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Monday, September 06, 2021

Guest Post: Veni Vidi Vici... by Pat Walsh

 ** Veni Vidi Vici **


It is lovely to write a report on a run / race for the first time in 18months. On Saturday, a few of us went to Waterford or more specifically the Copper Coast Crawl in Annestown in aid of the Eoghan Keating fund.

Beautiful run, lovely welcoming people and great to be back running the roads with a crowd. 

Starting from the beach car park we set of through the village and a quiet meandering road for the first mile.

That was the end of the funπŸ₯ΊπŸ€“

From there on it can only be described as running on a roller coaster. We went up hills that goats would refuse.🐐🐐 Some were so steep I was looking for a ski-lift to the top. To be fair what goes up, goes down and we went down hills that if there was snow on them, then they could feature on Ski Sunday. 🀣🀣 ⛷πŸ‚

I finished the Half Marathon and never walked, so that I can be proud of at least.  It was some of the most spectacular scenery you could ask for between Bunmahon and Annestown, but every runner knows scenic also means suffering. There were options on a 7mile and a 10mile as well and they were very tempting at times to take a shorter route home.  Thanks to my running partners Mary and Helen for the chats. Well done Liam on a super time on that course. 

It was a charity run and to pass the Keating home and see his family outside to cheer and support us was fantastic. There was no stopping any of us after that.


Back to old fashioned running. No chip timing, no prizes or categories just a challenge of a good run in aid of a good cause with some of the nicest people you could share the road with. Well done to the Saturday road Runners and to Ian and Trevor in particular for organizing the event. We will be back.


Afterwards we went for a dip in the sea to help recovery. “It will be good for the legs”, they said. “The water is warm” was another one. Sweet Mother of Divine it was Baltic temperatures in there. No Global warming in Waterford I can tell you. Yes it was good for the legs as when I came out I couldn’t feel them for 30 minutes they were so cold and numb.🀣


Now that we have rediscovered travelling and racing again we look forward to the next race.

#PWR Saturday Road Runners

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