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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cork runner to run 12 marathons on a threadmill in 12 days for charity

Starting on Friday the 13th of December, Joanne Fearon of Eagle AC will be starting her quest to run 12 marathons in 12 days on a treadmill with the objective to raise funds for the Neo Natal Ward in CUH.

The project is called The 12 Marathons of Christmas and here is an explanation of it in Joanne's own words...

I've been running marathons for 9 years now. I first started as part of a midlife crisis but the midlife crisis ended up in dozens of marathons, degenerating into ultra-marathons and triathlons and eventually a husband and two kids.

When I had my first baby in 2011, I broke my tailbone and really struggled to get fit so when I was expecting my second earlier this year, I set myself no expectations on recovery from the birth. I was both amazed and surprised that this time, I bounced straight back and was happily running 100 miles a week by the time she was 8 weeks old. As any new mum will know, getting the time to yourself is difficult so much of this running is on a treadmill.

However, I did manage to get out on the roads for the Eddie Murphy memorial ultra marathon and it was while running around the streets of Sixmilebridge that I had an idea..... mmmm.... If I am running quite a few miles on the treadmill each day, why don't I use this to try and do something good for someone else. As it's coming up to Christmas the idea of the "12 marathons of Christmas" started to take shape. I decided to try and run a marathon (42.2 km or 26.2 miles) each day on a treadmill and use it to try and raise some money for charity. The charity I have chosen is the neo natal ward in Cork University Maternity Ward.

Maher Sports have very kindly come on board and despite being their busiest time of year, they have given me some prominent space in their shop on Oliver Plunkett Street in Cork to set up a treadmill. If you are passing the shop between 13th and 24th December, please pop in and say hi, and pop a few coins into our collection bucket.

Update...Thurs 12th Dec...Just under 24 hours until I start. I am nervous and excited in equal measure. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated and volunteered so far. Whenever Niall or I do one of these crazy things, we are always happily amazed at how generous people are with both their time and cash. (Now having buttered you up) Can I put out another call for volunteers to help out please. Lots of people have come on board but there are still gaps (this weekend particularly). So if anyone had a bit of time to spare, I'd love to see you in Maher Sports. We start at 12 tomorrow and 9:30 on Saturday and Sunday.

Friday 13th December... Marathon Time 3:53
Saturday 14th December...Marathon Time 3:55
Sunday 15th December...Marathon Time 3:55...€1,1980 raised so far.
Monday 16th December...Marathon Time 3:55...€2,700+ raised so far.
Tuesday 17th December...Marathon Time 3:55...€4,000 raised so far.
Wednesday 18th December...Marathon Time 3:55...€4,819 raised so far.
Thursday 19th December...Marathon Time 3:53...€5,622 raised so far.
Friday 20th December...Marathon Time 3:57...€6,655 raised so far.
Saturday 21st December...Marathon Time 3:55...€7,867 raised so far.
Sunday 22nd December...Marathon Time 3:53...€8,887 raised so far.
Monday 23rd December...Marathon Time 3:55...€10,542 raised so far.
Tuesday 24th December...Marathon Time 3:51...€12,169 raised.

If anyone would like to make a donation online, Joanne has a charity page HERE

If you would like to volunteer in any way then contact Niall...

Finish of Marathon #4...

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