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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cork BHAA Leagues for 2007 -

About 12 months ago, I was asked by Mick Dooley of the Cork BHAA to put together a league based on the results of the BHAA races during 2007. I won't go into the rules here but basically, the higher a team finished in any of the A, B or C categories, then the more points they got.

Mens League...
In total, 45 teams took part during the year. Not suprisingly, those teams that were present at most of the races topped the table. There were 18 races during the year that had team competitions and the league results were...
1st - Midleton News with 80 pts. They had a team entered for 16 races.
2nd - UCC with 73 pts. (15 races)
3rd - Army with 71 pts. (15 races)
4th & 5th - There was a tie here with both the HSE and the Irish Prison Service both on 53 pts. (Both attended 14 races)

The full Mens league can be seen at this LINK

Womens League...
29 teams took part. The league winners were...
1st - Bank of Ireland with 73 pts. They attended 16 races.
2nd - HSE with 61 pts. (14 races)
3rd - Midleton News with 50 pts. (12 races)
4th - UCC with 46 pts. (12 races)
5th - Musgraves with 44 pts. (8 races)

And a special mention for Pfizer (Ringaskiddy) who finished in 6th place with 42 pts although they managed to attend 10 races, 2 more than Musgraves.

The full Womens league can be see at this LINK.

Note however that this league was just an experiment for 2007. It was just to see how it would work out. There were no prizes for the winners. Any queries about the leagues or feedback on whether you think it is a good idea or not should go to Mick Dooley of the Cork BHAA. You can post a comment on the link below if you want to and I'll let Mick know that they are there.


Anonymous said...

One would have to question the validity of some of the teams that contest BHAA races.How many of the Midleton News team actually work for Midleton News ?

John Desmond said...

In reality, many of the team's have people running for them who are not working at those companies. That way, more teams are created and there is more competition. Otherwise, only large companies with a big pool of runners would normally take part. There are lot's of companies in which there is only 1 person racing. It's only fair that they are able to pool with other runners, create a team and stand a chance of getting a team prize.