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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Results of the Cork BHAA 'Turkey Trot' - Sun 9th Dec 2007 (Updated Mon 16th Dec)

Looks like yet another record crowd turned out for this charity race last Sunday. Last year, they got 198 entries and donated a cheque for €1,600 to Cork Simon Community. This year, 253 runners turned out and the amount raised was €3,000, a big jump up from last year.

I was kind of suprised that so many turned out. Before I left for the race on Sunday morning, the wind was howling and the rain was pelting off the window. However, most runners still turned up and by the time the race started, there was no rain and the walkway, which was used for most of the race, was well sheltered from the worst of the elements. The only bad spot as such, weather wise, was the section between Mahon Point and the turn off by the CSO office / garage. It was about a mile long and there was a very strong headwind here. However, once we got back down onto the walkway, it was pretty sheltered again.

The stewarding was excellent this year, a big improvement on last year with 2 stewards present at the busy Mahon Point / B&Q traffic junction. We even had a Santa with a bright yellow safety jacket standing on a big rock to make sure we didn't run into it !! ;o)

The results are now up on their website. The link is HERE.

They have a few photo's as well up on their site, the link is HERE.

(Updated Mon 16th Dec) There are about 190 photo's up on the Eagle AC website. There are plenty of shot's of the start and finish of the race. The link is HERE.

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