as soon as they are processed. Please note if you don’t qualify under these headings that, unfortunately, your entry has not been accepted.
We will endeavour to have all these returned as soon as possible and once again we remind people that we cannot replace people who drop out and under no circumstances can race numbers be transferred

The link to the list of entries is


Anonymous said...

Hi john,
Does the great john walsh miss any races i dont think he does the man is so dedicated to the sport,well done john for the events you organized in 2007 which were all very enjoyable.

John Dunphy.

John Desmond said...

John, I see you are 2nd on the Ballycotton entry list! (no.52) You must have been waiting by the front gate for that postman to arrive ;o)

Anonymous said...

Hi john just saw this now,the same day the form arrived i filled it in and sent it registered post back to them and im glad i done it quick,4 days to reach the 2.500 quota that was amazing just shows the interest for the ballycotton 10
done this course a few weeks ago for training its nice and flat.

John Dunphy