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Monday, October 29, 2018

Results & Photos of the 2018 Dublin City Marathon

 There were just over 16,200 finishers in this years Dublin City Marathon.

The full results can be seen here...

Photos ...(Updated Tues 30th Oct 8:21am)
1) Peter Mooney has two galleries...
...a) 253 photos of the start
...b) 381 photos of the finish

2) Matthew Lysaght has 80 photos

3) Kieran Carlin of Finn Valley AC has a large number of photos in several galleries.
...a) 535 photos of the start
...b) 946 photos of half-way
...c) 694 photos of half way (album 2)

4) Dublin City Marathon have 161 photos HERE

5) Stephen McGuinness has 353 photos HERE

6) Nicola Kavanagh has 406 photos HERE

Cork and Munster club runners under 3 hours (gun time)

David Mansfield SEN MEN 02:20:15 Clonmel A.C.
Tim O Donoghue SEN MEN 02:21:03 East Cork A.C.
Trevor Power M35 02:29:59 Waterford A.C.
Michael Corbett M40 02:30:46 St. Finbarrs A.C.
Mark Mc Kenna M35 02:33:54 Waterford A.C.
Jeremy O Donovan M40 02:34:36 St. Finbarrs A.C.
Lizzy Lee SEN WOMEN 02:35:05 Leevale A.C.
Kieran Lees M35 02:37:03 Mooreabbey Milers A.C.
Cathal O Connell M55 02:37:42 St. Finbarrs A.C.
Jimmy Boland SEN MEN 02:38:29 Clonmel A.C.
Ken Devine M50 02:38:50 St. Finbarrs A.C.
Alan Lehane M35 02:39:17 St. Finbarrs A.C.
Graham Swords M35 02:41:00 East Cork A.C.
Rory O Sullivan M40 02:41:31 St. Finbarrs A.C.
Vivian Foley M45 02:42:58 Eagle A.C.
David Craig M40 02:43:40 Bandon A.C.
David Ryan M45 02:43:47 Clonmel A.C.
Jonathan Murphy SEN MEN 02:44:01 Leevale A.C.
Michael Byrne M35 02:46:32 St. Catherine's A.C.
John O Brien M45 02:46:44 Ballymore Cobh A.C.
Gary Clerkin M45 02:46:54 Grange/Fermoy A.C.
John Murphy M45 02:46:55 Grange/Fermoy A.C.
John Fitzgibbon M35 02:47:19 Thurles Crokes A.C.
Jill Hodgins SEN WOMEN 02:47:53 Leevale A.C.
Peter Madden M45 02:48:23 Templemore A.C.
Ryhan O Halloran SEN MEN 02:49:27 St. Finbarrs A.C.
Damian Kenneally M35 02:50:19 Eagle A.C.
Declan Ryan M35 02:51:13 Thurles Crokes A.C.
Paul Fitzgerald M35 02:51:37 Limerick A.C.
Paul Gallagher M35 02:51:45 St. Finbarrs A.C.
Nigel O Flaherty M40 02:51:56 Clonmel A.C.
Sorcha Kearney F40 02:52:29 St. Finbarrs A.C.
John Heaphy SEN MEN 02:52:42 Lios Tuathail A.C.
Donal Dowling M40 02:53:15 Eagle A.C.
Mark Collins M35 02:53:57 Grange/Fermoy A.C.
Joseph O Brien M35 02:54:14 Dooneen A.C.
Trevor Leen M40 02:54:30 An Riocht A.C.
Owen Ryan M50 02:56:07 Templemore A.C.
Sean Percy M45 02:56:18 Templemore A.C.
Allan Carr M35 02:56:56 St. Catherine's A.C.
John Collins M45 02:57:33 Mallow A.C.
Paul Kennedy M35 02:57:33 Leevale A.C.
Mark Langford M40 02:57:39 Waterford A.C.
Billy Moloney SEN MEN 02:57:44 Clonmel A.C.
Dan O Sullivan SEN MEN 02:57:50 Leevale A.C.
Larry Stapleton M45 02:58:33 Templemore A.C.
Mark Lenihan M35 02:58:46 West Limerick A.C.
Huw Jones M50 02:59:12 East Cork A.C.
Tom Fox M50 02:59:26 Eagle A.C.
Willie O Connor M50 02:59:26 Galtee Runners A.C

Female club runners from Cork & Munster under 3h 30m (Gun time)
Lizzie     Lee F35 LEEVALE A.C. 02:35:05
Jill     Hodgins F40     1     LEEVALE A.C. 02:47:53
Sorcha     Kearney F40     2     ST. FINBARRS A.C. 02:52:29    
Nollaigh     O Neill F45     2     LEEVALE A.C. 03:02:10
Annmarie     Holland F40     9     YOUGHAL A.C. 03:08:38
Joan     Ennis     F50     3     GRANGE/FERMOY A.C. 03:11:06
Fionnuala     Desmond F50     4     LEEVALE A.C. 03:12:16    
Laura     Rooney     F40     13     WATERGRASSHILL A.C. 03:12:50
Deirdre     Ansbro F35     21     YOUGHAL A.C. 03:14:08
Tracy     Guilfoyle F50     6     KILNABOY A.C. 03:14:12
Ellen     Hanley     F40     23     GRANGE/FERMOY A.C. 03:18:37
Caroline     Conroy     F40     29     WEST LIMERICK A.C. 03:20:37    
Shona     O Flynn     FS     48     DOONEEN A.C. 03:25:11
Louise     O Brien     F40     39     YOUGHAL A.C. 03:25:41

Helen     Gilroy     F50     10   Midleton AC  03:25:07
Karen     Bevan     F40     41     EAGLE A.C. 03:27:45     

Sub 3:30 on chip time or second wave...
Irene     Eighan F35     61     ST. FINBARRS A.C.03:37:15    03:22:11 (Chip)
Lorraine     O Sullivan  F40     70  ST. FINBARRS A.C. 03:42:37 03:27:31 (Chip)
Siobhan     Healy F40     75  ST. FINBARRS A.C. 03:44:11   03:29:05 (Chip)
Lisa     Crowley  F40  47  Watergrasshill AC 03:30:49   03:28:59 (Chip)
Clotilde     Fitzgibbon  F50 14  GRANGE/FERMOY A.C. 03:30:37 03:29:52 (Chip)

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