Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Note about the upcoming Evening Echo Women's mini-marathon

Friday, September 03, 2021

Note about the upcoming Evening Echo Women's mini-marathon

The annual Evening Echo Women's mini marathon is going virtual this year due to the limits on the number of participants.

Every year, the participants in this event raise much needed funds for various charities around Cork. Note that I stress that it's the people taking part that raise the funds as this is not a charity event. The entry fee does NOT go to charity.

In 2020, this was also a virtual event but the entry was FREE and people could walk or run on their own and purchase a medal if they so wished. The key objective for participants in the virtual event was to donate to their chosen charity.

In 2021, the event is not free. Participants are expected to pay for €10 for a medal for a virtual event and NONE of the entry fee goes to charity.

Just a reminder that IF you are doing this event, make sure you donate to your chosen charity as the organisers wont be.

Or even better, just keep your €10 entry fee and give it to your chosen charity instead. They certainly will put it to better use.

Marymount Hospice are always looking for donations. Forget the silly medal and give the entry fee to them.


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