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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Cold conditions for the 2018 Dublin City Marathon?

Update Tues 23rd Oct.... With 5 days to go, it's becoming more clear what the weather will be like for the 2018 Dublin City Marathon next weekend. The current computer models show a tongue of cold arctic air coming down over Europe on Friday and this is what it looks like on Sunday.

Earlier models showed Dublin to be on the western edge of this cold blast of arctic air whereas the current model has it in the centre.

As a results of this northerly airflow, it seems very likely that it will be pretty cool for the marathon. It's unlikely to mean snow or ice but the temperatures are likely to be down around 3 deg C for the start and reaching a high of 8 deg C around 1pm.

On the plus side, this arctic air may not contain much moisture so it will probably be dry.

If you are running the marathon at pace... say sub 4 hours then the cool temperature will mean that you will sweat less.

If you are running to 'get around' then you may need to wear another layer. Think of maybe a long sleeve top under a singlet rather than something like a jacket. Think about something for your head as well.

All runners should make sure they have lots of clothes in their gear bag post race. There will be a fair wind chill so it's going to feel very cold, especially in the shade.

Overall, conditions look like they might be pretty ok for marathon running albeit a little chilly.

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